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Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth

The role of Star Visitors to Earth and human evolution is the next step in mankind's development as a species, Full Disclosure is necessary



Lloyd Pye

Big Brother Race

I wrote an article about Sasquatch being Neanderthal Man, simply misidentified, based on information from Lloyd Pye's book Everything You Know Is Wrong and my own thinking on the subject. While I did get some of the information correct, the overall premise of the origins of the Sasquatch and the role they serve on this planet, as the Big Brothers of humanity and Guardians of all life on Earth, was flawed. In this article, Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth, I will set the record straight, while introducing new information I have gained on this subject..

As with most, mysterious stories and folklore, at least, concerning Sasquatch or Bigfoot, the biggest detractor to this mythology is the lack of evidence, either physical (a body or skeleton) or in the form of clear photographs or video. However this can be easily explained by the habits, paranormal abilities and elusive nature of the Sasquatch. Because this being is also a threat to the current Powers That Be, much of the evidence that has been collected in the last 100 years by researchers and scientists, has been censored from public examination. There currently exists today a preponderance of physical evidence and anecdotal eyewitness testimony showing that indeed another sentient bi-pedal humanoid species exists here on Earth.

The elusive nature of the Sasquatch Race and its unique paranormal psychic abilities has prevented mankind from interacting with this species for the last few thousand years. The human race's unwillingness to accept the metaphysical sciences and its relationship to nature, into their educational paradigm, prevents the majority of humanity from even recognizing or exploring these kinds of subjects and for that matter many similar topics such as the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilizations, Hollow Earth and Aliens and UFOs. Due to this conditioning all parties concerned are simply unwilling to expose this subject to the general population, and yet they are all interrelated.

What needs to emphasized here is the amount of ridicule and scorn concerning the topic of Big Foot or Sasquatch by the Mainstream Media, prevents many researchers, scientist and even eye witness testimony from coming forward with new evidence. However as this topic becomes more mainstream and recognized what is being learned is that the history of Sasquatch goes far back into the annuals of recorded history, not just in North America but world wide. Many researchers feel that the reason this subject is being so thoroughly ignored in the scientific community is that the Sasquatch may hold the key to unlocking humanities past that has been censored from our education for so long.

One of the main reasons the current rulers of this planet, let's call them the Cabal for simplicity sake, are so afraid of the Sasquatch and are even now trying to locate and exterminate them, is that the Sasquatch race holds the true memories of humanities past history on this planet. If revealed publicly, this information would rewrite our history books and current world view, overnight. Because the Cabal wishes the Sasquatch to be enslaved and used, the same as the rest of the human race, they have tried unsuccessfully to trap them or exterminate them for thousands of years. Failing to eradicate the Sasquatch has forced the Cabal to use other tactics, such as ridicule, censorship and fear to prevent the average man from learning the truth.

The Sasquatch Race has a highly developed telepathic and psychic communication system and can determine a persons intentions from many miles away. Their psychic abilities also allow them to move inter-dimensionally by opening space/time passages, which give them the ability to appear and disappear at will. Recent whistleblowers of secret black operations reveal that this kind of psychic ability is humanly possible, so why couldn't an ancient race of humanoids older than modern man not have developed this ability as well?

Sasquatch is holding the memories of mankind for them and represent Full Disclosure in no uncertain terms. The Sasquatch still sit on the Council of Star Elders and work closely with our Star Brothers and Sisters to help ensure that the human race has every chance to overthrow our repressors. Both the human and Sasquatch races are evolutionary cousins here on Earth and share a very similar DNA structure, which does allow for us to interbreed. Learning to communicate with the Sasquatch People could very well hold the key to healing our planet and moving up one more step in our spiritual evolution on this planet.

Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect. Remain close to the Great Spirit; Show great respect for your fellow beings; Work together for the benefit of all Mankind; Give assistance and kindness wherever needed; Do what you know to be right; Look after the well being of mind and body; Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good; Be truthful and honest at all times; Take full responsibilities for your actions.

— The Ancient Ones, Sasquatch & Native American Philosophy

Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis M.S.

In his book, The Psychic Sasquatch, Kewaunee Lapseritis offers the reader dozens of cases he has investigated by talking to the witnesses in person and camping on their land where contact was made. In the majority of these cases the Sasquatch telepathically communicated with these people on numerous occasions. None of these people were seeking publicity or selling their story and in fact most of them wished to remain anonymous.

Because the Sasquatch People have developed such a high degree of skill communicating telepathically they can perceive another humans intentions from many miles away and avoid any that wish to harm them. Their psychic abilities allow them to only come into contact with humans that open to their existence and respect all forms of life.

They are able to move between dimensions for brief periods of time, which makes them seem to disappear into thin air. This ability allows them to walk right up on a human encampment without being seen. However what is interesting is they still maintain mass and weight in this dimension, so they can be heard stepping on twigs and leaves, seen moving branches aside and the vibrations of their steps can be felt.

Jack Kewaunee Lapseritis

Sasquatch Disinformation

The Cabal is using forest fires and weather weapons in the Pacific Northwest as a means of eradicating the main Sasquatch habitat in North America, much like they used the extermination of the buffalo (main food source) and the idea of Manifest Destiny to attempt to exterminate the Native American Race in North America. The Cabal viewed the Native Americans knowledge of history, ability to live off the land in harmony with nature, spiritual philosophy of the Universe and form of equal rights government, as a threat to their long term plans for the citizens of North America Continent.

When one considers how so many of the indigenous tribes throughout the world have been hunted, murdered and their way of life exterminated, knowing that it was done because of the information they held about humanities true history, helps to explain why this barbaric and uncivilized practice took place. In essence the Cabal is censoring the public's ability to learn our true heritage by eradicating the oral traditions and mythology of current indigenous tribes.

By publicly presenting Sasquatch as a bi-pedal animal akin to apes and gorillas and ridiculing the idea of their existence, they have presented the public with the idea that they can be hunted and killed because they are not sentient beings and do not possess a soul. This idea, could not be any further from the truth, as we will learn in this article, Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth.

Since the Fall of Atlantis, this sentient elder race of mankind has been systematically hunted to near extinction on all parts of the globe, pushing them further from humanity. However because they are nocturnal, can live underground, are telepathic and possess a much greater degree of psychic abilities than even the most advanced humans, they are easily able to remain unseen, captured and/or killed by The Powers That Be.

Sasquatch considers themselves to be our Big Brother Race because they were on this planet long before we came into existence, we share similar DNA and habitat and we even fought together in many ancient wars for control of this planet. Before the Fall of Atlantis both humanity and Sasquatch lived together in harmony and peace. Since we both possessed telepathic abilities we could easily communicate and work together. One of their assignments on this planet was to help integrate humanities soul evolution, with other galactic species and with sentient beings on our own home world, Earth.

A typical artists rendition of a Sasquatch, shows a large bi-pedal humanoid being.

A typical artists rendition of a Sasquatch, shows a large bi-pedal humanoid being.


Earth Evolution

According to the book The Sasquatch Message To Humanity, Conversations With Elder Kamooh By SunBow, we are the sixth race of a hybrid sentient species to evolve on this planet. They tells us that the five preceding races, The Fish People, the Ant People, the Lizard People, the Bird People, the Sasquatch People and the Human People, all still exist here on this planet in one form or another. They emphasize that none of these races are more superior to any of the others, the only real differences are the amount of spiritual and physical evolution we have all experienced.

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Most planets evolve or are born out of their Father Sun, which acts as a stargate or conduit for the passage of substance and souls. So each life bearing planet will contain its own sentient souls within it's own womb. While the planet evolves in its gaseous state the souls develop individual consciousness on the astral level. It is only when the planet becomes more densified are these conscious souls then able to incarnate into physical beings. The planet itself develops the sentient beings or containers in which souls incarnate. In essence Earth or Gaia is our Mother and we are her children born from her womb.

According to ancient tradition and information from many different sources, all souls have a choice between evolving in the higher dimensional astral planes or incarnating into physical bodies. While incarnation into physical bodies provides the soul the opportunity for a greater degree of spiritual evolution through positive choices, it has the drawback of developing negative Karma, through poor self serving choices. It can also lead to becoming trapped in a physical body through emotional connections and other factors, such as forgetting one's soul purpose.

This is what has happened to the large majority of souls here on Earth at this time, we have forgotten that we are a soul having a human experience and think of ourselves as a human with a soul. This distortion of our paradigm, through conditioning, is what has enabled the Archons (Draconians or Lower Lords) and their allies to enslave the majority of humanity spiritually. The ancient wisdom of our Sasquatch brothers and sisters has the potential to reveal to us how this soul evolution came to be and is the reason that I write articles such as this one Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth, to help us remember our past.

Cambrian Explosion

. . . at around 530 million years ago, the start of the geological epoch known as the Cambrian, with free oxygen available throughout the biosphere, there was a literal explosion of animal forms in the oceans, rivers and seas. This event was so unlikely in its occurrence, so comprehensive in its scope, and so unbelievable in its consequences, most attempts to explain it fail to do it justice.


Movies have long been used to acclimate the public to new ideas and technology, introducing the idea that Fish People exist will soon be a reality with the new movie Aquaman.

Movies have long been used to acclimate the public to new ideas and technology, introducing the idea that Fish People exist will soon be a reality with the new movie Aquaman.

Fish People

The Fish People were the first sentient beings to incarnate on this planet and to this day offer the Earth the widest spectrum of life forms on the planet. One of the first phases of evolution for any life bearing planet is a time in which the primordial sea (a thick, hot soup of water and molecules) covers the planet. These conditions allow for the incarnation of sentient souls into biological bodies of various forms. This first stage of life was designed to help these souls distinguish themselves from the soul of their Mother Earth, Gaia. A visiting group of Aliens from the Andromeda star system added their own genetic material to these new life forms, to enhance and help these new life forms in their soul evolution.

Because these sentient beings would be incarnating for their first time, their soul evolution would also cover the longest stretch of time, incomprehensible to modern man. Towards the end of the liquid stage of the evolution of the Earth, some of the incarnated beings chose to stay with the Earth and continue to incarnate over the vast eons of time to follow, having formed an emotional bond with Gaia, others choose to return the stars. These souls that wished to remain, became over time trapped in their Fish People bodies, longing to evolve and return to the stars.

The Fish People divided into two distinct groups of souls, those that chose to stay in the higher dimensional levels of existence for their spiritual evolution have a far easier time of developing a Universal Consciousness. Yet these souls are limited in their emotional experiences and become the Elements that help, the other group of incarnating souls that have chosen to remain in physical bodies.

While souls that chose the denser planes of existence, such as the physical 3D, will evolve through a much longer process of reincarnation through multiple biological bodies, they have a far wider range of emotional experiences and attachments. This requires a longer period of time to develop a Universal Consciousness, although it does offer a far wider range of experiences and diverse emotional feelings, such as love, envy, hate, greed, lust, remorse, empathy, loyalty, (to name a few) that higher dimensional souls lack.

Towards the end of what we humans call the Cambrian Explosion, the Earth began to grow or impregnate itself with the next stage of its evolution, creating a land mass. If you are able to see the Earth at this point as a womb, which essentially is a container of life giving fluids, you may be able to picture the development of a land mass. However because it formed on only one side of the planet it created an unstable rotation, which caused the side without the mass to receive more light from the Sun, allowing life to flourish. The dark side of the planet held less life but gained more mass and grew larger over the eons of time, eventually something had to give.

Pan Gaia

The Earth's first continent started as one relatively small land mass and only separated after eons of natural expansion through seismic events.

The Earth's first continent started as one relatively small land mass and only separated after eons of natural expansion through seismic events.

Pan-Gaia and the Birth of the Moon

Just as sentient species on planets evolve over time, so too does the planet itself. The next step in our planets development was to create a land mass, so that a land based species could evolve as well. This lead to a single land mass developing, that we have called Pan-Gaia. This land birthing, allowed Gaia's Mother Earth Consciousness to evolve and allow land based sentient beings to form and grow, furthering her soul consciousness while bringing more biodiversity into the Soul Evolution Experiments.

All life giving planets are watched over by higher dimensional Star Elders and Councils to make sure they are nurtured, maintained and not interfered with during the Soul Evolution Experiment stage of their development. These Councils also introduce the next stage of sentient life forms to inhabit each planet, when the time is ripe for their existence. Because the first life usually introduced after land formations appear are simple plant life, usually the first animals are insects used to cross pollinate the fauna and spread ecological systems, above and below ground.

However with Gaia developing a land mass on only one side of the planet it caused gravitational stress and seismic activity to build, that eventually lead to the land mass breaking in two. The massive explosion, not only ripped Pan-Gaia apart but ejected a large ball of molten lava into space. Gaia, in affect, gave birth to another celestial body, further allowing her soul to experience another form of Motherhood, while at the same time causing an extinction level event that caused her to experience loss of some of her children.

This event however is part of the evolutionary process of planets and helped to further her soul experience and strengthen her body as well. It created a larger magnetosphere shielding Earth's surface from deadly solar radiation, making it more suitable and stable for biological life to develop. The ejected mass of lava was immediately attracted to Gaia's gravitational pull and began orbiting its Earth Mother, this helped to not only stabilize her Soul during a difficult time of loss but stabilize her rotation and increase her tides and rotation or spin.

The separated land masses helped to create a constant rate of spin but also moved the two large land masses towards either pole. This did however allow the planet to gain equal amounts of sun light, which lead to a wider degree of biodiversity than before, when the land mass was only confined to one side of the planet. This new stable rotation allowed for equal parts light and darkness which encouraged the next stage of Gaia soul experiments, the development of plant life. To encourage biodiversity and stability the Star Elders introduced a variety of already well established plant life from other star systems to enhance Gaia's primitive flora.

Of course to further develop the flora's development, the Star Elders introduced pollenizers from their Star Systems, such as ants, bees and other insects. The interaction between these life forms and the various plant consciousness helped create easier integration and diversity, accelerating sentient soul consciousness between Alien and Earth life forms. To help the Star Elders take care of this newly formed lush and diverse garden of natural and Alien plant life, the Council decided to create a new sentient species based on the primitive natural insect life forms on Earth and an already well established and highly adaptable insect life form from their home worlds. This lead to the creation of the second spiritually conscious, intelligent hybrid species on Earth, the Ant People.

Insect People

Considering the sheer volume of movies made in the last 2 decades, from children's features such as Antz & A Bug's Life to adult movies such as Starship Trooper, Enders War & Ant Man, the idea of Insect People isn't so far fetched.

Considering the sheer volume of movies made in the last 2 decades, from children's features such as Antz & A Bug's Life to adult movies such as Starship Trooper, Enders War & Ant Man, the idea of Insect People isn't so far fetched.

Insect People

The amount of Insect People movies in the last two decades, from animated children's movies to adult live action, should provide anyone with more than enough food for thought concerning the veracity of Insect People.

The amount of Insect People movies in the last two decades, from animated children's movies to adult live action, should provide anyone with more than enough food for thought concerning the veracity of Insect People.

The Ant People

The Ant People or Insect People, were essentially created to serve as caretakers of the garden that Gaia had become. Their hive mind intelligence and unique reproductive program allowed the workers to continue to serve their function, while a Queen was used to lay eggs for more workers, without interrupting production. While the hive mind allows for complex, large scale projects to develop uninterrupted by breeding, it doesn't allow for much individual conscious thought processes or development.

The Ant People, much like a colony of ants, constructed a vast underground tunnel system, throughout the Earth connecting all the surface areas. They built large caverns to live in and even deeper caverns for their reproduction centers and nurseries. This vast underground network was used as genetic bank and nursery to construct various hybrid species of animals, breed them in isolation, build up their numbers in isolated caverns and then release them onto the surface in mass, to integrate with specific environments they had been created for. Their tunnel systems connected to cave entrances for easy access to the surface.

The Ant People were essentially created as the workers for the construction of biological bodies being introduced on the surface of Earth. Once the Garden of Earth had been constructed the next task was to introduce a vast array of biological diversity in animal life form. The Ant People were not created to live on Earth or in Earth as the case maybe but over the vast eons of time, many intelligent hybrid Insect and Ant People were created that developed more individual consciousness and split off from the hive to form their own breakaway groups.

Eventually these groups developed technology such as nanoparticles, bio-synthetic implants, electro-magnetic weapons and antigravity aircraft and began warring with each other over underground territory. The cause of the conflict was over which factions of Insect People would control the DNA manipulation techniques and experimentation on each other and animals, war was inevitable. By the time the Star Council stepped in to control the situation it was too late.

Because much of the war between the Insect/Ant People was fought underground or near the surface and lasted eons of time, using electro-magnetic weapons, it had a great influence on the electro-magnetic field that surrounded the Earth. Many of the animals the Ant People created were killed to extinction levels and massive seismic and volcanic activity began. The third Extinction Level Event on Earth began when the magnetosphere violently imploded and collapsed in on itself.

This event caused the two polar continents to fracture and split creating many smaller continents and islands. Massive global electrical storms ensued exterminating all life from the surface. Only small pockets of life underground and in deep ocean caverns were able to survive because of this constant unfettered electrical onslaught, which consumed most of the planet, it took eons of time for the Earth to recover and become fit for life again.

Extinction Level Events (ELE)

Although the first two extinction level events on Earth were from the natural forming of the planet itself as it developed its own consciousness, the third ELE was the result of war from sentient beings the Star Council themselves had created and this required them to study the causes and formulate a plan to prevent such an event from reoccurring in the future.

To be clear the first Extinction Level Event was created from the beginning of the forming of a land mass on one side of the planet. This caused a disruption in the Earth's rotation or wobble that left the side with the land mass mostly in shadow. This cold, dark side of the planet, slowly lost life forms that had evolved in the light of the sun and slowed down the evolutionary process.

The second ELE was due to the forming of the Moon or explosion and splitting of the land mass itself. Both of these events were predictable and the natural formation of most planets that evolve this way and so they were accounted and prepared for. But the third Extinction Level Event was created from the unforeseen causes of sentient beings losing their cosmic soul integration and seeking to develop their own breakaway societies outside of the Star Council of Elders influence.

Crystal Cave, Mexico

This photo shows the vast structure of Gaia living cosmic computer network.

This photo shows the vast structure of Gaia living cosmic computer network.

Diane Clarke

Living Crystal Network

Only a very small portion of this living crystal network has been discovered but this photo, shows the diverse structure of this living cosmic computer.

Only a very small portion of this living crystal network has been discovered but this photo, shows the diverse structure of this living cosmic computer.

Crystal Computers

The Council of Star Elders solution to the problem of incarnated sentient beings losing their connection to the Universal Consciousness and developing their own morals, ethics, laws and codes of behavior was to introduce crystal life forms into the planet's ecosystem to hold cosmic wisdom and the collective consciousness of the Earth itself. These highly evolved sentient entities of the mineral kingdom can store conscious memories and energy charges that can be accessed through subtle telepathic waves, while also serving the dual purpose of consolidating and organizing higher molecular complex magnetic fields in surrounding environments.

In essence they served many purposes but their main focus was to receive and transmit cosmic messages, through a wide variety of conduits, albeit telepathically through holographic animated libraries, through various energy signatures and/or radio frequencies. They are cosmic living computers that hold the combined wisdom and memories of the Council of Elders.

They channel telluric currents and electromagnetic winds, influencing weather systems and patterns. They also act as etheric telepathic relays, whose healing vortices are felt naturally by all sentient souls.

To keep these cosmic computers fully charged and updated the Star Council of Elders then built megalithic pyramid structures, domes and temples on or below the surface to be used as energy conduits to recharge this living computer system. This preprogrammed living crystal network is used on all life giving planets to create energy healing networks, ley lines and living memory complexes of each planets history of soul evolution.

Star Gates

The Star Elders left many monuments for awakening civilizations to discover and use, once they reach the maturity to understand how to use them, the pyramids hold the secret of the stargates.

The Star Elders left many monuments for awakening civilizations to discover and use, once they reach the maturity to understand how to use them, the pyramids hold the secret of the stargates.

Karma & Dharma

Karma is the Universal Law which associates every cause to some effect, and every effect to some cause. It is not so much a determination between good and evil but more of barometer for beneficial and detrimental effects. While this does not exclude some effects from being good or evil in the short term, a long term perspective always allows for deeper meaning and purpose to be revealed in the greater evolution of the soul and spiritual consciousness.

Dharma is the conscious participation in the evolutionary process of consciousness and incarnations. For example, not all Star Elders have achieved physical immortality but all are actively involved in Karma healing and in the Dharma process of soul evolution, through inter-species peaceful, spiritual relations.

The Star Council of Elders is a peaceful organization of advanced higher dimensional beings that serve as Watchers, Guardians and Peace Keeping forces for evolving planets and sentient evolving spiritual souls and civilizations. When all peaceful negotiations and avenues have been explored to resolve conflict, in extreme cases they are called upon to intervene with force.

These ancient temples and monuments were built by our Star Elders to contain stargates, universal libraries and to act as receivers and transmitters of cosmic energy.

These ancient temples and monuments were built by our Star Elders to contain stargates, universal libraries and to act as receivers and transmitters of cosmic energy.

Stargates & Intergalactic Outposts

Once the Star elders were able to stabilize and heal the Earth, they created outposts on every continent of complex architectural designs that incorporated natural land structures and terrain. They carved monuments and temples from living stone in the shape of animals and humanoid features. They built megalithic pyramids, geometric towers, underground cities and crystal domed temples. They built these structures to house space/time stargates and inter-dimensional passages linked to various star systems to facilitate intergalactic travel for highly evolved souls and incarnated species to come to Earth.

This allowed them to invite highly evolved sentient beings from across the Universe to Earth to serve as Guardians in the next step in their soul evolution experiments. Because at this time in Earth's evolution the most highly evolved species was lizards and amphibians, this was the next form of hybrid humanoids developed on Earth. Using the already established DNA of evolved lizard and amphibious people from the Orion and Andromeda star systems, the Star Council created a new human hybrid species on Earth, known as the Lizard People or sometimes the Snake People.

This new group of inter-species hybrid humanoids had advanced psychic abilities that allowed for telepathic communication, astral projection, holographic thought projections, teleportation and even shape shifting of matter. They came to Earth to learn at the various Earth outposts, the process of long term spiritual evolution of soul consciousness, through the activated crystal vortices and pyramid temples. Their spirit guides instructed these newly incarnated souls through inter-dimensional relationships the ways of dharmic incarnation to raise their vibrational frequencies and awareness.

However various factions of Star Elders of Reptilian genetics that were not allowed to contribute their DNA to this experiment rebelled and allied themselves with the rebellious Insect People, that had survived the last Extinction Level Event in deep underground bases. They began abducting individuals of this new hybrid humanoid Lizard People species on the surface and taking them into these secret underground bases here on Earth to conduct their own nefarious experiments. In these secret underground bases, these Reptilian Star Elder races created their own hybrid species by combining their DNA with the Insect Peoples DNA to create a new lower evolved inter-species hybrid, called the Reptilians.

This new faction of rebellious Star Elders called themselves the Draconians based on the star system the majority of them came from. However they have many names, including but not limited too The Fallen Angels, Demon Lords, Devils, Lower Lords, Archons and Dark Masters. However, to be clear, they had already conquered and/or colonized over 200 planets near their Draco star system, which included many non-reptilian species and controlled as many as one third of all inhabited planets in this Galaxy.

The Draconians created this new hybrid species of Reptilians without ever intending them to become part of the soul evolution experiment but to serve only as a warrior class of expendable beings. The large majority of these beings are of insectoid or reptoid-reptilian genetic origins and cross-breeds. This development has allowed the Draconians to wage an endless war that still goes on to this day, they were initially called, the Hybrid Wars.


Known as White Royal Draco, this popular artist rendition of a Draco-Reptilian hybrid conjures an ancient dread in most humans.

Known as White Royal Draco, this popular artist rendition of a Draco-Reptilian hybrid conjures an ancient dread in most humans.


This illustration taken from the movie Jupiter Ascending shows how various Alien species from humanities past, are being slowly introduced to the public through movies.

This illustration taken from the movie Jupiter Ascending shows how various Alien species from humanities past, are being slowly introduced to the public through movies.

The Hybrid Wars

The Hybrid Wars started when the Draconians turned on their Insect/Ant People allies and tried to conquer and take the underworld for their own. The Draconians succeeded by driving the Insect People out of the underworld using insecticide gas warfare, sprayed by intelligent cyber-drones. The Insect People countered this type of attack by creating large underwater cities on the bottom of the oceans and below the ocean floors.

However they lost many of the egg-laying Queens in the initial underground war and their dwindling numbers and inability to procreate left them vulnerable to more attacks. These new attacks came in the form of nuclear strikes from the Draconians, also known as the Archons and Lower Lords. Unable to defend themselves the Insect People fled again, this time to the Moon. Their antigravity craft allowed them to make it to the Moon but they had never developed ships capable of interstellar travel, thus could only escape to Earth's nearest neighbor, this began the largest exodus of any hybrid race from Earth.

Once this war reached the surface the Star Council of Elders intervened, unwilling to let this war cause another extinction level event on Earth. With this intervention from the Star Elder's massive Space fleet both sides were forced to negotiate a cease-fire, eventually truce and peace. This allowed the majority of the Insect People to reach the safe haven of the Moon, while giving the Archons full reign in the underworld beneath the surface of the planet Earth. Some small pockets of Insect People remained in the Earth in their ocean cities or in deep underground caverns, that hadn't been destroyed and continued to evolve because they still had living Queens to reproduce with naturally.

Because the conditions on the Moon presented a very hostile environment to exist in the Insect People on the Moon began using cloning to reproduce. Their hive minds became even more fractured through the cloning process, until each individual clone was little more than a synthetic cybernetic empty shell programmed to follow orders.

Extinction Level Event (ELE)

The explosion of our Moon in Earth's distanst past caused our first Ice Age but 4th Extinction Level Event.

The explosion of our Moon in Earth's distanst past caused our first Ice Age but 4th Extinction Level Event.

A.I. Intelligence & Clones

The Insect People wasted no time in creating a massive tunnel and network of caverns under the surface of the Moon. Because the Moon didn't contain many natural resources, they had to import food and water, from the Earth, which involved great risk, even though a peace treaty was in effect. Their Moon based Colonies had lost their Queens in the Hybrid War and were forced to engineer biological worker clones to replace drones and create a artificial intelligence matrix to contain their soul consciousness.

They used the natural silicon based elements of the Moon, they removed to hollow out the Moon to construct silicon-based bio-synthetic clones as a means of reproducing. This allowed them to reproduce rapidly and expand their territory however it caused their soul consciousness to fracture, regress and lose what remaining individual soul consciousness they had left. Within a million years the Moon became a hollowed out shell and the Insect People had developed into a new breed of silicon based, non-breathing, synthetic life forms with an artificial hive-mind intelligence.

This new artificial life form recognized that expansion was necessary for its continued existence built an indestructible synthetic army, able to withstand all the weapons used on it in the previous Hybrid Wars. This terrifying army of bio-synthetic robots, were self producing, armored to withstand electromagnetic weapons, could continue to fight despite being dismembered and had no individual souls but operated on remote hive-mind intelligence.

Although this army of bio-synthetic insect clones was engineered in secret beneath the surface of the Moon, the Star Elders learned of its existence and after negotiations failed to resolve the issue, imposed a no-fly zone around the Moon which prevented the Insect People from leaving the Moon. The Draconians, fearing the no-fly zone wouldn't be enough, initiated their own massive surprise nuclear attack, which completely obliterated the fragile shell of the Earth's satellite, raining radioactive fall-out and debris onto the Earth's surface. The Destruction of the Moon, caused the Earth's fourth Extinction Level Event and first Ice Age.

First Ice Age

The 1st Glacial Period lasted millions of years but wasn't the first Extinction Level Event.

The 1st Glacial Period lasted millions of years but wasn't the first Extinction Level Event.

Angels and Bird People

Earth's 1st Ice Age

The Earth's first Ice Age coincided with its 4th Extinction Level Event and marked the end of the astral phase of creation of the individual Self. Only a handful of synthetic Insect People were able to escape the destruction of Earth's naturally formed satellite before it imploded and rained toxic debris into the Earth's atmosphere. The radioactive fall-out increased the density of Earth's atmospheric pressure to intense levels, almost completely filtering the sunlight from reaching the Earth's surface, dropping global temperatures started its first global glaciation period which lasted one million years and formed permanent polar ice caps.

Even with the Star Elders protective magnetic shields covering the temple learning centers on the surface these galactic outposts suffered severe damage from the constant bombardment of raining asteroids, meteors and Moon debris that continued for eons. The Star Elders were forced to take the survivors of this global catastrophe and as much flora and fauna with them and retreat to the sanctuary of Agartha deep inside the Earth.

Several hardy reptilian species were able to survive on the surface, the intense atmospheric density and slowly mutated over time into a different species that developed wings, to at first glide and then as scales mutated into feathers learn to fly, thus creating a new class of species. While life on the surface adapted and grew, the collective consciousness of the Earth and the Star Elders learned some valuable lessons from this harsh reality of their own creation and adapted as well.

Undaunted they resolved to create a new hybrid sentient being that would incorporate the lessons learned from previous attempts but would have more empathy and compassion for other species, while still maintaining diversity and uniqueness coupled with the ability to process higher levels of spiritual understanding through conscious Karmic healing and long term Dharmic Soul Evolution processes. It was decided that this next stage of soul evolution would take place on the Etheric Level, where they could still manifest on the astral and physical planes but reside primarily in Etheric Level.

Thus, the Bird People were conceived of and born from various star-seeds from such systems as Arcturus and Sirius. Although they began in Agartha, their form was taken from the mutated Lizard People that had adapted on the surface of Earth. This new inter-species hybrid of Watchers are able to take many forms but are most often seen with bird-like characteristics, sometimes with feathered wings and bird heads but always with bi-pedal humanoid shapes and sizes.

Their spiritual mission is to guide other sentient beings on Earth towards greater empathy and compassion, through their own highly empathic telepathic abilities. They are able to influence soul consciousness through their highly evolved telepathic and psychic abilities. Over the vast eons since their creation they have been able to raise the vibrational and spiritual frequencies of souls incarnated on Earth to a much higher degree. In the past they appeared much more often than they do now and humanity called them their Guardian Angels.

After millions of years, the clouds of debris and dust that shrouded the Earth began to settle and the surface became suitable for life. The Bird People, working closely with the surviving Lizard People and Star Elders, were able to rebuild the inter-Galactic Learning Centers and reinitialize the Stargates, so that selected higher evolved souls could incarnate on Earth, once again. Even the naturally evolving Insect People still living on the ocean bottoms and deep inside the Earth agreed to rebuild the Moon, provided that they never again would build an offensive army of mass destruction.

A new age of relative peace and higher spiritual learning began on Earth as almost all sentient species began working together to achieve a new Golden Age of prosperity and enlightenment.

Soul Evolution

Humanity is one small part of a long line of sentient hybrid humanoids designed to allow a host of incarnated beings to achieve soul evolution on Mother Earth.

Humanity is one small part of a long line of sentient hybrid humanoids designed to allow a host of incarnated beings to achieve soul evolution on Mother Earth.

Conclusions of Part 1

After reading the above information, most people might have a difficult time accepting the veracity of the information. Regardless of your own interpretation of the information, the important factor to consider is that even with the help of far more intelligent and sophisticated beings (Star Elders) helping these new civilizations evolve spiritually most of them lost their way, fought wars with each other and other species and basically self destructed.

A large majority of humanity would consider the above information fantasy and fairy tales, unless they had some basis to recognize that a large part of Earth's history has been not just physically erased from the planet but also that humanities own genetic memories have been modified and tampered with. The Archons or Lower Lords have rewritten our ancient teachings, religions and spiritual practices to help ensure that the current generations of humanity have a difficult time reconciling new information about our ancient past with what our current science tells us is possible.

By removing the physical evidence of ancient civilizations whenever it is discovered or unearthed and censoring these new discoveries from our education system they help to ensure that modern man continues to scoff at and ridicule many ancient myths and legends, including but not limited to Star People, Sasquatch People, Insect or Ant People, Bird People or Angels, Lizard People and Fish People or Mermaids.

Science refuses to explore ideas such as telepathy, psychic abilities, Stargates and teleportation, Out of Body experiences, other dimensions of reality and even UFOs, even though millions or humans world wide see them everyday or experience these paranormal ideas in their normal lives. This contempt prior to investigation that our current race continues to hold onto prevents more people from learning the truth about our ancient past than any lack of evidence or substantial discovery and will keep mankind in everlasting ignorance.

When reading about ancient civilization, Star Elders, Aliens, Sasquatch People, Insect or Lizard People and even ancient human civilizations what is important to keep in mind is that all of these groups have experienced various levels of soul evolution throughout their eons of existence and none can be considered exclusively benevolent nor malevolent.

Just as we cannot condemn the human race for the actions of a select few aggressive and violent races and individuals, neither can we condemn an entire species for the actions of some of their more violent and aggressive factions or groups. How would a highly developed spiritual people consider the human race for exterminating millions of species through their own pollution and waste, wars and disease . . . How could we even consider ourselves a civilized species when we allow over 30,000 of our own kind starve to death on our own planet EVERY DAY, even though we have more than enough food to feed everyone.

My question to anyone that feels that proof of the existence of Sasquatch will only be achieved, when one is shot and killed and a body produced for science to study . . . Is what exactly do we have to offer any Sasquatch that could possibly compel them to come forward and prove they exist? I submit to my reader that when we learn to communicate to the Sasquatch People on their level, then and only then, will they even begin to entertain the idea that we deserve their attention.

The second part of this article is called, Sasquatch and Human Origins, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth, will describe the construction of the artificial planet we call the Moon by the Ant People, the rise of Atlantis and Lemuria, the continued evolution of the Bird and Lizard People, the origins of the Sasquatch People and their role on planet Earth and the eventually introduction of humanity, so stay tuned!

You Make The Call