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Some Thoughts on Time Travel

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Let us start at the Beginning....

Where to start?

Well, probably the beginning, of course, that would be the best answer. But where is that place and when did it occur.

The beginning...

But how realistic is that? Whenever people talk about time travel, they usually discuss going to visit the future rather than the past.

If I were given the opportunity, I would probably go back to a historic event like watching the construction of Stonehenge or going to a lecture hosted by Jesus. I would wonder what the dinosaurs really looked like and how they sounded. I wouldn't waste my time moving forward into a place I know absolutely nothing about.

The future certainly has its elements of appeal that are more sincere that the depictions you see in science fiction films. The future however is an ambiguous term that specifies a stagnant setting which we are all moving towards. The past is tangible and measurable, say that you wanted to go back to a specific date in time. April 14, 1863 for example or to the 15th of March 44 BC.

To pick a date in the future would also be risky. What if July 31, 2954 happened to be the day a tsunami took out Phoenix, Arizona? What if you went two thousand years into the future only to find out that everyone abandoned earth for the planet Saturn after Mars did not work out? What if you got to that place you wanted to travel to and it was revealed to you that you were to die the day after you decided to visit the coming times?


One Perspective

A Time Traveler to 100 years from Today

Of course, the idea that we can go back into the past and perhaps change things or that we can travel into the future and see the results of things past, is intriguing. And I am interested in hearing from people who claim to have achieved this ability.

I saw one video recently of someone who used a time machine owned by their professor. The teacher kept the device his basement. I was unable to determine the origin of the video makers but they sounded as if they might be Russian or from some other Eastern block European nation.

The story was somewhat interesting, although the narrative was often tedious and this man talked about how there were no streets and all the ground was covered grass. He said the cars flew so there was no need for streets. Skyscrapers were extremely tall and there were many of them. This doesn't sound too far fetched because buildings are growing in height and this assists in the ability to house more people in a certain amount of ground footage.

The man said when he came to in the future land, that he was awoken by an animal who was licking his face. The dog's owner had a large head, with large black eyes, and resembled what we describe as aliens today.

It didn’t even really seem like a nice story because it was choppy and the details were really general and ambiguous but someone went to the trouble to film it. I forget who the group was, something like Apex. What I didn’t understand though was the fact that the man claimed he was given a body camera to film things and the only thing that he managed to come up with was one photograph. One similar to the image at the beginning of this story.

I would go back to the time of the dinosaurs



Many of the narratives from the time travelers I've come across describe a dystopian world that in which current governments have collapsed and given way to a new order of sorts. Many of the stories are fascinating and some are even idealistic.

One traveler claims that time travel was invented in 1981 and that he went to a new city in 2081. This is one of the other recurring themes that many time travelers talk about. That the government has already invented ways to travel through time, but keeps it a secret - for reasons which I think we can all guess at.

In the story of 2081, the traveler says a major disaster had affected the continental United States and the country was split into sectors. The man woke up in a hospital and informed he was in Docket 4 - one of the regions of the US. The traveler eventually encounters an individual and seeking help, informs his new friend that he is a time traveler from 1981. The citizen reveals that he had heard that the ability to travel time was not discovered until 2028.

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Things start to get a little confusing as you can see when you listen to the narratives from these people with the ability to slip into the future. Well, the man talks about how cities looked a little different and that the buildings were all made of glass and a lot taller than any buildings he had seen now. He says that the cars flew and I guess time travel was normal.

I just do not understand why someone doesn't slip into the past and try to take photographs of events being held in the Roman coliseum or make recordings of a live Bach concert. Why is it there are so many people who make videos claiming to have gone to the year 2700 and basically provide dialogue that sounds like a science fiction story written by someone in Jr. High?

Time travel may be possible, but it is not practical.

— Stephen Hawking


The Philadelphia Experiement

One modern example of this phenomenon, is the Philadelphia Experiment which was supposedly conducted by the United States Government in 1941. The main goal of this study, of which not much has been revealed, was to discover a way to make ships invisible to the enemy.

During this event, according to the stories, the ship was instantly transported from Philadelphia to Norfolk, VA. The events that happened on board while this was being conducted were indeed bizarre. Crew claimed to be able to walk through steel walls, and some of them became stuck there. Many others became sick or went insane during the event.

In the movie of the same name, the experiment is described as a time travel event and two sailors go forty years into the future. I have not seen the film myself, but there is someone named Al Bielek who a survivor of this government conspiracy and much has been written about the event.

Philadelphia Experiment documentary

Some Things to Ponder

1. If the past could be changed, it would not exist. If the future could be stopped, it would not survive. If the present could be avoided, it would not prevail.

2. The past is filled with pain, the present with opportunity, and the future with uncertainty.

3. The past is a closed door, the present is an open one, and the future is an approaching one.

4. Don’t mourn over the past; it has no pity for you. Don’t cry over the present; it has no sympathy for you, and don’t weep over the future;

— Matshona Dhliwayo; Top 15 Past, Present and Future Quotes

Past, Present, Future


A Summary

Well I am not sure if there really was a point to this essay now that I look back briefly to the past and arrive at the point where I decided to pen everything down.

There has been much speculation concerning the capability of humans to break the time barrier and go back to the past which has already occurred or move into the future - which has not happened (technically) yet.

Some people have claimed to have accomplished this feat. Others have talked about government experiments where these things were done.

And when it comes down to it, does it really matter? We are all slipping into the future as we speak. Do we really want to know that a dystopian, post apocalyptic society awaits us, one that has somehow been transformed into a Utopia?

Do we really need to go back to see the dinosaurs or talk with some of the early colonists who helped found the United States.

And if time travel were actually possible, don't you think we would have read about people who went back to the 1600s from the year 3000?

The idea of traveling time - for whatever purpose or intention you may have in mind - is actually pretty silly. Wherever you go there you are and you are always constantly in the present, your present. So if you go into the future, you are still in the "here" and the same can be said if you go into the past.

Wherever you go, there you are basically.

And it can only be as bad as you make it.

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