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Question of harmony/disharmony

Harmony indicates the accord and union of various parts linked together to shape a proportioned, and congruent pattern of structure.

The stillness of harmony is within, it is in our innermost quest.

Harmony creates a perfect balance involving two different qualities living naturally together.

Harmony creates a perfect balance involving two different qualities living naturally together.

Question of harmony/disharmony


How is harmony/disharmony connected with one’s health? Comparing and contrasting three different spiritual perspectives explain how health and harmony are either connected or disconnected. Based on your knowledge of these three energy systems, do you believe that there is a similar system “harmony” that regulates the body? If yes, what do you believe that system could be? If no, make sure to provide examples to justify your answer.


The living being is born from the natural hypothesis that our body stays in harmony with all other body organs and they all work in harmony as one. In such a harmonious blend, our body naturally senses the vital force, packed with energy to live in a manner that sustains perfect health. When there is disharmony and imbalance in the energy flow in our body, disease in the body occurs. Harmony creates a perfect balance involving two different qualities living naturally together.

It is an essence of human nature that every human being needs harmony and peace everywhere, every time. Disharmony is a way of suffering. It is agitation in the human mind and the people in general created out of daily stress. Therefore, mental and physical harmony and relaxation is the way to live peacefully, which can be achieved by various techniques.

Today, we are living in the faceless and timeless unnatural mechanized, and computerized earth planet. If we look deep within us, we will realize that we are in fact trying to seek a real meaning to our life’s many experiences. Every religion and the spiritual group tries to speak, explain and study the very nature and power of nature, and thereon think intensely to understand self, to have an awareness of God Within Me, the Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. The modern life and all the prevailing scuffles for our existence have created I and Me, the Perceived and the Real Self (Soul, Life-force, Chi) a sort of schism, which has given rise to Harmony-Disharmony within the framework of our mind, a kind of Dualism within us. Such perceptions are born within us due to persistent stressful life, giving rise to anxiety, and perceptions of anxiety and disarray. Therefore, we have failed to understand the difference between right and wrong. There is a consistent disharmony between the self and the real self (Soul), resulting in enormous inner agility which tries to calm down the uncontrollable noise of the decrepit world. Only aesthetic judgment and the aesthetic form of self-awareness can offer a meaningful purpose to the soul, bringing value and purpose of healing and healthy living to the fore, with explicit consciousness, unifying the self-professed.

Spirituality expands beyond religion and the spiritual dimensions not only motivate and inspire but create universal harmony, provides knowledge of the infinite. When immersed in intense emotional stress, mental agony, and dilemma, human beings make a transcendent move, seeking divine help, bringing harmony and purpose to mind and body actions, for a peaceful settlement. True spirituality involves a complete trust in God who created us. He is before all things, and in him, all things hold together.

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Albert Einstein atomic energy formula, E = mc2

As per the first law of thermodynamics, the energy is neither created nor destroyed, but changes the form. In ATP Resynthesis, the High Energy Phosphates get converted to lower-energy phosphates, ADP -Adenosine di-Phosphate and AMP – Adenosine Mono Phosphate, and Pi - Inorganic Phosphate. During this, Protonic energy and heat are produced.

ATP + H2O = ADP + H+ + Pi + heat + energy.

The three metabolic systems of energy pathways:

  1. Phosphagen – for instant energy. It utilizes CP - creatine phosphate in quick ATP, which releases energy and immediately available for muscular work.
  2. Anaerobic Glycolysis reacts carbohydrates with oxygen and with glucose from ATP, to use in large energy activities for longer periods.
  3. Aerobic Carbohydrates and available fats burn with oxygen to form ATP, forming sustained energy, and are used for low intensity, longer duration when Phosphagen and Anaerobic Glycolysis get exhausted.

All three systems contribute to body energy needs and contribute differently, depending on activity intensity.

In conclusion, the body, heart, and mind should be in harmony with peace. Such balance can come only when we understand the Spiritual Wellness involving beliefs and values to offer purposeful meaning to life. It leads to work in harmony- oneself with others, oneself with nature, so as to balance our inner needs to progress in harmony with the universe. The path of spirituality offers a sense of meaning to life with its purpose. It involves prayers, meditation, and such spiritual practices to connect us with our higher self, power of understanding, and belief. For spiritual wellness, one must be compassionate, have the intention to love and forgive, accept selflessness and joy in serving others to develop spiritual health. The overall spiritual power defines our strength of faith, beliefs, values, and moral principles.

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