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Sometimes It's Better Silent

Many times in our day to day life, it happens that we are either annoyed in anger or just saying something that we should not say. Today I am sharing a short story with you which I read in You Can Win by Shiv Khera. Read it carefully and tie the knot to the learning.

Once a farmer called his neighbor very bad, but when he later realized his mistake, he went to a saint. He asked the saint how to withdraw his words. The saint said to the farmer, "You collect a lot of feathers and keep them in the middle of the city." The farmer did the same and then reached the saint. Then the saint said, "Now go and collect those wings and bring them back."

The farmer went back, but by then all the wings had flown here and there, and the farmer reached the saint empty-handed. Then the saint told him that the same thing happens with the words you say. You can easily remove them from your mouth, but you cannot take them back even if you want to.
What can be learned from this story: -
Before saying something bitter, remember that after saying good and bad, your words cannot be taken back by doing anything. Yes, you can go and ask for forgiveness from that person, and you should also ask for it, but human nature is something that a human being gets hurt somewhere.

When you call someone bad, it is meant to make him suffer, but later he gives you more trouble. What are the benefits of torturing yourself? It is better to remain silent.

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