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Sasquatch, Bigfoot, the Yeti: They Do Not Exist And Here Are Reasons Why

Missing Link is originally from rural Ohio. He currently lives in Hillsboro, OR. with his Wife and two Sons.


A number of people around the world claim to have seen Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Yeti, etc. Perhaps such a creature existed long ago but they do not exist now nor have they recently.

A live Sasquatch has not been captured...not in the USA, not in Russia, China or anywhere else.

A dead body of a Sasquatch has not been found anywhere in the world. This powerful lack of evidence strongly suggests Bigfoot does not exist. Certainly one would have been hit by a car and severely injured or killed by now right? Many thousands of deer have been hit and killed by cars but to date not one Bigfoot. People say Sasquatches bury or eat their dead and that is why a body or bones have not been found. Ok.

Where is the Bigfoot poop? I mean knowledge regarding animal scat is online, in magazines etc. and, goes way back to early pioneer days. We have long known what raccoon poop looks like, that of opossums, deer, pigs, squirrels and so on and so forth. All indications is that Sasquatch is a warm-blooded mammal. You would think he has a biological ability to excrete waste right? Ahhhh I know, being environmentally aware and green, Sasquatch always carries around an entrenching tool to bury his poop.

There are deer, turkey, duck and other types of hunters all over America and the World. Many expert deer hunters sit in a tree stand for hours at a time and are well camouflaged. You would think at least one Bigfoot would have been severely injured or killed by a rifle or compound bow over the years...but none have. Many rifles have powerful scopes and a number of hunters are crack shots. So, why haven't any Sasquatches been shot and brought down? The answer is easy---Sasquatch doesn't exist.

Hunters can't shoot them cause they look too human---really? People are shot accidentally and on purpose every day all over the world. So humans can shoot humans but we can't bring ourselves to shoot a Sasquatch? Now granted, most of us would not however, there is a small group of hunters that definitely wouid. Disrespectful and negligent hunters shoot at anything that moves, cut fences, shoot out windshieds on cars, throw beer bottles on the ground, etc. so I think they would definitely shoot a bigfoot.

Where does Sasquatch go in the Winter? He and his family are not going to stay outside for days on end when it is below zero or they will freeze to death...regardless of how much fur or hair they have. So, the Sasquatch family must have some kind of cave or shelter they stay in during the Winter. If this is so the cave would have been found by humans long ago. Someone would have seen Sasquatch enter or exit the cave at some point...I don't care how remote the area is. Perhaps Sasquatch goes to Florida or Cancun in the Winter...?

Modern technology can easily pick up heat signatures so where is the thermal evidence? An eight foot, 600 pound, bi-ped in the middle of nowhere would elicit an obvious thermal hit--Bigfoot would light up like a Christmas tree.

There are high tech, trail cameras that can be camoflauged and strapped to trees. These cameras are very sensitive to movement and can take a picture in an instant. To date, not one definitive picture of a Sasquatch has been recorded.

We have found giant squid. Even though oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface and the depths are often great with poor visibility we have still found them. A few dead ones have washed ashore and in recent years we have obtained video evidence.

We can find endangered rhinos in Africa from helicopter no problem. The following is a link regarding several new species of frogs that were recently discovered:

We can find tiny, new species of frogs but can't find Sasquatch?

Most people are honest and thus tend to think those around them are honest too. This is a common misconception amongst honest people. There are liars and people who tell tall tales all around. These dishonest people can tell fantastic stories with a straight face and may eventually come to believe it themselves. Many people have been deceived by liars and tellers of tall tales.

Many people fall victim to Sasquatch pranksters. It would not be difficult for a creative person to make and strap on some Bigfoot shoes and walk around somewhere. Others would then find the prints, or be led to them by the prankster, and think a Bigfoot has been around. Before you know it it would be in the newspapers and on tv.

Many of the so called sightings are no doubt people dressed up in a Bigfoot costume. These pranksters, for example, may go near a camping destination. The person in the outfit will then run across a clearing about half a mile away knowing someone will see them. They realize someone may take a picture or catch them on video.

Can you imagine how much fun this must be to the prankster and his helpers? The pranksters get a bit liquored up ahead of time and then after the stunt must laugh and laugh. I'm middle aged now but something like this would have been great fun when I was younger. I never did anything like this though. This kind of prank is also dangerous because someone with a scope could shoot you with a rifle.

Here is another very possible scenario where someone could be fooled by pranksters. There is a group of professors from several universities who are researching Bigfoot. They decide to go out to a remote area in hopes of obtaining evidence. Of course word gets around what the professors are doing. A prankster college student or two will then approach the area at night and make a few weird sounds or throw some rocks at the campsite and presto....the professors come back with strange and fantastic must have been Bigfoot.

I have watched some of the modern, Bigfoot TV shows like Monster Quest and Finding Bigfoot. I think they make fools of themselves out there in the woods yelling and hollering. A group of people carrying a bunch of equipment and tromping along loudly in the wilderness would not be able to get close to a Sasquatch. The heavy set, bearded guy's last name in Finding Bigfoot is Moneymaker...

I grew up on a farm in rural Ohio and spent extensive amounts of time in the woods and alongside creeks. You would think over all those years I would have seen at least one Bigfoot but I never did.

I now live in the Pacific NW where we are rumored to be over-run by Sasquatches---they are everywhere out here right? I have lived around here since 1993 and have never seen a Sasquatch.

Other people just misinterpret what they have seen. They have likely seen a bear or some other dark looking object or shadow and in their mind think they have seen a Bigfoot. There could also be some type of optical illusion at play.

A small percentage of sightings can no doubt be attributed to those who are mentally ill--who suffer from delusions or hallucinations. No doubt there have also been a few drug induced sightings.

In this hub, I have outlined a myriad of reasons as to why Bigfoot does not exist. I have used airtight, ironclad logic and reason to back up my case in this regard.

PS - The result of a recent hoax

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

© 2010 Missing Link


Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 19, 2016:


"Bigfoot doers not exist'-----doers? Your comment is largely unintelligible to me.

Thanks however for stopping by and attempting dialogue!

Gordon Dodds on February 19, 2016:

Your comments and research are well out of date so your conclusion of 'Bigfoot doers not exist' is equally as old and inaccurate.

Magooch on June 14, 2015:

its all pretty simple...ghosts, Bigfoot, aliens can all be summed up in one word....demons

Insane Mundane from Earth on March 17, 2015:

What? I see those Gigantopithecus people almost every time I go to the freakin' grocery store, so it must be real... LOL!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 15, 2015:

Hi Andrew,

I agree it comes down to a matter of belief. I believe the points I've made in this hub are overwhelming. Others however think differently and I understand that of course. This world afterall is filled with boundless diversity of thought, belief, perception, etc.

Thanks much!

Andrew Thomsen on February 15, 2015:

I've personally never had an encounter with any cryptids, but i have come up with my own philosophy that proves my point on the existence of Bigfoot.

Have you ever seen Bigfoot?

If you answer yes, what more proof do you need?

If you answer no, Has anybody in your family seen Bigfoot?

If the answer is Yes, ask them.

If it's still no, Has anybody you know seen or had an encounter with Bigfoot?

If yes, ask them about it.

If you answered no to all of these questions, then what proof can you possibly have to prove his non-existence? How can you prove something that you have no experience with?

Just as much as us believers.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on December 28, 2014:

Hi Julie,

I have to agree that there are a number of lousy tv shows, etc. I don't watch much tv because of this.

Your other comment is what is called "black and white thinking"---meaning to believe in one you must believe in all or to disbelieve in one you must disbelieve in all. I don't think like that---besides, the hub is not about those other topics you mention.

Thanks much for stopping by!

Julie Moore on December 28, 2014:

Believe or not, the show is a lot better to watch than some zombie show, or housewives bickering or in some cases the news. Do you believe in aliens or ghost or paranormal? Guess not

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 19, 2014:


you have some excellent points! thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

well, people just want to know---people are curious----they want answers to questions and/or to have longstanding mysteries solved

you are logical and rational I feel and have a nice sense of humor.


Kyoto2k on May 19, 2014:

Really the question shouldn't be if they exist or not but who really cares if they do..why do people care or obsess over it more than any other cryptid? Does man really need to find bigfoot?

While I see both sides of the fence, the gorilla logic is off due to we had trouble finding them due to technology and medicine of the day. Today we have satellites that can take a photo of a pebble in the Sahara desert but yet still cant find them. Again this day everyone and their mom has a camera or a phone or something vs the days when looking for gorillas.

With that said, ill say this they say its harder to disprove the existence of something than prove it.

dontray on April 07, 2014:

bigfoot is fake

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on December 16, 2013:

Thanks Scott! I want Bigfoot to exist but don't see how it is possible. My logical and rational points pretty much exclude the possibility. Yes we agree per your input. Thanks again!

Scott on December 14, 2013:

There are always going to be people who will believe in things in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Children believe in Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy but all outgrow it. All the points that are made here are very valid, yet that will not sway the people who want to believe in something. Maybe they still believe in the three aforementioned fictional characters too.

CG on November 04, 2013:

You are a misinformed arrogant close minded idiot.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on July 30, 2013:


You obviously did not read my profile. I have lived in the Pacific NW since 1993...and have not seen a Sasquatch. Oops for you.

There is no Sasquatch preserved (like on ice or embalmed) anywhere in the world. None have been captured. None have been found dead. No definitive proof has been put forth whatsoever! However, Indians and bears have been seen by many millions of people all over the mention Indians and bears.

People say Sasquatches exist---ok so prove it. The burden of proof is on the person making the allegation. So, provide a preserved, wounded, dead, etc. Sasquatch so the entire world can see it. Russia can't do this nor can China or the USA or any other country.

1Greensix on July 27, 2013:

Wow! Imagine that. You haven't seen a Bigfoot, so they don't exist. That's not a logical argument for the impossibility of the creature. Try going to Washington or British Columbia and actually see some wilderness. Ohio??? That's your experience? Ohio? Bigfoot HAS been seen by policemen on duty, superintendents of national parks, forest rangers, loggers, professional guides and hunters, farmers, ranchers, Indians for hundreds of years, and YOU think they don't exist because YOU haven't seen one. What a moron. If Indians and bears can live in the forests, then Bigfoot certainly can. Or, don't Indians and bears exist either, because YOU haven't seen one in the few days in your life you've spent in an Ohio woods.

lower on May 19, 2013:

Missing link. Thank you so much for replying. Eyewitness testimony is so unreliable in such matters and subject to one's own schema's, aut0-suggestion, age detoriation etc. With all due respect, I am not particular interested in what people claim to have seen regarding Bigfoot or what academics claim about Patty (don't even get me started on that). It is too much to ask for a body, bones, really clear film ? (rhetorical). Even though I have seen something akin to "Bigfoot" - I am just as skeptical as you. There was a classic experiment at Loch Ness; the psychologists used a long plain plank of wood and let it appear to tourists for a few seconds above the water. The tourists (who were not in on the experiment until later) said they saw teeth, hair, humps etc. These tourists were adamant to what they saw at that time. Anyway, I am entitled to my opinion and although I want Bigfoot to exist I believe it is *very* unlikely it does and this opinion seems to almost offend some. Thanks again for your wonderful approach on the matter - so good to take in after all these years of reading the writing of those who believe.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 14, 2013:

hi lower!

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! I hope I'm wrong and they are definitively discovered. However, I just cannot see how they can be my hub outlines. It's good you have looked back and have re-evaluated your experience. Our age is a big factor in how we experience and perceive things and of course can change over time. You can see something at age 10 and again at age 40 in a different way.

lower on May 14, 2013:

Missing link. Refreshing insight and thank you for your opinions. Agree with everything you convey. When I was an older boy I saw a "Bigfoot" from about 40 feet away. My friend at the time also saw this before running off. As an adult, the last thing on my mind that we saw a Bigfoot and I now believe we saw a person in a fancy dress costume, big hairy dog etc (Occams Razor). One little thing, it was in England ! In 30 years time, I very much doubt there will be any hard evidence ( body, bones etc), but I do not doubt there will be many believers.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on March 30, 2013:


also, what is your explanation why one has never been found dead or severely injured? Thanks!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on March 30, 2013:


Thanks for your input! You come across as credible.

Your exploration of "ruins of cabins and camps of long ago" in the Cascade Mountains---is that a hobby or part of a job that you have?

How do you know where to go to look for these sites?

Sounds like you go out for a few days on your own sometimes in this regard. What is your form of communication should you get into an emergency? Do you carry a firearm?

There are many people who report the rock throwing- a way perhaps for Sasquatch to say leave me alone-this is my territory---you are too close to me--go away. Have you considered carrying a tranquilizer gun?

After your first experience you said "my ride arrived about five minutes later". However, I thought you were somewhere very remote---20 miles from the smallest town. So, what kind of vehicle picked you up and how did it get to your location? How did the driver know you were ready to be picked up? How long did it take for your ride to reach your location and where did the vehicle come from?

Per your second encounter you said you were "leading a team inspecting some old mining cabins in another remote area." What kind of team and how did you know about the old mining cabins?

I have lived in Seattle, Kent and Renton, WA. and now live in Beaverton, OR. I have been on some hikes in the Cascades but these were well known, very much hiked trails---I would not consider them remote at all. I would love to do some of that stuff you do - how is it that people get to go with you?

Again, thanks much!

Sgtxray on March 27, 2013:

First of all I am a former state police investigator and formerly served with US Army Special Forces. I explore remote areas in the Cascade mountains looking for ruins of cabins and camps of long ago. I never believed in the existence of Sasquatch aka Bigfoot. However that changed on December 5, 2011. I was 20 miles from the nearest small town down an old abandoned logging road waiting for a ride out. I was dropped there several days ago and returning looking for an old trail to an old cabin and mine. It was dark with a 3/4 moon rising over the mountains. I was standing near a large rock and some small trees when a baseball size rock was thrown from across the logging road and hit a tree about 30 ft from me and I saw it bounce on the limbs falling to the ground in the moonlight. I thought I was alone so I walked across the road to where the rock was thrown from and walked into the tree line. I called out and asked who was there. I observed movement near a tree and walked in farther where I observed a very large individual standing beside a tree watching me. The individual stood about 7 1/2 - 8 ft. tall and looked to be about 350-450 lbs. The individual stared at me as if curious. I asked who he was and why he through the rock. The individual just stared at me and did not speak. I could see the face from the bridge of the nose to the eye brows which seemed protruded in the moonlight. I did not want to get closer to this subject as I did not know it's intentions so I backed out of the trees and my ride arrived about five minutes later. In September of 2012 I was leading a team inspecting some old mining cabins in another remote area. There were four of us. On the way into the area we noticed a tree broken off (7 inches in diameter) as if to block the barely visible trail and another large fallen tree blocking the trail. During the first night we heard howling uphill from our camp at 2:30am. The second night a volleyball size rock was thrown and landed about 40 ft from our tents. The third night we heard stomping, thrashing, ripping sounds near our tents and when we shine our lights in that area we observed a tall individual stand up about 100 ft away from us and look at us. The individual appeared to be 7 1/2 - 8 ft tall. The other three persons in our team were pretty shaken up and have never seen anything like that previously. These events are very real and I know something is out there. I now leave food for whatever this is attempting to get a closer look. I want to know more.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on March 11, 2013:

Thanks Kurious kitty!

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments!

Kurious kitty on March 11, 2013:

How about we just say its possible they do exists and are highly evolved and ALOT smarter than us?maybe that's why they leave no remains and never get caught? i agree w/ Molly & mike..they probably have the 6th sense which we have as well, but just aren't open to it..when they run into us I'm sure they have a game plan that's why the evidence is so scarce, remember, the forest is their home, they know how to pose as trees and watch its mike said, if you raised not to get caught its usually what your best at..keep an open mind, you never know..

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on March 08, 2013:

Hey Squatcher,

Thanks for all your excellent input---it adds nicely to this discussion. The squatch in the Patterson film is at a distance making it difficult to determine for sure or not if it is an outfit. I say it is you say it is not--ok. You use nice language to explain why you think it is a squatch but I have to warn----I have seen a number of the you tube videos by the Bigfoot Research folks and they often use fancy language with math, geometry, body stuff, etc to prove their points. They also talk with confidence. I actually say beware of this---these are the tricks of husksters in these modern times---to speak confidently and to use scientific, intellectual language. Some of the videos are amusing---so obviously faked but with someone speaking confidently and with scientific language it makes it sound more believable. The bigfoot in the Patterson film is moving along slowly whereas today we are told how incredibly fast they are. I still find it amazing that the Patterson bigfoot is just wandering around on a creek bed in broad daylight. Ok though you put forth some excellent comments, etc.

The giant squid has been found. Water covers 70 percent of the earth's surface and yet in all that space we still managed to find it living under the depths. Yet on the remaining 30 percent of the earth we can't find a gigantic biped hominid? To me it is just unbelievable. We find new insects, birds, worms, etc. but can't find a gigantic primate?

Mountain gorillas were found some time ago. Many people have walked deep into the woods with suits on and with giant feet strapped on, etc. See the link below the hub about the guy who recently died while doing a bigfoot hoax.

I want bigfoot to exist but don't see how it is possible. The hub explains why I believe this is do my comments herein.

I love your input and comments however. Thanks so much!

Squatcher on March 08, 2013:

@Missing Link Actually, for one they are not 100% nocturnal they are just more active at night. Sure, it is thought to the skeptics that it the Patterson Gimlin film was a hoax but it wasn't. As for it being admitted to being a hoax goes, that remains false. There have even been people who claimed they were the ones in the suit but Gimlin said himself "Patterson and I were the only ones there that day"

First off, in order for it to be believable that someone is in a suit the body measurements would have to be very similar to that of the so called suit. However, the arms of the patterson gimlin bigfoot "Patty" as they would call her, her arms are too long to be a humans. I call her a her because she has breasts in which are quite obvious in the film. When she moves, her breast sort of flows with it as natural breasts would which gives proof that the breasts are real. The hips are far too low to match a human body structure as humans have longer legs than they do a torso. A big foot has a larger torso than they do legs. Their legs are quite shorter, which is something that you can see is quite obvious with Patty. With that being said, those proportions are shown to be totally different between the two species which could only mean one thing...that is not a human in a suit.

As for the calves, when you watch it walk and move you can see the muscles flex from underneath her hair. Now, remember this film is 1967. They still can barely make a suit as believable as Patty now, and you know for a fact that they couldn't have made a "suit" like that in the year of 1967. They didn't have and still don't have all of that material to be able to make a suit like that. Not only that but remember Planet of The Apes? That came out in 1968. Those suits you can obviously tell were suits and those were made out of the best luxaries and etc that Hollywood could by at the time.

No suit then and no suit today can show the muscles flexing from behind the hair, and can look so real as Patty, especially in 1967. When you look at her behind as she's moving, you can tell that that's real hair and body weight because she's got what some could call a "momma butt" a few people claim that she is walking slow but she seems pretty agile to me. If that were a suit, im pretty sure there'd be a lot more trouble to move around like that especially with all that weight on them.

The point is, they are real. they are not Big Foot or Sasquatch they are Big Foots and Sasquatches. There is not only one, there is an entire species of them. So many people have reported seeing them, and it is highly doubtful that every single last one of them are full of it. Sure, we all know some lied to get publicity but that's just a fraction compared to the rest of the reports. People way back then used to think Gorilla's were just myths but hey, just because we grow up in a timeframe where we grew up already knowing of their existence that only proves that each era has their own mysteries. All they are is just an undiscovered species living their lives. Sure, people have said how come they haven't found a body? Well, i have a counter question? Think about it, how often is someone going to go deep into the woods wearing a bigfoot suit and running around in it playing peekaboo? that right there doesn't seem logical and for the thousands and thousands of sightings? doesn't sound right. As far as finding the body goes, well remember the Giant Squid? Everyone thought that was a complete myth for the longest time and then they found one. Also look at it this way, it is easy for a body to break down and never be found. For one, carnivores would eat various parts of the Sasquatch as he contains a lot of meat and of course protein. Some animals would also eat into the bones and it's insides. the rest will decay and fungus maggots and what ever is left will be broke down and it will be as if it was never there.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 05, 2013:

Thanks Cigano,

Didn't one of the people per the Patterson film, per being on their deathbed, admit it was all a hoax? I think so but am not sure. The film contradicts all we are told about bigfoot. We are told how fast and stealthy bigfoot is. The Patterson film shows a slow and totally un-stealthy thing. We are told Bigfoot is primarily nocturnal and the Patterson creature is just casually strolling along in broad daylight. In my opinion is it just someone in a costume having fun. The so called experts who analyze these films---sometimes I find them amusing. A few of the sightings are so obviously fake and yet the bigfoot research folks use lots of fancy language and an aire of confidence to try to convince you it it is all legit. No body found, none captured, none killed, etc. I want bigfoot to exist but my logic in the hub suggests strongly that bigfoot does not exist. Thanks much!

Cigano on February 05, 2013:

You know, it's not common to find a bear carcass in the woods either. Bodies are picked clean by scavengers and the bones don't last very long at all in the acidic soil.

New species of primates have been recently discovered, ever heard of the Bili ape? It's existence was only proven a few years ago.

For a long time, mountain gorillas were thought to be myths as well.

The fact that we haven't found one yet doesn't mean that they don't exist.

If you don't believe in it, please explain the Patterson Gimlin film, and keep in mind that it has been proven that there is a 1 in 100,000,000 chance that the creature was a man in a suit (it was around 7 and a half feet tall), and that's only considering the height. The proportions of the limbs make it even more preposterous for it to be a person (the proportions which were much closer to ape than human, that can't be faked in a costume).

Just watch this:

Saying with absolute certainty that this creature does not exist is just silly. I mean... how could you KNOW that it's not real? Just watch the video I posted.

Furthermore, do you guys know how hard it is to track a KNOWN animal? An animal that people have studied, know the behavior of, know what they like to eat, the way they move, what attracts them, what repels them, etc. It's very difficult and takes a TON of skill and patience.

It's no surprise that people would have more difficulty locating a creature that they know so little about.

And since there seems to be some confusion, I'd like to point out that it's a logical fallacy to DISPROVE the existence of anything.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on January 09, 2013:


Thanks for your great comments! You and I think alike regarding this topic.

Dan Damiata on January 08, 2013:

I’m an Engineer by trade, and to be “kind”, I’m more than just skeptical of “Bigfoot sightings.

I recently watched a partial episode of “Finding Bigfoot”. Couldn’t make it though the entire episode because I started to lose my mind. As a scientist it simply defies logic that these supposed “researchers” immediately jump to outlandish conclusions that “ it must be Bigfoot” when they hear or see something not immediately explainable. Combined, these alleged “researchers” don’t possess an ounce of “critical thinking”. When solving any problem you consider all of potential causes. It’s amazing that the most reasonable cause for an unknown noise in the woods such as a bear, deer, wolf, a guy whacking a branch against a tree etc. is not even considered as a potential cause.

I’m particularly annoyed with the gal who is supposedly a “Biologist”. What the heck school did she attend that developed her analytical skills? I’d like to know so that my friend’s kids don’t attend that university.

For those who still believe in “Bigfoot”, please consider just one thing:

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie (whatever you want to call it ) sightings have alleged to have occurred in virtually every corner of the planet. How is that not one has ever been found? Presenting a body for the world to see would produce immediate fame and fortune. There are millions of people who would shoot one on sight if they had a chance to do so.

So Bigfoot enthusiasts for just a minute try to consider some reasonable explanations for that bump in the night before you leap off the cliff of outrageous explanations. But, I won’t hold my breath, if you believed in the boogeyman before you probably always will.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on December 05, 2012:


to some people he is to others he is not. The idea of the existence of bigfoot does not scare many people but those who claim to have stumbled upon him....yes most all of these people were quite scared and nearly fouled their drawers. If you were in the forest and just suddenly came face to face with a foul smelling, 8 foot tall, 600 pound upright biped with lots of hair/fur wouldn't you be scared?

nicole on December 05, 2012:

is bigfoot scary

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on November 29, 2012:

To all readers,

The link provided by The Other John Mc is a must read. The link takes you to two articles he wrote on the subject proving bigfoot cannot possibly exist. He mirrors my world class intellect :) per critical and analytical thinking/reasoning and backs it up further with statistics, mathematical probability, etc.

Thanks much The Other John Mc---your contribution here is extremely valuable!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on November 29, 2012:

The Other John Mc,

I've been out of town for a few days hence my delay in approving your entry. Your thinking is very similar to mine. I have not yet read thru all your material but soon will and then will comment again. Thanks so much!

The Other John Mc on November 24, 2012:

I've done a few statistical analyses of the points made by the author, clearly confirming there is no bigfoot, see here: http://thoughtsonscienceandpseudoscience.blogspot....

Readers might find this interesting.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on November 14, 2012:

Thanks Norm,

Your thinking is very similar to mine. What better way to find an elusive, reclusive 8 foot tall 600 pound primate than to go out into the forest screaming and having your camera crew, etc. with you lol. Wait a minute ladies and gentlemen----I think I hear an obscure sound miles off in the distance---it must be Sasquatch knocking on a tree or trying to communicate with us :)

Norm on November 13, 2012:

I read a lot of these comments posted here and most agree there is no bigfoot. At the same time Im watching "finding bigfoot" on tv. This group of guys and one girl run around in the woods all over the county screaming and running across roads to simulate a bigfoot that someone reported seeing. Well its nice that they can make a living pretending that they believe that bigfoot really exists. I get a big kick out of the guy that his famous statement is "yeah theres a squatch here". Hes the same guy that screams at the top of his lungs to attract and call the bigfoot in. Its amazing that suddenly after the screaming is all over there is some thumping on a log. They have a term for it called knocking. What in the hell would some sasquatch knock on something when that guy has finished his screaming. I cant believe that anyone really believes this bs. It's a joke. But lets see Bobo and Cliff are about to go out into the night with those bright lights and more screaming. You think that over all these years that someone hunting or sitting in a tree in camo wouldn't have seen one up close and personal. And why cant they just put up some remote cameras in that same area to catch a picture of them instead of going out and yelling at the top of their lungs and really expect them to come and see what that noise was. Oh maybe those squatches are so up on new electronics that they know how to jam the cameras. And you think that the government that found Osama Bin Laden cant find a sasquatch if they really exist. Ok well now they found a footprint, my God this is ridiculous.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on November 11, 2012:


You sound like a very rational and logical person.

Yes most sightings do tend to be of a single Sasquatch. Some people claim to have seen several together. Some people claim to have seen the bedding areas and other stuff you refer to.

Overall though I am with you. You come across as reasonable and levelheaded and seem to have good critical thinking and analytical skills. I'm glad you came along.

Thanks much!

Tom on November 11, 2012:

Most large primates tend to exist in social troops, not as solitary wanderers. Most all alleged Bigfoot sights are of solitary creatures, which is contrary to what one would expect. Moreover, if there were troops of Bigfoot then there movements would be evident by the disturbed feeding areas and the nightly encampments. Typically large primates gather branches and leaf piles for bedding at night. No such evidence has ever been located.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on November 03, 2012:

Hey Sebastian,

You are right by golly---a sasquatch has been hit by a car!

Thanks for your humor and for stopping by!

Sebastian White on November 01, 2012:

I bet to differ with the 'pseudo' scientific consensus here:

Not only has a yeti been hit by a car: can I refer you to the well known and much vaunted documentary Harry and the Henderson's, where Harry, whom is a said 'yeti' or sasquatch his hit by a the Henderson family car - is thought to be deceased, but then miraculously is discovered to be still alive! He forthwith spent many happy and fruitful years with the Henderson family.

Before embarking on an expedition to the Tibetan Plateau, and adopting the life of a Buddhist Monk, and achieving the state of Yeti-Nirvana... which is pretty much like the Human Nirvana, but just involves more grooming, and coughing up hair balls!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on October 28, 2012:


ok I hear you but the burden of proof is on the people making the allegations that bigfoot does exist. In this hub I provide extremely powerful points as to why bigfoot cannot exist. Why is my opinion or belief not acceptable while theirs is? Don't I have a right to an opinion or belief? Thanks for stopping by and for contributing!

oops on October 28, 2012:

People with this mentality piss me off. This article should be renamed "bigfoot has not been proven to exist". You never know what could be out there, don't say it doesn't.

nobody on October 22, 2012:

Everyone has an opinion but none can either prove or disprove they exist. Its no different than god/s millions n millions of people believe in he/they exist but yet there is no factual evidence to support that god/s do exist, but that doesn't stop people from believing they do. Imo people need to stop beating a dead horse and just get on with life and let bigfoot be. Really the more we try to find them the more people attempt to fake they exist. In all honesty do we really want to find them so people can go out and hunt them or exploit them?

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on October 14, 2012:


Thanks for stopping by and for your comments! I live in Beaverton, OR. and I do, fairly often, see dead squirrels that have been hit by cars... What questions should we be asking?

predd on October 14, 2012:

that is a lie and you know it bigfoots boody might not have been found but its like squrels you dont see there dead boodys everywhere and we have all the right awnsers just you people ask all the wrong qustons. so there

paul on August 17, 2012:

cmon u guys bigfoot does exist i just know it and so does the lock ness monster but idk about chupacabra there is to much evidence saying he does exist and some evidence suggesting he doesn't so idk but i think he is real and wtf really he can read our minds blahblahblah watever he cant read our minds and he is not smarter than us but.................. he might be ...cuz maybe thats how they uvoided us humans all these decades and decades?????????????? .................................................................................................

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on July 07, 2012:

Hi everybody,

I have added additional material to the hub. Thanks!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 31, 2012:


I agree! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Eric on May 30, 2012:

If Bigfoot existed, then there would have to be a large breeding population for it to perpetuate it's species. A large breeding population of a large mammal in North America would be much more evident. Every other large mammal is seen regularly.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 20, 2012:


Maybe you are right---a few other people who have commented herein have stated similarly.

Thanks so much for your visit and comments!

molly on May 19, 2012:

Bigfoot is very powerful being, and is not an animal at all. Sasquatch is a forest PEOPLE with feelings and psychic abilities.. are much more evolved than humans, and have been on earth long before we were.

Since they can read our minds, if they focus in on us they can tell when humans are in their home searching for them with the intent of EXPLOITING them, so they disappear.

As I said Sasquatch is a type of person (MUCH smarter than us) and we need to leave them be.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 11, 2012:


Thanks! Yes I watched that video---red neck kills bigfoot. Well, why didn't he report it when it happened? Why doesn't he go there now and dig up remains for scientists to review or reveal the location? I think he is just a story teller, a teller of tale tales, etc.

Mike on May 09, 2012:

Missing I understand. And you are right in your thoughts not enough hard evidence to prove otherwise. But keep in mind nobody intends on seeing the animal so science language and thought is nil from most of these videos. People are just out in the woods doing whatever and this was a bunch of kids being kids.

I wish the investigator walked that ridge. I did not pay attention to the hut. I thought it was man made as well for whoever camped at the location. I was more focused on the way it walked the ridge and it's height comparison to the grove of trees. I wish the investigators had a 6-6 individual walk the ridge and see how fluid and fast an individual could walk in that terrain. Put a stopwatch to the individual and count the steps, lets see if there is a differenc. It was a pretty good grade on rocks and I wonder how a tall athletic person would do the jaunt.

It was fun and thanks for listening. I do have one more link you need to listen. It's a hoot but it makes you wonder.

It it doesn't work, type in on youtube, red neck kills bigfoot,

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 09, 2012:

the # 3 of 72 bigfoot. the nest---a few boy scouts could have made that no problem. the group does not appear to have been camping out for days on end---it appears they are just there on a day trip meaning they are not far away from civilization, claw marks on trees hah hah---those look like natural formations in the bark of the tress or marks made by humans with a tool, etc. And how about that---they find bigfoots nest and then just a few moments later the big guy himself hah hah. Also, do you think bigfoot would be in broad daylight, in a high place for so long on a ridge with no cover, no trees, etc. Yes he does eventualy go amongst a small grove of trees but he is totally exposed for awhile, at 245 you can clearly see a reddish rigging strap like thing wrapped around the tree per the nest----definitely proof of human construction per the nest---unless bigfoot has recently been shopping at Home Depot etc., wow a fire pit hah hah no doubt made by the big guy himself, if you listen carefully to the voice of the narrator it is comical---he knows he is full of it---it is likely a friend of his in the costume or possibly just a person walking in no costume at all---the young people may not be aware of the shenanigans, the narrator says the bigfoot is screaming at them--really---I don't hear anything and how could they hear anything either per the creature being like 700-800 yards away, his arms hang below his knees he says---really--I don't see that, there is so much more, watch it once or twice more and listen carefully, this is entertainment, the Bigfoot research people want so desperately to believe that they are easily played, fooled, etc.---their critical thinking ability also is quite poor, it is often the case that when you see something the first time you say holy shit.....but if you watch and listen a few more times you begin to see the trickery, many are fooled by an authoritative sounding voice or by someone with a good vocabulary

Mike, aside from this video, which I personally find to be comical, you to me, at least for now, still seem credible per your own experience. I definitely think you saw something you do not fully understand and that you cannot fully explain

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 09, 2012:


I have watched some of that Monster Quest, Finding Bigfoot stuff. I think they make asses of themselves out there in the woods yelling and hollering. Sure a bunch of them hauling camera equipment, lights, tromping along loudly will get them close to Sasquatch hah hah. The fat, bearded guys last name is Moneymaker...

This all being said, per your experience, I get vibes from you that you are rather credible. I definitely think you and your Dad saw something that you do not fully understand.

If Bigfoot does exist I agree with you he must have some kind of sixth sense to be so incredibly elusive. There must be little groups of them with lookouts, etc. which Standing originally emphasizes but then he later sneaks up on one of their camps and watches them for awhile...I don't think so.

Your Question of Me: No I don't believe I could. I believe I would perish in the elements. I believe I would perish from disease, starvation, etc. I would have to be in a rather remote place to avoid human contact. Every once in a while I think there would be human contact nevertheless.

Modern people have lost the survival skills that our ancestors use to the pioneers, native americans for sure, etc.

Would your plan work? It might. Very interesting! Oh no problem---I've enjoyed the interaction and it adds to the value of the hub. Thanks much!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 09, 2012:

Mike, I am watching the # 3 of 72 bigfoot per You Tube. I feel it is a guy in a costume. When they show the replay of height to branch around 1003 the vegetation and terrain around the human and around the alleged sasquatch looks quite different. I don't even think it is the same place hah hah. Same with the incline atop the ridge replays they show human vs sasquatch---that could be anywhere. I think they say it was a group of disabled church kids that were out there so it has to be a place fairly close to and accessible to a parking place or something like that--I don't think Sasquatch would build a nest so close to humanity. Walking so long atop that ridge line----if the "creature" does that regularly a hunter with a scope could pick him off no problem. There are other parts of it I'm not buying either but I do like it overall---I'm such a sucker for stuff like this. There is trickery also with the distances per the camera, etc.

Mike on May 08, 2012:

Ok Missing here is my followup plan. After thinking this over time and time again and trying to figure out from the the information I have at hand you have to understand how can this thing live so elusively. How can is stay so private? No bones, no body, no evidence, nothing. So how does something do this. I come to two conclusions.

They travel in families with lookouts

Or they have a sixth sense that gives them and edge.

I think it is both. I am sticking to the sixth sense to get and inside look at the animal. My feelings are the solo animals "that are mostly seen" are caught in migration or movement at odd times. Like any animal I think they move to find new mates or new lands. It is also the only way I can explain how thousands of game cams in the woods never catch this animal on film (in detail). I think the sixth sense is some sort of electronic footprint imaging. Everything has an electronic signature. I am really stuck on the big and odd shape of the head of the animal. It is more cone like then round and my hunch tells me from my sighting there is more capability to the brain. I am going with this radar imaging theory.

The animal I saw I am also going to assume that it was a solo on the hunt for new land or a mate. I am going to guess since it was July its a good time to mate and this animal was looking for its sweetheart. Gestation Periods in days for human 266 chimpanzee 227 gorilla 257 orangutan 260. Eight to Nine months would put the off Springs birth in March or April the following year a good time for offspring due to food source availability.

If we go with the radar imaging hunch I also feel this is how you can explain away those thousands of game cams. You would think one of those devices would of got a picture. But if the word got out around the clan that Man puts them in trees they must not be good. Therefore if you see an image in your head like such stay clear. I have read several posts by witnesses seeing juveniles be scolded by the elder because of the close proximity to humans. The best one I read was a young one eating and orange peel below a guy in a tree stand and a big male came out of cover and starting chewing out the kid in big foot lingo. The kid went away with head down and the big male gave a long leer to the man in the tree,which he ultimately explained he wished he had a spare pair of under ware in his duffle bag. It took him hours to move. Also noted the guy had a weapon and the last thing he ever thought of doing was killing the animal. This happens a lot, so I read, so again I am focused on the head of the animal and what it is capable of doing. People just freeze or get fearful. I think this happens for a reason. Again I think it is stupid to try to confront the animal. You get these feelings for a reason so listen to them. Listen to the American Indian when they say enjoy the pride of seeing one and your stealth capability, however when you see one let it be.

Ok with that said here is my plan on how to get the animal documented and proven. I feel we should pick a hot spot in america and find a big wide power line. We then should place night vision cameras on every pole to blanket the power line for several miles. I feel the EMF for the high power lines will mask the electronic signature of the cameras. Plus if a squatch was watching they would figure it is the utility company doing routine maintenance that they have seen happen before. We hook up the cameras to the internet and we get a pile of volunteers to do a stake out. I picture this big excel spread sheet with names and times and we watch. Tape the animal if we get hits and just keep studying and studying.

I figure you would need a willing utility company and about 3-4 people who can keep a secret. Heck you could put this whole thing on the net like any live camera and people could just watch for scientific sake and copy footage when needed

That's my high level plan. The details of cheats, hackers, and pranksters would have to worked out I understand.

However, people running around in the woods for ages trying to film the animal consistently just doesn't work.

Ok time to shoot holes in the game plan.

Mike on May 07, 2012:

Missing thanks for the followup. As you can imagine I have been trying to scratch the itch on this for a long time. As an engineer and a man of science like you,I like answers. I don't want to take a long time or the wife will flip out. So I will be short and answer some of your questions and Mysterious.

I saw the animal in Pa.

Sylvanic has been around a long time and claims he knows where to find them and is not letting the cat out of the bag. I don't blame him, somebody will shoot them for money and put it in the traveling circus. I think some of the Northwest states have laws in place saying it is against the law to shoot the animal. I think this is the guy I am thinking of and he keeps info. on the down low. The clip was a 1st for me and explains why it is so hard to see facial features. The animal is a giant fur ball.

I think the Pa. clip is a mangy bear. Not enough evidence to tell you otherwise. I feel you can explain this clip. Search You tube and you will see how some scientist do measurements and such to state otherwise. I think it is a mangy bear.

Go to you tube and type in #3 of 72 bigfoot. You will see a video I can't explain away. This guy I like because he breaks it down and tries to figure it out. He has a mess of them he tries to break down.

Personally I think monster quest, finding bigfoot, and other TV shows are to get ratings . Walking through woods hooting and hollering is not going to get you what you want. Also you would shit a brick if the thing came at you. I think it is stupid, somebody could get hurt. If it doesn't want you there it's for a reason. If it wanted to socialize or was not fearful of man it would be like any other animal in the woods. I think this explains all the video and the why's of no evidence. Just fragged data but nothing of major importance. They don't want you to know they exist. What animal does this? Hmmmmm?

Which brings me to my last thought, which is, I think the answer to this mysterious animal. It has a sixth sense. I think there is more to the animal and that big cone head. It is huge! I personally feel it has the capability to picture movement without seeing it. In my sighting that is the only thing that is out of the normal. The animal never double verified me. When we drove by the 1st time it did not run it remained on the power line. However, the second time when the car stopped it bolted. It never looked at me to verify I was there (double verified)it knew the car stopped and ran. It is either had super sensitive hearing or it has a radar or sonar imagining in its head like other mammals like dolphins, whales, etc.

I read your bio and see you are an anthropologist that studies human behavior. So I pose this question. Say if you where a human and wanted to live your life with others around you in non existence, could you do it? Your whole social structure is based on this, when you where a kid you where taught never be seen. Live in silence! Could you do it.

This animal is more human then we give it credit for. Maybe it is the missing link, I don't know. However, until we start thinking this way we will never document its activity or verify it's existence. If I have time tomorrow I will give you my thoughts on this, with a plan.

Thanks for letting me talk about this to you all. Mike

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 07, 2012:

The Todd Standing videos, etc.

I'm pretty sure this guy is a fraud. When I initially saw some of his stuff I was impressed. Subsequently though I saw more that made me suspect him as a fraud. On one video he goes out into the wilderness and in no time at all finds and sneaks up on a sasquatch camp site. This strongly contradicts his assertion of how sensitive they are, how they would know you are nearby, how they always have a watcher, how they are the boss of the forest, etc. He then states it is a small bird who recognizes he is there and the bird starts making noise which alerts the bigfoots of his presence. Until then, we are expected to believe he is right outside their encampment watching them. They then chase him away and throw a few things at him as he flees. This all is ridiculous and unbelievable to me. So, I think this guy is a charlatan just out to make a name for himself, sell videos, etc. He initially had me fooled. Some of his so called facial pictures/videos of bigfoot are nothing more than pics of indigenous peoples from around the world (eskimo?)or those with a mask, costume, special effects, etc. Especially amusing is how he arrives in the wilderness and in no time at all not only spots a bigfoot but finds one of their secret camp sites where a number of them are hanging out and are oblivious to his presence hah hah

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 06, 2012:

Here is a link to the pictures I was referring to: The thing sure looks humanoid to me. Others say it is a mangy bear?

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 06, 2012:


Thanks so much! That is an awesome experience you and your Dad had. Too bad you didn't go up to the bush where you saw it digging to see what you could find, etc. What state was this in? I assume you were in the USA since you mentioned 4th of July. You ask what gives it the edge? Mysteryus has suggested that it perhaps has telepathic powers? It has also been stated that they work awesome and very strategically as a group or clan. It has also been noted that they are in perfect tune with their surroundings and have an uncanny ability to blend in. Again thanks for addressing my questions and for all the detail!! Thanks as always Mysteryus!

I still think that by now one would have been found dead, captured, killed by a hunter, been imaged on a trail cam, hit by a car, etc.

Now actually there is a trail cam like picture with something on it that looks half human-monkey but it is not so big. If anything it could be a juvenile. This is basically a camera in someones back yard though and I tend to think it was a neighborhood, prankster kid---you just see the back of it--- I'll try to find it and post it.

Mike on May 06, 2012:

Missing Link I will answer your questions.

How close were you?

When my father 1st saw it we where driving down the road looking for a duck hunting spot. I drove past a power line that ran up the side of a mountain. When we got past the power line my father said "Did you see that horse in the middle of the power line?" I said "Really, what is a horse doing up there? He didn't know of course, but he just kept talking about this horse and how odd it was. After about 5 minutes of hearing him talk about this horse loose on a power line. I gave in and said lets go back and see this horse. Actually I didn't believe him, and told him that he was losing it and I wanted to see this for myself.

When my father 1st saw the animal I do not know how close it was to the road.

How old were you?

32 or so and my father was about 56

Were you afraid?

Nope, not at all! Just confused. It actually took my Father and I about a year to talk about the event in any detail and to let our family members know what we saw that July 4th Day. Which is why I know it wasn't a prank. It was hotter then hell that day, and you would have to be a complete idiot to walk around in ape suit, on a random power line, on a random mountain. You might see a person every 30ty minutes if they even stopped to look.

Was your dad afraid?

Nope he was just like me! Perplexed at what we saw.

After seeing it what did you do?

Ok, so here is where it gets interesting. After I turned around the Jeep and drove for a while, we slowly approached the power line. I looked over to my Dad to get a que where to look to find this horse. As we got closer to the spot I see him looking way up the mountain, so I guess it is high up and I will start scanning there. As we get closer I see a pull over area at the base of the power line to park the jeep and give a good stair. As I slow roll of the car over to the pull off area, in my line of sight, I see this big brown thing digging under a bush about 75-100 yards away??? I said "Dad there it is!" and he said, "Huh!, when I saw it, it was way up there!" As soon as the car comes to a complete stop, this brown ball of fur stands up and takes about 4 long strides off the center of the power line into the woods at rapid speed. I said "Look at him go!" and just like that it was gone!

That's it, nothing spectacular, it was exactly like all the videos you seen to date of Bigfoot. The whole event may have been 10-15 seconds. But it did happen!

As we pulled away from the scene we didn't speak a word. We both where trying but words to what we saw. It was about 2-3 miles down the road. Then I spoke. I said, "Dad tell me what you saw!" he said, "Tell me what you saw, and I will let you know what I saw." Great I thought, we are both scared of saying what our eyes saw. Ok, I thought, fair enough this is what I said as I can remember. "I saw this big brown furry thing digging for something under a bush. When the car stopped, it stood up and took about 4 big steps off the power line into the woods." Dad says "Yep that's what I saw too."

We both knew what we saw, but we couldn't say it, we just didn't believe in their existence. That was the end of the conversation and back to the July 4th Party we went.

Not one word was said about that day in detail until about a year or so later. That is how hard it was to really broach the subject.

Missing Link, believe me it's real, it's big, and it's not dumb. The animal (which is more man then ape)knew it was in the middle of a power line and was not threatened by the random passing vehicle. But when my jeep stopped, it bugged out, like it had eyes in the back of its head. The thing never looked to double verify, it just bolted. It knew it was caught in broad day light with its hand in the blueberry bush and that's was a no no.

Maybe there is more in that Cone Head then we give it credit for. How else could you walk around with man for thousands of years and never be classified. What gives it the edge?

Tony Pratt from Nashville, Tennessee on May 06, 2012:

Mike's post begs the previous question and shows the flaw in the poll question. This is not about belief systems. how do you know it is fake if you haven't seen it. The dirty little secret of hub pages is there is an underlying religious agenda expressing itself in various forms of disbelief in anything outside the familiar accepting Christ as my personal savior bit. I like Todd Standing's new video that challenges debunkers and non-believers who may encounter bigfoot to not shoot at whatever you think you are seeing because it is just a man, a man in a costume, man in a fur coat, man in a suit or it is a bear, tree stump, rock or you are hallucinating. So, under no circumstances should you shoot at what you think you are seeing.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 06, 2012:

Mike, it was probably a prankster that you saw. Your dad may also have set you up.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on May 05, 2012:

Hi Mike, I wrote the hub. Thanks for visiting and your comments. Oh, I don't have black and white thinking; just because I don't believe in bigfoot...that does not mean I'm a disbeliever in all other unusual or unproven types of things. You should read all of the comments attached to this hub. I would like for bigfoot to exist; I just don't believe he does---the hub explains why. That's cool you had an experience you cannot explain where you believe you saw a bigfoot. How close were you? How old were you? Were you afraid? Was your dad afraid? After seeing it what did you do? Thanks!

Mike on May 05, 2012:

Not sure who wrote this article, but I didn't believe in bigfoot, aliens, lock ness, blah, blah, blah. However, I have one problem, I saw a bigfoot, not of my wishes, and I just can't explain it away to a walking bear or human prank. I am not a story teller or a liar, just a normal guy that saw something that I never seen before in the woods. Actually my father was with me and he saw it 1st and thought it was a horse. The only problem with the horse, is that it got up off all fours and walked rapidly off the power line in 4 lengthy strides.

Just like all the Bigfoot footage you seen, a glimpse and gone!! No need to eloborate if you seen any film of the animal that's what it does. In site for a few seconds and gone!

I want to find this thing and end the myth, which brings me to this random site of no help. It's been 15 years of me trying to explain this, which I can't. Sorry you don't believe.

Oh yea, I don't believe in Aliens, Lock Ness or other unexplained things. I just haven't seen one yet.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on April 28, 2012:


I'm very sorry for getting a bit personal this time. At the time I did not realize it but can see it now but can no longer edit or delete Don't shave off any hair :) I love your stuff but remain a skeptic.

Tony Pratt from Nashville, Tennessee on April 28, 2012:

Link, first of all thanks for spending the time to reply to all my stuff. You are an excellent Hub host even though you did get a little personal this time. And yes my friend I am the real deal. And, quite a character too. I am not trying to get a TV show. It is my show. It is the first time I have let a co-host interview me because I wanted to recount my experience while it was fresh in my mind. I have been producing and hosting Mystery Us for five years under a non-profit corporation. Not to say I wouldn’t love to have the show picked up by a commercial entity. It was previously a radio show called Paranormality before it became Mystery Us. I don’t always dress in black or wear the hat. I used to wear it at the beginning when it was strictly paranormal and thought I’d wear it again. People either hate it or love it. The smirk on my face is there admittedly. I think it is the dimples. It is just me. I don’t have a book or video on paranormal out but I am working on it. I really have not hawked anything of my own on the show except maybe martial arts and self-defense training. I have been involved in Tang Soo Do for 38 years. I Coached the two time National Championship Junior Olympic Tae Kwon Do team and trained many world kickboxing and Kyo Shu Kung Fu Heavyweight champ. The perceptive abilities I gained in martial arts led me into exploring paranormal realities and filming UFO’s. I am not trying to become famous. I am fairly well known in my area. I am certainly not opposed to making a living.

Sorry, but you are also incorrect in dismissing the rod phenomena. It is classic disinformation. It hasn’t been disproven to me. And, I saw the same websites and videos you did promoting that explanation. Although, its true slow shutter speeds can make an insect stretch out and look sort of like rods it really doesn’t address rods at all. I have a rod video I shot where the rod passes behind the dual contrails of a commercial Jet in two frames at 30 per second. The rod is therefore farther away than the Jet yet appears many times larger than the airliner My shutter speed is 1 10,000 of a second. By the way it takes the Jet 108 frames to cross the screen. I am a sucker for this fascinating stuff too, but I go out and test the theory unlike most people who just talk about it. If my rod footage is of an insect it is the largest in history.

Thanks for watching my video. The tree knocking is just a demo so people can see what to do and try it when they are in the woods. I did not conclude a bigfoot knocked over the tree. The weird thing about it to me though is it was freshly broken and the limbs of the tree it was laying on seemed to have grown around it. That’s all. I am not making mountains out of molehills here. I don’t have to when there are plenty of mountains to explore.

You are correct in pointing out that the fact I happened to have a bigfoot contact experience and UFO sighting on the same day offers zero proof of a connection. And, I don’t think I exaggerated when I described this was my inexplicable feeling. Perhaps I should have included some more outside evidence i.e. Kewaunee’s book Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO connection. I consider myself an everyman field reporter of paranormal and other topics. No offense but I am not surprised you haven’t seen a bigfoot. I think you could though. You don’t have to buy me. I am not for sale. I don’t compromise my integrity for anyone or anything.

You are right about Ouija boards not being things one should take lightly. I made that error and ended up having an incredible experience that in the end turned out positive. I won’t go into it here but would love to tell you all about it some time. Though it is just a piece of cardboard it can also be a portal that can become connected to things you don’t want to have to deal with.

Do you think I should shave the tuft from my chin so I can look more Amish?

I don’t know any humans who could pull down a tree that thick unless they knocked it over with a backhoe and stood it up again. I am not saying it can’t be a hoax. But, if it is it is incredible.

Last but not least. I believe Jesus is who he says he is. In fact I know it more than I know anything else. But, I don’t know that the particular UFO experience I described on the show is not connected to a higher or spiritual reality. The lady I shared the sighting with said she felt sad after it was over and didn’t want that connection to end. My advice to everyone on all sides of the issue is don’t hate especially not in the name of Jesus. It is ok to be a smartass as far as commenting on issues of substance but personal attacks are crude and show a lack of valid arguments. You might think I am bat shit crazy but at least I am seeking answers not proclaiming to have figured out everything about a phenomena not existing that has been reported for thousands of years.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on April 28, 2012:

The two bigfoots in the snow in Ohio. I do not see the one in the tree at all---those just look like tree branches to me. I do see the other figure who I feel is just a friend of the cameraman--a large friend like maybe someone 6'7, 6'8 or something like that---anyone can shake a sapling back and forth---especially a large, strong man.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on April 28, 2012:

Ok I am done with that video. Tree knocking----you show a young man hitting a tree and you talk alot about times you would hear a bigfoot knocking back but none of those are recorded---you just show a young kid hitting a tree.

The tree that was knocked over; I've seen that lots of times. A tree will be rotten or weak in a place and that is where it is mostly likely to break---most of the time in wind or a storm. You conclude a bigfoot must have knocked it over.

You saw 8 UFOS the same day you had multiple bigfoot experiences... Really?

This being said: I grew up on a farm in Ohio and spent extensive amounts of time in the woods and creeks. I never saw a bigfoot but I did often feel like I was being watched or that there was something paranormal about the area. The farm was about 40 minutes away from the fantastic Serpent Mound which is absolutely real and part of Native American history and lore. You would think that the many years I spent in rural Ohio I would have seen at least one bigfoot.

I did have one bizarre,unexplained experience in rural Ohio and it is described in this hub I also believe that Ouija boards should not be messed with. I also believe Jesus is who he said he was.

So there you go. I have beliefs also.

Overall, I'm not buying you. No offense man. You just seem like a character to me---also that tuft of hair below your mouth on your chin--tuft hanging down. You have character written all over you to me.

Nevertheless, I find your stuff fascinating!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on April 28, 2012:

I'm watching your video here: Well, you are quite a character--I don't know what to make of you. You are dressed all in black, with a black hat on which casts a very dark shadow over your eyes. You seem to often have a smirk on your face. Perhaps you are the real deal but perhaps you are just trying to hawk book, videos, etc. or trying to become famous hoping to get your own tv show someday. I just don't know. The rod phenomena has been proven to be an anomaly having to do with the imaging equipment. I'm such a sucker for this kind of fascinating stuff however...

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on April 27, 2012:

Hi Tony, Welcome back! I subsequently accessed more info from the Sylvanic guy, which to me, cast a lot of doubt on his credibility. He is the guy that showed the squatch crouching behind a stone or shrub. Want to hear why I now seriously doubt his credibility?

I am reviewing your new info.

Tony Pratt on April 25, 2012:

Any Squatch carcasses that have been found have been witheld from public view or misidentified most recently in my opinion as Ardipithecus or "Ardi". I mentioned before it is the latest candidate for the "so-called" "missing link" that makes the mainstream scientific view supposedly make sense and like the freshly made 6 inches deep footprint I found it has the feature of a gapped big toe. Listen, I can't in good consicence give much weight or credence to arguments from deniers and ignorers who are at best non-seekers of evidence. Seek and ye shall find my friend. But, you won't find it with a gun. Too many bigfoot researchers ignore or suppress evidence already to protect their reputations. Eye witness testimony is given much less weight than it obviously warrants. But, I can personally tell you all I know that the phenomena exists. And, I don't purport to fully understand it in the least. There are no experts in the traditional meaning of the term. But I can tell you it is definitely physical and absolutely in possession of amazing abilities. I think the arguments I have given here are valid and authentic. I have seen more bigfoots than bears where I am looking. Davy Crockett done kilt all em' bars you know? We don't generally have bears in this part of the state. You can pull a Ripley's and believe it or not. But, I am not deluded. I am an experiencer. And, my most recent contact I talked about extensively on the latest edition of my TV show Mystery Us. It is about an experience March 10th 2012 involving both bigfoot research and a UFO sighting. Someone previously made a comment that UFO's they thought were real but bigfoot not so much. Ok, so you might still agree with some of the evidence I recount. I am willing to take the new brain scan lie detector test any time and will do so when it is made public to scientifically prove my words are true. Please allow me to add: I am not here to purposefully rain on the parade of Sasquatch, Bigfoot, the Yeti: They Do Not Exist And Here Are Reasons Why.

I greatly respect Missing Link for posting my comments and for being a true skeptic that listens to all sides before passing final judgment. We can continue to discuss it and refine our arguments. Bottom line. I don't believe in bigfoot. I know what I know. I can show you better than I can tell you. Again, I would not expect anyone to believe it unless you experience those vocalizations and see it first hand for your self. Watch the Facebook video to the end and you will have to admit even if you still think it is fake it is well executed as hell. Let me see a guy in a bigfoot garb pull down a 40 foot tree. If you can fake that the movies and maybe the military need your skills. This is not CGI graphics. And, I apologize sincerely, if I offend anyone in any way it is not personal I promise you. If you can prove me wrong and demonstrate that perhaps the government, aliens or my ex-wives implanted false memories of bigfoot experiences in my brain I am open to being enlightened. But, I have to tell you my story as precisely and accurately as I can. It is kinda part of what I do. And, maybe you are against that sort of thing. I personally am for the people. Please examine the evidence that is out there before forming an opinion in advance or simply ignoring it. Even better do your own research. And, finally I think all sides have to be open to humor and laugh about it. It is ok to make jokes all you want. Especially if they are actually funny and not just crass personal attacks.

Mystery Us You Tube Channel:

Find Bigfoot Facebook video:

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on April 23, 2012:

Je colon,

Very interesting indeed! Your comments put a different twist/angle on this subject. Your comments are a great edition to the hub. Thanks much!

Je colon on April 23, 2012:

There is no such thing as "bigfoot". 100 years ago traveling shows were popular. People would go to see them. The white hunters would sell small chimps and baby apes to the circus. In the 60s the hippies came and also the new age children that were into the earth. Today we have a name for them that are constanting screaming about the dirtying the earth. The circus started losing money and finally faded away. They did not know what to do with the small animals and they took them to different areas to let them loose. Since the owner knew that they would get caught if they mutiple, they tried to keep the males away from the females. Today, years later these things have evolved and some have managed to find others and mate. This is why there is always one that is spotted and not too many children. Mating is slow because of their inhabitant. They smell like an animal, they look like an ape, and they "can" remember from their own past experience with humans, that we are dangerous and we are the Masters. That is what a "bigfoot" is. Nothing more.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on April 20, 2012:


I don't really understand your comment but thanks nevertheless :)

hattiebabes on April 19, 2012:

no one knows that the yeti or bigfoot ect dose not exist because has not been any evidance that it isn't true and i dont believe in yeti but a little bigfoot so dont try and say it doesn't exist because it may(touch wood!)

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on March 20, 2012:

Thanks CJ Sledgehammer,

I appreciate your participation and what it adds.

The burden of proof is on the folks making the allegations.

We have found giant squid. Even though oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface and the depths are often great with poor visibility we have still found them. A few dead ones have washed ashore and just in recent years we have obtained video evidence.

We can find endangered rhinos in Africa from helicopter no problem. We find tiny frogs in Borneo, new species of insects, etc. Here is a link per a new species of frog---they are smaller than an M & M--and were recently discovered:

but we can't find a 700 pound 8 foot tall bipedal hominid walking on the planet's surface?? hmmmm

Ok so why am I wrong and again, the burden of proof is on the person making the allegations.


CJ Sledgehammer on March 20, 2012:

Missing Link:

I respectfully disagree with you. You have listed reasons why you think Bigfoot doesn't exist, but that is of little consequence. You have never been in the trenches and you have never walked in the shoes of those who have.

I can explain away all your doubts with the greatest of ease. The only question is whether or not you will accept my answers, which I doubt, as I do not accept your's.

Being a scoffer does not make you an authority on this issue, it just means you have reason not to believe, but it doesn't even come close to answering the question of whether Sasquatch exists or not.

You see, there are many things that people mock and make light of...until a specimen is found or they see it for themselves.

In reality you cannot prove that Bigfoot does not exist, so all you can really say is that you don't know of any credible evidence supporting its existence. Then again, you have not provided any credible evidence that Bigfoot doesn't exist, nor can you.

Peace out - C.J. Sledgehammer

saber on March 05, 2012:

If they dont exist why do somepeople say that the "FBI" has taken their body. Also people do hoax because of the gorilla suit stuffed with a pig as we all remember that was found in a forest, shouldn't the national park people that carried the body off relized it wasn't a real bigfoot. Because when they unthawed it they then found out it was a gorilla suit or bigfoot suit?

K. ERICKSON on February 28, 2012:

No dead, no remains. No proof. Does not exist.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 27, 2012:

opie 318,

Excellent points! Thanks for contributing!

opie318 on February 27, 2012:

Also if there were bigfoots, across the US (every state but Hawaii have had sightings) and the world, each group or gene pool would need a viable breeding population to allow for sufficient genetic variation and survival over time.. like millions of years. To survive disease, viruses, and natural breeding issues, a sufficient amount of genetic variation is needed. There needs to be many, many bigfoot populations all across the globe, and for none to be found alive, wounded, or dead... is just to much to take in the modern world. I mean over 7 billion people.. hunters, scientists, photographers, documentaries, trail cameras, 24 hour video feeds, nothing has caught one of these bigfoots yet. Hmm..

opie318 on February 27, 2012:

How about fossil record??? Surely the bigfoot, would have some evidence of existence. All the universities and professional anthropologists and archeologists in the US and world wide doing digs would have stumbled upon something. Humanoid like skulls would ALWAYS be feverishly investigated. The entire fossil record shows NO evidence of bigfoot.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 27, 2012:


Your trail camera comments especially are another excellent reason why I believe Bigfoot does not exist. Surely a Bigfoot would have been caught on a modern motion detecting trail camera somewhere it seems to me. Very good!! Thanks for visiting and your comments!

Dennis on February 26, 2012:

To the poster who commented that most sightings are by hunters but they are afraid to shoot at them for fear of a "BF" throwing rocks or sticks back at that a serious rebuttal? I don't care if a "BF"throwing is 8' tall and 600-800 pounds. A Grizzly bear is similar in size and a rifle in the correct caliber will drop that Grizzly in its tracks.

A tool that most hunters use today is a motion activated trail camera that is strapped to a tree and left for weeks and months at a time in the woods. So explain why nothing besides a blur claiming to be "BF" has been captured on at least 1 of thousands of trail cams? And may I add that these trail cameras are not 1970to poloroids, they take very good, high quality photos and in alot of cases they also take HD video as well.

Speaking of Grizzly bears, why has nobody stumbled upon a "BF" body that a Grizzly dismantled. Let me guess...the Grizzly is no match for a "BF"?

Dennis on February 26, 2012:

I am seriously going to contact Animal Planet and have them front me hundreds of thousands of dollars to go hunt for the pink unicorn. They exist, my 6 year old daughter says so and I believe her.

Pappy Junior on February 22, 2012:

If i gots me a case a bud fer every squatch i saw in my boys woods by the crick id sure have myself alotta bud!

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 15, 2012:

1) No Body

2) No Capture

3) No definitive hair sample discovered

4) No definitive body parts discovered

5) No definitive stool sample

6) None shot by a gun per authentication

7) None shot by a compound bow per authentication

8) None hit by a car per authentication

9) None found injured

10) No thermal hits

11) No definitive, agreed upon, authenticated video

12) No definitive, agreed upon, authenticated pictures

13) No baby Sasquatches found

14) No definitive, agreed upon, authenticated shelter found

15) All the above is true globally not just in the USA

16) etc, etc, etc.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on February 14, 2012:

Hi TheSmartbrain3000 and thanks for stopping by! The reasons for bigfoot not being real are explained in the hub. Does any one have other reasons bigfoot doesn't exist other than the reasons mentioned in the hub?

TheSmartbrain3000 on February 14, 2012:

Can someone tell me 10 main reasons the YETI isn't real?

Tony on January 23, 2012:

It is amazing to see the thin arguments of those not in the know. If you really had an interest you would go do some research and find out for yourself. It is easier than you might think. Just don't bring a gun, or camera or negative intention. Reality is not on the side of myth Sean. It is on the side of what is real! I challenge you to do your own research before making a decision on what you believe based on nothing. Go find it and you won't have to believe anything you will know. lol

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on January 23, 2012:

Hi Sean,

Thanks so much for reading/visiting the hub and for your comments!

Sean Cagney on January 22, 2012:

I agree with the guy above, no evidence at all! NO BODY OR CONCRETE FILM being shown after all this research! Come on this thing does not exist at all. It is fun to think it does no doubt, but serously where is any evidence sides heresay at all? You saw one he saw one blah blah blah, no film or pics up close? No body after all these years at all? Some say a Bear remains are hardly found so thats there rebuttle! COOL but Bears are seen on film by many and in the wilderness by many! Bigfoot?

I don't think it is real, sorry no 100% proof it does not exist but the reality is the belief is more on my side of things that BIGFOOT is a myth, fun to believe in but not real.

Tony on January 21, 2012:

Link, I believe there is an explanation somewhere on the Sylvanic website about some millionaire who is putting up the money. Obviously they want to be in on the breaking of the story. It is doubtful they are intentionally being misleading given the overall level of credibility and skill they have demonstrated. But, I do have a pretty good idea of how they are getting so close. And, I have my own ideas how to get even closer. And, I have sites of previous and ongoing contact that would be prime for this. I wouldn't try to physically capture one of them though. Within certain geographic boundaries they are all in constant contact telepathically. They are as curious as we are. Here is my little Bigfoot song:

Hey, Mr. Bigfoot

Yes, I have seen a Bigfoot down in Werewolf Springs Tennessee

He gnarled and growled and grunted as he garbled through the trees

I chased him down the hillside but he was quicker than the breeze

He jumped across the dry creek bed in a single bounding leap

Hey Mr. Bigfoot what do you think of me?

An escaped wild man from the circus or mental patient if you please

I know that you're not happy I can hear it in your speech

Hey Mr. Bigfoot what do you think of me?

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on January 21, 2012:

Hey Tony,

If someone were to pull it off I wonder where those Sylvanic guys are going to get 2 million dollars from? They don't seem like they could come up with an amount of money even close to that.

Per some of the video info per your link, it seems the bigfoots are a coordinated bunch so if some people were to try to take one alive I have a feeling several other bigfoots would try to intervene. I think the bigfoots would easily win unless it was a sizeable team of people with lots of gear, weapons, etc. It seems clear per Sylvanic that a sasquatch can be very close to you and you don't even know it. All of this per the site-link you provided.

Yes I agree I would try to keep the government out of it (at least initially) if one were captured or a body recovered.

Tony Pratt on January 21, 2012:

Hey link, If I hadn't had direct contact with these beings I would not accept the reality either. Before my contact I would see footage on various TV programs and in the back of my mind I would always think it could be fake. But, did you notice the Silvanic website is offering a 2 million dollar reward for proof of either a body that died of natural causes or a live one? I think the live capture may be easier to pull off. For anyone thinking about trying it you will need a net gun, tranquilizer darts and a secure facility to take the bigfoot to for study. And, I wouldn't publicize my efforts unless you want the government to step in take it away from you.

Missing Link (author) from Oregon on January 21, 2012:

Thanks Tony,

I'm still gonna need a body but that link you provided was awesome.

If they exist they appear to be damn fast and have amazing camoflauge. They appear to be rather intelligent and work together very well. They appear to be highly sensitive to their environment so apparently would know of a human presence rather quickly.

It is true that even though there has been terrible environmental degradation there still are vast areas of remote wilderness where they could possibly live. It appears they have little to no tolerance for human proximity. They could possibly build shelters so a cave would not be necessary.

One link on the site you provided has very interesting comments per Leif Erikson and another guy who wrote a history of the Spokane Indians---very interesting.

Seems these creatures use to be more in contact/closer to humans but at some point they withdrew---smart for them--they didn't want to end up like the buffalo, the dodo bird, etc.

Telepathic powers---I don't know---maybe they do have a special way to communicate with one another---I'm sure they do but don't know if it is telepathy, many other animals have their own communcation system

I need a body though to believe totally. I was just playing my own devils advocate herein.

Tony Pratt on January 19, 2012:

Missing Link, thanks for the welcome back. I appreciate the fact you are a true sceptic in that you are looking at all sides of the issue before making a judgement. There is a plethora of new footage on You Tube and a lot of it is very good. In answer to your questions:

1. However, why has no body ever been found?

There are a few reasons why no body or skeletal remains have been found. First of all, I believe many bodies and skeltons have been found and simply misidentified and/or in many cases the government/scientific community comes in and covers it up. The latest example is ardipithecus or "Ardi" which is clearly a bigfoot skeleton because of the gapped big toe and other features. In Michael Cremos's book Forbidden Archaeology he sites numerous reports all by mainstream scientists including Richard and Mary Leakey who find bones and make comments to the effect that if they didn't know better the bones perfectly match homo sapiens skeletons, but since it is found in 350 million year old strata shared by dinosaurs it must be something else. If it doesn't fit the current paradigm the evidence is ignored or even suppressed. Michael Cremo calls this process knowledge filtration. Secondly, the bigfoot are highly intelligent and dispose of the bodies or bury them underground. Also, no bodies have been found of dead bears and many other large animals either because the forest creatures eat and cleans up remains of bodies in a matter of hours.

2. Even though their speed and camoflauge is amazing, I still think a hunter with great optics would have picked off one by now. How do you explain this?

Any hunter will most likely have zero contact. The bigfoot will know the hunter's intentions as soon as they enter the forest. They are in control in wilderness environments. And, I have to tell you from firsthand experience they have amazing telepathic abilities as they are described in the vedas "apemen with mystic powers". And literally thousands of modern reports of mind to mind communcation and/or them vanishing into thin air yet remaining present to throw rocks and other objects at or near people. There was a recent report from a credible researcher who had a sighting from across a lake of a creature throwing rocks. The researcher was astounded when a pebble landed perfectly balanced on the end of his boot, but didn't see the bigfoot on the other side of the lake at that point. I don't think it was thrown from across the lake. It would obviously bounce off. I believe the dematerialized bigfoot walked over and simply dropped the pebble on his boot just to mess with the guy. lol They are playful at times.

3. Why has one not been accidentally hit by a car?

They don't generally get hit by cars because they are much too aware. And they are nearly as fast as a car. If it did happen their family group would tend to them if hurt and/or remove the body if killed. They will fight to death before allowing themselves to be captured.

I agree with your point that feral humans are out there too. And, not only that there are variations around the world of the wildman aka bigfoot phenomena. They don't all look exactly alike or even behave the same.

$. Hope I'm wrong and that bigfoot is real. The prior guy was just too condescending for me not to push back a bit.

You will have your wish my friend. And, it is proper to question and explore every aspect of this research regardless where it leads. We can disagree without being smart asses. It is tempting to throw in that zinger though. Ha ha.

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