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Questions asked at College Admission Interviews

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Reputed College

Task of getting admission in a reputed college

Task of getting admission in a reputed college

How do you think that St. Stephen's College will help you to achieve your potential and your personal upliftment?

(within the word limit of 100-300 words)

I am aware of the fact that St.Stephens College is one of the most prestigious and most sought after colleges in India as well as in the world. It consists of a good faculty members who are proficient and well experienced. There are many clubs and groups that can be helpful in my personal upliftment. Moreover, the alumni are of great inspiration and one can always look upon them.

Moreover the college promotes diversity and traditional harmony. The college provides the opportunity to meet people from different aspects of life coming together to study and achieve their goals. Above all, the college also has a good placement cell which would be very helpful in obtaining an ideal job. As well as it has a internship cell which allow the the student to get on the job experience in reputed organizations/firms while studying and earn some money. This cell helps the students to find part time jobs while studying in the college.

Furthermore, it offers spiritual growth for Christian students like us. It is also one of the best colleges in India to gain excellent academic growth and personal edification.

Describe yourself, career and goals. within the word limit of 100-300 words.

(Give a brief account of your:Participation in co-curricular activities and sports. Hobbies, reading and areas of interest. Ambitions/career goals. Achievements.)

I am Neha Jacob. I have participated in debates and have got third prize in the zonal level. And I have been anchoring in my school annual functions for the last four years. I am passionately interested in serving the community by joining Indian Civil Service. It is my ardent aspiration to do something productive that may be helpful for my country and my people.

Born and brought up in a pious Christian family, I am inspired by the teaching of Lord Jesus Christ “Love your neighbor as yourself”. By joining Civil Service, I believe I would be able to serve the community with the spirit of love, dedication and humility. It is my firm belief that getting admission in St. Stephens will be a stepping stone towards achieving my goal.

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My hobbies are reading, painting and singing. Reading novels is what I prefer the most. Since the College has a huge library, I would be able to spend some more time in reading.

Why do you wish to apply for B.A. Honours Economics?

Statement of Purpose (within the word limit of 100-250 words).

As far as I understand, BA economics honors is one of the best subjects to study at St.Stephens. It is also one of the finest undergraduate courses in the discipline available in India. Additionally, it is a course with ample opportunities and enables the students to think logically and statically. Not only that, it enhances the capability of brain to assess things deeply and logically.

This course ensures great job opportunities in reputed private firms. It also paves the way for civil services which is an ideal job for serving our country. It also opens a wide path of careers to choose from. One can also get into research field after studying it. I understand that Mathematics is involved in economics. I love and enjoy studying maths. It may not be out of place to add that in Mathematics, I scored 95 marks in 12th Standard which is the second highest mark I scored, compared to other subjects.

Why do you wish to apply for B.Sc. Honours Mathematics?

(within the word limit of 100-250 words)

B.Sc. Mathematics honors is also one of the subjects with great scopes. It promotes thinking rather than assimilation of facts. It also emphasize step-wise processing of mind rather than jumping to conclusions. Besides, it is one of the key elements of courses ranging from economics to physics, computer science and many more. It helps our brain to process information quickly and act upon it. Moreover, it offers a wide range of opportunities to grab from. One can also shift to teaching field if one wants to. It also helps to correlate with many things in our day to day life that we normally do not care to notice. Endowed with an innate aptitude, I love maths and enjoyed studying it.

Why do you wish to apply for B.SC. programme with computer science?

(within the word limit of 100-250 words)

B.Sc. Computer Science is one of the courses whose scope will not die out in the near future. We are living in a world of computers. In this supersonic space age, people with thorough knowledge of Computers are in great demand. Their role is rather inevitable. Computer programmes have infiltrated in every sphere of life and everything that we use today is somewhere linked to computer technology.

Moreover, computer science students stand a pretty good chance of being professionally employed. Above all, one will not have to sit idle after studying it, as such people are needed in every type of industry. Be it to design hardware or software or to develop it, competent computer professionals are required in large numbers. The course also opens abundant chances for the aspiring graduates to go abroad, seeking professional advancements that are not easy to come by in India. I enjoyed studying computer science in school and fared exceedingly well by scoring as much as 98% marks.

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