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Real History - 2


Why Don't We Know?

I used to believe that as in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four that many truths had been destroyed.

I used to believe that effort had been made prevent us from find out what really happened.

Yet I and others have no difficulty in doing searches, following references, and gaining the facts.

Clearly, if it is that easy, why is the world dwelling in fallacy and ignorance?

I realised that the process of controlling the past, of hiding truth is not external.



Imagine being in an average 6th Grade Class. The Kids are between 11 and 12. They have spent over half their lives in school.

For them, school is like a prison/job where they have to go and stay between 9 am and 3 pm.

In History Class the teacher distributes enormous books to each child. This book is their text.

“Don’t worry,” the teacher says brightly, “we aren’t going to read the whole book!”

The kids smile andsigh with relief.

The teacher says;

“I know the book is very heavy. Those who don’t want to carry it home can leave it in this locker which I’ll lock each day as you leave to keep the books safe.”

The kids know that if they don’t return their texts at the end of the year they will have to pay for them. This book looks like it costs the same as a television.

Almost all the kids decide to leave the text in the locker.

The teacher says;

“You will all have a study period of 30 minutes just before lunch break, so can read the text and answer the questions.”

The kids smile, they can do their homework at school!

The teacher then instructs:

“The first assignment is to read Chapter Ten… only pages 100 to 105..”

The kids nearly cheer.

“And answer questions one, two and three on page 121.”

The kids breathe. The pressure is off.

They don’t have to read that whole enormous text book. They don't have to read a whole chapter. They don’t have to answer all the questions.

This example is to explain why, with all the information available, people believe the lies, the propaganda, the cut and pasted history.

Just as the average demotivated 6th Grader, given a huge text containing all the history there is, the public is grateful to have it truncated and served in tiny spoonfuls.

This is why, although available since the 1500s few people have read the ‘Captain’s Log’ written by Columbus.

In it, he specifically states that the native population of the ‘New World’ told him of Black skinned people who visited before he arrived.

Those visitors carried gold tipped spears.

Scientific tests reveal the chemical combination of the gold places the source of the in Guinea.

How it is Done

There is no need to destroy information in this modern world. People simply need to be self-dissuaded from searching.

That huge history text contains all the facts, the references, the authorities, so that anyone reading it gains the full information.

No one tells those six graders not to read it, they are happy not to do so. They choose not to do so, they choose to read the fragments the teacher suggests.

There may be a few students who lug that book home, who sit and read every page. But they are the minority.

If one of them stands up to say;

"But teacher, Columbus said Africans were there before him,"

the teacher will make that sour face, shrug, look at the other kids and mumble something about it being a 'theory'.

She is the teacher, that is some ignorable nerdy kid no one likes.
Who is believed?

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