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Psychological Effect and Mental Declaration of the Covid-19 Vaccine

This “The Mystery of Mind” continuously tries to cultivate its strength in me to understand and research on the subject.

Remain alert, take maximum precaution from the second wave of covid pandemic.

There is a sure psychological effect on people who are vaccinated.

There is a sure psychological effect on people who are vaccinated.

The psychological effect and mental declaration of the covid-19 vaccine

The psychological effect says, don’t be overconfident after getting the covid-19 vaccine

Science is yet to conclusively determine how human psychology plays its role after people are vaccinated for covid-19 strains. For a while, let us look at the new variants. They have been emerging regularly during the past year and thereafter, they soon disappeared. Otherwise, there are some new variants that appeared and remained. It was also observed that many renowned viruses and multiple variants caused by COVID-19 were published in the USA during the pandemic.

There were very interesting cases that emerged between the year 2020 and this year 2021. The incidences related to covid cases and their consequences were compared.

It was observed that during 2020, the affected people due to covid were extremely low. However, the fear and panic conditions were too high.

In this year 2021, the Covid pandemic affected cases were extremely large, while the fear was very low. Maybe, there was no sign of fear at all.

Why such things are happening?

It is possible to link them to two concepts and beliefs of psychology.

The first one is the model of ‘Kubler-Ross’ and the second the ‘Peltzman Effect’.

The model of Kubler-Ross explains that disaster, tragedy, accident, divorce, deathlike like incidences do happen. When negative events occur in our lives, people normally move through five panic and anxiety stages. When the event occurs in their life, people demonstrate substantial anger, considerable denial, ample depression, sizeable bargaining. Finally, they arrive at the total acceptance of the event. Kubler-Ross linked these concepts with the prevailing covid pandemic period.

There is a behavioral adaptation theory known as the Peltzman Outcome. It explains that people have the tendency to involve in activities in a casual manner when they realize that the security measures are mandated and eased.

Clear evidence produced

He performed the first automobile safety research and established evidence that several regulations imposed for highway safety could not decrease highway deaths due to accidents. This is mainly due to the risk compensation provided by the insurance companies. This happened when people found that comprehensive vehicle insurance was made compulsory for all vehicles.

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The moment the things like airbags, seat belts, disc brakes were introduced, their basic intention was to curtail road accidents, reduce accidental deaths. They provided added safety measures to automobile and vehicle occupants, for their safe travel.

However, the data analysis explains that due to these added measures, the death rate due to automobile accidents was reduced. However, the accident numbers increased drastically. This is because, when the safety precautions were implemented, the fear perception of people related to risk reduced.

And hence, people assumed that they have the freedom to take risky actions and make risky decisions. In that sense, people generated the tendency for risky driving behaviors, above some limit. At this stage, a driver did not consider his actions to be risky. This happened, even though it increased his chances of being indulged in death, due to a crash or severe injury.

The same phenomenon is happening presently due to the vaccination of Covid.

People have assumed a false and pretentious sense of security, while many people have already experienced this Peltzman Effect, prior to taking a vaccination.

By taking vaccination, they get the feeling of complete protection from Covid. They simply observe the number of vaccinated people mentioned on TV and in the newspaper and presume they are safe.

Most people must be aware of this.

It is to be noted that a few weeks after getting the second covid vaccination dose, there is no complete immunity. There is no assurance or evidence that the prevailing covid-19 vaccine can completely stop people from getting infected. In actual fact, there are several incidences of people infected with a covid-19 virus, after some days of vaccination. Though, the probability of receiving a serious infection or resulting in death is very less.

Be careful

After a person gets vaccinated, he can also spread the covid infection to many other people without owning the disease himself. And, this discovery aspect is very crucial for people to understand. It is an important point because, the vaccinated people knowingly or unknowingly can carry the infection and spread pathogens, without them getting infected. The clinical research has clearly explained that vaccines, mostly perform and succeed against specific variants, however not all of them. When more people are receiving vaccinations, they are likely to be very casual, careless, more relaxed, and confident. They think that such preventive measures have made them immune to covid effects. Hence, they will avoid hand hygiene methods, evade wearing a mask, and mostly, refrain from the important aspect of maintaining social distance.

Take utmost precautions

If you visit the Covid vaccination center, you will observe no precautions of social distancing are taken. People do not use masks as well. In such places, there is a soaring possibility that the Covid is infected from the vaccination centers themselves. It is a similar case of wearing a helmet while driving a bike. You remain safe, and not likely to die from a bike accident on the road, but that doesn’t indicate that they can ride rashly. That kind of rash driving can injure other people, even though the bike rider is protected. The Peltzman Effect warns people to be aware and remain very careful. Every person around the globe is required to maintain all the preventive measures.

Rest assured, the vaccination effect can take us near herd immunity.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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