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Study of black hole


Study of black hole

Black holes are considered to be one of the most mysterious and powerful forces in the universe, a surface where the force of gravity is so strong.That from there anything Even the exit of light becomes impossible It is commonly known as a black hole.Actually black holes are objects with very high density and mass.Whose surface is so dense that any thing like star or planet disappears from it.Because it absorbs rays of light, it remains invisible.In order to know how the black hole is formed, it is necessary to understand the evolution of stars.

Stars manufacturing process:

Actually the evolution of stars starts with the huge cloud of dust and gas present in the galaxy Which is called a nebula.The amount of hydrogen inside the nebula is the highest, followed by helium 23 to 28 percent and a small amount of heavy elements.When the clouds filled with gases and dust increase, the cloud starts to shrink due to its gravity.With the contraction of the cloud, the heat and pressure in the center increases greatly, due to which the nucleus of hydrogen starts colliding with each other.And the nucleus of helium starts to form, so thermo nuclear fusion starts inside the stars.In which unlimited energy comes out, when the entire energy of a big star is exhausted, then there is a tremendous explosion in it called supernova .The material that is formed after this explosion slowly starts to dissolve and takes the form of a very dense body called a neutron star.The larger the neutron star, the greater is the pressure of gravity and due to this the stars begin to shrink with their own burden and slowly take the form of black holes.

Black Hole Discovered:

In the year 1783, Professor Sir John Mitchell of Cambridge University gave his views on block hole.

In 1796, the French scientist Pierre Simon Laplace discussed in detail the black hole in his book "The System of the World".

Types of black hole:

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There are three types of black holes in terms of weight and size.Supermassive black holes are the largest of these.These are equal to the power of several million suns.They exist in the middle of the galaxy.The same stellar black holes are the commonly found black holes.The third type of black hole is called miniature black hole, although miniature black holes have not yet been discovered.

Principle of general relativity:

In this theory, Albert Einstein gave a new definition of gravity.Albert Einstein gave a new theory with respect to gravity and he described gravity and acceleration as one.In space-time theory, Einstein explained that gravity is not a force. It is the effect of an acceleration.It is because of this effect that space and time are radiated away.The mass of the Sun makes a curve in space and time.The way the planets revolve around it means that gravity is a curve in space-time.At places where gravity is high, time is slow.The gravity of black holes is so much there that the effect of time and space is eliminated, this theory helped to assume the existence of black holes.

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