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Maps of Africa-The Deserts of Seth found in Africa.


Is Africa the Land of Eden?

Any discourse in respect of Seth son of Adam; or if we are to ascertain if this land in West Africa was indeed occupied by the first families of the earth, it seemed wise to gather as much information from a cross section of ancient Biblical texts, while searching diligently for other biblical locations in the region. The question I am seeking to answer over a series of Hubs is can it be possible that Africa is the Land of God which prompted him to say: " they have divided my land?

Deserts of Seth -  West Africa 1747

Deserts of Seth - West Africa 1747

Is Paradise in Africa?

Desert of Seth 1747

Desert of Seth 1747



Land of Canem son of Seth

Land of Canem son of Seth

Where was Paradise?

In ‘The Apocolypsis MosesAdam and Eve, the progenitors of the first family mentioned in history are said to have produced thirty children; only three are recorded in the Bible, but they are said to have five in The Book of Jubilees namely; Cain, Luluwa, Abel, Aklia, and Seth.

When Adam was expelled from the Garden of Eden, he was commanded to descend to a lower level of the holy mountain, and reside in the Cave of Treasures below Paradise on the western border. After Cain had killed his brother Abel, in her grief Eve had prayed for a son, a righteous seed to replace Abel and God granted her request. By now Cain had descended the mountain, and began populating the plains below, in the land of Eden, and the Bible tells us he lived in a land called Nod to the east of Eden. Gen 4:16 So according to Biblical accounts, there was no land named after Cain. However, Seth had a son whose name was Cainan, and perhaps it is more than mere coincidence that we find a large city to the north of West Africa called Canem as can be seen in the corresponding map. The presence of this city adds credence to the possibility that this Desert of Seth in West Africa was named after the son of Adam.

Land of Cainan son of Seth -   North West Africa 1530

Land of Cainan son of Seth - North West Africa 1530

Ammon North Africa 1727

Ammon North Africa 1727

The Children of Seth mingle with the Children of Cain

It was the custom during ancient times and still is today for patriarchs to name cites, districts or lands after themselves or their posterity, and this was true of both pre-flood and post-flood generations.

Even the land of the Ammonites who are the children of Lot can be found in North Africa as can be seen in this map, and this is by no means the end of the story.

The ‘righteous’ branch of the Adamic tribe had been commanded by God over successive generations not to descend the holy mountain and mingle their seed with that of the children of Cain, but Satan had persistently thought up inventive ways to entice them down from the mountain and place them outside the protection of God. It was during the leadership of Jared that the Adamic tribe who remained upon the mountain were finally enticed to descend and intermarry with the sons of Cain and these were the generations who lived before the flood, and of which only the family of Noah was preserved.

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By 1777, the name of Seth disappears.

By 1777, the name of Seth disappears.

Dutch Cartographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571 – 1638)

Dutch Cartographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571 – 1638)

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Modern Territory

The name of Seth disappears from European maps of West Africa during the late eighteenth century. The modern territory formerly known as the Republic of Biafra located in the southeast was dominated by the Igbo [Ibo, Ebo] tribe a people who have long been recognized as a remnant of the lost tribe of Jacob. The republic had sought independence from Nigeria due to conflict with the Islamic Hausa-Fulani, who resented the more prosperous and educated Igbo. Their secessionist efforts resulted in the Nigerian-Biafran War lasting from 1967 to 1970, but resulted in defeat for the Igbo and reintegration into Nigeria.

The name of Biafra which marked the location of the Deserts of Seth has also disappeared from modern maps, but does this relegate the deserts to the sphere of myth and Arthurian style romanticism. I think not. These European maps charted by the Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italians, Germans and the French, constitutes an overwhelming body of evidence that cannot merely be dismissed, but has only prompted further investigation.

Is it possible that Africa could indeed be the site of Paradise, the home of holy mountains, and even the land upon which Abraham travelled extensively after leaving Haran to possess the Promised Land? In light of traditional historical authorities the prospect seems almost impossible. Yet the evidence keeps mounting to convince the unbiased lover of the Bible, history and geography that there can indeed be no smoke without fire.

What evidence? Bookmark this hub for the next installment of ‘Biblical Lands of Africa’.


My research prompted my upcoming book, but I was first introduced to the concept of Africa as a major Biblical location after watching this and other videos by Promise2bless.

This in turn led me to this website where I found a map gallery and subsequently became hooked on the subject.

© 2013 Amanda Trayce


Queen Omo on January 21, 2020:

But Jerusalem which is ABOVE is free, which is the mother of us all.--Galatians 4:26. NB: The Apostle Paul was clearly not making reference to the the literal city of Jerusalem in the Promised Land. That city is EARTHLY, not “above” in the HEAVENLY realm. “Jerusalem above” is God’s heavenly “woman,” his organization of mighty spirit angels.

Pham Thi Quy from vietnam on September 21, 2016:


ayolabi on April 07, 2014:

God BleSs Africa.. The MotherLand

Naphtali1 on October 03, 2013:

Amazing. Thanks for sharing the wisdom. Looking forward to more posts.


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