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Quantum Physics and Manifesting the Life You Want

Doctor Wayne W. Dyer

Doctor Wayne W. Dyer

A great deal of this particular Hub results from my reading the work of Dr Wayne Dyer

Welcome to Quantum Physics and Manifesting the Life You Want.

A great deal of this particular Hub comes from the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer, a man I thoroughly respect. Many of the ideas written below are his, some of it is directly from his book; Manifest Your Destiny . Most of it comes from a lesson I prepared for my University of the Third Age (U3A) class a few years back. I hope you like it.

By about 1890 the world’s scientists thought they had the world figured out - the universe, in fact! Every thing came from tiny particles known as atoms. There was nothing smaller. These atoms were made up in certain ways and gave us the basic elements: Oxygen, nitrogen, gold, zinc, copper, etc.. And our studies with the spectrograph indicated that everything in the universe, every thing , was made up of these same basic constituents. This was the scientific world of Rutherford and Kelvin. The atom was yet to be split.

Thought became an epiphenonemon - but no one could explain conscious decision making

Mind, of course, had to be explained. It became a epiphenomenon and was virtually dismissed by all but a stalwart few - perhaps because it was too difficult to tackle. The Behaviorists were at the helm of Psychology and there was no room for silly, esoteric philosophies.

Then along came Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Neils Bhor, de Broglie and the like, and Quantum Physics was born. Of course, the ‘Old School’ scientists fought these people tooth and nail. Problem was these new theories worked out- hence a couple of huge explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Who could argue with that!

It’s been around a century since Classical Physics, or ‘Material Realism,’ as it is sometimes called, was obliged to give way to Quantum Physics. Be that as it may, the majority of scientists still cannot marry up the two. There is great resistance. By 1935 Quantum Physics had established itself. Yet today, 75 years later, we still don’t really understand it.

The Life You Want

Doctor Amit Goswami, author of The Self Aware Universe

Doctor Amit Goswami, author of The Self Aware Universe

The main problem with Quantum Physics was that scientists could not agree on the 'Nature of Reality.'

There are an awful lot of anomalies with Quantum Physics though; strange phenomena which make no sense. After a lot of soul-searching and brain-wracking research, it became apparent that ‘Old School’ Science was still valid, but that Quantum Physics had superseded it and amalgamated with it. Yet, Quantum Physics was still not really understood.

The main problem with Quantum Physics was that scientists could not agree on the ‘Nature of Reality.’ They now knew that the atom was not the smallest particle: protons, neutrons, electrons and quarks were even smaller. But the disagreement came when it was discovered that in some experiments these smaller particles acted like little solid balls: and at other times seemed as if they were spread out over infinity in the form of a wave. One moment they were a pellet, and in another, and endless web which stretched in an instant to infinity! Even more incredible - this spreading was, according to their experiments, taking place even faster than the speed of light. It couldn’t be possible! Hadn’t Einstein himself said that was not possible?

Was mind influencing matter?

Further, these scientists found that this ‘matter’ either appeared as a wave, or as a solid particle in a particular spot, dependent upon the observer’s expectations of it. Was ‘mind influencing matter?’ Wasn’t mind over matter complete balderdash? Had to be. And was this so-called “epiphenomenon” many scientists thought was simply a flow of electrons in the brain, actually influencing that which it was observing?

In 1993 along came Amit Goswami,an American citizen of Indian descent, with a very controversial book called with a scientifically challenging name. That book is: “The Self-Aware Universe.” Subtitle. “ How Consciousness Creates the Material World.”

Of course, Amit Goswami is not the only eminent scientist who postulated, theorised, and then wrote papers and, later, books for the like of you and I, the layman on Consciousness and Mind being that which creates our physical world. There was Gary Zukav with his Dancing Wu Li Masters, and Seat of the Soul. But today we will be considering the writings of one author who is very popular: Dr. Wayne W Dyer. Dyer, in 1997, wrote a book which you and I can use to great effect to improve our own lives- if we’re ready for it. That book is called: Manifest Your Destiny

Are you living the life you want ?

Professor Alber Einstein

Professor Alber Einstein

You have the power within you to attract to yourself all that you could ever want.

Here is what Dr Wayne Dyer says in his introduction to the book.

“You have the power within you to attract to yourself all that you could ever want. This is the central theme of Manifest Your Destiny, which is unlike any book I’ve previously written. I have chosen to write about this subject of manifesting because I have been drawn to it, rather than because it is the next logical step in the progression of books that I have produced over the past two decades. I seem to have been drawn to the subject by a force that will not allow me to ignore it.”  (my italics)

There is a lot more in this introduction, but the main point Dyer makes is that what we desire is of central importance. The process of creating anything begins first with a desire. Also, that we must give ourselves permission to explore this path by allowing ourselves the freedom to use our mind to create the precise material world that matches our inner world. That inner world is the one which is the catalyst for determining our physical world experiences.

Wayne Dyer says, too, that we will have to abandon the idea that we are powerless over the circumstances of our lives. That we need to "shift out of the ‘group mentality’ " that says we are incapable of manifesting. Group thinking inhibits our natural abilities to co-create our lives as we desire it to be.

When we fully realize and understand our ability to manifest we can control the speed at which the changes occur

Further, in the introduction, Dr. Wayne Dyer says that when we truly understand the ability to manifest, we realise that we can control the speed at which changes occur in our lives. A practising mystic will manifest quickly because he or she is plugged into the world behind his or her eyes, rather than seeing the world as dictated by the ‘eyes of the group’ and all of its forebears.

The Yogi-severed arm story

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There is a story -I think I read about it in Yogananda’s famous book, Autobiography of a Yogi- where a yogi, walking alone in the high Himalayas, was attacked from behind by a bandit wielding a heavy, long bladed knife. With one blow he severed the yogi right arm, just above the elbow. He then accosted the yogi front on, and it was only at that point that the bandit realised he had mistakenly attacked a holyman, a yogi. He stopped in his tracks, his heart filled with dismay.

He apologised. He was, in fact, devastated at what he had done and feared at the dreadful retaliation the holyman would take.

Instead, the holyman simply bend down, picked up the bleeding arm and held it to the severed stump then, ignoring the bandit completely, carried on walking up the mountain.

We probably don’t believe this is possible. But then, we probably don’t believe that Jesus fed a multitude of hundreds of people with seven loaves and two fishes. But then again, perhaps we have not yet learned enough about our true natures to be confident enough to manifest so quickly, so unerringly.


The life you want is there for you

Neil's Bhor, one of the fathers of Quantum Physics

Neil's Bhor, one of the fathers of Quantum Physics

We must learn to trust.

Dr. Wayne Dyer and the sages and saints of yore- and of today- say that we must learn to trust; to have faith. “If ye have but the faith of a mustard seed I say unto you that you will tell that mountain to move....etc.”

We must unplug from our conditioning. We must trust.

When we cultivate the inner conviction to manifest from the world of the unseen into the material world, we need understand there is a universal God Force that is in all things in the universe. There is not a separate God for each individual, each plant, each animal, each mineral. They and we are all one. Therefore, the same God force that is within you and causes you to think and breathe is simultaneously in everyone and everything else as well. It is universal. Thus, there is no place that It is not. Consequently, that which you perceive to be missing from your life also contains the God Force or universal intelligence that is within you. It has to be there.

If we are Consciousness, and Consciousness is in everything and ever thing, we are really only bringing into being that which is part of ourself

Manifesting, then, becomes the business of doing nothing more than bringing into form a new aspect of yourself. You are not creating something out of nothing. You are learning to align yourself with an aspect of your being that your senses have not known they could activate. This is a very important part of this understanding. You, and that which you want to manifest into your life, are one!

Wayne Dyer has listed Nine (9) requisites for manifesting. We’ll cover but two of them in this Hub.

The First requisite for manifesting: You must become aware of your Higher Self.

Carl Jung, writing in his famous book, Modern Man in Search of a Soul, provided some critical insights into the development tasks of adulthood. Jung believed that an awareness of a Higher Self is a developmental task of adulthood. He pointed out that men and women fall into four different categories of maturity. These he called the Athlete, the Warrior, the Statesperson, and The Spiritual Person.

The Athlete.

The Athlete is that stage in our development when life seems impossible without a mirror and a steady stream of approval to make us feel secure. The stage of the Athlete is the time in our adult development when we are almost completely identified with our performance, attractiveness, and achievements. Many people outgrow this stage of the Athlete and make other considerations more significant. Some of us, depending upon our personal circumstances, move in and out of this stage. A few stay in the athlete stage all of their lives. We cannot practice manifesting at this stage

Do you really know the life you want ?

Max Planck. Another founding father of Quantum Physics

Max Planck. Another founding father of Quantum Physics

The Warrior

This is the time when our ego dominates our lives and we feel compelled to conquer the world to demonstrate our superiority. Wayne Dyer’s definition of ego here is the idea that we see ourselves as ‘important and separate’ from everyone else. Ego, (EGO can be an acronym for Earth Guide Only) The Warrior stage is filled with anxiety and endless comparison of our success compared to that of others. Trophies, awards, titles, and the accumulation of material objects record our achievements. At the warrior stage, status, and position in life are obsessions. Convincing others of our superiority is the theme of this other-centred timed of life in which the ego is the director. We cannot practice manifesting until we’ve got beyond this stage.

Soap Operas

Question: Anyone here ever watch the American Soap Operas, Days of Our Lives, Young and the Restless etc.? These characters are all either Athletes or Warriors. They spend their lives either trying to be and stay beautiful and attractive and seeking power of some sort or another.


Third Stage of adulthood- The Statesperson

This is the stage of life where we have largely tamed the ego and shifted our awareness. At this stage we want to know what is important to others. Rather than obsessing about our ‘quota’ we can ask what your quotas are with genuine interest. The inner drive is to serve others. Professor Fred Hollows, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale- these people were of ‘statesperson level.

Authentic freedom cannot be experienced until we learn to tame the ego and move out of self-absorption. When you find yourself upset, anxious or feeling off purpose, ask yourself how much of your emotional state has to do with your assessment of ‘how you are being treated’ and perceived. When you can let go of your own thoughts about yourself for a long period of time, that is when you are free. Only an ego has hurt feelings. The real, Higher Self you is free of all that.

The Stateperson stage of adulthood is about service and gratefulness for all that shows up in your life. At this level you are very close to your Highest Self. The primary force in your life is no longer the desire to be the most powerful and attractive or to dominate and conquer. You have entered a realm of inner peace. It is always in the service of others, regardless of what you do or what your interests are, that you find the bliss you are seeking.

Being in this world but not of it

The Spiritual Person

There is one stage even higher than the Statesperson. The fourth stage is called The Spirit. When you enter this stage of life, regardless of your age or position, you recognise your truest essence, the Highest Self. When you know your Highest Self you are on your way to becoming a co-creator of your entire world, learning to manage the circumstances of your life and participating with assurance in the act of creation. You literally become a manifester.

You become an observer of your world and you move into other dimensions of consciousness. This inner infinite energy is not just in you. It is in all things, and all people who are alive now and have ever lived. You begin to know this intimately. That spirit that is you is not contained by the physical domain at all. It has no boundaries, no form, no limits to its outer edges. You are aware of the real source of your life, even though you have been conditioned to believe otherwise.

At this stage you are, as Jesus Christ put it some 2000 years ago, “Being in this world, but not of it.”

At this level, you loosen your emotional attachment to what you view as your reality. This detachment is followed by a knowing that the observer within you who is always noticing your surroundings and your thoughts, is, in reality, the source of your physical world. This awareness, along with your willingness to enter this domain, is the beginning of learning to attract to yourself that which you desire and need while you are in a physical body.


Fame and recognition - is this the life you want?

New Zealand born Ernest Rutherford is regarded as the father of nucleur physics, and is credited with first to split the atom in 1917

New Zealand born Ernest Rutherford is regarded as the father of nucleur physics, and is credited with first to split the atom in 1917

Transcending your conditioning

Like it or not, all of us have been conditioned to think and act in ways that have become automatic.  We're culturally programmed.  We need to figure out how to get past this conditioning if we want to gain access to our Higher Self. You can be sure that the ego will not take well to this kind of effort. Reason? A terrible fear, the worst fear: that of anhiliation.

Asking the ego to help diminish its own significance so that you might have access to your Higher self is akin to attempting to stand on your own shoulders. Ego is as unable to move aside in deference to spirit as your eye is unable to see itself, or the tip of your tongue able to touch the tip of your tongue!

Your task thus becomes a quagmire of paradoxes. If you rely upon your ego to get past the influences of ego, it will strengthen its hold on you. We must figure out how to emancipate consciousness from the limitations of our minds and our bodies.

In the ego, state we generally experience ourselves as separate entities. To move past this conditioning, you want to see yourself as Humanity Itself!

But we could go on for lesson after lesson just dealing with the Higher Self aspect of ourselves and how to arrive at that. There are eight more principles, but we won’t go into them here; the Hub would become just too long, so we’ll deal with just one more.


Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Second Principle: Trusting Yourself

Trusting yourself in trusting the wisdom that created you.

Learning to trust may be difficult in the beginning. It will be an exercise in futility if you rely upon your mind to create trust. This is because the mind works on material problems by interpreting sensory data. When turned towards spiritual matters the mind attempts to come up with intellectual answers by using proofs, logic, and theoretical reasoning. It demands assurance and proof to establish tangible results. The Secret is no longer a secret, but why aren't the majority of readers able to immediately get what they want?   Could it be luck of self-trust?

(Some of those proofs, by the way, might well start coming to light as people like Amit Goswami delve into concepts of a Self Aware Universe, and How consciousness creates the material world)

In contrast, the method of the heart, focused on spiritual understanding, is an intuitive recognition of the value of love. Whereas the mind attempts to know the spirit by setting up conditions that must be met logically for there to be a release of love, the heart employs intuitive love as its way. The heart trusts the inner wisdom that it feels and spontaneously knows.

Spiritual life does not grow in the soil of intellectual information gathering. Spirituality needs the fertile ground of feelings, which the unseen dimensions provide. Trusting your heart is imperative for the growth of a healthy spiritual life.   This means cultivating harmony between mind and heart and, for most of us, this means terminating the intellect’s domination.

We will not have time to go into detail of all nine principles of manifesting, though I will list them at the end of this lesson.

Two Theories of Nature that affect our ability to trust:

First Theory- Nature as a Mechanism.

In the mechanistic view of nature, everything is an artefact made by a boss who has many different names. In the Western view, the boss is called God.  This God is often depicted as a white-bearded male. In this theory, the world is a construct and God the constructor. This Biblical God is paternal, authoritarian, beneficent and, in many ways, tyrannical. He keeps track of all things and knows precisely what everyone does and when His laws are being broken.


Gary Zukav says, in effect, you can live the life you want

Gary Zukav, Quantum Physicist and author the The Dancing Wu Li Masters - an overview of the New Physics, and The Seat of the Soul.

Gary Zukav, Quantum Physicist and author the The Dancing Wu Li Masters - an overview of the New Physics, and The Seat of the Soul.


One of the imperatives of this theory of nature is the idea of punishment for one’s sins.   This God/Father holds us accountable for our transgressions.   The transgressions are judged by various interpreters of his laws (priests, for example) who have, throughout history, claimed access to the divine.    Essentially, the universe is a monarchy, God the king and we the subjects.    All subjects are considered born with a stain of sin as part of their nature and are therefore untrustworthy.


This theory of nature makes many people feel estranged, creating an attitude of separateness from the boss.    The more we feel separated from this boss-God, the more we feel the need to create some way of feeling worthy.   So we create an idea of our importance based on externals.   This, we call ‘ego.’


Reliance on ego ultimately leads to more separation as life becomes a contest and a competition with designated others.    But this sense of estrangement is partially assuaged with an ego-directed attitude of ‘us against them.’    People are categorised and evaluated on the basis of ‘egonomics’ which include appearance, tradition, language, and physical characteristics.

Second Theory: Nature as Spontaneous and Nonjudging (the Self Aware Universe)

Think of yourself as consciousness being played out by God

In this view, God is Universal Intelligence flowing through everything, inspiring the natural process to unfold. The emphasis is on awareness of the divine nature of everything, rather than managing and controlling the natural world. The life force is non-judgemental and is responsible for all creation.

In this theory nature is an ‘unforced unfolding’ of life forms and there is no “boss.” Rather than learning to manage and control the natural world, the impulse is to trust it. God, in this theory, loves all things.

Human beings are an aspect of this God and are, therefore, carriers of divinity. Generally, in this theory, human beings are considered the highest level of life form on this planet. Trusting this most evolved natural form (us, you and me) includes trusting the behaviour described as good and bad, selfish and unselfish, greedy and generous in the same manner we respect other life forms by trusting their process.


No one gets short changed. We're all a part of it All

Just a tiny part of our visual universe taken through the Hubble telescope.  Part of our Macro Universe

Just a tiny part of our visual universe taken through the Hubble telescope. Part of our Macro Universe

Quantum Physics - Manifesting the life you want

I believe that the most troubling thing built into this theory of nature is the impact it has on our ability to operate from a strong position of self-trust. Once we have convinced ourselves we are untrustworthy and are, basically, a sinner, we are quite lost. If we are untrustworthy, how can we trust in even our own untrustworthiness? We can’t!

Everything becomes subject to doubt when God is a vindictive boss. This leads to the confusion of doubting everything because our opinions, feelings and beliefs are untrustworthy. In this scenario, one cannot even maintain trust in God because of the basic mistrust in ourselves. And not trusting God may be breaking one of His laws. It is a no-win situation.

This theory of the untrustworthiness of nature, popular as it is, is absolutely incompatible with the second principle of manifestation. You cannot tune into the power and energy of the universe to create and attract an abundant life if that energy and power is outside you.

If we trusted ourselves, we'd know how to avoid interfering with nature

There is no need to invent an ego that is separate from the divine, if our basic human nature is trusted. If we trust ourselves, we'd know how to avoid interfering with nature and how to live in harmony. When we know God as an unseen, loving and accepting power at the heart of everything, allowing us to make our own choices, then God is a trusted part of our own nature.

I believe that our nature is much more reliable than our thoughts. This second principle directs us to develop an inner knowing, so that the natural process of what we desire also desires us. Consider how our biological system attracts what is needed for hair to grow, food to digest, fingernails to be hard, and of breasts to be soft without our thoughts directing the process. Thinking can often lead us astray, while our nature unfolds in the form of amazingly well-functioning bodies and minds. When you trust this natural process, you begin to trust the nature of all things. The God-within-all informs your trusting response to life.

The order of nature is sometimes crooked and sometimes straight. It is wiggly and unorthodox, as seen in the shapes of clouds or mountains. They are not in any pattern we can perceive, and they are perfect. When we insist of controlling nature, we are interfering with nature.

The need to straighten our nature shows distrust. But when we relax and embrace the infinite variations of the universe, we are allowing the divinity of nature to flow and unfold through our life. We have tuned into the divine.

Determine the life you want: define it.

Revealed by the smallest subatomic particle.  Part of our Micro Universe

Revealed by the smallest subatomic particle. Part of our Micro Universe

Think of yourself as consciousness being played out by God, just as a wave is part of the ocean that is being played out by the ocean. This theory of nature will promote the kind of trust that you need to attract to yourself all that belongs to you in the universe. This is unseen, divine energy is the ocean that your wave form is part of. You can call it God, ocean, or, for that matter, anything else.

This is a profoundly exquisite realisation because with it you bring to your consciousness the inner awareness that you are actually in all things. This leads to miraculous manifestations, in that you are actually connected to all that you desire to manifest, and finally you know this to be your truth.

Being in all things at once

At your basic core you are not only worthy of trust: you are the Life-force that exists everywhere. Manifesting becomes the art of bringing to yourself that which is already you.

In a sense it is like thinking of the things we want as being on a string that is infinitely long, but is nevertheless attached to us in some invisible way. It is only a matter of trusting that we can bring that string to ourselves, and that whatever is supposed to come to our life will be there for us when we have developed the capacity to receive it.


We are a part of it all. Like a water molecule in an infinite multi-dimensional ocean which has no centre and no shores

And a part of our beautiful world.  The Glass House Mountains of Queensland, Australia

And a part of our beautiful world. The Glass House Mountains of Queensland, Australia

The Nine Principles (We’ve dealt, cursorily with two of them) They are:

1. Becoming aware of our Higher Self.  This awareness helo us to view ourselves as more than merely physical creations, which leads to...

2. Trusting ourselves.  This principle establishes us as one and the same as the universal God force, which leads to...

3. Realising that we are not an organism in an environment but an Environorganism.  This principle establishes that there is no separation between us and anything else outside in the material world, which leads to...

4. The realisation that we can attract to ourselves what we desire. This principle establishes our power to attract that to which we are already connected, which leads to...

5. Honouring our worthiness to receive that is attracted into our lives, which leads to...

6 Connecting to the Divine Source with Unconditional Love. This principle creates an awareness of the significance of accepting our manifestations with absolute love, which leads to...

7. Meditating on the Sound of Creation. This principle gives you the tools for vibrating yourself to the very sounds that are in the world of creation. These are the tools for attracting and manifesting, which lead to...

8. Patiently detaching ourselves from the Outcome.  This principle empathises the need for removing demands and becoming infinitely patient, which leads to...

9. Reacting to Our Manifestations with Gratitude and Generosity. This principle teaches the value of taming the ego and being thankful and in the service of others with our manifestations.


Quantum Physics and Manifesting the Life You Want

I close this lesson with a couple of quotes. One is from Dr. Wayne Dyer:

“Think of yourself a consciousness being played out by God.” The second is from the Christian Bible, and is contained in the few verses in John, Chapter 10 verses 31 to 38.

“The Jews took up stones again to stone him. Jesus answered them,“I have shown you many good works from the Father; for which of these do you stone me? The Jews answered him, “We stone you for no good work but for blasphemy; because you, being a man, make yourself God. Jesus answered them,

“Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, you are gods?' If He called them gods to whom the word of God came (and scripture cannot be broken) do you say of him whom the Father consecrated and sent into the world, you are blaspheming, because I said ‘I am the Son of God?'

If I am not doing the works of my Father then do not believe me. But if I do them, even though you do not believe in me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me and I am in the Father.”

More on the writer


Billy Jay Burton from Earth on June 09, 2020:

Riveting hub !

You are showing what's been missing in "The Secret".

Thank you for that.

cass benedict on June 13, 2012:

The world of language brings with it the task of meaning building. Once we conceptualize we have begun the process of conditioned boxes that then build our world according to our desires. I am so pleased this conversation is taking place and for what it's worth, I identify with the need to drop the conditioned fear response and grow in to a love and trust relationship to life, to the mystery of all, which is who we are when we cease to perceive through our conditioned ego. Cass Benedict

Ian on May 03, 2012:

To sum up:

Consciousness, even if it is a force, is constrained by other forces. The strong and weak nuclear forces constrain it, electromagnetism constrains it, gravity constrains it. Here is the big one: the lack of unity in consciousness itself constrains consciousness. The fact that other people are thinking constrains my ability to get everything I want, and most likely this will always be the case unless all life can somehow link minds.

Ian on May 03, 2012:


I submit that there is a big divide between quantum mechanics and interpretations of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is just a list of facts/laws which, when used properly, allows very accurate predictions about where a particle might be when it might be there.

This article reminds me a lot of that stupid pseudoscientific cult which trumpeted the merits of 'transcendental meditation' via a very bad interpretation of quantum mechanics. These people belive they can fly if they think hard enough about it.

And you know what? I'm even willing to argue for consciousness as a fundamental force within the universe, something with the power to affect change in a closed physical system. However, this is where I draw the line: as a fundamental force, consciousness has no more power to break the other forces than the other forces have to break one another. Laws of physics do not break one another, they coexist and obey one another. For example, the sun's internal gravity does not cause it to collapse because fusion provides a stabilizing outward pressure, and fusion does not cause the sun to fly apart because the sun's gravity provides a stabilizing inward pressure. Similarly, my conscious thought may ultimately be responsible for throwing a ball high into the air, but it fights gravity the entire time it does this. Gravity does not stop existing simply because I threw a ball in the air.

Lisa Satterwhite on April 13, 2012:

I believe that most of the people making comments here (no offense intended) don't understand the science, Quantum Physics is no easy subject to explain. If you take the time out to study or try and learn more about quantum physics in a more simplified form you would understand that thinking alone isn't going to manifest anything. You all are still stuck in the conditioning, is why you refuse to even entertain the fact that we are not of this physical world around you.

It's a hard truth to take in, but if you don't you will never be at true peace with who you really are. Don't you understand everything you see around you is held together by us. As A whole, if we possess the power to keep this reality of ours going, what else are we truly capable of?

Tom Ware (author) from Sydney, Australia on February 16, 2011:

Sounds awfully complicated sic334 - Which photon are you?

You'd have to take up the argument with Dr. Goswami himself. I expect he' got a website and a email address - get into it!

slc334 from Canada on February 16, 2011:

Hi Tom, I don't want to be just another antagonist, but if Dr. Goswami truly understands quantum physics, he would understand that it is not our will which chooses the wave/photon state of the electron, but the photons we are observing the event with. In order to observe something we need to collect data from it, and in order to collect this information we use photons. It is the photons which force the wave/photon state of the electron.

Simon.Ackland from Melbourne, Australia on February 11, 2011:

Thanks for this Tom. I especially liked the "9 principles". Thought-provoking stuff. Well done.

Tom Ware (author) from Sydney, Australia on October 27, 2010:

Hi, Connie,

I hope this doesn't mean you're going to give up on ALL of the interpretations people make from the explanations given regarding Quantum Physics. Can't say I've ever read or heard anywhere that "you can get WHATEVER you want from thinking very hard about it." That's a new one on me.

One thing that is clear, apparently, is that our reality changes according to the way we perceive it. Now, when I say 'we,' am I talking about one person as an individual, or all of Humanity? Perhaps it's the latter. One thing is pretty certain. An insect doesn't see reality as we see it.

It's over to you, Connie. We both of us need to learn more...

Connie on October 27, 2010:

I was very interested in learning about Quantum Physics until I heard that you can get whatever you want by thinking very hard about wanting it. For me that is going a bit too far on the subject of conciousness. I don't think there is one person in this world who would say that this concept is true for them. I agree every once in a while things happen that you can't explain but as far as I am concerned it doesn't happen enough of the time or when it could really count. If it was true there wouldn't be so much suffering in this world.

SamanthaSam on August 20, 2010:

You have explained many concepts that I wanted explained and clarified. Thanks a lot!

Tom Ware (author) from Sydney, Australia on August 12, 2010:

I apologize if this article gave readers the impression that, to quote Darryl above, "all they need do is wait idly and wish for it" (materializations) I'm pretty sure that is not what the writers mean. To my mind they mean that the Universe 'sets up the opportunities' subject to the person's habitual thinking. Decisions followed by actions have to be taken once the opportunities are provided.

Darryl on August 12, 2010:

A very interesting read, with some very interesting concepts, many of which I had to read twice and sometimes 3 times to understand as this is not an area I am comfortable. However as I read through your article I could'nt help but draw conclusions that the these concepts pandered to the expectations of today's society, wherein they believe that they are entitled to whatever they want, all they need to do is wait idly and wish for it. A thought process that is driven by nothing more than a hugh EGO.

Tom Ware (author) from Sydney, Australia on August 08, 2010:

Sushil, what you say is right, most desires are the ego. There are some that aren't, I think. For example, the advice given by so many on Hubpages.

I once read a very interesting article called, "To Teach Is To Love," and I think this is correct. But in order to teach well comes the desire to be able to do so. So one might have a desire for subject knowledge, life skills, presentation skills - even marketing skills to reach more people, etc.. People like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, for example, might make a lot of money, but they also distribute and give away a lot, too; far more than they'd be able to if they were less successful.

sushil on August 08, 2010:

impressive. Thoughtprovoking

You can menifest your own life and wants"

Well said and nicely explained. Yet,when you reach that hight, what is there to menifest? Wants and desires are mostly due to ego and conditionings.

Must say these books have created an impressive mirage to take the difficult journry.

Tom Ware (author) from Sydney, Australia on August 05, 2010:

Lynda, you need to read Amit Goswami Ph.D's book, The Self AWare Universe - subtitle: How Consciousness Creates the Material World. Goswami's a quantum physicist and no slouch when it comes to knowledge on this subject. The book is difficult reading but, if you're willing to give it a try, you might just be surprised.

lmmartin from Alberta and Florida on August 05, 2010:

I am not so much of an egotist to believe the circumstance surrounding me are caused by my imaginings. If that were the case, trust me -- I would have an entirely different and perhaps not so comfortable existence. We can imagine all we want, but imagining a life will not make it so.

Life is a gift and it comes with no guarantees. We should be content to live our days as they come to us -- an art and a philosophy unfortunately long forgotten.

I was born and lived through good times and bad. Did I get all I thought I should? -- probably not. But I am not one to believe my thoughts affect the physical plane of existence. Did I get all I needed -- well yes, I'm still here. That is enough for me and should be for anyone.

What a wonderful debate. And yes, I understand what Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra have to say, having read them. I'm simply saying they are pandering to a wannabe of today's society, and causing more damage than they imagine.

Behold a world imagining a better world but not finding what they imagine -- could it be because reality just is and is not affected by our thoughts? Yes, that would be my guess.

Tusitala Tom on August 05, 2010:

I think Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Joseph Murphy, Shakti Gawain et al would probably agree that you don't bring things into your life simply by wishing about them. What they're saying is what Dr. Roberto Assagioli is saying in his book, The Act of Will. Assagioli's First Psychological Law reads: "Images and mental picture and ideas tend to produce the physical conditions and the external acts that correspond to them." When the physical conditions arrive we still have to ACT on them. What is being said is that the Universe (or the All Mighty or whatever) provides the circumstances subject to our constant imaginings.

lmmartin from Alberta and Florida on August 05, 2010:

I have sympathy with many of the points you bring up here, and with Wayne Dwyers (whom I have read) but I stop at the idea that life can be what we wish if we only wish hard enough -- this optimistic magical thinking which seems to be so prevalent in today's world. This false 'positive attitude' is to blame for much of society's blind apathy in the face of real problems. This idea of 'don't worry, everything will be just fine' -- the optimism that goes down with the ship.

Sorry, but for me and many others, the idea that wanting it so will make it so just doesn't play.

On the other hand, I've known since childhood that I am a mere speck in the Universe, a part of the whole, God in me and me in God -- and live my life accordingly.

But Dr. Dwyer's suggestion the cosmos is some kind of ATM ready to hand out all we want (provided we want the right thing) through sheer wanting -- and if it fails to materialize it is our fault for not wanting hard enough, strikes me as first, supremely self-important and second, harmful to a society already deluded with 'power of positive thinking,' and other frauds of that ilk.

There comes a time when society must face a reality -- life is what it is, and the world, cosmos, God-Father, supreme being, spirit of life, higher power owes us nothing.

An interesting article in every aspect, whether one agrees or disagrees and well done, Tom. However, I chose to disagree with Dr. Wayne Dwyer many years ago.

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