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Speedwriting-Lesson One


What is alphahand? It is a form of longhand and shorthand. Do you remember a few years ago in numerous magazines an advertisement that went something like this. if u c rd ts msg u c gt a gd jb. I believe that is the way it went. So, if you were able to read this message you are at the beginning of learning Speedwriting. You will be able to use this form of writing for school, work, and for personal messages.

Alphahand is like longhand for some of the letters. Here are the letters that are the same in both styles; a,c,d,e,l,g,n.o,q,r,s,u,v,y,z. Other letters are modified for speed. When learning speedwriting you will read the explanations I will give you if you want to learn. You will then look at the examples and sound out the words and write what you hear. This form of writing is perfect for self-teaching. The lessons will give the longhand form first, then the word is spelled in alphahand and the last is what the word looks like in alphahand script. I will do my best for this column of the lesson. Through these lessons you will be learning to read and write sentences and then move to writing letters and reports. Hopefully, you will also build your speed with practice.

The first part of Lesson One is the art of streamlining the letters. When writing the letters b,f,h,p you will start with a downward motion. You will omit flourishes at the beginning of the letters. You will write by sound. You write what you hear not what you see. In the word say you will simply write the letters s-a. You will drop the -y. In the word knee you will only write n-e. Only one -e is heard.

Here is a few words to start with; say s-a

pay p-a

hay h-a

bay b-a

ray r-a

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ail a-l

raid r-a-d

fail f-a-l

rain/reign r-a-n

Remember write what you hear not what you see. Do not add any flourishes to the letters like you learned in elementary school when you learned your cursive writing skills. YOU must practice, practice, practice. There will be more short lessons coming up. The next letter you will learn is the letter c.

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