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Roses: What Are The Meanings 0f Different Coloured Roses?

The Meaning of Roses

The Meaning of Roses

The Beautiful Red Rose

When the world was young; full of energy and hope: Gods and Goddesses lived among us mere mortals, a Greek goddess by the name of Aphrodite found her lover Adonis slowly dying. Adonis had fallen prey to a wild boar while hunting in the woods. The crazed boar attacked him, ripping open his flesh. His crimson blood dripped onto a white rose colouring it's delicate petals red. Aphrodite was too late to save him and he died in her arms. In his death he gave birth to the red rose. A symbol of love and romance.

The Roman goddess of love, Venus is also associated with the red rose. Her beauty and perfection reflected in the delicate petals at the very heart of the flower. Early cultures of christians eventually adopted the rose as a symbol of Christ and his suffering. The five petals representing the five wounds of Christ. Weddings in the moons of the past where also adorned with red roses. A single red rose expresses the meaning: I love you. Two roses entwined ask the question: Will you marry me? Remember the meanings or you might get more than you bargained for the next time you send roses.

The Lavender Rose


The magical lavender or pale purple rose is one of the rarest of roses. Associated with mystery and enchantment. The lavender rose carries a very deep and sensual message to it's recipient. One of deep infatuation: Love at first sight. Stories of love and passion linked to this mystical rose certainly send a very strong and passionate message. Should you wish to start a particular heart beating, the lavender rose is definitely the rose to send.


The Yellow Rose

The Yellow Rose

Warmth, happiness and feelings of joy are expressed through the yellow rose.

A rose associated with the sun. An old story tells the tale of her amber petals being the result of a kiss from the Egyptian sun god Re (Ra).

In Victorian times the yellow petals where a symbol of jealously. To day the flower is traditionally an expression of friendship.


Pretty Rose Earrings

The Peach Rose

In roman times a wild rose placed on a door was the symbol of private matters being discussed on the other side. Under the rose so to speak. Meaning matters were secret and not to be shared.

The peach rose gives mixed messages: admiration; appreciation; sympathy. Expressing sentiments of modesty and shyness. This flower can say almost anything from thank you very much, to I hope your feeling better. As long as you're not trying to woo the recipient, you won't go wrong with this peachy flower.

The Hot Orange Rose

The orange rose is the perfect way to show your feelings in a new relationship. This hot little rose sends a message of burning passion and deep desire. The feelings of excitement and expectancy only the a heart of a new lover knows.


The Elegant Pink Rose

The lovely pink rose was a regular prop in earlier arts. Her poise was seen as a symbol of femininity. This little flower portrays elegance and virtue. Suitors often used roses as a way of expression in the old days when young ladies were never permitted to be alone. The pink rose has a delicate association with delightful appreciation: quite the gentle lady.


The Pure White Rose

The traditional wedding flower. The virginal bride, marriage and beginnings. This little gem has a lot to say. A white rose bud symbolizes purity, innocence, youth and girlhood.

Secrecy is also hidden among the petals of the white rose. Indeed perhaps the secret of a good marriage adorns the heart of this innocent flower and only true lovers will ever discover the knowledge hidden beneath the petals.

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The Coral Rose

Although very similar in appearance to the pure white rose, the coral rose means anything but innocence and purity. The meaning behind this rose is a whole other story.

Hot passion heats the fires of desire with this not so white of flowers. Be sure if your're trying to woo that special lady, that you don't send the wrong rose, she may not appreciate your blatant display of desire.


Rose pendants

The Black Rose

The black rose is in fact a blood red rose or a deep purple rose. The message the black rose sends is one of death and despair. One of decay and ruin.

A black rose can also symbol the end of a relationship. A dead black rose means the passion is gone. It's all over. I know for a fact if I got any dead rose, let alone a black one I'd be thinking; If it's not over, it is now.

The Blue Rose

Traditionally a white rose is dyed blue to bring the blue rose to life. The blue rose brings words of mystery and impossibilities into the forecourt. The message being; unattainable or out of reach.

The blue rose expresses the desire for the unknown; wanting what's not yours to have. There is an element of the blue rose that conveys a sense of greed.

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