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A Real Education: In My View


What is real education?

Education: In my opinion, Education not only equips us with skills like Listening, reading and writing and speaking but also refine thoughts, attitude, compassion and kindness to fellow beings.
What is refined thought?
When we can analyse and do deeds in the right way, that is morally correct and good for the human race as a whole. Trying to differentiate the good and bad thoughts in our mind and control them is refined thought. We see a quote suggesting which one is the best education?
Education is not preparation for life: Education is life itself-John Dewey:
It is one of my favourite quotes. I believe this quote aware of today's education became a business and students are byhearting facts and figures in different subjects to obtain results in the examination. So, getting degrees and certificates become a goal to be known as educated men and women in society. John Dewey states the opinion in above quote as life itself Experience. Experience is a great teacher of life while Time conducts the exam and teaches us a valuable lesson whereas the universities teach a lesson to the students and give marks to the performance in exams. There is less value to the character building and moral lessons in schools and universities; doesn't mold the character but equip students to earn money. While the learners encounter the society, they lack specific skills like reasoning and corporate standards in them to get a job. They have to go for some classes like computer training and soft skills to equip further.
Why does experience is a good education?
I believe, the experience is the best teacher of life. An action leads to effect. For instance: A teacher in my school taught a proverb, "Time is Gold". She read the fact with an engaging story. but I couldn't understand the practical reason for it. When I was twelve years old, my mother was pregnant with my younger brother. She had a fight with my father one night and didn't tell the labour pain to my father the outcome was she admitted late in the hospital and complication emerged throughout the delivery. Doctor scolded my daddy for her late admission had saved the baby and mother. We thanked her. I have understood the proverb's wisdom that Why the time is Gold? as the little proverb has its value. From this incident, I also agreed with the adage "no pain no Gain and a life lesson regarding parent's unity is the children strength.
We can take life lessons not only from our expertise but also from other's life. "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong".-Mahatma Gandhi. This quote inspires me a lot because of Mother Teresa. When she came to kolkatta's street to collect fund for the destitute elders and children, came across a wealthy rude man who spat on her hands. She forgave him and won his heart through her words of kindness as he donated a crore after seeing mother's indomitable spirit of forgiving. She remains in the heart of millions even after her death because of dedication and compassion towards the weak. We must learn from the Mother's life. Nowadays, heroes in movies are Demi-Gods to the young minds. They imitate and follow whatever the movie star depicts in the story. Due to the fact there is no real Role -models in our society, they attract the masses. People are ignorant that movie stars are also human beings prone to commit mistakes in their real life.
The choice of living depends on the perspective of life as everyone wants to be successful in his respective field. You should not be a money- making machine to be a great man. Therefore, winning fame and wealth is not the end. We must not die like plants or animals. Even they are useful after their death become manure and food to the soil and other species respectively. We can't sacrifice our whole life for other's sake but can live with compassion and love.

Conclusion: Thinking capability of an individual is the actual education. The formal educate the skills of learning languages and various subjects the life lessons help us to think and understand it better.


Lakshmi (author) from Erode. on November 12, 2018:

Thank you.

karthik on November 12, 2018:

Nice article about education

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