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Records That You Can Easily Break

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1. Buttering Bread :

Everyone likes to eat butter with butter but you will be surprised to know that by putting butter on such bread you are getting very close to a record. Yes, I am telling the truth because if you put butter on bread very fast. Then you will be the No.1 contender of this record called Buttering Bread. Now you must be thinking how much bread will have to be applied in how much time? To break this record, you have to put butter on 10 breads in 20 seconds. Because recently this record is of 10 breads in 20.8 seconds. Which is named after Simar Jeet Chhabra of Australia. Who held this record in Los Angeles in 2018. Now if you think that you can do this work, then try at all. This record may be named after you. And even if it is not there will be bread to be eaten.

2. Ultimate Trick Shot :

You will find this record a bit harder than all other records, but if you keep practicing it and try again and again, then maybe you can break this record too. I am talking about basketball short because we often played in our childhood. You all have done many basketball shots, including playing basketball in childhood, but to make a record, you have to stand far away from the court, not the basketball court, and short the basket.

Now you must be thinking how far short will have to be to break this record. Friends, if we talk about the present time, this record is 109 feet 9 inches which is the endlaw who had named this record after many unsuccessful attempts, there was no definite time to make this record. So Endlaw took about an hour to build it. Today Law says that if someone wants to break his record, then he must have been trying for it continuously for a long time. Because like him, a lot of effort will easily break the record. So pick up basketball and get started, remember that you must know how far it is 110 feet. If you missed breaking the record with a few inches plan, then you will impress your friends, the festival will not be recorded.

3. Froggering To Glory :

Friends if you are good at all sports. Then this record Of course you are made for the like, because with good talent in sports, you will easily break this record.

All you have to do is find a partner for whom you will have to find a partner from whom you can jump like a frock, that too fast, at present time this record is 32 frock in 30 seconds. It is a jump, now you must be thinking that you have applied such frock jump many times in your childhood. And do you know that you have broken another time many times in your childhood, but if you want to break the record again, then go back to your childhood and try it again with your friend.

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4. Breaking Eggs :

In today's time, people like to eat eggs in their breakfast very much. Because eggs are made in a very short time and easily. And they are very tasty, but whenever you make eggs, you will need both your hands to break the eggs because you will need a lot of effort to break the eggs with one hand. But in this world there exists a human who can break 32 eggs in 1 minute with his one hand. Yes, Ros McCarty, who lives in Kington, United States, is a man who broke the egg in 2011 with a hand in his own breakfast restaurant. If you also do such practice, then it is also easy for you to break this record. But remember that your other hand does not touch the egg, and not a little bit of the egg will fall into your glass. Jani Under must be broken correctly otherwise you will not be valid for this record.

5. Hug It Out :

Friends, whenever we meet someone after several days, we often embrace him and such a real because by embracing someone we can express our emotions in front of him, but let me tell you that you have to give someone for many hours. If you have to embrace, will you be able to do it, if yes, till then, our world record is a strong contender.

Because by hugging someone for at least 33 hours you will break this world record.

All you have to do is to find a partner who can hug you for 33 hours, that too without eating anything and without sleeping. The record is currently 32 hours 32 minutes 32 seconds. It is not so easy to break this record, but if tried, it is not so difficult either. Now quickly find your partner and hire him. Yes, remember, your hands are tight to each other. Otherwise, if your hands are slightly removed from your partner's waist, then you will not die for this record.

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