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Sasquatch, Bigfoot, the Yeti: They Do Not Exist And Here Are Reasons Why


A number of people around the world claim to have seen Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Yeti, etc. Perhaps such a creature existed long ago but they do not exist now nor have they recently.

A live Sasquatch has not been captured...not in the USA, not in Russia, China or anywhere else.

A dead body of a Sasquatch has not been found anywhere in the world. This powerful lack of evidence strongly suggests Bigfoot does not exist. Certainly one would have been hit by a car and severely injured or killed by now right? Many thousands of deer have been hit and killed by cars but to date not one Bigfoot. People say Sasquatches bury or eat their dead and that is why a body or bones have not been found. Ok.

Where is the Bigfoot poop? I mean knowledge regarding animal scat is online, in magazines etc. and, goes way back to early pioneer days. We have long known what raccoon poop looks like, that of opossums, deer, pigs, squirrels and so on and so forth. All indications is that Sasquatch is a warm-blooded mammal. You would think he has a biological ability to excrete waste right? Ahhhh I know, being environmentally aware and green, Sasquatch always carries around an entrenching tool to bury his poop.

There are deer, turkey, duck and other types of hunters all over America and the World. Many expert deer hunters sit in a tree stand for hours at a time and are well camouflaged. You would think at least one Bigfoot would have been severely injured or killed by a rifle or compound bow over the years...but none have. Many rifles have powerful scopes and a number of hunters are crack shots. So, why haven't any Sasquatches been shot and brought down? The answer is easy---Sasquatch doesn't exist.

Hunters can't shoot them cause they look too human---really? People are shot accidentally and on purpose every day all over the world. So humans can shoot humans but we can't bring ourselves to shoot a Sasquatch? Now granted, most of us would not however, there is a small group of hunters that definitely wouid. Disrespectful and negligent hunters shoot at anything that moves, cut fences, shoot out windshieds on cars, throw beer bottles on the ground, etc. so I think they would definitely shoot a bigfoot.

Where does Sasquatch go in the Winter? He and his family are not going to stay outside for days on end when it is below zero or they will freeze to death...regardless of how much fur or hair they have. So, the Sasquatch family must have some kind of cave or shelter they stay in during the Winter. If this is so the cave would have been found by humans long ago. Someone would have seen Sasquatch enter or exit the cave at some point...I don't care how remote the area is. Perhaps Sasquatch goes to Florida or Cancun in the Winter...?

Modern technology can easily pick up heat signatures so where is the thermal evidence? An eight foot, 600 pound, bi-ped in the middle of nowhere would elicit an obvious thermal hit--Bigfoot would light up like a Christmas tree.

There are high tech, trail cameras that can be camoflauged and strapped to trees. These cameras are very sensitive to movement and can take a picture in an instant. To date, not one definitive picture of a Sasquatch has been recorded.

We have found giant squid. Even though oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface and the depths are often great with poor visibility we have still found them. A few dead ones have washed ashore and in recent years we have obtained video evidence.

We can find endangered rhinos in Africa from helicopter no problem. The following is a link regarding several new species of frogs that were recently discovered:

We can find tiny, new species of frogs but can't find Sasquatch?

Most people are honest and thus tend to think those around them are honest too. This is a common misconception amongst honest people. There are liars and people who tell tall tales all around. These dishonest people can tell fantastic stories with a straight face and may eventually come to believe it themselves. Many people have been deceived by liars and tellers of tall tales.

Many people fall victim to Sasquatch pranksters. It would not be difficult for a creative person to make and strap on some Bigfoot shoes and walk around somewhere. Others would then find the prints, or be led to them by the prankster, and think a Bigfoot has been around. Before you know it it would be in the newspapers and on tv.

Many of the so called sightings are no doubt people dressed up in a Bigfoot costume. These pranksters, for example, may go near a camping destination. The person in the outfit will then run across a clearing about half a mile away knowing someone will see them. They realize someone may take a picture or catch them on video.

Can you imagine how much fun this must be to the prankster and his helpers? The pranksters get a bit liquored up ahead of time and then after the stunt must laugh and laugh. I'm middle aged now but something like this would have been great fun when I was younger. I never did anything like this though. This kind of prank is also dangerous because someone with a scope could shoot you with a rifle.

Here is another very possible scenario where someone could be fooled by pranksters. There is a group of professors from several universities who are researching Bigfoot. They decide to go out to a remote area in hopes of obtaining evidence. Of course word gets around what the professors are doing. A prankster college student or two will then approach the area at night and make a few weird sounds or throw some rocks at the campsite and presto....the professors come back with strange and fantastic must have been Bigfoot.

I have watched some of the modern, Bigfoot TV shows like Monster Quest and Finding Bigfoot. I think they make fools of themselves out there in the woods yelling and hollering. A group of people carrying a bunch of equipment and tromping along loudly in the wilderness would not be able to get close to a Sasquatch. The heavy set, bearded guy's last name in Finding Bigfoot is Moneymaker...

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I grew up on a farm in rural Ohio and spent extensive amounts of time in the woods and alongside creeks. You would think over all those years I would have seen at least one Bigfoot but I never did.

I now live in the Pacific NW where we are rumored to be over-run by Sasquatches---they are everywhere out here right? I have lived around here since 1993 and have never seen a Sasquatch.

Other people just misinterpret what they have seen. They have likely seen a bear or some other dark looking object or shadow and in their mind think they have seen a Bigfoot. There could also be some type of optical illusion at play.

A small percentage of sightings can no doubt be attributed to those who are mentally ill--who suffer from delusions or hallucinations. No doubt there have also been a few drug induced sightings.

In this hub, I have outlined a myriad of reasons as to why Bigfoot does not exist. I have used airtight, ironclad logic and reason to back up my case in this regard.

PS - The result of a recent hoax

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

© 2010 Missing Link


Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 19, 2016:


"Bigfoot doers not exist'-----doers? Your comment is largely unintelligible to me.

Thanks however for stopping by and attempting dialogue!

Gordon Dodds on February 19, 2016:

Your comments and research are well out of date so your conclusion of 'Bigfoot doers not exist' is equally as old and inaccurate.

Magooch on June 14, 2015:

its all pretty simple...ghosts, Bigfoot, aliens can all be summed up in one word....demons

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 15, 2015:

Hi Andrew,

I agree it comes down to a matter of belief. I believe the points I've made in this hub are overwhelming. Others however think differently and I understand that of course. This world afterall is filled with boundless diversity of thought, belief, perception, etc.

Thanks much!

Andrew Thomsen on February 15, 2015:

I've personally never had an encounter with any cryptids, but i have come up with my own philosophy that proves my point on the existence of Bigfoot.

Have you ever seen Bigfoot?

If you answer yes, what more proof do you need?

If you answer no, Has anybody in your family seen Bigfoot?

If the answer is Yes, ask them.

If it's still no, Has anybody you know seen or had an encounter with Bigfoot?

If yes, ask them about it.

If you answered no to all of these questions, then what proof can you possibly have to prove his non-existence? How can you prove something that you have no experience with?

Just as much as us believers.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on December 28, 2014:

Hi Julie,

I have to agree that there are a number of lousy tv shows, etc. I don't watch much tv because of this.

Your other comment is what is called "black and white thinking"---meaning to believe in one you must believe in all or to disbelieve in one you must disbelieve in all. I don't think like that---besides, the hub is not about those other topics you mention.

Thanks much for stopping by!

Julie Moore on December 28, 2014:

Believe or not, the show is a lot better to watch than some zombie show, or housewives bickering or in some cases the news. Do you believe in aliens or ghost or paranormal? Guess not

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 19, 2014:


you have some excellent points! thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

well, people just want to know---people are curious----they want answers to questions and/or to have longstanding mysteries solved

you are logical and rational I feel and have a nice sense of humor.


Kyoto2k on May 19, 2014:

Really the question shouldn't be if they exist or not but who really cares if they do..why do people care or obsess over it more than any other cryptid? Does man really need to find bigfoot?

While I see both sides of the fence, the gorilla logic is off due to we had trouble finding them due to technology and medicine of the day. Today we have satellites that can take a photo of a pebble in the Sahara desert but yet still cant find them. Again this day everyone and their mom has a camera or a phone or something vs the days when looking for gorillas.

With that said, ill say this they say its harder to disprove the existence of something than prove it.

dontray on April 07, 2014:

bigfoot is fake

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on December 16, 2013:

Thanks Scott! I want Bigfoot to exist but don't see how it is possible. My logical and rational points pretty much exclude the possibility. Yes we agree per your input. Thanks again!

Scott on December 14, 2013:

There are always going to be people who will believe in things in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Children believe in Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy but all outgrow it. All the points that are made here are very valid, yet that will not sway the people who want to believe in something. Maybe they still believe in the three aforementioned fictional characters too.

CG on November 04, 2013:

You are a misinformed arrogant close minded idiot.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on July 30, 2013:


You obviously did not read my profile. I have lived in the Pacific NW since 1993...and have not seen a Sasquatch. Oops for you.

There is no Sasquatch preserved (like on ice or embalmed) anywhere in the world. None have been captured. None have been found dead. No definitive proof has been put forth whatsoever! However, Indians and bears have been seen by many millions of people all over the mention Indians and bears.

People say Sasquatches exist---ok so prove it. The burden of proof is on the person making the allegation. So, provide a preserved, wounded, dead, etc. Sasquatch so the entire world can see it. Russia can't do this nor can China or the USA or any other country.

1Greensix on July 27, 2013:

Wow! Imagine that. You haven't seen a Bigfoot, so they don't exist. That's not a logical argument for the impossibility of the creature. Try going to Washington or British Columbia and actually see some wilderness. Ohio??? That's your experience? Ohio? Bigfoot HAS been seen by policemen on duty, superintendents of national parks, forest rangers, loggers, professional guides and hunters, farmers, ranchers, Indians for hundreds of years, and YOU think they don't exist because YOU haven't seen one. What a moron. If Indians and bears can live in the forests, then Bigfoot certainly can. Or, don't Indians and bears exist either, because YOU haven't seen one in the few days in your life you've spent in an Ohio woods.

lower on May 19, 2013:

Missing link. Thank you so much for replying. Eyewitness testimony is so unreliable in such matters and subject to one's own schema's, aut0-suggestion, age detoriation etc. With all due respect, I am not particular interested in what people claim to have seen regarding Bigfoot or what academics claim about Patty (don't even get me started on that). It is too much to ask for a body, bones, really clear film ? (rhetorical). Even though I have seen something akin to "Bigfoot" - I am just as skeptical as you. There was a classic experiment at Loch Ness; the psychologists used a long plain plank of wood and let it appear to tourists for a few seconds above the water. The tourists (who were not in on the experiment until later) said they saw teeth, hair, humps etc. These tourists were adamant to what they saw at that time. Anyway, I am entitled to my opinion and although I want Bigfoot to exist I believe it is *very* unlikely it does and this opinion seems to almost offend some. Thanks again for your wonderful approach on the matter - so good to take in after all these years of reading the writing of those who believe.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 14, 2013:

hi lower!

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! I hope I'm wrong and they are definitively discovered. However, I just cannot see how they can be my hub outlines. It's good you have looked back and have re-evaluated your experience. Our age is a big factor in how we experience and perceive things and of course can change over time. You can see something at age 10 and again at age 40 in a different way.

lower on May 14, 2013:

Missing link. Refreshing insight and thank you for your opinions. Agree with everything you convey. When I was an older boy I saw a "Bigfoot" from about 40 feet away. My friend at the time also saw this before running off. As an adult, the last thing on my mind that we saw a Bigfoot and I now believe we saw a person in a fancy dress costume, big hairy dog etc (Occams Razor). One little thing, it was in England ! In 30 years time, I very much doubt there will be any hard evidence ( body, bones etc), but I do not doubt there will be many believers.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on March 30, 2013:


also, what is your explanation why one has never been found dead or severely injured? Thanks!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on March 30, 2013:


Thanks for your input! You come across as credible.

Your exploration of "ruins of cabins and camps of long ago" in the Cascade Mountains---is that a hobby or part of a job that you have?

How do you know where to go to look for these sites?

Sounds like you go out for a few days on your own sometimes in this regard. What is your form of communication should you get into an emergency? Do you carry a firearm?

There are many people who report the rock throwing- a way perhaps for Sasquatch to say leave me alone-this is my territory---you are too close to me--go away. Have you considered carrying a tranquilizer gun?

After your first experience you said "my ride arrived about five minutes later". However, I thought you were somewhere very remote---20 miles from the smallest town. So, what kind of vehicle picked you up and how did it get to your location? How did the driver know you were ready to be picked up? How long did it take for your ride to reach your location and where did the vehicle come from?

Per your second encounter you said you were "leading a team inspecting some old mining cabins in another remote area." What kind of team and how did you know about the old mining cabins?

I have lived in Seattle, Kent and Renton, WA. and now live in Beaverton, OR. I have been on some hikes in the Cascades but these were well known, very much hiked trails---I would not consider them remote at all. I would love to do some of that stuff you do - how is it that people get to go with you?

Again, thanks much!

Sgtxray on March 27, 2013:

First of all I am a former state police investigator and formerly served with US Army Special Forces. I explore remote areas in the Cascade mountains looking for ruins of cabins and camps of long ago. I never believed in the existence of Sasquatch aka Bigfoot. However that changed on December 5, 2011. I was 20 miles from the nearest small town down an old abandoned logging road waiting for a ride out. I was dropped there several days ago and returning looking for an old trail to an old cabin and mine. It was dark with a 3/4 moon rising over the mountains. I was standing near a large rock and some small trees when a baseball size rock was thrown from across the logging road and hit a tree about 30 ft from me and I saw it bounce on the limbs falling to the ground in the moonlight. I thought I was alone so I walked across the road to where the rock was thrown from and walked into the tree line. I called out and asked who was there. I observed movement near a tree and walked in farther where I observed a very large individual standing beside a tree watching me. The individual stood about 7 1/2 - 8 ft. tall and looked to be about 350-450 lbs. The individual stared at me as if curious. I asked who he was and why he through the rock. The individual just stared at me and did not speak. I could see the face from the bridge of the nose to the eye brows which seemed protruded in the moonlight. I did not want to get closer to this subject as I did not know it's intentions so I backed out of the trees and my ride arrived about five minutes later. In September of 2012 I was leading a team inspecting some old mining cabins in another remote area. There were four of us. On the way into the area we noticed a tree broken off (7 inches in diameter) as if to block the barely visible trail and another large fallen tree blocking the trail. During the first night we heard howling uphill from our camp at 2:30am. The second night a volleyball size rock was thrown and landed about 40 ft from our tents. The third night we heard stomping, thrashing, ripping sounds near our tents and when we shine our lights in that area we observed a tall individual stand up about 100 ft away from us and look at us. The individual appeared to be 7 1/2 - 8 ft tall. The other three persons in our team were pretty shaken up and have never seen anything like that previously. These events are very real and I know something is out there. I now leave food for whatever this is attempting to get a closer look. I want to know more.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on March 11, 2013:

Thanks Kurious kitty!

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments!

Kurious kitty on March 11, 2013:

How about we just say its possible they do exists and are highly evolved and ALOT smarter than us?maybe that's why they leave no remains and never get caught? i agree w/ Molly & mike..they probably have the 6th sense which we have as well, but just aren't open to it..when they run into us I'm sure they have a game plan that's why the evidence is so scarce, remember, the forest is their home, they know how to pose as trees and watch its mike said, if you raised not to get caught its usually what your best at..keep an open mind, you never know..

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on March 08, 2013:

Hey Squatcher,

Thanks for all your excellent input---it adds nicely to this discussion. The squatch in the Patterson film is at a distance making it difficult to determine for sure or not if it is an outfit. I say it is you say it is not--ok. You use nice language to explain why you think it is a squatch but I have to warn----I have seen a number of the you tube videos by the Bigfoot Research folks and they often use fancy language with math, geometry, body stuff, etc to prove their points. They also talk with confidence. I actually say beware of this---these are the tricks of husksters in these modern times---to speak confidently and to use scientific, intellectual language. Some of the videos are amusing---so obviously faked but with someone speaking confidently and with scientific language it makes it sound more believable. The bigfoot in the Patterson film is moving along slowly whereas today we are told how incredibly fast they are. I still find it amazing that the Patterson bigfoot is just wandering around on a creek bed in broad daylight. Ok though you put forth some excellent comments, etc.

The giant squid has been found. Water covers 70 percent of the earth's surface and yet in all that space we still managed to find it living under the depths. Yet on the remaining 30 percent of the earth we can't find a gigantic biped hominid? To me it is just unbelievable. We find new insects, birds, worms, etc. but can't find a gigantic primate?

Mountain gorillas were found some time ago. Many people have walked deep into the woods with suits on and with giant feet strapped on, etc. See the link below the hub about the guy who recently died while doing a bigfoot hoax.

I want bigfoot to exist but don't see how it is possible. The hub explains why I believe this is do my comments herein.

I love your input and comments however. Thanks so much!

Squatcher on March 08, 2013:

@Missing Link Actually, for one they are not 100% nocturnal they are just more active at night. Sure, it is thought to the skeptics that it the Patterson Gimlin film was a hoax but it wasn't. As for it being admitted to being a hoax goes, that remains false. There have even been people who claimed they were the ones in the suit but Gimlin said himself "Patterson and I were the only ones there that day"

First off, in order for it to be believable that someone is in a suit the body measurements would have to be very similar to that of the so called suit. However, the arms of the patterson gimlin bigfoot "Patty" as they would call her, her arms are too long to be a humans. I call her a her because she has breasts in which are quite obvious in the film. When she moves, her breast sort of flows with it as natural breasts would which gives proof that the breasts are real. The hips are far too low to match a human body structure as humans have longer legs than they do a torso. A big foot has a larger torso than they do legs. Their legs are quite shorter, which is something that you can see is quite obvious with Patty. With that being said, those proportions are shown to be totally different between the two species which could only mean one thing...that is not a human in a suit.

As for the calves, when you watch it walk and move you can see the muscles flex from underneath her hair. Now, remember this film is 1967. They still can barely make a suit as believable as Patty now, and you know for a fact that they couldn't have made a "suit" like that in the year of 1967. They didn't have and still don't have all of that material to be able to make a suit like that. Not only that but remember Planet of The Apes? That came out in 1968. Those suits you can obviously tell were suits and those were made out of the best luxaries and etc that Hollywood could by at the time.

No suit then and no suit today can show the muscles flexing from behind the hair, and can look so real as Patty, especially in 1967. When you look at her behind as she's moving, you can tell that that's real hair and body weight because she's got what some could call a "momma butt" a few people claim that she is walking slow but she seems pretty agile to me. If that were a suit, im pretty sure there'd be a lot more trouble to move around like that especially with all that weight on them.

The point is, they are real. they are not Big Foot or Sasquatch they are Big Foots and Sasquatches. There is not only one, there is an entire species of them. So many people have reported seeing them, and it is highly doubtful that every single last one of them are full of it. Sure, we all know some lied to get publicity but that's just a fraction compared to the rest of the reports. People way back then used to think Gorilla's were just myths but hey, just because we grow up in a timeframe where we grew up already knowing of their existence that only proves that each era has their own mysteries. All they are is just an undiscovered species living their lives. Sure, people have said how come they haven't found a body? Well, i have a counter question? Think about it, how often is someone going to go deep into the woods wearing a bigfoot suit and running around in it playing peekaboo? that right there doesn't seem logical and for the thousands and thousands of sightings? doesn't sound right. As far as finding the body goes, well remember the Giant Squid? Everyone thought that was a complete myth for the longest time and then they found one. Also look at it this way, it is easy for a body to break down and never be found. For one, carnivores would eat various parts of the Sasquatch as he contains a lot of meat and of course protein. Some animals would also eat into the bones and it's insides. the rest will decay and fungus maggots and what ever is left will be broke down and it will be as if it was never there.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 05, 2013:

Thanks Cigano,

Didn't one of the people per the Patterson film, per being on their deathbed, admit it was all a hoax? I think so but am not sure. The film contradicts all we are told about bigfoot. We are told how fast and stealthy bigfoot is. The Patterson film shows a slow and totally un-stealthy thing. We are told Bigfoot is primarily nocturnal and the Patterson creature is just casually strolling along in broad daylight. In my opinion is it just someone in a costume having fun. The so called experts who analyze these films---sometimes I find them amusing. A few of the sightings are so obviously fake and yet the bigfoot research folks use lots of fancy language and an aire of confidence to try to convince you it it is all legit. No body found, none captured, none killed, etc. I want bigfoot to exist but my logic in the hub suggests strongly that bigfoot does not exist. Thanks much!

Cigano on February 05, 2013:

You know, it's not common to find a bear carcass in the woods either. Bodies are picked clean by scavengers and the bones don't last very long at all in the acidic soil.

New species of primates have been recently discovered, ever heard of the Bili ape? It's existence was only proven a few years ago.

For a long time, mountain gorillas were thought to be myths as well.

The fact that we haven't found one yet doesn't mean that they don't exist.

If you don't believe in it, please explain the Patterson Gimlin film, and keep in mind that it has been proven that there is a 1 in 100,000,000 chance that the creature was a man in a suit (it was around 7 and a half feet tall), and that's only considering the height. The proportions of the limbs make it even more preposterous for it to be a person (the proportions which were much closer to ape than human, that can't be faked in a costume).

Just watch this:

Saying with absolute certainty that this creature does not exist is just silly. I mean... how could you KNOW that it's not real? Just watch the video I posted.

Furthermore, do you guys know how hard it is to track a KNOWN animal? An animal that people have studied, know the behavior of, know what they like to eat, the way they move, what attracts them, what repels them, etc. It's very difficult and takes a TON of skill and patience.

It's no surprise that people would have more difficulty locating a creature that they know so little about.

And since there seems to be some confusion, I'd like to point out that it's a logical fallacy to DISPROVE the existence of anything.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on January 09, 2013:


Thanks for your great comments! You and I think alike regarding this topic.

Dan Damiata on January 08, 2013:

I’m an Engineer by trade, and to be “kind”, I’m more than just skeptical of “Bigfoot sightings.

I recently watched a partial episode of “Finding Bigfoot”. Couldn’t make it though the entire episode because I started to lose my mind. As a scientist it simply defies logic that these supposed “researchers” immediately jump to outlandish conclusions that “ it must be Bigfoot” when they hear or see something not immediately explainable. Combined, these alleged “researchers” don’t possess an ounce of “critical thinking”. When solving any problem you consider all of potential causes. It’s amazing that the most reasonable cause for an unknown noise in the woods such as a bear, deer, wolf, a guy whacking a branch against a tree etc. is not even considered as a potential cause.

I’m particularly annoyed with the gal who is supposedly a “Biologist”. What the heck school did she attend that developed her analytical skills? I’d like to know so that my friend’s kids don’t attend that university.

For those who still believe in “Bigfoot”, please consider just one thing:

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie (whatever you want to call it ) sightings have alleged to have occurred in virtually every corner of the planet. How is that not one has ever been found? Presenting a body for the world to see would produce immediate fame and fortune. There are millions of people who would shoot one on sight if they had a chance to do so.

So Bigfoot enthusiasts for just a minute try to consider some reasonable explanations for that bump in the night before you leap off the cliff of outrageous explanations. But, I won’t hold my breath, if you believed in the boogeyman before you probably always will.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on December 05, 2012:


to some people he is to others he is not. The idea of the existence of bigfoot does not scare many people but those who claim to have stumbled upon him....yes most all of these people were quite scared and nearly fouled their drawers. If you were in the forest and just suddenly came face to face with a foul smelling, 8 foot tall, 600 pound upright biped with lots of hair/fur wouldn't you be scared?

nicole on December 05, 2012:

is bigfoot scary

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on November 29, 2012:

To all readers,

The link provided by The Other John Mc is a must read. The link takes you to two articles he wrote on the subject proving bigfoot cannot possibly exist. He mirrors my world class intellect :) per critical and analytical thinking/reasoning and backs it up further with statistics, mathematical probability, etc.

Thanks much The Other John Mc---your contribution here is extremely valuable!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on November 29, 2012:

The Other John Mc,

I've been out of town for a few days hence my delay in approving your entry. Your thinking is very similar to mine. I have not yet read thru all your material but soon will and then will comment again. Thanks so much!

The Other John Mc on November 24, 2012: