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Quantum Self-Transformation: Dream or Reality?

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Law of Attraction: A Spin-Off from Quantum Mechanics

Hovering over the border between fiction and true science, almost as if not sure where to belong due to its mind-twisting character, is this stuff called quantum theory, or quantum mechanics.

The very fact that it used to be an intellectual toy of some biggies of Albert Einstein's fame, should suffice to explain my humble approach to write about it.

However, if such a claim could serve me as an excuse for such an attempt, allegedly even those smartest ones in the field have been said not to really understand the realm of quantum.

Maybe that's what encouraged a whole army of enthusiasts to borrow that name "quantum" for their superficial and only partially correct, if not altogether wrong interpretation, as they came up with that ambitious theory which they called "Law of Attraction".

While it may not be anything more than a fancy version of "what goes around -- comes around" maxim, or "karma", it certainly has its promising elegance. Those two documentaries on the subject: "What the Bleep Do We Know", and "The Secret" caused some ripples in the scientific community, albeit it didn't take long to those white wigs of academia to discredit the tenets of Law of Attraction as a sheer pseudoscience.

However, those harsh judges -- actually of the same credentials as those participants in the "What the Bleep Do We Know" -- did a kinda shoot themselves in the foot, while first having claimed that "nobody could fully understand quantum physics" -- but then debunking Law of Attraction as a nonsense.

Namely, without themselves understanding it, they didn't have any standard of comparison for that judgement. You know what I mean: We would have to "know" something in order to say that something else has nothing to do with it.

So, here comes yet another, my own, look at this Law of Attraction, but first, let's see a bit about the quantum theory -- of course, as superficial as it may come from the interpretation of a layman of my small caliber.


Let Us Not Enter That "Rabbit Hole"

Before it possibly gets a little more interesting, where it will be touching its application in our life and our very personality traits, a few words are due to be said about that mind-boggling stuff.

Apparently, the physical aspect of our reality consists of two sets of laws: This well familiar Newtonian ones dealing with solids, liquids, and gases, and the dynamics of their interacting.

The other one is the realm of the quantum. The word itself originates from the Latin language (from where else?), meaning "how much".

How much of what?

Well, as we break an atom down into its subatomic particles and beyond, we come to a point where matter has hardly any mass left, and is flickering in and out of existence, being a kind of both, a matter and energy at the same time. Hence that how much -- of "what", energy or matter.

That's only the beginning at which our linear thinking doesn't help at all, because there is no space and no time in that realm, and it only gets introduced into our familiar landscape when an observer collapses those energy waves into manifesting something Newtonian, or recognizable in our reality.

For all that time, prior to that moment, it's all just existing in an infinite field of potentiality, ready to be manifested. It's those manifested subatomic particles that keep mocking the scientists, while it depends on who is observing, and what they are expecting to happen, how those "how-much" particles may behave.

But then the story goes even further "down the rabbit hole" (a pet expression of those talking about quantum, denoting "the realm of the unknown") -- with a maddening theory that an electron -- being such a "how-much" can be at more than at one place at a time.

So, that "rabbit hole" is a place where you and don't want to go. Whether we, or our sanity, might get lost in there, or simply because I could not write about it without taking a peek in some smart books -- while boring both of us to death in the process.

Anyway, being a pragmatic dude, this is how far I have been down that rabbit hole, before turning back to make some use of that trip.

Now, even though it's quite needless to say, but we should get reminded about the fact that we are also made of matter, and our quantum body is immersed into the quantum soup of everything in existence -- in an internal energetic interaction with it.

What kind of interaction?

Since everything in existence vibrates, by the law of resonance (hence Law of Attraction concept) our frequencies resonate with similar frequencies of anything out there that has either a good or bad significance for the harmony in our life.

Yes, that frequency signature makes us magnets for all known and unknown sources of happiness and crappiness of life.


Mind Over Body Medicine

Studies in fields of epigenetics, neuroplasticity, psycho-neuro-immunology, and cellular biology -- of which I have scraped a bit of surface -- have brought us a growing body of evidence that our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs affect, not only our body, but also the circumstances of our life.

The quantum principle of entanglement clearly states that everything is connected in this universe -- and, since our thoughts, beliefs, and, especially, our emotions, are the source of our vibrating, from that level -- via our genome, energy manifests into our body chemistry, coupled with food, and air.

It has been firmly established that our health and vitality respond much more to our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, than to the chemical interactions with food we ingest. Actually, our mentality may even dictate the processes of physiology -- as I have jokingly expressed it -- by turning a crap into a vitamin, or a vitamin into a crap.

We are those quantum observers, and where our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs go -- our energy goes -- in other words, our vibrational signature is formed.

What we are happy or pissed about, attaches itself to all those things and events in the quantum field of infinite potentiality -- bringing us more of the same.

And right here we might dismiss all this as a sheer nonsense, if only we didn't have ample proofs from our own life how our predominant moods brought to us a garden variety of crap; or how the happy-go-lucky expression wasn't invented without an evidence.

It should particularly be noticed in the area of our health, where that progressive, mind-over-body medicine has plenty to say, as they are talking about so called "neuro-chemicals", like those neuro-transmitters, and neuro-peptides, which trigger the excretion of hormones which delegate our whole biology, our immunity, our model of cellular functioning, and our lifespan.

Those neuro-peptides, when observed under a microscope, don't look anything more than proteins elsewhere in the body -- but the question is: Who told them to affect our body in one or another way?

When we touch any part of our body, the brain is the one giving us that knowledge of a touch -- because that brain is in a constant connection with everything going on there, days and nights.

But what becomes more of our interest is the fact that the brain is not only a receiver of all those bodily sensations -- but much more significant than that -- it also sends directives to all of those 50 trillion cells, and all those organ systems, how to function.

To fully describe the unfathomable inner intelligence orchestrating life in us is simply impossible, as on the quantum level the DNA of each cell is in constant connection in any given time with the rest of those 50 trillion cell.

Someone said in right: "When you are sad, your toes are sad as well".


Transforming Our Personality Traits

Can our personality traits change from the quantum level up?

Yes and no.

"Yes" -- because it is theoretically perfectly possible. And "no" -- because that would be one of those tasks which would require that we more-or-less continually produce uplifting thoughts and elevated emotions during day, until that quantum leap would happen, maybe only days after, but also possibly weeks, or months after.

Do we have that kind of determination and persistence?

Once when it happens, it may look miraculous. We change biologically, emotionally, spiritually, in one inner shift. A surge of blissful energy may flood our brain like a spiritual orgasm, scaring the shits out of us if we are not prepared and able to just surrender to it.

It may also stretch over some days, without anything that dramatic happening on our energy level.

But much, much more often than not, those hopefuls are deluding themselves while believing that a 20 minute meditation will do, or some time spent by reading our positive affirmations -- after which the whole crappy psycho-physical routine continues for the rest of the day.

It reminds me somewhat of all those religious folks coming faithfully (pun being intended) to their church, mosque, temple, or synagogue, to rejoice in a collective spirit of divine love and peace -- and moments after leaving that holy place gossiping about this or that person they saw in there, or bitching about politics, or price of gas.

Well, it's time to say a few about that mental force that I am calling "Spoiler".

So we have some best conscious intentions, inspirations, resolutions -- whatever -- but since our automatic pilot is programmed with the template of conflict, it will seek its expression at every chance -- offering resistance to our conscious efforts.

It is bound to spoil our desire to transform, not for any reason at all, just because it seeks conflict with anything within and without. Our all cultural paradigm is heavily marked by conflicts of all sorts.

And that, my friends, is the reason why that great Law of Attraction won't work for us. We keep confusing that field of infinite potentiality, by wanting-and-not-wanting. And even when we are hundred percent sure that we want that change, that Spoiler in us is just smirking inside and saying: "Yeah, sure."

And it mobilizes all impatience, all self-doubt, all memories of past failures, even causing us enough bodily discomfort to give up, "leaving it for some time in the future when we may be more up to it".

Have many people transformed themselves into a desired model of being?

Definitely, yes. But that takes more than a wishful thinking. It reminds me of that anecdote about an impatient newbie monk taking a stroll by the river with the master and asking why he is not achieving enlightenment already.

Upon that, the master pushes him into water, holding his head under the surface, and when the bubbles stopped appearing, he pulled his head up, saying:

"The day when you will want enlightenment as much as you just wanted the air, will be the beginning of your enlightenment."

Worked for me.

© 2021 Val Karas

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