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Russia Claims World War III Has Begun After the Russian Flagship Moskva Is Sunk in a Missile Attack in the Black Sea

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The war in Ukraine has entered its 50th day and for a military historian, it's a bit of a surprise that the war has gone on so long. There are new twists and turns and despite deep advances by Russian forces in Ukraine they have not been able to capture the country or defeat it.

The biggest escalation now is the sinking of the Russian flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the guided-missile destroyer Moskva. This was one of the biggest ships of the Russian Navy and displaced nearly 10,000 tons. it was supposed to have three layers of electronic countermeasures against missiles but it appears that all the layers failed. The ship was reportedly hit by a Ukrainian-made Neptune missile and sunk.

The ship carried a complement of 510 officers and men. It was coordinating the operations of the Black Sea fleet against Ukraine and one can say that this is a great loss to Russian prestige.

We must, however, understand that the loss of one ship doesn't mean that Ukraine is winning the war as deeper issues are involved. A look at the map will show that already about 25% of Ukrainian territory has been occupied by Russia.

In addition, after the sinking of the Flagship, The Russian press has been commenting that World War III has begun. This is quite likely because a simple demand by Russia that Ukraine should not become a member of NATO which could have resulted in the war being avoided has not been accepted by the Western powers notably the USA and the UK. They have egged on the smaller nations of NATO to oppose Russia as well as give the latest weapons to Ukraine.

In other words, the Americans are keen that the war continues and they are in no mood to accept the fact that Ukraine will not be a member of NATO or give any security assurance to Russia. The result is that there is now a likelihood of an escalation.


The Sinking

The sinking of the most sophisticated warship of the Russian fleet is a matter of alarm for Russia. It points to one of the two things. Firstly it is possible that the ship's electronic countermeasures against the cruise missiles failed and that is definitely a cause of great concern but my feeling is that this happened because of a lackadaisical attitude of the Russian crew which never took Ukraine seriously. In this case, the Russian general staff is also responsible.

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When the Indian army moved into East Pakistan an area as large as France, General Jagjeet Singh Aurora, C-in-C Eastern Command had worked for months and burned the midnight oil planning a detailed war, plan village by village to occupy and defeat the Pakistan army. Russians never took this invasion seriously and they thought that by use of artillery and gunships in a shock and awe operation they would be winners.

Battles are not won without proper and meticulous planning to the detail as well as an appreciation of the capabilities of the enemy. I'm afraid Russians failed badly in this and they took Ukraine very lightly. We must recollect that the Americans when they attacked Iraq, bombed the country for 70 days before making the ground invasion while in the case of Ukraine the Russians never carried out any bombing of Ukraine and just moved in. They were sitting ducks to the antitank missiles with the result that over 500 Russian tanks have been lost which is a huge number.

However, before Joe Biden and Ukraine can celebrate this small victory of the sinking of the Russian flagship, the chances the Russians are going to retaliate are more. That is the reason The Russian press has been talking about the sinking of the battleship as the beginning of World War III.

The Americans are pumping millions of dollars of weaponry into Ukraine. I have not been able to understand what America is going to get out of it. Ukraine is thousands of miles from the homeland and it was accepted by Bill Clinton back in 1992 that NATO would not expand eastward. Yet the Americans have negated that promise and expanded eastwards. To say that NATO is not against anybody has really no meaning because the raisin d'etre is Russia, which is the "created enemy." Just as the Russians failed to gauge the ability of the Ukrainians to fight back the Americans have also failed to gauge the essence of Russian commitment to winning the war come what may.


World War III?

Russia has warned America against supplying any weapons to Ukraine but I don't think it has an effect as the Americans are now giving the latest advanced artillery to Ukraine which is radar-controlled. There is every chance that there will be a likelihood of a further escalation and we must remember that in 1941 the Americans by enforcing a trade embargo against Japan forced it to attack Pearl Harbor.

The fact remains that Ukraine cannot fight for any length of time against Russia unless it is given more weapons and this will be like putting fuel to the fire because a stage may come when Russia may use a nuclear device in Ukraine. I am pretty sure the Americans will not retaliate with a nuclear strike on Russia because that would be the end of the United States.

Europe, however, is inconsequential and Ukraine will simply be cannon fodder in this battle. Ukraine will be destroyed for the next 50 years. We must remember the half-life. of an atomic nucleus is 50 years and I don't think anything will grow during that period. The granary of Europe will be destroyed and the Ukrainians have only to thank Zelenskyy their president who has led them to their doom.

The Americans have seen that the sanctions against Russia have not had the desired effect and Western Europe continues to buy large quantities of oil and gas from Russia. it will be a fallacy not to see the reality.

One fact that cannot be denied is that in every theatre the Americans have entered from Korea to Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, and Georgia, they have left nothing behind except death and destruction. I don't see how Ukraine will be anything different.

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