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Scams: Are you Gullible?

Employed in Social Work for many years. I also sell items on-line and in-person. Get an average of 75+ spam emails daily.

Why I started this HUB on scams.

No surprise that the times we are living in are tough for almost everyone. In times like these the unscrupulous, deceitful and boisterous crawl out from under their rocks and take advantage of those innocent, honest and mostly trusting individuals.

I personally had to quit my moderate paying position to assist in caring for my father who was given 3 weeks to live. He actually lasted 3 months and it was a blessing not only to help my father but also help my elderly mother care for him so he could have peace instead of the chronic worry for his safety that he experienced in the Nursing Home the hospital chose for him. Thus, I like many became unemployed and sought alternative means to support myself.

I began using the internet to seek employment as this was easy, quick and I could do this sitting by my father's bedside. Unbelievable, but true, I got loads of well presented scams presented as “good business ventures” or "employment opportunities" from the on-line employment sites. Mostly I have never heard of these scams in my life, but I had the good sense of doing research..I reviewed the FBI scam portfolio and consulted the local Better Business Bureau every time any company to be assured that it was a legitimate company and most of the "TO GOOD TO BE TRUE" schemes were not.

About Scams

Money - Send some, Keep the Rest

It always amazes me how many scams I get a day in my E-mail. As a job seeker I have massive E-mails offering me jobs that really pay nothing to the applicant and most want all the information they are not allowed to ask for. Here is another beauty - They supposedly will have someone deposit money into your account and then have you send they a portion back - Money laundry at the best / or just plain robbery....

Group Job Application


We would like to present you a part-time job offer as a finance officer for our company, Swatch Group. Our company sells deluxe watches in Europe and in some areas in United States. We would like to extend our business in your region, that is why this part-time job was created.

Processing a payment involves the following:
1. Receive the payment from our customers by Bank Transfers.
2. Pick up the payment from your account and keep your 10% commission fee.
3. Send the rest of the money to one of our headquarters in Europe.

This job will require about 1-2 hours per day from your time and your incomes will start from $250-$300 United States Dollars per week to 500USD per week.

If you are interested in our offer please visit our website by clicking on the following link:

Only a real desperate person would click on that link..............

Here's a video about a phone scam on the same topic

Comedian pranks scammer

Request to Commit Larceny

Here is a bit of a twist. Evidently this fellow noted that he did not know the person so he better admit it up front before he tries to scam you with the gift of money that is TO GOOD TO BE TRUE and LARCENY! Note that the letter he is sending also shows that it is copied and he is not familiar with typing on the computer as all his letters are capitals. He forgot to change the date to reflect that last year was 2009 as well...Wonder how many will fall for his money making scheme? This guy states that he is a Christian - does he know what the term implies or does he feel that mention of Christian implies "Honesty?"



Larceny Request

I keep getting these letters in the E-mail requesting that I participate in larceny. What about you? Now you have to admit the surname: C---- that is my deceased spouses name and belongs to an Irish and Scottish Clan who helped Brave Heart in the war against England. There are literally the letter has a long way to go. Unfortunately the Irish and the Scottish kinfolk are usually not stupid unless they are drunk so he won't be getting anywhere with his larcenous request!

Good day
This is a personal email directed to you and I request that it be treated as such. I am Jonathan xx,a solicitor at law. I am the personal attorney/sole executor to the late Mr. Harold C----, hereinafter referred to as 'my client' who worked as an independent oil magnate in my country and who died in a car crash with his immediate family on the 4th of Oct,2000. Since the death of my client in Oct, 2000, I have written several letters to the embassy with an intent
to locate any of his extended relatives whom shall be claimants/beneficiaries of his abandoned personal estate and all such efforts have been to no avail. More so, I have received official letters in the last few weeks suggesting a likely proceeding for confiscation of his abandoned personal assets in line with existing laws by the bank in which my client deposited the sum of 6.3 million U.S.D. On this note i decided to search for a credible person and finding that you bear a similar last name, I decided to contact you, that I may,with your consent, present you to the "trustee" bank as my late client's surviving family member so as to enable you put up a claim to the bank in that capacity as a next of kin of my client. I find this possible for the fuller reasons that you bear a similar last name with my client making it a lot easier for you to put up a claim in that capacity, also i have relevant documents to backup our claim and which can only be provided by my chambers. I propose that 70% of the net sum will accrue to you at the conclusion of this deal in so far as I do not incur further expenses. Therefore, to facilitate the immediate transfer of this fund, you need, first to contact me via signifying your interest and as soon as I obtain your confidence,I will immediately appraise you with the complete details as well as fax you the documents, with which you are to proceed and i shall direct on how to put up an application to the bank.HOWEVER, you will have to assent to an express agreement which I will forward to you in order to bind us in this transaction. Upon the receipt of your reply,I will send you by fax or E-mail the next step to take.I will not fail to bring to your notice that this proposal is hitch-free and that you should not entertain any fears as the required arrangements have been made for the completion of this transfer. Like I have implied, I require only a solemn confidentiality on this.
Best regards,
xx Cummins.

Tech Support Scams

Computer Repair Scams

Because my daughter is a tech at one of the legitimate repair places for computers, I hear almost daily tales of individuals who have been scammed out of money and some out of their computer because they have opened the wrong e-mail or been called by someone and unfortunately provided them back door access to their computer.

Remember that Microsoft, Windows and the like will not phone you. If you don't know who sent you that e-mail don't open it because it might contain a virus. You will not be fined by the IRS or Government agency and receive a call asking for down payment of $400.00 plus dollars to release your computer.

How to stop things like this from happening seems easy. If you think you have a virus take your machine to an honest repair service. Make sure you use a good anti-virus on your machine and keep updated as new virus programs come out frequently. Get a Virus and Malware program and scan after every use. Be smart and stay safe!

Telephone Scams on the rise

New Twist on “To Good To Be True Scam”

Recently in my quest for employment, I noted a position under “Customer Service” for office help. The job listing stated that there was no experience needed. So I sent in my resume on line.

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The setup:

About two weeks later I received in the mail a check with my name on it for $2,500.00 from the company I applied to as a customer service office helper. Now this $2,500.00 check really got my attention. Interestingly, the letter that came with the check said, “Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to become one of our "marketing representatives." We have kept your resume on file for an office helper, but we are a company that specializes in “Marketing Research” and we believe that you would be better suited as a “Regional Mystery Shopper” for our Research Division. We seek individuals with variety backgrounds and ask “real people” for their opinions on various products and services. Now, so far this is sounding like it might be okay, doesn’t it!

The mechanism:

Our client, Western Union, a World Wide company has over 2.3 million locations. They have hired us to do Mystery Shopping to assure them that their employees are doing a good job as they have recently experienced a drop in their business. So, we are running a “Marketing Research & Analytic Solution Project” to help them out. We need a large group of representatives to get this contract done. In order to determine the effectiveness in their Money Mart program, we need help from people like you. We have sent you a check to cover your expenses, as you are not required to use any of your own funds. The breakdown for spending the money is as follows: Your participation wages - $200.00; Test transaction funds $2,150.00; Western Union Transaction fee $150.00 and this equals the amount we sent you. Still sounds good doesn’t it.

The scam:

In order for you to carry out this survey you will need to take this check to your bank and take out the cash minus your processing fee. Go to Western Union with the cash and send a bogus relative, [insert name of person with your last name} at this address [any town overseas] a money order. The scammer informs that you do not need to have an address to this “relative” overseas to send that money to them. Once you send this money to the person with the address provided, they stress it is important that the survey is completed and sent to an E-mail address that has the name of an individual or the company E-mail. The letter also stated. "Keep a copy of the survey for your records and send to them your time-sheet and the survey via fax to your Group Manager." In big letters it states: THE ENCLOSED CASHIERS CHECK CANNOT BE CASHED UNTIL YOU CONFIRM BY PHONE THAT YOU WILL PROCEED WITH YOUR ASSIGNMENT. This is probably because for now this check is live and can be verified as having connection to a real source.

Investigation by me:

What caught my attention immediately about this scam was that I had applied for something else. They stated that they were a member of the Better Business Bureau in their country or origin, I checked with BBB on-line and it was not true. They sent me a large amount of money in a cashier’s check that I verified was real but easily cancelled once you call them to tell them you plan to put it into the bank. Another concern that popped out was that they asked for my social security number, date of birth and other personal information. I also went on line and did a reverse directory search using the telephone number they sent to me and the number had several companies listed beside the one on the Cashier's Check. Further investigation into all of the companies listed via Google Search yielded information that many folks had fallen for this scam and were out money.

Summing up:

Providing the information they asked for would be really risky. With what they asked for on the application, I could easily become an identity theft victim. The company had to be BOGUS because the letter lied when it stated it was a BBB business. Even though the check was real now, the cost of a stop payment is minor consideration when they are getting $2,500.00 in real money back from you. This letter scam said, “GOT YOU!” all over it. Don’t fall for this one, I didn’t. I also report these scams to the Consumer Fraud Division on line. Hopefully with the information they receive these people will eventually be caught and put in jail.

Larceny requests

Another letter - ID Theft and Beneficiary Larceny

The Set Up:

Dear Partner, I guess this letter may come to you as surprise since I had no previous correspondence with you. I am the Chairman of the xx Commission Ghana (EC). I got your contact in my search for a reliable person to handle a very confidential transaction involving the transfer of the sum of $14.500.000 Dollars (Fourteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) the above fund is not connected with arms, drugs or money laundering. It is the product of an over invoiced contract awarded in 2008 by (EC) to a foreign company for the supply of electoral materials that were used for conducting the 2008 elections. The contract has long been executed and payment of the actual contract amount has been made to the foreign contractor leaving the balance of $14.5 million which my colleagues and I now want to transfer out of Ghana into a reliable foreign account for our personal use. As civil servants we are not allowed to run foreign accounts. {If you respond you are guilty of conspiring in larceny.}

The mechanism:

Hence we have chosen to front and support you as the beneficiary to this funds. If you are interested in the proposal kindly get back to me by sending me your letter of acceptance along with your direct telephone and fax numbers, we have decided to share the money in the following percentage, 60% for us 30% for you the account owner and 10% for all local and international expenses that may arise in the course of this transaction. Further details about this transaction will be discussed in subsequent correspondence. Note also that the particular nature of your business is irrelevant to this transaction and this transaction is expected to be concluded within 5 working days since all local contacts and arrangements are in place for a smooth and successful conclusion of this transaction.

The scam:

Contact me via email with your contact telephone and fax numbers, so that I can call you for a discussion. Thank you as I await your response.yours faithfully,Dr.Kwadwo xx

Warning from the FBI

  • Do not respond to unsolicited (spam) e-mail.
  • Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as officials soliciting via e-mail for donations.
  • Do not click on links contained within an unsolicited e-mail.
  • Be cautious of e-mail claiming to contain pictures in attached files, as the files may contain viruses. Only open attachments from known senders.
  • To ensure contributions are received and used for intended purposes, make contributions directly to known organizations rather than relying on others to make the donation on your behalf.
  • Validate the legitimacy of the organization by directly accessing the recognized charity or aid organization's website rather than following an alleged link to the site.
  • Attempt to verify the legitimacy of the non-profit status of the organization by using various Internet-based resources, which also may assist in confirming the actual existence of the organization.
  • Do not provide personal or financial information to anyone who solicits contributions: providing such information may compromise your identity and make you vulnerable to identity theft.

To obtain more information on any schemes, or If you are a victim of an online scheme, please notify the IC3 by filing a complaint at

Top 4 Money Making Scams

You Won The Lottery and here is a partial check...

Well I've got to hand it to the scammers, they are evolving over the years. Now they have a program that will wipe your computer and tell you that you can get it back if you pay a fee via Fed Ex, or another company not involved. So many have fallen prey to the scam and the virus is all their fault for opening an E-mail they shouldn't have opened from "The FBI" but this is not really who it is from. My daughter works for a Geek Squad, she and the other workers all state that this virus is a real bummer to get off the machine. Paying to get it removed by the scammer is a waste of time.

Now today, I get in the mail a letter with no return address. The first sign of a scam. Cool the letter has a check of $3,000.00 and no it is not from a car dealer although many of them use a check like this for bait to get someone into their place. This one says it is from State Farm Insurance Company; it really isn't. It states I won the lottery! But I do not gamble and never enter so how is it that I won???

The letter requests can place it into my account to defer any cost the winning the Hugh $45,000.00 lottery winning will cost me. Cute that this scammer is thinking that it will make this scam more realistic.....But, not to me. I know that if I call them like they request before I try to deposit that check, tell them I am depositing that check, my bank will have a default in payment because the money will not be there. I will lose the money from my account, it I have it. Remember they have many advantages including that they are an alleged company and foreign. You know it takes over a week or more to validate and transfer the funds if they were actually there. By the way a friend of mine checked on a similar check and when the bank called to verify, it was a live check at that time, the next day it was no longer valid as the account had been closed. The XYZ Lottery is from England or so it states. There is one of the familiar last names I've seen on many scams in the past. Interesting that the check is drawn on Chase Bank and with State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company as the vendor. Personally, if I were to cash that check, I'd go to Chase to get the funds because I do not do business with them. I know that they are too smart to cash it and would tell me it was a scam. I would hope my bank would also tell me that it is a scam but I have funds in that bank to cover the amount so they might not. They do not have to. Too bad many other people not so informed will probably deposit that bad check and loose money. Check it out for yourself...You can tell it isn't real can't you?

Lottery Bait Check


An Unusual Pyramid Scheme

The old adage goes that, “When you thought you’ve heard it all, the other shoe drops and something else generally comes along.” Recently a lot of Pyramid schemes have been coming to my attention and possibly yours. “Get Rich Quick” Pyramid Schemes from door-to-door or mail order get rich ploys [chocolate, jewelry, make-up], the old medicine wagon [drop selling medicine, vitamins, or miraculous remedy liquids] and the standard Real Estate Schemes where you allegedly buy cheap and sell high with unbelievable profits using the scammers website and programs of course. Most schemes are so evident that only a real novice could not see through the scam. The FBI site warns that anytime anyone wants you to recruit others to get paid back for your investment, question it. Yesterday, a new computer scheme was brought to my attention.

The setup

This company is handing out “free or low cost” home pages. So, when a user opens up the Internet, they go to a new home page instead of AOL, Yahoo, Google, Explorer, or whatever they used to use. Going to this new home page, makes “your stuff” more accessible according to them.

The mechanism

This new home page has all kinds of fancy stuff, plus the old stuff that you already have. Because everything will be “handy,” and it’s free or low cost, they advertise that it should be easy for folks to accept this new home page and sign on. The company involved is recruiting sales staff to sell this new home page idea. The more folks recruited, the more money the salesman makes, The familiar you get a percentage of their percentage in typical Pyramid style.

The scam

Once the user has the program, he/she turns on the computer and everything they do on the Internet is tracked by the new company. The company who sponsors the home pages states that they contract with other companies, and the salesman will profit on everything the user purchases because they know what the user does..My issue if this is actually true, beyond the fact that this is a pyramid scheme is two fold [1] there is a real possibility that it takes away “free internet” usage, and [2] the probability of identity theft is severe.

Now, I understand that tracking cookies do essentially the same thing this company wants to do on a smaller scale. Most websites have them, but we purchase spy ware products to get rid of them. What if the home page you use every time you sign on, was the tracking cookie? This is worse than DTV [big brother watching what TV programs you watch], and worse than shopping discount cards [keeping track of what you purchase in the grocery store or other retail stores]. I personally feel this is extreme abuse by a business. Perhaps you might as well?

To Good To Be True Scam

When I was little, my dad frequently told me to remember that if someone offers me something that is “To good to be true” it probably was. In other words don’t trust people who offer you things. It was a good lesson and still holds true today. The “To Good To Be True” Scams are vast and numerous today on the Internet and in the newspaper. I personally have been approached by the following “good or bad news” with a payoff so many times it is ridiculous!


The setup

“My dear beloved,” “My Dear” I am the wife of [insert any name] and my husband just died. His last wish was that our huge fortune be given to the less fortunate and he chose you to help me distribute his wealth. Please help…

I am a worker / branch manager / or soldier and I have somehow come into the possession of a huge amount of money. This money is just sitting here and there is no one to claim it. How about splitting it with me. I’ll send it to you / deposit it into your account / etc.

I am sorry to inform you that [insert any name] has just died. He / She was related to you and left you a huge fortune we need to send to you to close out his / her final request.

The mechanism

I will send you a check in the mail, which you need to deposit into your bank account. You will then send back a portion of the money or send a portion to {insert name] some minister or unknown charity after taking a small sum for your trouble brokering the deal. This small amount, can be anywhere from 15 to 20 % of the total amount they sent.

The scam

Once you send the money from your bank you learn that the check was a forgery and you have just sent good money from your account to a scammer. Oophs! By the way, the authorities believe those of you who fall for this scam are contributing to the larceny and do not have sympathy for your misfortune. Or you send them a cashier's check or real check and they empty your bank account.

Larceny, is defined in law as the unlawful taking and carrying away of the property of another, with intent to deprive the owner of its use or to appropriate it to the use of the perpetrator or of someone else. It is usually distinguished from embezzlement

Looking for a new place to hang your hat?

Watch Out! Scammers are Looking For You On-Line!

Watch Out! Scammers are Looking For You On-Line!

The To Good To Be True Real Estate Pyramid Scam

The setup

I’m certain that you have heard the entreats “Get Rich in Real Estate.” New Real Estate Training stating: [1] We want you to come to a free seminar so we can show you how to invest in Real Estate with “No Money Down;” [2] We want you to log onto our Real Estate Seminar so you can learn how to invest in Real Estate without using any of your own money; [3] Come to our seminar so we can show you how to invest in Real Estate for only $1.00. Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there is something wrong with these pictures.

The mechanism

My curiosity got the best of me, so I attended one of these Real Estate Seminars. I got a nice gold embossed ticket in the mail Training was from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at a local hotel. Best part was it was “free.” There was to be a free packet with CD’s at registration. Start time was 8 a.m. I arrived at 8:30 a.m. figuring there was no need to get there early; I had already had the tickets. When I arrived, there was a milieu of people huddled in the shade and walking about the hotel waiting for the door to open. Some stated they had arrived before 8 a.m. The trainers arrived about 9:05 a.m. with no apology and hasten to setup a few boxes with printed name-tags and lists for us to sign in. No CD’s. Once inside the hotel staff prepared water and paper cups for us. No coffee or snacks not even crackers.

One trainer grabbed a microphone and introduced himself and the other fellow. No applaud, wonder why? He stated that he was affiliated with some millionaire we all had heard of and had started out poor. The Abe Lincoln story we have all heard. He said he’d tell us how to become as rich as he was if we did what he told us to. “We’re in the Army now.” Honestly, if you were rich would you be hawking some other guy’s products?” He told us he was putting in time training because he had so much money he didn’t have anything to do and it became boring and he wanted to “Give back to the community.” The presentation was really lacking. They would have probably done better if they had a video show with some chutzpah. They talked about the economic situation {bad} and the fact that real estate [bad] now was still the best bet to ride the economic road up once things get better. No one could disagree with that.

The scam

Now that they had gotten our attention, and we agreed with the original points, they unleashed their plot. They advertised we didn’t need to use our money. How could they do that? They began to denigrate the banking institution. No one likes banks when they have no money. [1] They suggested we all open massive credit card accounts and charge the credit cards up to the max. [2] Using the “bank money” we get from the credit cards, we would purchase property. [3] We rent the property to cover the cost of the PMI [principle, mortgage, interest], credit card charge, and get a little extra for our trouble. Our financial worth would grow and we could then get more credit and buy more things.

The investigation

Like most pyramid schemes, the reliance on subsequent individuals is needed to make the scheme work. What happens if you can’t find a renter or the renter you have decides to leave? They mentioned that some homes might need a bit of rehab but there would be rehabilitation money available to fix it up from the government. The Better Business Bureau and the FBI websites are filled with stories as are In the pages I found the story of one woman who actually completed the four-day course stated that she had purchased property for $1.00 to $1.75 off E-Bay site unseen. On one home, she was charged $850.00 in back taxes. The house she bought site unseen. Most of the property was unlivable she had to spend her additional credit card money to do rehab. On one place she estimated after all the money she personally had to put into the home, she might make a dollar of profit on the sale if she could get rid of it. “Such a deal!”

This particular Real Estate scam is interesting because it uses a variation of legitimate investment speculation with a pyramid scheme to “make money.” Investors use Real Estate Speculation everyday to make money. But you have to have money to make money. Logic clearly states that individuals should not do speculation purchasing unless they have enough money to sustain the property for one year without a renter. There is no promise this type of scheme would work. A tenant who leaves would place the buyer in a bind and his house of cards would tumble down. I truly feel sorry for anyone caught up in this or similar “Pie in the Sky Real Estate Scams.” Remember if it sounds to good to be true it probably is

How to spot a Pyramid Scheme

Multi-level Marketing: Opportunity or Pyramid Scam?

The Set Up

I have been offered several new “ground floor multi-level marketing opportunities” recently because I am seeking employment. Each company offered me a “new money making opportunity” with a great potential profit. Each one sounded great, but each had a catch, which was unacceptable to me either because it was either “too risky” or it sounded to “shady” to me. The last offer I refused is worth a shout out. I was offered a chance to get into a “multilevel marketing scheme” with a twist on food supplements [vitamins]. Now days, people are having trouble making ends meet and some folks are seeking alternative food sources to help them out because they cannot afford the costs of food. Food supplements could be a good venture if they worked. Food supplements could also be a bad risk if they did not work and someone got ill from using them.

This opportunity I was offered sounded because the business opportunity had all the perks: positive testimony from an alleged medical expert and trial participants success stories, a multiple product line including vitamins, diet plan, and energy drinks, and an offer to generate leads from consumers for free once the product line was introduced. This was not something I had not heard before. It still sounded good. The business was going to be a “multi-level marketing” via the Internet and catalog / flyer mailers. The mailer system is quite expensive with my experience even with a bulk rate at USPS. The offer still sounded good at this point.

The mechanism:

This company was going to offer payment on the Company Credit Card. The cost to get into this ground level scheme was merely $500.00. But this was just an initial fee. They were going to provide each member a website with a monthly maintenance cost. Also each member was going to have a monthly shipment of the supplements at the mere cost of $100.00 a month. There was a $50.00 annual fee to belong to the exclusive group. And they were going to send printed mailers and gift certificates each member needed to send to prospects via mail. The mailer contained a CD with the product line and testimonials. Each mailer and flyer also costs $100.00 plus a month. The cost for a bulk mailer rate authorization at USPS which is about $200.00, in order to do bulk mail you need to have a postage machine which rents for $25.00 to $50.00 a month you need to fill that meter minimally with $50.00 in postage but generally a mailing of about 200 flyers costs over $200.00 with labels, ink, envelopes, etc. I would need to get a business license that costs about $50.00 and of course a LLC [limited liability certificate] to prevent liability especially necessary when dealing in health supplements. To get one done properly through an attorney could cost anywhere from $300.00 to $500.00 a month plus the county or state filing fee for a license is about $200.00. Total cost to me is now approximately, $2000.00. Did I mention that I am unemployed?

The scam:

Their response to my question was simple; I need to get other people to sign up with me. Each person I sign up gives me back $100.00. With 5 people signing up I now have my original investment paid for. Then I need to get 15 more people before a certain time and I will get a bonus. By the time I sign up 30 people, I will have successfully covered my cost and have pocketed $500.00 month cash over my expenses. There was also a section that stated that I would also profit from those I signed up because I would get $25.00 a month from each member that that member signed up. It could get to be profitable and I would allegedly become a “millionaire” within a few short years and live the live I always wanted.

My investigation:

I checked the FBI website and learned that, “Pyramid Schemes”, also referred to as “Franchise Fraud”, or “Chain Referral Schemes”, are marketing and investment frauds in which an individual is offered a distributorship or franchise to market a particular product. The real profit is earned, not by the sale of the product, but by the sale of new distributorships. The money is then filtered up through the pyramid. Emphasis on selling franchises rather than the product eventually leads to a point where the supply of X potential investors is exhausted and the pyramid collapses. At the heart of each pyramid scheme there is typically a representation that new participants can recoup their original investments by inducing two or more prospects to make the same investment. Promoters fail to tell prospective participants that this is mathematically impossible for everyone to do, since some participants drop out, while others recoup their original investments and then drop out.

I also checked out the Better Business Bureau website. They recommend consumers avoiding any marketing plan that places primary emphasis on commissions for recruiting additional distributors. It may be an illegal pyramid scheme. Beware of plans that require purchase of expensive products and marketing materials upfront. These plans may be pyramid schemes in disguise. Beware of plans that claim to sell miracle products or promise enormous earnings. Don't pay or sign any contracts in an "opportunity meeting" or any other pressure-filled situation without first taking time to think over the decision. Talk it over with a family member, friend, accountant or lawyer. Consumers are paying hundreds of dollars in upfront fees based on the claim that they can earn money by recruiting others to do the same – a red flag for pyramid schemes

In a nutshell, beware of any new self-described multi-level marketing company. Especially one that is aggressively seeking representatives for a product that has no track record. Once folks drop out of the pyramid, you'll be stuck with the monthly $2000.00 plus fee. Needless to say, I contacted the person who was attempting to get me to sign on telling them I will not agree and sent them the above facts. Hopefully, they will save themselves.

Looking for a good deal? Read the fine print!

Looking for a good deal? Read the fine print!

Scams Targeting the Elderly

It is sad and unfortunate in times like these that the weak and the old are most at risk for the huge amount of schemes out there that target them. There are also a huge amount of scams that target small business. I suppose it is because most do not have the funds to handle these types of contacts and are looking for funding to help them survive this depression they call recession. The Better Business Bureau is doing their best to keep up during this period and have enlisted some helpful hints to help folks red flag potential scams.Go to or It is important for people to read and understand. There are so many ways one can be taken. Too bad some wait until they lose their life savings in order to become aware. Go to the link or read what it says in part:

Falling victim to a fraudulent investment scheme can mean losing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to your life savings. While most people might not see the harm in sitting through an investment seminar, Better Business Bureau recommends researching the investment company first, rather than run the risk of falling for a financial over a free lunch.

Investment scams and schemes can come in many forms and a common technique to lure people in is the offer of a free financial seminar over lunch. In one recent example, the Securities and Exchange Commission shut down a Ponzi scheme which stole $20 million from retirees in California and Illinois. The scammers invited senior citizens to estate planning seminars and later coaxed their victims into buying promissory notes for purported Turkish investments.

“Free lunch seminars can seem like an easy way to get a meal, but attendees run the risk of getting drawn in by the slick presentations and promises of big returns,” said Carrie Lorimer, BBB Director of Operations. “Unscrupulous seminars often use the promise of a free lunch to lure in leisurely senior citizens who have time and exploitable retirement accounts and real estate.”

When listening to an investment pitch, BBB recommends looking for the following red flags:

Requires a large up-front investment. Untrustworthy schemers might try to convince investors to pay a lot of money upfront so they can get out of town with a large haul, rather than wait for the funds to trickle in.

Promises high returns for low risk. Every investment comes with a level of risk. Typically the amount of risk increases in line with the potential return on the investment. If the seminar is trying to sell an investment scheme that claims a high return with little or no risk, beware, even if it comes with the promise of a money-back guarantee.

Employs high pressure sales tactics. Seminar leaders often use high pressure sales tactics to get people to sign up without thinking it through. They might claim that there are only a few spots left or that you need to get in on the ground floor today to see the largest earnings. Any reputable investment company will let you take your time and do your research and will not pressure you into signing a check.

Relies on off-shore investments. Many hucksters try to give their scheme an air of sophistication by relying on overseas investments such as foreign currency, property, stocks and bonds. They also might claim—incorrectly—that you can avoid taxes by investing overseas.

Sounds too good to be true. At the end of the day, if the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always listen to your instincts because the potential payoff is rarely worth the risk.

So, as I continue to say, in the end the name of the game is the same: "TO GOOD TO BE TRUE - IS - TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!" Don't get fooled by hucksters!!

I am also still getting numerous proposals or Invitations to larceny from alleged bank managers and accounts who supposedly have an individual who died without descendants and my last name is the same as theirs. If E-mails are coming to me someone is making money on this scheme! They propose, 'Why not split the money instead of giving the money to the government?' Well, it is larceny for one thing!! and secondary it is a scam and you will loose everything you have!!

P.S The governments do not take kindly to those who get involved in this type of scheme. If you loose money in a larceny, you are also involved in the crime. So, word of warning, don't throw money into this type of plot. It is a criminal act!

By the way, a marketing scheme to increase customer hits on the web continues to grow. The fellow that allegedly started the fraud has moved to Panama. Because I am in business I also get these types of scams. This is a Pyramid Scam. You need to watch out for these, although some state there are some legitimate Pyramid schemes, I'd watch out for this one! The hook is that you Pay $5.00 which buys you a ground level spot in a Pyramid Scheme. Your money will grow with other investors you get involved so that eventually you are supposed to net thousands a month. Sounds TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, most likely it is!

Ponzi Losses are Deductible Form 4684

Evidently so many people fall for Ponzi Schemes that the US Govt Taxes will help defer the cost of the loss. Remember a Ponzi Scheme is:a fraudulent investment scheme or operation that pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned on a product. The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering returns other investments cannot guarantee, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. The perpetuation of the returns that a Ponzi scheme advertises and pays requires an ever-increasing flow of money from investors to keep the scheme going. Here is a link location:

Insidious Fraudulant Letter

I honestly feel sorry for the people who are trusting in times like these. This is probably the 10th letter I received from an address that looks like it is from the FBI. The clear path to understanding it is fraud comes when you get to the part that states where the E-mail address to respond to is not the FBI.

Too bad I am not a computer wizard to understand how people do this swiping of addresses to mirror another web address so I might be able to block it. Bill Gates, where are you now? Amazing that people get caught up on needing cash and fall for the fact that someone could be a beneficiary if the person sending the letter does not even know the name of who the letter is coming to!!

Hearken, this letter has the potential to make some ID Theft person a bundle of money. Warn your loved ones and don't be scammed and make it you!!!!

Anti-Terrorist and International Fraud Division.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20535


This is to Officially inform you that it has come to our notice and we have thoroughly completed an Investigation with the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System that you legally won the sum of $800,000.00 USD[United States Dollars] from a Lottery Company outside the United States of America. During our investigation we discovered that your e-mail won the money from an Online Balloting System and we have authorized this winning to be paid to you via a Certified Cashier's Check. Normally, it will take up to 10 business days for an International Check to be cashed by your local banks. We have successfully notified this company on your behalf that funds are to be drawn from a registered bank within the United States Of America so as to enable you cash the check instantly without any delay, henceforth the stated amount of $800,000.00 USD. has been deposited with Bank Of America. We have completed this investigation and you are hereby approved to receive the winning prize as we have verified the entire transaction to be Safe and 100% risk free, due to the fact that the funds have been deposited at Bank Of America you will be required to settle the following bills directly to the Lottery Agent in-charge of this transaction whom is located in Lagos, Nigeria. According to our discoveries, you were required to pay for the following - (1) Deposit Fee's ( Fee's paid by the company for the deposit into an American Bank which is - Bank Of America ) (2) Cashier's Check Conversion Fee ( Fee for converting the Wire Transfer payment into a Certified Cashier's Check ) The total amount for everything is $300.00 (Three Hundred-US Dollars). We have tried our possible best to indicate that this $300.00 should be deducted from your winning prize but we found out that the funds have already been deposited at Bank Of America and cannot be accessed by anyone apart from you, the winner; therefore you will be required to pay the required fee's to the Agent in-charge of this transaction via Western Union Money Transfer Or Money Gram. In order to proceed with this transaction, you will be required to contact the agent in-charge ( SAMUEL XXX ) via e-mail. Kindly look below to find appropriate contact information: CONTACT AGENT NAME: SAMUEL xxx E-MAIL ADDRESS:[ [This is fiction.] You will be required to e-mail him with the following information: FULL NAME: ADDRESS: CITY: STATE: ZIP CODE: DIRECT CONTACT NUMBER: You will also be required to request Western Union details on how to send the required $300.00 in order to immediately ship your prize of $800,000.00 USD via Certified Cashier's Check drawn from Bank Of America, also include the following transaction code in order for him to immediately identify this transaction : EA2948-910. This letter will serve as proof that the Federal Bureau Of Investigation is authorizing you to pay the required $300.00 ONLY to Mr. Samuel Oliver via information in which he shall send to you, if you do not receive your winning prize of $800,000.00 we shall be held responsible for the loss and this shall invite a penalty of $3,000 which will be made PAYABLE ONLY to you (The Winner). Please find below an authorized signature which has been signed by the FBI Director- Robert Mueller, also below is the FBI NSB (National Security
FBI Director
Robert Mueller. Authorized Signature NSB SEAL ABOVE NOTE: In order to ensure your check gets delivered to you ASAP, you are advised to immediately contact Mr. Samuel Oliver via contact information provided above and make the required payment of $300.00 to information in which he shall provide to you.

Why would anyone believe it was from the FBI. They have enough to do hunting down criminals.

Where to Report Scams

Work at Home Scams

The setup:

Notably everyone who is unemployed because of lay off, illness, or cut backs in their previous employment situation would be looking desperately to find some sort of income potential. To fill a need, a vast number of Work-at-Home positions have surfaced. Unfortunately, many are scams and very costly. I have been exposed to one recently stating they are "legitimate" and note CNN among other agencies to show that they have been reported on the news as being successful. These are bogus news articles created to pull folks in. They show mother, dad and children hugging or mom or dad with cash, or Mom typing on the computer in pajamas. Most articles state that if you sign up with them, they will show you how to make $200 – $600 a day posting links on Google; some state more like $6000.00 a day. Pictures of people who allegedly make money, lots of it looks good to people needing cash! The ads look good but closer inspection shows the verbiage has spelling errors, the sentence structures has blanks where a thought start the middle is missing. Perhaps the person who bought the program could not read English and does not know? Mind you, no one is perfect, but can't they have some professional write for them since they are making $200 to $600 a day income?

The mechanism:

For a small fee of less than $5.00 you can get this great money making kit with CD's, a Home Edition with automatic website, etc. This kit "will give you the secrets of how to make millions on Google." At the bottom of the page in little letters the ad states that they are not affiliated with Google.

The scam:

Unfortunately for anyone who signs up with this scam, they will begin receiving bills at the account you made your payment from. They have your account information when it clears they are set. Bills come in from companies that were not the "Work-at-Home" site you originally sent your money to. Each bill needs to be cancelled within 7 days or they will continue to bill you. And most of us do not see our statements for 30 days so this is a good scam for the web pirates.

I got sucked into one of these Google scams when I was but a novice on this type of scam. The CD I received contained a web virus that crashed my machine when it was started. Fortunately, I check my accounts every week so I caught it on time and did not have to close my account and open another. I needed to locate the office numbers of all the various companies that were charging me money from $19.95 to $80.00 a month because I signed up to get a $1.75 video and cancel each order even if I did not sign up for it. It was a real mess! . Note: Before I signed up with the "good work-at-home deal," I had checked the Better Business Bureau to see if there was anything on the company. They had nothing on this scam or their web site. Now days, I also check with Bing, Google and Yahoo the name of the web site or other information available. This way I have been directed to more information posted by others who have been taken by the fake E-mail deal. So, I can learn information on the scam from victims. In the process I found a web site with additional information on Google scams you might want to look at before you get involved with one of them. This site is:

Employment To Good To Be True Scam

I don't know about you, but I don't bother to open these anymore because I found out that there is some new smart virus to infect your E-mail - like a Spider. The person who sent the letter copied it and sent it to many E-mail addresses. Be careful out there!

The letter: Comes addressed to an E-mail address and no name. It reads: I’m really in a hurry to get this to you, because I just found out there are openings right now and I don’t want you to miss out. This is so crazy easy it’s not even funny. Yet very few people know about it. The fact is, you can make 13 bucks in about 4 minutes with a few keystrokes on your computer. Seriously, even if you’re a “two-finger” typist, you could still make about 75 bucks an hour! And you can get your check almost immediately for everything you do. Now I hate math, because it’s just not my thing. But this is such easy math even I can understand it. I figure you will too. Do just 5 in a day = 65 bucks. Easier than flipping burgers! Do 10 in day = 130 bucks. You’re already past the usual minimum wage! Do 15 in a day = 195 bucks. Now it gets really interesting! Double it—Do 30 in a day = 390 bucks. Six figures a year! And you don’t need any fancy-pants education to do it either. In fact, you’ll get the nation’s first certification in this right here. Please, take a moment to look into this. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s fast. To your success. P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, you don’t need any technical skills either. If you can send an email, you can send mail to: UNSUBSCRIBE 1234 W. Market Street Suite 256 Akron, OH 44333 Customer Service Dept. PO Box 660675 #xxx Dallas, TX 75266-0675 - [Don't do this!!!]

The scam - I suspect that they want all of your personal confidential information like everyone else in order to "employ you" and with all that information including your bank account number they can easily steal any amount of money or credit you have.

Work from home and make millions listing things for sale?

I don't know about you but I've gotten lots of Get Rich schemes in E-mail and in the mail recently. According to these people folks make a fortune on E-Bay and Google just listing things. I got an ad for immediate placement as a "Listing Agent." Here is some of what the ad said.

The setup

Immediate Auction Listing Agent position placement, guaranteed (Value: beyond price)... First, let’s take a look at the entire value of the Auction Listing Agent Certification Program Unlimited lifetime access to the exclusive Auction Listing Agent Tools, including full suite of constantly updated resources (Value: $997)... FREE one-on-one personal consultation with an Auction Listing Financial Success Advisor (Value: $150)... FREE lifelong email and phone support and access to me and your very own Auction Listing Financial Success Advisor (Value: $497).... And, wow, so much more (Value: hundreds & hundreds of dollars)... Work as little or as much as you want, whenever you want, from wherever you desire! Get started in just one afternoon. No need for prior experience, training, or education. It’s really that easy! Start making money – and lots of it – almost instantly! You can process your first listing in less than 4 minutes… and most company’s pay within 24 hours! Now that’s FAST! Finally, start living the life of your dreams – never worry about money again and afford the extras you’ve always wanted! Now, it’s never been easier and safer to get started making money today because… my certification program is 100% supported by my mind-blowing 90-Day... ‘

The mechanism

So, I bet you’re wondering… how much does this program cost? That’s Easily Over $2,000 Of Value All In One Program! But, thankfully, that’s not even close to what you’re going to pay… I worked with my team of accountants and we came up with a way to cut the costs way down. I refuse to offer you anything but the best program available and, of course, give you lifetime support at the dramatically reduced price over 75%... to $500. I’m so happy to tell you that we’ve created a special short-term offer that will give you everything I’ve described here today with lifetime exclusive access to the program and all the resources at a rate that is truly unbelievable. Sign up right now for your seat in the Auction Listing Agent Certification Program™ for... A Special One-Time Investment Of Only $97! Wow! For only $97 you get EVERYTHING Just imagine:

The scam

We have over 1.2 million products to process auction listings for, so you’ll meet and exceed your goal in no time at all! Want more money? When you process 15 auction listings an hour once a day and do that five days a week… you’re going to bank $50,310 in your first year alone! Now, you do the math… is that $97 worth it or what? Just process more auction listings. Since there’s no limit to the number you can process, you can make as much money as you want! When it comes to getting started, there’s nothing more valuable than speaking directly with a real live person who knows exactly what to do. That’s why I created a highly experienced team of experts who are ready to help you with any questions 24 hours a day. When you sign up today, I’m giving you exclusive access to one of my team members.

Well folks, I personally, I have been listing products for sales on E-Bay for almost 3 years now and barely break even, there is no assurance that you will sell what you list and I find their income claims and charts "hard to believe." Someone is making money for sure, but it isn't the person who purchases the course. Remember, you sign up for an account with E-bay and list the products they have at a cost to you. The listings aren’t cheap! Listing 15 suctions in one hour costs $30.00 minimal cost to you. But I bet their ads cost more with all the hoops and whistles. Spending $30.00 an hour 7 days a week costs $210.00 and what about the cost for purchasing the items and the shipping charges to you..Personally, I don't believe a word and it's another TO GOOD TO BE TRUE scam.

Phoney & Non-existing Jobs being Listed

Employment Agency / Services Scam?

Over the years, I have pursued a variety type of employment through employment agencies. I generally look them up first and here is a good example of why this is a "good practice."

I received an E-mail from: who wrote: Hi, I have reviewed your resume and would like to forward it but I need you to Complete our online career evaluation so that I have complete information for Our job search partner, xx once you have completed the evaluation You may be contacted to schedule a meeting. Their schedules fill quickly so Please complete the evaluation form today. To complete the career evaluation, click here: you fall for thist/index.php?key=xxx Thank you, Executive Recruiter Job Search Less, Find More (TM)

Here is how I found Information on this unknown company before I responded to this E-mail: I Googled the company name and turned up: “the xxx scam” 2010-01-12 dishonest sales tactics - Before joining xxx as a client Mr. Smith stated that they have the Fortune 1000 companies in the local area as corporate clients as well as other major companies. He stated that they would be able to place me in a career position in 30-45 days making $100,000 plus per year, easily, especially with my experience and profile. My 'profile' results showed that only 3% of the people in the country matched my qualifications and profile and that I would be in high demand. He stated that they were charging me the smallest fee possible based on how quickly they would be able to find me a position. He stated that my profile/resume would be sent to all their corporate clients however when asked for proof of this I was given none. xxx teaches/trains its' ‘employee’ clients NOT to use the job placement websites or to send your resume to the HR departments, they claim it is a waste of time, yet that is all they do. After nearly 60 days Smith stated that he would personally get involved and 'reach out' to his contacts and corporate partners on my behalf. After 2 week he failed to do so or prove otherwise. In fact he would not respond to ANY of my emails asking what companies he spoke to on my behalf. Their 'professional resume writers' don’t really do anything. They make you fill out all kinds of 'assignments' and the software automatically fills in a word document to write the resume. If you ask to have them ‘spice up’ your resume with industry key words they tell you “no, we don’t do that”. Your case manager really only has meetings with you to get you to sign paperwork stating that they are doing their job. If you question them on how they are assisting you the make up excuses and tell you that they can’t move to the next step until you sign the paperwork saying they are doing their job. When I asked to see a list of their ‘Corporate Clients’ or a list of non-search engine positions that they knew about, my case manager got VERY mad at me and YELLED at me and tried to terminate my contract with them. They do not actively assist you in finding a job. Their website and paperwork states one thing but their sales people and case manager verbally tell you anything to keep you coming back and paying them. They rush you through the process and in and out their door as quickly as possible. After nearly 2 month I neither have yet to receive a call from anyone that xxx supposedly submitted my resume to nor have received a legitimate led from their 'exclusive client list'. The only positions that they have submitted my information for have been found through job search engines, not through their 'exclusive client list'. I have followed up with all of the companies that xxx stated that they submitted my resume/information to and half have responded back to me. Half of them responded back to me and have never received my information nor heard of xxx or me. The positions and companies that they claimed to have submitted my information to never received anything from them. These were valid positions that I could have applied for but since xxx said that they were submitting for me I did not apply. I am unemployed and I wasted $5000.00 of what was left of my savings with this firm based upon verbal promises of employment within 30-45 days. Someone needs to expose them and stop other people from falling for this scam! --pcollins

2009-12-08 Not Competitors They want us to post our names so they can sue us. That's our standard policy when there's a dispute about who is posting comments. xxx took me advantage of and I plan to keep my identity safe. If xxx is not a SCAM, then why does the FTC warn all of us to avoid companies like them!! Please review the Federal Trade Commission. Would you seriously expect me to complete an application with this on the net? Do not get tricked into this scam. I know it is hard times for all of us who have been laid off or jobless in some other fashion, but please do not let these people fool you. " --guest

2009-11-07 Names required on postings - possible competitor accusations Editor's note: A xxx contacted us stating that competitors were making anonymous accusations against xxx. The staffers stated that Rip-off Report had investigated and found the accusations false:

Whatever the case may be about any company, the above it serves as a good example of better being safe than sorry. Remember, there is no need for anyone to pay for training to get a job. Many insurance companies ask a person to get a license before they get hired. Some pay for the employees to get the license. I'd rather go to the one who will pay me, wouldn't you? An employer will usually pay to train you once you are hired and you will go through "paid" training. Always check a company out on line and with the Better Business Bureau first! . "Where there is smoke, there may be fire!"

You're Hired - Another To Good To Be True

You're Hired,

We are looking for a representative in the United States and Canada who will work for us part-time.A responsible and reliable person who is trustworthy. As our representative, you will be receiving payments from our customers. This offer will only take one or two hours of your time daily and will not affect your present job if you are already employed.its strictly online job and absolutely legal.You will be entitled to ten percent commission on every payment made through you as your remuneration. You could make over 1200 U.S dollars weekly depending on your response to the job. JOB DESCRIPTION:1. Receive payment from customers2. Process Payments3. Deduct 10% which will be your commission/pay on Payment processed.4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to If you are interested, please furnish us with the following details below:

1. FULL NAMES. " as it is to be stated in every payment issued to you On our behalf"..

2. RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS"Where payments will be delivered to"...

3. CITY..

4. STATE...

5. ZIP-CODE....

6. AGE ..........

7. GENDER ........








IF INTERESTED, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS We are grateful for your attention.Your email was forwarded by at our request, because you or somebody else has subscribed for the delivery of the job offers on the Internet. NB: We have observe that some of our Emails maybe delivered to your, spam or bulk folders so always check these folders for future correspondence. If you are interested, please get back to me as soon as possible.We wish you good luck and happiness.

Friendly Regards,

English Scammer

Mail Order Job....Really?

I just received this job offer that is worth mention on this blog. Beyond the spelling errors, what type of company is this really?


I'm xxx, H.R. manager. We would like to offer you a part time job home work based. Please pay attention on the following information. Our company name is Walmos Market Group. Job title Outside Support Representative

We're a small courier company based in Europe and East. We help our clients to order rare thing or things at low prices and safety ship packages to the client destination side. Our long
experience shows it's easier to order with our help, than do it himself. We'r looking for a good support representative to process our packages in USA.

Expenses: On your side you don't have to pay for any expenses! Stuff will be shipped from a onlinestore/auction/ or some warehouse via regular home delivery services e.g. FedEx UPS DHL. Usually all our packages delivered by 8:30 or 10:30 A.M then you will receive the shipping label along with the information to where you need to send the package. You will need to print it and give it with the package to the courier. Usually you have to do it the same day because we'r
responsible for the fastest service. e.g. UPS delivers the package by 10:30 am. You open the package and investigate it. Send us report form. Our manager always online during business hours so you will receive the shipping label within next 15-30mins. Then you will need
to drop off the package at nearest post office ( usually USPS ).

Risk: We are responsible for the entire procedure for ordering and delivery. All our packages are insured by the courier ( UPS USPS DHL or FedEx) You will not incur any risk we all take .

Salary: You will receive 80$ for the every package processed. (except first month trial period you will be paid 40$ per package) Payment will be paid every month

If you like this job or have any question please let me know ASAP. I'm here to process your application and waiting for your soon reply!

Sincerely Yours,


Transcription Job?

As you know, I've been looking for a job for over 1 year now, I didn't work while I was helping mom care for dad, but after he died, I began to look for full time or part-time employment. Who knew that a 2nd Depression would hit America and there would be nothing in any of my previous fields, or that they would require 2-5 years recent experience even to be a waitress? The owner of the establishment told me that there are so many people “out-of-work” she can easily get people with 2-5 years experience and does not have to train. She would have to train me and it was “just too much work to train someone without experience”. I can't even get a job as a Walmart greeter, because "I have too much experience" such a deal.l

I did spend some money to get training on how to start a retail business on-line with wild promises that I would be able to pay back the school enrollment cost within 3 months. I have not made that payback money yet and it has been over 1 year. My Internet retail business is legitimate and this may be ½ the problem. It seems that eventually the truth will out and the scams to get money from people are many. Surely, if I resorted to using some of the shady business practices, I might have indeed made the money they promised. But, I cannot do that because I am honest and moral.

The Set-up

Because I am a serious job searcher, I belong to multiple jobs / career job boards. I recently got very excited about a listing. One of my job hot lines dredged up a lead on a transcription position, working from “your home computer”. It sounded GREAT and just what I was looking for! Not only that but, I passed the “Evaluation TEST" on transcription that was sent.

I sort of enjoyed the TEST because it was a medical report, and I used to do transcription typing when I was in college to get some spending money. Of course things have changed considerable since then, I would go to the doctors office to pick up the notes and the Dictaphone tape then take them to the dorm. I had a week to get the finished product back to the doctor. Of course I would proofread and use grammatical punctuation. I got to use a transcription machine that the doctors’ office provided for free. That machine was great fun! It had a "cool" foot pedal that would move the tape back and forth by stepping on raised plugs on one side or the other. During transcription you sometimes have to play the tape over and over until you can understand what is being said. Now days, that transcription tape is on line and the little ball on a can be moved back and forth to repeat words. It was cool! The company started out telling me that training was free. They would mentor me. They would give me work. So I did he test and, PASSED.

The Plot

Next step, they sent me the contract. It was extensive [8 pages long] so I printed it out to read it. Now days it probably would be better if we could all have an attorney standing by before we signed any contractual agreement. In the contract I was reading, it appeared that the training was open-ended; vague with no specifics on training ending and work beginning. There were no specific rights for the worker, but lots of warnings to protect the vendor. The contract also included lots of stuff on “Confidentiality” which I totally agree with. There was also a need to purchase a web product to do the job that cost about $500.00 with no assurance that the investment would be returned at any point.


The added program and the protection for the vendor being required make sense. In my retail business, I protect myself against fraud but I also protect my customers’ rights. So, I started to wonder about the company. I went to: and looked them up. There were 51 complaints against this company and although the company offered assistance for those complaining, they did not give the person their “money back.” The guarantee I provide if someone is not satisfied with the purchase. This is a big issue. Spending $500.00 is a lot of money for someone who has no free income to speak of. There were additional complaints that the program did not work, and although those could indeed be “sour grapes” all things need to be considered. After all, $500.00 is a lot of money to invest and you need to evaluate “is the risk worth it” when there is no guarantee of ever graduating and getting a paycheck? It is probably not.

E-Mail Subject - Human Services

This is a real exciting job offer from an unknown company with no information on the type of business it is and unsolicited by this applicant. By the way, somehow they have my name probably from an IP address?

Setup - The Letter

Subject: Human Resources
Good day!

The below employment offer may be interesting for you, please read it through & respond with any questions or application to us.

The present job opportunity is for people interested in administrative part-time work, with flexible working timetable & benefits. It's a challenging, dynamic, yet rewarding opportunity with an international client services group, which will not only bring stable income, but will also develop valuable skills. Constant bonuses and promotion opportunities give a wide spectrum of working choices. This is a perfect job for confident people, who are willing to keep everything under control. This is a perfect job for those, who enjoy taking part in the improvement of social life. At last, this is a perfect job for those, who are not afraid to learn and experience something new.

Assistance Manager

Will be responsible supporting the administrative sphere of the company's services and activities. Excellent reporting skills is a must for our employee - the success of the activities and events will much depend on how communicative, accurate and prompt the Manager is. There will be an evaluation period, during which the potential worker will obtain training and will be able to develop the required skills. However, prior customer service, consulting or administrative working experience is a big plus. The Manager will be operating the accompanying administrative and financial part of the certain activities, therefore highly developed responsibility and honesty is a vital quality.

The candidate must be 20 or above, be legal resident of the USA. This is a work-from-home offer, therefore instant internet connection and a personal computer is a must. The potential Manager should forward a copy of his/her resume with relevant contact information, and will be responded to with a short application form, agreement and full job description. If accepted, you will be notified no later than 36 business hours.

Please note that there is a strict working timeframe, from 9am your local time to 6pm. Work must be performed within three hours strictly in the time frame. Promotion to full-time becomes an option after evaluation. Work in office becomes available starting July. Salary - 2,000 USD after tax + commission.

The mechanism:

Please do not REPLY, this is auto mailer. Send your CV or resume attachments up to 1mb permitted to our private email:

The scam

After you give this scammer all of your information, they can easily do ID Theft. I did not bother to answer them because it is obviously a scam. This person cannot write correctly in English so is obviously not in a Management position. Can you find the company product, the company name? I couldn't either.

Another To Good To Be True Letter

The interesting thing about all of these letters is that they don't know your name but make you feel if they do. Must have a writer or blogger experience I suppose.

The Setup - Note I have no idea what this person is discussing!

I am just dropping by on this Kinko store to email you and let you know that I have just sent the payment via Western Union in your name as I do not have your account details correctly.I also want you to have the payment information below: Wonder why everyone talks about using Western Union. When I spoke with them they had their own unit to investigate fraud. But, unless you actually fall for a scam and loose money they can't help you. They have too many things to investigate.
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): 947-281-xxxx
Amount Sent: $187,000 USD
Text Question: Favorite Colour? This word is color.
Answer: Gold
You can go to any Western Union location right now and pick up the cash quick.I hope that you have a Western Union card / Promo code? You will need this to send or claim amount above $9,000 USD from any Western Union agent location. My company will be sending my team to Chile this week. I am already on my way to join my team in completing the unfinished bridge construction project in Chile. We may leave town tomorrow and I couldn't go without dropping the payment information with you. We may spend 2 to 3 months there before the job would be completely finished.Remember that if you do not claim the money before 9 days, they will call back the money to my card. And if you do not have the Western Union Promo/Card, you cannot pick up the cash.I may not be around to reply any of your emails now, but I will talk to you as soon as I return.

The mechanism:

If you do not have a Western Union Promo Code, you have to contact the western union agent details below so that they will process and create a Western Union card/Promo Card for you immediately and also send you a copy of the voucher of the payment that I made upon request, via email. Contact the office below for your Western Union card:
Contact Person: Thomas xx
Email : westernxxx
Send the below details to him
Your Full Name:
MTCN number: (as above)
Address: (including state and zip code)

The scam

As soon as the office gets the above information, they will use the credentials to create your Western Union Promo code right away without any delay if you do not have the promo code. Note that you will have to purchase the Western Union Promo code.That is all to it.I hope to talk to you as soon as we are back on the errand or call it project.

Keisha xx.

My investigation

Investigation of this E-mail offer is not needed.I already have received multiple "To Good To Be True Letters" by now and know that I do not wish to participate in the game they have to take my money.

Note there are so many Western Union Scams they have an information site:

The You Won Something Free Scam

The setup Volkswagen MOTORS WORLDWIDE LTD.Internet User Encouragement Promotions VW Motors P.O. Box 999 Manchester MR2 8GD - [Definitely did not send this scam!] We are officially announcing to you the result of VW Motors Email Lottery Promotion held on the 24th September 2009 as part of our programs to Launch our multi million dollar office that was commissioned on 18th of September 2009 in Manchester United Kingdom. Your email was attached to ticket number VJETTA-UK-VP990003-MXXX with draw number P93XXX which consequently won you in the 2nd category prize, your email address was extracted from our electronic email extraction system which randomly selected Fifteenth (15) Lucky Winners of which your email address was among one of the lucky winner. You have therefore been
approved for a payout of a total sum 850,000 GBP (EIGHT HUNDRED & FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS). CONGRATULATIONS!!! We also advise that you keep your winning information very confidential as our security policy demands to avoid double claims/impersonation and unwarranted abuse of this program by some individuals. The selection process was carried
our through our computerized Email Selection System (ESS) which selects email from a database of over 600,000 email address was drawn from all over the continents of the World. This promotions being the first of its kind will now take place annually and we hope you will also take part in our next year One Million Pounds Pound Sterling International Lottery Game. To file your claim, you are to contact our Customer Service Unit authorized to conduct the
necessary Verification to enable you receive your Cash Prize.(You will receive more email upon acknowledgement of this email). Customer Service Unit CONTRACTED AGENCY:XXX GOODMAN & ASSOCIATES CONTACT PERSON Mr. Goodman xx Email: office@ [fiction] 20XX Queens land Road, London SW2 3JB ENGLAND. U.K You are to call your claims agent assigned for your claims, or send an email to them, you are to provide to your agents the below under listed information. The Mechanism: 1. NAME IN FULL:
4. AGE:
5. SEX
This program is promoted and sponsored by Microsoft,Emirates Airline and the Shell Group and we intend to use this medium to help individuals generate fortunes, which would encourage them to expand their business frontiers thereby creating more opportunities and assisting with humanitarian Concerns within their immediate environment. All winning must be claimed not later than one Week of Acknowledgment. After this date all unclaimed funds will be
returned to VW Motors Treasury as Unclaimed.Yours in service,
Patricia xx Programs & Events). Material Copyright © 2009 The XX Co. Ltd.

The scam These people want your name, address, bank account, etc. so they can take you to the cleaners and vacate your accounts and charge things to you. I receive similar scam notices alleging they are from the FBI - Someone named Robert Muller stating that my money is waiting for me in a bank but no bank would have money waiting for someone without a name. And they do not have my real name but sure are trying to get it!

FBI's PDF about You Won Scams it needs to be downloaded

Another ID Theft Letter

Still amazes me how they make you think that you owe them the information and that you have already agreed to their scam!

The Set-up

Good-day!!! This is to bring to your notice that, I have paid the re-activation fee and the delivery of your ATM.I paid it because the ATM-0451 $1.5m USD,has less three days to expire and when it expires,the money will divert and forfeited into Government purse (account). With that I decided to help you pay the money so that,the ATM will not expire,because I know when you get your ATM definitely you must pay me back my money and even compensate me for helping you. Now i want you to contact FedEx Express with your Full Contact information so that they can deliver your Card to your designated address without any delay.

The Scam:

Like I stated earlier, The delivery charges has been paid but i did not pay their official keeping fees since they refused.They refused and the reason is that they do not know when you are going to contact them and rate might have increase.They told me that their keeping fees is $105= 00 per day and i deposited it today Friday this week.Below is their information to Contact Information, Contact Person: REV. DR. JOHN xx FedEx Express Service Email: ([fiction] Tel: +229 93 22 12 60.Contact them Today to avoid increase of their keeping fees and let me know once you receive your Card. Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your Postal address and Direct telephone number to them again to avoid any mistake on the Delivery and ask them to give you the tracking number to enable you track your package over there and know when it will get to your address. Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their OFFICIAL Keeping fee of $105. 00 US Dollars for their immediate action today to avoid the increment per a day. Please make sure you send this needed the Director general of FedEx Express Delivery Company Ltd REV. DR. JOHN xx .with the address given to you.Note.The FedEx Express Delivery COMPANY Ltd don't know the contents of the Package. I registered it as a Package of an jewelry They don't know it contents valuable ATM card. this is to avoid them delaying with the Package. don't let them know that is money that is in that Package I am waiting for your urgent response. You can even call the Director REV. DR. JOHN xxwith this line +229 93 22 12 xx SHIPMENT CODE AWB 33XZS PACKAGE REGISTERED CODE NO XGT449. SECURITY CODE. Wish it were true/xxxx/TRANSACTION CODE 233/CSTC/101/33028/CERTIFICATE DEPOSIT CODE SCTC/BUN/xxiv/-78/01. Yours Faithful, Dr. Fraud Waiting for you xx

Would you believe this guy because he says he is a Reverend? Possibly of scammers united.

Alleged Beneficiary Letter

Interesting about these letters are that they are certain that the receiver is related to this person but do not know the name of the person they are sending the letter to.


I saw your email ( and I found out that you have not received your payment due to your lack of co-operation and not fulfilling the obligations giving to you in respect to your contract /inheritance payment. Secondly.Your email appeared among the beneficiaries,who will receive their -payment of your contractual sum and has been approved already for months. You are requested to get back to me for more directions and instructions on how to receive your fund. However, we received an email from one Mrs xx WILLIAM who told us that he is your next of kin. she has also submitted to us her international passport, and that you instructed her to come for the claim of your funds in the tune of 10.5 Million Pounds.we want to hear from you before we can deliver the funds to her.we want to confirm if you instructed her to make a change of ownership,thereby providing us with this information to deliver the funds to
her.she has also submitted us her below home and banking information.BANK OF AMERICA
MY ACCOUNT NO.46301-0188-048xxx-8 Mrs ROSE xxx Tel. 1-772 778 6138 Fax. 1-772 778 60xx Address : 2001 xxth Avenue, Fl. 32966
Once again, I apologize to you on behalf of SECRETARY UNITED NATIONS,for
failure to pay your funds in time, which according to records in the system had
been long overdue.Please reconfirm to me immediately if you have authorized for
the transferring of your fund to Mrs xx, Did you authorize Mrs xx to come for your claim?
MR. xx,SECRETARY UNITED NATIONS,(Do not believe that this guy is associated with the UN!)

Note: I have been getting a letter from an alleged minister, a bank that may or may not exist called Union Bank and others stating that I have $5,000,000.00 deposited in a bank that has gone through to my country from Nigeria due to a relative that died who had this money in that country. None of my relatives have even visited Nigeria. All the notes have only my E-mail address. Wow I could use that money but it is a scam!!!!

Money Gram Scam

Identity Verification Required.

As I continue my search for a job, I have found a nifty scam that really must work for some because I get massive E-mails with the same general plot. If you are a job seeker, you probably have posted your resume on-line with an E-mail contact account so what I am telling you is no surprise.

The Setup

Topic: Identity verification required.

Dear Job Applicant (sometimes they actually use your real name)

We have been hired to do a background search for one of the various companies that we contract with (they do not identify who). In order to proceed with the hiring process, they have contacted us and requested that we complete a background search to verify your identity. This search is necessary so that they can complete their evaluation of your eligibility.

Please go to web site, XYX and complete the necessary information so that your eligibility can be verified.

The Plot

This is no joking matter! We all have been warned about providing too much information and we all know that everyone asks for our social security number anyway to complete the on-line applications. How many will actually go to this web site and give the scammers everything they ask for so that they "can qualify for a job?" Things are really tough now and money is tight for so many. Opening this E-mail may expose your computer to a virus so they can get your information and if they don't do it that way, they will surely steal your identity once you give them all the information they are asking for.

You do not need to provide most information until to have a face-to-face interview. You do not have to put up with personal questions or provide personal information at the job interview and it's illegal to be asked some things.Remember to arm yourself against discrimination and scams. Someone said, “There ought to be a law.” Well there is! If you go to government sites on the web, you can read about employer compliance, hiring rules, information gathering, and read laws that prohibit an individual from discrimination in the employment interview.

I understand that the risk of poverty, the fear of losing everything, real possibility of having your family sleep on the street with no shelter, and only getting food from shelters is a very real threat for too many in America. Even so, do not allow this real fear to make you a victim of scams! Things can get worse fast once your identity is stolen!

Here is a government link: {The United States Department of Labor}

Remember worry is "Interest paid on trouble before it comes due" and only causes "High Blood Pressure." Don't let worry put you in a bad situation, do not allow employers to take advantage of you. Arm yourself with knowledge! Good luck!: