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Ancient Levitation Secrets | Super Magic Powers of Quantum Levitation


A Glimpse into Ancient Levitation

Get a glimpse into ancient civilizations that had the knowledge to do amazing things including ancient levitation secrets which was common and lost throughout history. Through the eons of time, mistranslations lost the original meanings of the secret codes that included ancient levitation secrets left for the next generation. The texts were sacred meaning secret in order that they not fall into the wrong hands. Did they know about quantum levitation and superconductivity?

This is a remarkable topic because many people now believe that these ancient levitation secret technologies were available to the ancient Egyptians and megalith builders that enabled them to construct the pyramids and other ancient cities; technologies that have somehow been forgotten but is the oldest science in the world. Myths and stories of floating stones are all around the world and even men riding on magic carpets.

There have been many cases and testimonies of levitation and has been thought in some cases a miracle and in others a mysterious phenomenon that leaves people stunned and in shock as they watch these events.

Although many of the accounts have been true, there are many that are a hoax as well where a giant robe is worn to cover the device that is stuck into the ground, which the person sits on and appears to be as if they are sitting in levitation.

On television anything is possible so I would not take those too seriously. However, there are instances where people have levitated out in the open where there are no gimmicks to be found. There is always a secret behind an illusion.

Even though there are many hoaxes and false levitations, there are cases where people have been documented events where people are given a gift or develop the ability to levitate using the mind by creating a bio-gravitational field using a process through focus and meditation.

Whatever you want to believe, it has been a controversial subject for a very long time. Alexander Dubrov, a doctor of biological sciences, believes the human brain is capable of achieving this state of mind. It’s not difficulty really, the secret knowing how and the secrets were somehow lost in ancient books.

Saint Theresa, catholic nun was able to levitate unwillingly. She was born with this gift but she did not want this ability and prayed that it would be taken away and it was. This is a well documented account with many witnesses and she wrote about it in here autobiography in 1565. What is interesting is that many times this so called gift is given to people somehow meaning that they were not trying to do it and it just would happen at certain times.

In ancient days of old in India and Tibet, levitation was practiced and it has been documented as well. In 527 A.D. Hindu founder of Zen visited the Shaolin Monastery teaching the monks the secrets of energy control using body energy balance using for levitation. There are numerous books about the Tibetans and there amazing knowledge.

Also, what is interesting is the Tibetan sound levitation using sound harmonics for moving large stones. In his book The Bridge to Infinity, Bruce Cathie writes about an amazing story on what he called floating stones.

Get this, It tells the story of astonishing feats of stone levitation accomplished by priests in a monastery high in the Tibetan Himalayas to build a wall. He was astonished as he watched them work using drums to create a resonant frequency that nullified the stones which moved through the air. Deep inside a large ditch the large and heavy stones were lowered into place using ancient levitation secrets. They simply used an ancient technology that goes way back thousands of years and has been lost through the eons of time.

Image from Paul Guerrin, Les Petites Bollandistes: Vies de Saints, 1882

Image from Paul Guerrin, Les Petites Bollandistes: Vies de Saints, 1882

Ancient Levitation Secrets Believe it or Not

One of the best known person to levitate is Joseph Desa (1603-1663 ), AKA Saint Joseph of Cupertino named after the village where he was from in south Italy. This man somehow would levitate in a state where it became uncomfortable to watch for some people and an interruption to the catholic services. It became such a big story that eventually he was called to Rome to perform his levitation in front of Pope Urban VIII.

Scientists of that time observed his levitations more than a hundred times. Eventually, his levitations became an embarrassment to people higher up in the church since they could not do this, which they considered a gift. Eventually they got rid of him and moved him to a remote monastery.

In March of 1991, Nature magazine published an amazing picture: the director of the Superconductivity Research Laboratory in Tokyo was sitting on the dish of superconducting ceramic material that would allow him to levitate. Later this phenomenon was dubbed as the Meissner effect. It is the expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor.

The ancient people did not always reveal their secrets of levitation so easily. Technology has always been a competitive edge in the world, especially to fight off enemy attacks. They had to be precise and efficient in building these walls and time was also a factor.

Having the ability to lower large stone blocks using levitation would have been an advantage. These secrets however have been lost through time due to the fact that the secrets have been encoded secretly into ancient books and passed down to the next generation.

However, do to cataclysm, war, and disobedience, the translations original meanings were lost. Today, archeologists dig and find ancient texts that have these writings hidden inside. During World War 2, the Nazis went into these ancient cities and stole many of these ancients texts from the people. They went in with a purpose and had specific orders to find these ancient religious books that were sacred to the people that hid the ancient levitation secrets known to man.

It was Hitler’s scientists who tried to decipher the codes hidden within the books for they knew that the anti-gravity secrets were contained within. The purpose for this technology was to be used to build a UFO that could defy gravity and help win the war for the Nazis. Had they won we would all be speaking in German right now and I can assure you I would not be telling this story. So, how far did they get? Well, most of this information is classified and above my pay grade but you can look it up.

Have you seen quantum locking? It’s pretty amazing. If case you haven't seen it yet, here's the quantum levitation video using quantum locking; It will take you by surprise. Many have asked, “What kind of sorcery is this? This is quantum locking not sorcery; it has been proven can be replicated over and over as you can see in the video below. This is fascinating research so be prepared to be amazed. So you still don't believe in levitation? See the quantum levitation video below.

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Alexander Malm on November 18, 2013:

You might want to quote some of your stuff...."It's not dificult really, the secret is knowing how". -Ed Leedskalnin. But yeah good stuff.

Globetrekkermel from CALIFORNIA on September 25, 2012:

I have heard about quantum physics with atomic and subatomic particles which explain the behaviour of matter and energy. BUT QUANTUM LEVITATION? That's taking the theory of quantum physics to a whole new meaning. This is definitely a matter worth studying. Will definitely be fun flying the magic carpet with quantum levitation!HA HA HA!!

rickzepeda (author) on June 19, 2012:

@markbennis If I could levitate it would get me in trouble.

markbennis on June 19, 2012:

This was absolutely fabulous and intriguing all the way through, dam I want to know how to levitate! I have heard some old stories about levitation being achieved but not as much information as you have produced, which has got me hooked.

So I think I will be studding the esoteric knowledge’s of levitation from now on, thanks for sharing it was inspiring.

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