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Six Reasons Why You Should Use Summer Bridge Activities With Your Kids

Vivian uses Summer Bridge workbooks with her own children and can attest to their effectiveness.

Kids sigh with relief when school is over and summer fun begins. Brain calisthenics are nearly three months away, and your child is ready for sleeping in, pool days, hanging with friends, and a family vacation. They are free! Despite the break, their brains continue to need a regular dose of stimulation and engagement to prepare them for the next grade, much like muscles need a workout to remain strong. Without resistance training, muscles grow weak, and so do brains that stay shelved for three months. As a good parent concerned with your child's continued academic success in the coming school year, what can you do to keep them sharp? Besides encouraging your kids to keep reading, Summer Bridge Activities are the ideal tools to equip your kids efficiently without bogging them down.


You can find educational workbooks at the Dollar Store or grocer's, but they are not as well designed to target the specific content areas your child needs to review. Choosing the wrong workbook is like exercising your rock hard abs instead of your jiggly, noodle-like triceps. Summer Bridge books hit the right developmental spots. With the stress of annual state testing looming over your child's head, your proactive measures will boost his chances of staying on a higher academic track. Summer Bridge books are the number one, award-winning summer workbook recommended by teachers. Many teachers now send home a resource list with your child at the end of the year noting websites, book lists, and activities you can use to encourage continued learning over break. Summer Bridge books make the cut! Take it from the professionals. Scores of mouthwashes and toothpastes line grocery shelves, but very few are recommended by dentists due to effectiveness. Similarly, teachers know what works and what doesn't.

2. Summer Bridge Activities Are Comprehensive

Many workbooks on the market target only one subject area, such as math, science, or reading. Summer Bridge books are comprehensive because they cover all the major content areas in one convenient book. As an added bonus, the workbook is easily transportable and doesn't weigh a ton, so your kids can work on them anywhere. The book reviews the skills that were taught the previous school year and then provides a sneak peek at new concepts that will be introduced in the coming grade. Besides age-appropriate learning activities, the book includes bonus flashcards, reading lists and strategies, outdoor learning ideas, science experiments, and social studies exercises.

3. Summer Bridge Activities Build Confidence and Combat Learning Loss

Research shows that students who do not engage in continued learning lose about one month's worth of school-year learning over the summer, which is reflected in their achievement scores. When your child returns to school in the fall, do you want her to panic when she's handed review work, and she can't remember how to do it? Her palms will sweat, she'll glance furtively at her neighbor to see if they are stuck too, and her confidence will be shaken. It's a sinking feeling to be in over her head in just the first week. She will worry the whole year will be like this. Summer Bridge books build confidence. They keep previously learned concepts in the forefront of her mind instead of losing them in brain fog. Since the material is all review, her confidence will remain strong when she can easily master each page in 15 minutes or less. The book is divided into three sections, with each section being the equivalent of one summer month. Each section includes enough material to cover two pages of activity, five days a week. The format is easy to follow, so your learner can handle it on her own in a self-guided approach--there's even an answer key in the back if she gets stuck. A built-in reward system allows her to place a motivational sticker on each day's work to show it's complete, and a reward certificate is included for you to present to her at the end to highlight her success. She won't skip a beat when school starts!

4. Summer Bridge Activities Are Remedial For Struggling Students

If your child is struggling and you don't want him to fall even further behind, Summer Bridge books are a great parent resource tool to help you know how to help him. Be his coach and tackle each page with him to discover where his strengths and weaknesses are so you can devise additional intervention strategies. Tutors are expensive, but Summer Bridge books are not. Snag books from the included reading list at your local library and follow the tips for building his reading comprehension and literacy skills. To be successful in school, literacy is critical. Summer Bridge books also include a special web address where you can access more fun and creative ways to help him hone his skills in time for the next school year.

5. Summer Bridge Activities Are an Exercise in Self-Discipline

Kids thrive with structure. All year long, their classrooms are structured by time schedules, rules, and clearly defined procedures. During the summer, your learner's time isn't quite so regimented. It's easy for him to become lax, and this can affect his self-discipline. Create a smart space for your learner over the summer. It might be a desk organizer or just a bin filled with new books, flash cards, a journal, and the Summer Bridge book. Set aside smart time for him every day where he reads, writes in his journal, and completes the daily activities in the Summer Bridge book. Make this his responsibility, not yours. Before he can play video games or go off with friends, his daily academic goals must be met. Self-discipline is an asset in every area of life, and you can help him develop more of it with summer structure.

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6. Summer Bridge Activities Contain Great Bonus Features

You get your money's worth from this book because it is packed with bonus features. Grade appropriate flash cards are included that save you from making an extra purchase. The daily activities aren't drill and kill but include fun, hands-on projects along with ideas for turning outdoor adventures into learning opportunities. Fitness tips and challenges will keep your child moving and thinking about health and wellness. Engaging activities that focus on goal setting, values, and character development ensure your child has been given a well-rounded approach to learning that will help him succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. Summer Bridge books are like a daily vitamin for your child's brain!

Plan Ahead

Summer Bridge Activities are available from grades pre-K through 8, so plan ahead. If you missed out this summer, be sure to secure one for next year so you will be committed to helping your child shine academically. With over six million copies sold, stellar reviews, and teacher recommendations, you can buy with confidence--this book works.

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