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Does God exist or not?


Think deep

Those who deny the existence of God in the world with the cry of science, in fact no one else in the world is more irrational and anti-science than them.

Well, let's have some questions from people of similar atheistic thinking.

That if there is no God then -

(1) Who created the Sun, Moon, Earth and other celestial bodies?

Well made, but then who made such big bodies in such a systematic order that they are all revolving around each other in such an orderly manner?

(2) Who has put the fuel of crores of years in the Sun to generate energy? Because even to run a small car one has to put fuel again and again, so it is such a huge sun.

(3) Who placed the Earth in the Goldilocks Zone of the Sun? Because when you are a little far away, everything on the earth starts to freeze and when you get a little closer to the sun, everything starts melting. Then who is he who thought that everything on earth would be fine only if the earth was kept so far from the sun?

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(4) The amount of moisture in the atmosphere cannot exceed a certain amount. So who is the one who made this arrangement that only when there is so much water vapor, all the work related to it on earth will be done properly?

(5) Who kept the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere in the same proportion as it is necessary for the life of living beings, why not more than that, why not less than that?

(6) How does a very small liquid part of a drop of semen become the whole human body?

(7) All the organs inside the human body work like a well-managed machine, all the organs have been put in the right arrangement, so who is the one who kept and made all these organs in the right arrangement? Because you also know this thing that without making it, even a needle would not be made.

(8) If man does not interfere unnecessarily in the order of nature, then everything in nature is perfect in itself for man. But nature is a matter which cannot do anything on its own and this is the law of science, then who is it that set nature according to the use of human beings?

(9) The ground water turns out to be lukewarm in the cold season and cool in the summer season. So who thought that in which season what kind of water would be suitable for humans?

(10) How flowers of different colors of different colors are produced from small seeds in the same soil, who created this quality or this arrangement?

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