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Review: What Others Think About You?

What Others Think About You?

Welcome reader,

I'm glad to have you on my article. Yes, I'm a personal type individual and that's how I operate Cagsil. Both are purpose driven to give public knowledge and increase awareness. What others think about you? Is part of that process. I want to convey that this particular subject has two separate parts to it, because there are 2 separate perceptions available- (a) subjectivity and (b) objectivity.

Knowing the difference between two, instantly tell you that you'll have 2 completely conclusions, when you stop to think about the subject matter thoroughly. No, this isn't a joke of some sort. I want you to think. I want you to use your head. It is too important for you not do so.

Subjective perception is all about your own reflection. It deals with your ego. Objective perception is all about understanding a universal wisdom and that is knowing universal knowledge and universal truth both exist together.

If you're unable to see pass your ego, then you will have trouble perceiving things as objective or objectively. Now you're probably wondering what this has to do with what other think about you? And you should, but don't lose sight of your own perception AT THIS SECOND? There's a difference between arrogance and confidence.


What Other People Think?

When someone looks at you, they do so via subjective or objective perception. You don't have a clue, as to which, unless they actually say something directly to your face or say something else to someone else, which is repeated to you by that person. How YOU act on the thoughts you have in your head, which lead to choices and turns to actions. Those actions speak volumes, regardless of whatever you want to believe.

When you act, you have absolutely NO clue, who you will have an impact upon, if you're not alone at the time. If you are alone, the then only impact will be upon yourself, regardless of whether or not, you recognize it at the time of it occurring.

Whenever you act, it takes a toll on you and other around you because cause and effect. You cannot control how someone will react to something you do. It can be done at times, but not all the time. You should be able to control how you act and react, at all times. It's too damn important not to do so.

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What YOU Think About You?

What matters most is what you think about yourself. I not suggesting you completely dismiss what other people think about you. Everyone has a right to speak. Just like you have same right. Obviously when they speak, like I said before, they're either going to directly say it to you or you'll get it from someone else secondhand. But, you're to listen to what is said. Then honestly evaluate yourself without your ego getting in the way and simply dismissing the message.

Some people will be giving you an honest objective thought about you, when they tell you what they think about you. The point is to honestly listen, give them their moment, take it in stride and then assess it honestly, so you can improve upon yourself if needed. The biggest part is getting beyond ego. Ego doesn't allow you to assess yourself. It says you're fine the way you are, no need for improvement. This is untrue, as you should naturally feel a need or urge to improve all the time.

If you don't have that feeling, then by all means, ask yourself WHY you don't? What I can tell you is, not easy to say to you, in all honesty. You ego wouldn't like it, at all. How do I know? Because I was once where you are now. I was once looking for answers to questions, which eluded me for years. It wasn't until I recognized my family was indoctrinated. When I saw that, I realized so was I. That opened up a whole can of worms.


What Others Think?

I struggled in school, not only with school work, but with people in general. I was bullied by several different kids in different schools. I wasn't well liked and constantly called names. Did it have an affect on my confidence? Yes. Did it create other problems? Yes. I started drinking at an early age. I started smoking at an early age too..

But, what I never did then, was actually evaluate myself. I sometimes cried(5th & 6th grade years) and other times, it didn't bother me at all(10th and higher). At this point in my life, I wasn't as conscious as I am today. What people now think of me, I'm always willing to listen to, but don't always take it to heart.

That's part of the process of evaluating yourself and learning about your life in general. Nobody can do it for you. Yes, people can be guides for you, but in the end it is you who must take care and understand you. You're to know yourself inside and outside, because it is the best way for you to protect yourself.

By all means, whatever you do, don't ever let anyone inside your head and get you away from you being you. Who you are is extremely important and it's as important as understanding your life.

Thank you for your time.

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