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Spanish for Healthcare Providers; Most Common Phrases in Spanish

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Spanish for Healthcare Providers

The Spanish language is one of the most popular languages spoken. Many medical professionals need to use Spanish in the healthcare industry for their Spanish speaking patients. Some people learn and practice Spanish in middle school and/or high school. Learning the basic Spanish phrases is easy if practiced by actually speaking Spanish every day. Once you learn the basics of Spanish it will benefit you to interact with the Mexican culture. The Spanish words that are listed here will assist you in daily Spanish speaking medical offices. Medical front office and back office personnel will need to use some of the Spanish phrases for their patients. Also you should start or end any request with the word PLEASE (POR FAVOR).

List of Medical Phrases in Spanish

Thank youGracias








Por favor

Good morning

Buenos dias

Good afternoon

Buenas tardes

Good evening

Buenas noches







My name is

Mi nombre es

What is your name?

Como se llama?

How do you feel?

Coma se siente?

Say it once again

Repitalo, por favor

Speak slower

Hablo mas despacio

How old are you?

Cuantos anos tienes?



Spanish for Healthcare Providers

Spanish for Healthcare Providers

Spanish Anatomy Terms - Parts of the Body

  • The bones - los huesos
  • The head - la cabeza
  • The skin - la piel
  • The eye - el ojo
  • The throat - la garganta
  • The ears - los oidos
  • The neck - el cuello
  • The nose - la nariz
  • The tongue - la lengua
  • Urine - urino
  • The nerves - los nervios
  • The foot - el pie
  • The shoulder blades - las paletillas
  • The arm - el brazo
  • The ankle - el tobillo
  • The wrist - el codo
  • The thigh - el muslo
  • The hand - la mano
  • The leg - la pierna
  • The chest - el pecho
  • The stomach - el estomago
  • The abdomen - el abdomen
  • The heart - el corazon
  • The back - la espalda
  • The side - el flanco
  • The ribs - las costillas

Many healthcare professionals will have to interact with the Spanish speaking public. The medical personnel that may have to learn "medical phrases in Spanish" are: Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics, Phlebotomist, Medical Receptionist, Medical Assistants, etc.

Spanish Poll

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Brinafr3sh (author) from West Coast, United States on October 25, 2012:

Hi Stacie L, I agree Spanish terms are relevant for medical settings and other settings as well. Thanks so much for commenting.

Stacie L on October 25, 2012:

This is very relevant today and can be effective when using Spanish terms in other settings.

Brinafr3sh (author) from West Coast, United States on May 16, 2012:

Thanks Beth, Agreed, Spanish is useful in the healthcare industry and everywhere.

BethDW on May 16, 2012:

Such a great hub! Language differences can be a huge barrier to health care access for immigrants. Thanks for addressing the issue in such a practical and useful way! Voted up!

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