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Student Unrest in Schools Can Be Easily Prevented By

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Student Unrest In Schools Can be Easily Prevented By;

  • Training more students to be peer counselors. This is more effective since students listen to each other more than older people. The peer counselors will help the fellow students to understand better ways in which they can handle their problems thus curbing student's unrest.
  • Introducing guiding and counselling in school. Guiding and counselling can be done by teachers who are well trained or by motivational speakers. This will help students to understand that they are not alone and can get a way from their problems without being chaotic.
  • Setting rules and regulations to be followed. This rules and regulations should be enhanced from the first day since when students have something to guide them they act right and in the right way
  • Teachers should create a friendly environment for the students.This will allow the students to air out their issues with no fear,this way teacher will know where the problem is and sort it before students think of any form of student's unrest.
  • Schools should educate their students on the dangers of unrest. This will make them aware of the losses and negativity brought up by the students unrest.this will help them to stop and not participate in any form of unrest
  • Empower student's council to act as a medium between the administration and the students. This will help to see that issues affecting students are heard and responded accordingly.
  • Encourage use open forums to allow students to raise the issues. This forums include Dorm assemblies and class assemblies.
  • Prevent incitement of students by other bodies like teacher, non teaching staff or even among students themselves. This is ensuring that the relationship between students and other members is that of mutual respect.
  • Prevent use and abuse of prohibited substances like hard drugs and alcohol. This may impair to students' logical reasoning and make them do what is unexpected of them.
  • Create a conducive learning environment free from abuse of students by counterparts students or by teachers.
  • Security measures must be taken to control and monitor movements in and out of school to make sure that they are authorized. These measures may include proper fencing of school compounds and hiring a reputable security personnel.
  • Participating in co-curricular activities must be made mandatory and enough time set aside each day for the students to exercise and nurture their talents. These activities go a long way in curbing stress of academic work as well as diverting their energy fro negative thinking into constructive thinking.
  • Furthermore, good preparation for the exams. The administration must ensure that the syllabus are completed early enough this prevents unnecessary pressure being place on the students heads during last minute rush.
  • Ensure that there is open communication between the students and t0he school administration should set up proper channels of communication with their students in the from of holding regular talks where students are given a platform to freely express their views and grievances without being discriminated or punished for it.
  • Students should also be involved in co-curricular activities such as games and inter- house competitions, this serves to divert their attention from classroom pressure and also help them.
  • The school should also set up proper and effective guidance and counselling services which allows students to have someone to talk to and find solution to problems they are facing in a school set up.
  • Schools should also have a security system whereby the students are protected from outside harm and from other students as well from instances such as bullying. the students movements should also be monitored and authorized.
  • Students should also be checked thoroughly while entering the school premises to ensure they don't sneek in items that should not be in their possession while in school such as phones.

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