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Rewriting the Internal Dialog of Limiting Self Beliefs

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With 50 years around the sun, Kimberly enjoys sharing a variety of her personal life experiences with others.

I Am Now Becoming...


Rewrite your Internal Script

Every day we get an opportunity to rewrite our script for our lives. We choose to live bound to our past limiting beliefs or choose to replace the old self-limiting recordings with a new and improved message. We have the absolute freedom and power of turning the impossible into "I am Possible!"

I want to encourage you to step outside of your old self and begin anew! It's time to clearly rise up and out of your old habits and clothe yourself with new beginnings.

A Download of Truths

Change the old narrative and watch your body begin to flourish and prosper in new amazing ways.

Positive self-talk is essential to your personal victory. Therefore, adopting positive " I Am" statements into your daily narrative is like sowing good seeds into your life, setting the groundwork for a fruitful present and future YOU!

If you're interested in being your best, your inner monologue needs to support the best you want to be.

— Steven Kotler

Imperfection Is The Human Condition

It's time to erase old patterns and embrace and accept your flaws and your life as it is and all that has happened to you. I encourage you not to waste another precious day of your life stuck in past trauma.

To free yourself from your past, you must make peace with yourself. Self-acceptance is absolute KEY to your VICTORY. Study yourself, learn and recognize all areas of limiting beliefs and begin to change your patterns. I encourage you to take time for reflection and introspection and align yourself with a new inner dialog of truths. Full restoration of your soul is your divine right and is absolutely achievable.

What fuels your soul? What is it that inspires you? Ask your inner self these questions, and you will get an answer. I greatly urge you to do more of what brings light and love into your being.


Declarations of I Am

I am one with my creator; I am forgiven, acceptable, and washed white as snow. My life is now a reflection of the following I am statements.

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  • I am at peace within my soul, with no more internal conflict.
  • I am a treasure
  • I am a treasured valuable being to the Divine Creator
  • I am whole and well in my being
  • I am a radiant being
  • I am loved
  • I am a jewel of fine price
  • I am sun-kissed
  • I am courage
  • I am breakthrough
  • I am victorious
  • I am strength
  • I am overcome with joy and gladness
  • I am grateful
  • I am cherished
  • I am protected
  • I am a celebration
  • I am worthy
  • I am somebody special
  • I am abundantly loved
  • I am rejoicing
  • I am adored

My creator loves me; My creator controls the outcome of my life. I am resolved; I am walking in perfect harmony with the divine that flows through me. I am no longer perplexed, no longer lost, no longer separate and divided from my purpose but one with the divine in all His magnificent glory. I am shadowed in the wings of the highest and treasured beyond words.

It's Time to Let Go of the Past and Embrace the Present

May your heart reconcile with yourself, giving grace and self-forgiveness for any past belief systems that no longer serve your higher good. May you find the inner peace your soul so deeply desires to bathe in.

I'm encouraged that in changing your, " I am" message, Your body will begin to respond in pure bliss, contentment, peace, joy, and a newfound wholeness.


Ready To Shine

Allow your life to be a beautiful reflection of the above "I Am" Truths. You are everything right, perfect in your being. You are set free, ready to shine, and ready to serve. Believe that you are cared for, valued, protected, and part of God's divine plan.

You will rise from the ashes of the ruins of your past beliefs and walk in one-ness and whole-ness with God.

Life is a series of moments; give yourself permission to simplify and slow down. Be happy and live in the moment. Enjoy today as if it were for the first time because it is in all reality. Awaken to your authentic self and revel in the peaceful tranquility that may thrive in its new limitless possibilities.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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