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Secrets of Spies, History, and Government Agencies Revealed in Intriguing Book from National Geographic Kids Books

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Fun Facts About a Wealth of Topics for Interesting Learning

A wealth of intriguing information for learning and educational activities

A wealth of intriguing information for learning and educational activities

Homeschoolers Will Be Intrigued With Information on a Wealth of Interesting Topics

Many parents who are homeschooling their children now are often in search of extra materials and books that will challenge their children to want to delve into a variety of topics. National Geographic Kids Books are an excellent choice for books to include in your homeschooling library. The world that is outlined in all of the books from National Geographic Kids Books is always a world that is full of magical subjects and information that is not often a part of a regular school curriculum.

Top Secret from National Geographic Kids Books is a wealth of historical secrets, techniques used by spies that have worked for government agencies, secrets of animals, and all kinds of gadgets that are used in deciphering many secrets. Children are always intrigued by secret codes and the chapter on secret codes will be of particular interest. How about reading about the secrets of UFO sightings that have intrigued everyone for many years?

The chapter of intriguing facts about the secrets of history includes information about ancient Egypt, lost treasures, and construction of an outpost on the moon. Secrets from the world of animals also offer a wealth of learning. Children will also be curious about the special tools that spies use in their trade and the facts about working for the Secret Service. Secrets of the ocean offer the opportunity for learning facts about sea life. Secret destinations will take children to places that they have never heard about. One of my personal favorite sections is the section about the real life of Willy Wonka and chocolate. Who knew that there were secrets about chocolate candy?

The photos that are always part of beautiful National Geographic books do not disappoint. Each subject and chapter are beautifully illustrated with gorgeous photos taken by photographers from National Geographic. Photo credits are given for each chapter.

Top Secret was published by National Geographic Kids Books and has an ISBN of 978-1-4263-3912-7.

Photos For Each Chapter Add Interest to Each Subject

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A Wealth of Learning For Homeschooled Students

Teaching history, special topics, and science can be challenging for parents who are homeschooling their children. Top Secret from National Geographic Kids Books contains a wealth of material for subjects that you may not have ever thought about to include in your child's education. Each chapter is chock full of intriguing facts and ideas for learning activities to keep homeschooled children busy all year long.

The chapters on the topic of spying open a new world of intriguing espionage activities through the years. This chapter may inspire your child to want to have a career with the FBI, Secret Service, or even the CIA government agency. The President's special car known as The Beast is included in the information about the Secret Service.

The topic of space is also included with secret information about the USA's plan to build an outpost on the moon. Learning about space and the secrets of astronauts is always a favorite topic with children.

Children love gadgets and the chapter about secret gadgets used by spies and government agencies will keep your child intrigued about all kinds of special tools. Robots and other secret inventions are also part of this beautiful book.

Geography and historical places of interest with all kinds of secrets take children to places that they might never actually go. Have maps and globes available for your child to use when they read about the places that are included in Top Secret. how about exploring a secret cave with Top Secret?

Another chapter that is one of my personal favorites is the chapter that will tech your child to organize a scavenger hunt. This is just one of the examples for interesting activities that homeschooled children can be engaved in.

Movie buffs will enjoy the chapter "Quiet on the Set" with a wealth of fun facts about the secrets of movie producers.

Top Secret from National Geographic Kids Books is an excellent choice to add to your homeschooling library. Enjoy all of the secrets!

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