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7 Sex Education Books for Children

Sex education is an uncomfortable topic for most parents who've realized it's time to explain the birds and the bees to their kid. I'm not going to tell you when that time ought to be, as it varies from child to child -- but I will ask that you take care with the presentation, lest you utterly freak your child out for the next decade. If you're not sure what I mean by that last bit, let me relay my own experience with this: When I was about 4 years old, a neighbor child of 12 told me that I looked like I was doing something I'd never heard of. When I went home later that day, I asked my mother what it was I'd looked like I'd been doing: my mother was not at all pleased with my newly expanded vocabulary.

However, being the Obstetrics nurse that she is, she decided to just educate me on the spot. She then took me out to the book store and we bought several books about body parts, body functions, etc, etc. Can I just tell you that the result was to scare the bejeebus out of me, to the point I swore I never even touch a boy as long as I lived? Cos weren't NUTTIN going to be growing inside of MY tummy and whatever that thing was that boys had wasn't going anywhere near me cos that was surely going to hurt. A lot. Not only that, but the pictures of uber hairy adults really shocked me; which prompted instant bawling as I didn't want to look like that when I grew up (obviously, I didn't know what a Brazilian was back then...) Fortunately, there are much better books available for these lessons today and there's no need to scare the pants off your child. Have a look.


Amazing You!

Amazing You is meant for Preschool through First Grade. It talks about body parts and the differences between boys and girls, and also explains where babies come from without discussing sex itself. If you've got a child who is asking where babies come from but you feel they are too young to get the full talk, this may be the best option in terms of giving them an explanation. It also talks about birth so if your child is about to have a new brother or sister this book may be doubly useful.


Where Did I Come From?

Now -- this book isn't just going to explain where your child came from; it's going to get somewhat close to explaining what Mummy and Daddy did in order for that to happen, and how Mummy and Daddy felt at the end of that experience. It's not graphic and it's not tasteless, but it does get closer to discussing the feel-good part of intimacy that some parents won't want to impart just yet. So please be aware of that before purchasing this book. If you think your child is ready for that particular talk, then this is probably your book.


10 Talks Parents Must Have With their Children About Sex

This is a book for Mum and Dad. This is a fantastic conversational tool that you'll want to make use of over the course of adolescence. Your child needs more than just the basic scientific explanation about sex; they also need to understand how various behaviors reflect upon character. This book will give you the prompts for starting the conversations with children of all ages, be it preschool or adolescents.


It's So Amazing!

This sex ed book is intended for Grades K - 4. It's a very large book (physically) and it covers just about everything you could think of on this topic. There are fabulous illustrations and direct information that is age appropriate. It covers love, sex, pregnancy, families (alternative lifestyles included!) and more, and it does so in an entertaining fashion that kids will enjoy.


First Comes Love

If you're not quite ready to have a proper sex talk with your child, this book may be the best method for broaching the subject. It covers the courting/mating rituals of several types of animals and humans are among them. This makes it a generalized book on the matter which may be less uncomfortable for squeamish parents.


What's the Big Secret?

This Sex Ed book is for kids aged 4 - 8 but is probably best suited for the 7 and 8 year olds. It covers the differences between boys and girls, the names of their body parts, where babies come from, and more. Reviewers suggest using it as bridge between preschool knowledge and middle school knowledge, given that it's too much for the little ones and too little for the elder group.


It's Not the Stork

This is a very popular book because it covers so many topics in such a tasteful manner and many of the earlier edition topics which were deemed controversial have been omitted. Its Not the Stork teaches the differences between the sexes (including men and women), explains sexual matters in frank but simple terminology that will answer your child's questions without giving them more information than you'd like them to have.

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