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Dramatization of the Elephant's Child, After R. Kipling

Nicolas likes to search new trends in learning foreign languages, especially, in field of psychology.

Illustration of the Elephant's Child

Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

Why R.Kipling Dramatization? Tips for Teachers.

The Text of the tale "An Elephant's Child" by R.Kipling in 1903, contains the features of the polylogue with a fairy plot. It is sated with a lot of dialogue, its sentences are transformed easily from direct speech to the indirect one, and vice-verse. Besides, this tale is a successful combination of the prose and the poetry in one work of art. Its poem "Six serving men" promotes a quick attaching to the memory words-questions. Also, in the text of the tale there is a lot of reiterations that strengthen this process.The author adds a new word to the used phrase, repeating it once again. As a result the same words are composed in new sentences as in the kaleidoscope. For example:

1st: My father has spanked me

My mother has spanked me

All my aunts and my uncles have spanked me for my Curiosity....

2nd: How strange

My father and my mother

and my uncle and aunt

and my other uncle the baboon

and my other aunt the Hippopotamus

have all spanked me

for my Curiosity...

3d: Nobody spanked anybody more...

Pupils are very interested in the creative activities of R.Kipling , because against a background of urbanization, social gaps, the low level of the pop-art, the original harmony of the flora's and fauna's world , its original colours and forms influences on

beneficially upbringing of the young soul.

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Biography, variant for junior pupils.

  • Joseph Rudyard Kipling was born on the 30th of December, 1865, in India , Bombay. The tales written for his son and daughter in the interesting and gay manner, took the especial place in his creative works. These tales teach us the diligence, blame the ruddiness, laugh at the folly, the vanity. We may see the best features of the Kipling’ talent as a fine narrator , a great master of words. He tells us about distant countries where there are not seen before trees and animalsю In contrast, he does it in so exclusive form, that this world of tales begins at one moment so friendly and clear.
  • R.Kipling tells us about the beautiful face of the Earth, of Her biodiversity in artistic form, of a lots of outstanding, unusual and interesting in the Nature, of the thirst of the great Knowledge.

Art Therapy in English

Psychological and Physical Preparations for Actors-Pupils


  1. The role of Elephant is explained by gestures and sayigs at the same time-
  2. “With fingers together touch the back of your hand to your mouth, then move it forward and swap it down as if it is going down a slide, to show the elephant’s trunk.
  3. I am an Elephant. My nose is my trunk, my ears are great and round . I have four legs. I am very strong, but I like also brain work. For example, I was studying at school for baby elephants in Shri Lanka. I am taught to parade majestically in festivals and ceremonies."

  1. But, don’t never make
  2. The bad mistake
  3. Of stepping on the sleeping snake
  4. Because
  5. His jaws
  6. Might be awake!”
  7. The role of Snake –
  8. “Stand with your back to a wall. Keeping your shoulders hips, and heels against the wall, jump as high as you can, and then try to twist.
  9. I am “mistake” – snake
  10. Th! Th! Th!
  11. It’s no true. The truth is … th-the-th-the
  12. In ancient time I was a symbol of wisdom.
  13. And nowadays in China there is a complex of U-shu-“Snake.
  14. My fingers in unique touch is a head,
  15. My leg is a tail
  16. Here is my double circle…
  17. The, th, the, th…”

And, so on, for the role on an each animal, using elements from attached pictures with animals, style kung-fu, self hand-made masks and costumes, the phone of traditional African music.

Animal Idioms' Meaning

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. That vase is rather a white elephant, isn't it ?
    • it is old and very valuable
    • Even though it was probable quite expensive, it is useless
    • It is big and has a simple design
  2. What does it mean if you shed a few crocodile tears?
    • You shed with big tears
    • Your tears were not real tears of sorrow
    • You were crying because you were angry

Answer Key

  1. Even though it was probable quite expensive, it is useless
  2. Your tears were not real tears of sorrow

This Poem as Inroduction to the Play

Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

The Future of Dramatization

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