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15 Psychology Hacks You Must Know.

Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.


How can you improve the outcome of a situation? What does his/her body language mean? Why did he/she reacted that way? After doing some research on my own, I have come with 15 life hacks on how you can improve the outcome of an situation. How to represent yourself, especially when you are feeling nervous, or not in the mood to enter into a conversation with mostly unknown people? What people like and what they do not, and how to make them like you? These are the Psychology Tricks to know every other person tricks and treats and not to fall for them. I wish you enjoy this article.


How to cope with any situation.

  1. When you first meet people, while you present yourself, and shake your hands, try to focus in the eye color of that person. Not really to find out the color, as much as, to look at the person just a little longer to make him/her think that you are interested.
  2. And when meeting people, they like a warm hand, they feel more comfortable immediately.
  3. You must have heard the rumour about: a persons pointing feet show where his/her interest lies. It must be true, because I have proven it myself. So, when you meet anyone, or you interrupt a meeting, try to see where they feet point at. If they are pointing at you, they like people in a coffee shop, or you. But, if they are pointing away, and only their torso is pointing to you, then they are disturbed, and want to be left alone.
  4. If you want somebody to agree to do something for you, ask for something bigger than you really want. First ask for a more difficult, unable task for the other to complete. When he disagrees, then ask for the real, simpler task you need him/her to do. They will immediately agree, as they will feel like they put away a real burden. Funny, no?
  5. Einstein once said: "If you can not explain it to your grandma, then you have not understood it." So, when you learn something new, try to teach it to your friend, your mother or father, or grandma. If they do understand, you have learnt it well.

How to make people like you.

  1. And that quote: "People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel" is true by the way.
  2. If you want people to accept you, and like to be around you, act like you are happy and excited to meet them. They will approach in the same way with you too, maybe not in the moment but after a while.
  3. If people get angry at you, avoid calmness. Do whatever you want, but do not stay calm. Speak, raise your voice, react, argue, shut the door, everything is better than just staying calm. If you do so, that will make people angrier, and that will be understood as a sign that you do not really care.
  4. People have a certain image of themselves, and would do everything and anything to keep that image. Be careful to detect it, and then find a way to frame yourself to their self-image.
  5. The key to confidence, is when walking into a room full of people, assume as
    everyone likes you.
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How to represent yourself.

  1. Want to feel happier, and better for yourself? Fake the biggest instantly feel happier. Fake it till smile you can, and you will you make it.
  2. The moment your morning disturbing alarm rings, sit up, pump your fists, and say "YEAH" without thinking twice, as though you have win something like a World Cup, an Oscar, a Nobel prize, or anything.
  3. When you are about to be interviewed, and you are stressed out, a little nervous, just say to yourself in repeat mode "I have known these people my whole life. These are my old friends, we are just catching up." It will put you in the right mood for smooth nervous-less conversations and better presentation.
  4. When you want to move in a certain direction, but there is a crowd of people in front of you, remember to look over their shoulders, not into their eyes. When you look over their shoulder, or their heads, it shows them the direction you want to go, and they will move to let you go.
  5. Chew gum when you are in a situation that makes you nervous. When eating, brain does not react to nervous situations, because it thinks "I am eating, I am not in danger." Crazy, right?

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