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Secrets to Ace Your College Interview by a Legit College Student Who Passed the Interview

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I took my interview last July 26th at my dream university which has excellent standards. And fortunately with God's great help, I passed.

Secrets to Ace Your College Interview

As a college student soon, I also needed to undergo different struggles before getting into my dream university. The heat that caused me a migraine, the crowd that gave me fewer chances of getting the slots, the exams that I wasn't good at (I hate memorization), and most of all, college interviews.

But college interviews are easy if you only have any idea. I have given you 40+Bonus Tips to ace your college interview. These tips will be giving you enough preparation to impress interviewers. But you don't have to intentionally impress the interviewers. Let them think you are impressive. Oh, that is another tip.

But before we dive into the secrets of acing the college interview, please remember that fate has always had a better plan than you do. God always knows what is best for you and let Him make His plans and every darkness will transform into light.

First, I want to thank every individual who has helped me ace my interview. I wouldn't make it if it wasn't because of your help. Especially God who always guides me and tells me where to go and which one to choose. He always helped me.

And now, let's break these secrets…

40 Secrets to Make Your College Interview Successful and Satisfying

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  1. Make sure the course that you have chosen to enroll in is the course you truly want.
  2. You should know what your course is all about.
  3. Answer the questions directly.
  4. You don't need to speak with perfect grammar. They need the thoughts in your answer.
  5. But don't think of them as perfect people. They make mistakes too, and so do you.
  6. Make them feel they are greater than you with your respective words. But don't think of them as greater than you.
  7. Imagine they are on the same level as you. But respect them too much.
  8. Treat them like your close friends who you respect the most. Be friendly and respectful.
  9. Never underestimate the interviewer. You must think of them as your role model.
  10. Be polite with your words.
  11. You should be a good listener. Don't interrupt.
  12. Don't talk if you aren't asked to talk. There are cues you will notice from them if it is already your turn to speak.
  13. Never underestimate yourself.
  14. Never think of yourself as better than the interviewer. Be humble.
  15. Don't be pretentious.
  16. They don't like students who think of themselves as intelligent people. They are interested in students who are keen to be taught.
  17. Be ambitious. Don't be shy to share with them your dreams.
  18. Share with them your skills but don't be arrogant about them. Be thankful for your skills.
  19. Express gratitude if you have to.
  20. Make them feel that you are keen to be taught.
  21. Be receiving. Accept their words of wisdom.
  22. They like students who are willing to learn and not afraid to make mistakes.
  23. Make them think that you don't just care about yourself but also for other people.
  24. Make them think that you study for a purpose.
  25. Speak maturely but imaginatively.
  26. Pray and let God works for you. But if you don't believe in God, believe in fate.
  27. Let your body feel nervous and don't fight against it.
  28. Think about your interview and the negative things that might happen. Accept that you are not yet learned enough.
  29. Inhale as if you want to take in all the air in your body—pause for about three or more seconds—then exhale suddenly.
  30. Stare at something plain and boring.
  31. Don't sit when they won't tell you to do so.
  32. Stand up if they stand up.
  33. Look at them in the eyes if they are talking.
  34. If you can't look at them in the eyes if you are talking, look up at the ceiling or at the table or anywhere you are comfortable to proceed with your answer. But remember to glance at them from time to time.
  35. Don't wear too high fashion clothes. Be needy. You should be rich in enthusiasm to learn.
  36. Don't leave the room or the place where you are being interviewed if they aren't done speaking.
  37. Don't say, "Goodbye", instead say this alternative: "Thank you, ma'am/sir."
  38. If they ask hard questions you don't understand, don't be embarrassed to tell them that you don't understand them by saying, "Ma'am/Sir, umm…apologies I don't get it. Please ask me again, ma'am/sir," or if you don't understand the language, "Ma'am/Sir, I don't understand it, please make it simple, ma'am/sir. Please." Just be humble and true.
  39. Being true is better than being intellectual. You don't need to be confident, just be simple.
  40. Always think that everything that happens, happens for a reason.

Bonus Tip:

  • Your entrance exam or any exams should be in good grades. Scores give them an impression of you. But always let them know that you aren't good enough and that you need them to teach you more to progress even better. And that you are just fortunate enough because God helped you or because your former teachers taught you. Being humble is the key. Enthusiasm and modesty should always be together.

I hope this blog will help you ace your interview. But if you fail, don't be disheartened because everything happens for a reason (tip #40), and there in your tomorrow something greater and better awaits. When something bad happens today always remind yourself that it happens because of something that is about to happen in the future. Keep on moving. Don't be lazy. If you are tired, take a rest for a while, and then stand up and get back to work again. You should always move so you will reach your tomorrow. Be optimistic and do trust God more than yourself; His plans are better than yours believe me I've been into this situation. To tell you my dear Scribers, I have so many testimonies I could share with you but it would be better if I will keep them as secrets with God. You can create and keep your secrets with Him, too. Just believe and everything will go smoothly into the darkness which ahead awaits the light.

Dream. Plan. Do

Dream. Plan. Do

You need what?

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