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Prophecy, Dreams & Visions of a Nuclear or Atomic Attack on Washington DC

Collection of Prophecies and Dreams from Several Sources

This is a compilation of dreams and visions about an atomic or nuclear attack on Washington, D.C. Some of these explicitly mention D.C. Others seem to be about the city. In addition, there are two sources which indicate that an attack on D.C. would come in conjunction with a war with Iran.

The deliverance minister Win Worley reported that he cast out a demon in 1981, which told Worley the demons (& the Satanists within groups like Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, and the top tiers of Freemasonry) were planning such a scenario as a means to destroy the United States, a bastion of Christianity.

Sultana's Dreams

These were transferred here from UnleavenedBreadMinistryNet

Sultana - 9/17/07

The year before 9/11, I dreamed of 4 explosions. I told my husband that the World Trade Center was blown up and I saw an explosion on the ground, then I saw the Pentagon explode.

Dreams of Washington D.C.

In May 2004, I was given a dream of Washington D. C. What I saw was terrifying. While looking at the top view of D.C., the Lord said, "Look," and as I looked the whole city began to shake and if fell flat.

In the fall of 2004, I dreamed of D.C. again. This time I saw bodies piled everywhere and trucks were driving by checking IDs. They were throwing the bodies on trucks like bails of hay. I also saw in Fairfax, people staying in their homes unless given permission by the authorities to leave. I saw tanks driving in the city streets with the military everywhere and we were making food for them and giving them drinks.

In 2002 my brother dreamed about large caterpillars. They were laying dead all around and someone cut them open. Inside these creatures were metro buses with people in them. God told me the interpretation of this dream. The caterpillars are the metro rail system.

In July 2005, I dreamed that bombs went off in the metro stations. They looked about 3 or 4 feet long and 8 inches high, and packed in something like PVC pipe plumbers use. When it exploded, the blast was minimal, but this yellowish smoke came out the tunnels. As soon as it was breathed in, the lungs began to bubble, blister and bleed. (It was like I could see inside of someone's lungs). People were painfully dying everywhere. I saw these bombs go off in various stations: 1. Metro Center; 2. Pentagon; and 3. Smithsonian. There were explosions in the north side of the Capital area, as well as the White House area outside the gate. In another part of this dream, Metro had put up those scanning booths to check bags before you could enter. This security measure would minimize the terrorism if metro chose to use this system..

Aug. 4th I dreamed we (the National Prayer Chapel) were in the Hilton Memorial Chapel at a Prayer weekend. I knew it was not yet our church building, but I saw our people there with other churches involved. I'm not sure which church fellowships they were. I saw Euginie as she was taking in the beauty of the building. I saw the Luthers, Carols, my family and everybody. Then I temporarily left the prayer meeting and saw the top view of all the bridges leading into Washington D.C. and they exploded. I could see down into the water; it was awful. Cars fell in the water and people were burned. At the same time, I saw the metro system explode with bombs with yellowish gasses. Then I saw a bomb go off at the base of the WASHINGTON monument and it broke and fell over on its side. Then I was back at the meeting when I heard, "May I have your attention please! Please remain calm. WASHINGTON has just been attacked." Then I saw people start to panic and our church members went into prayer mode, getting hold of those who were panicking... Then I saw the police tell people to get into their houses or hotels. They wanted the streets clear. No one was allowed to go outside or they could be killed. Then I woke up.

On Aug. 5th, I dreamed that we were in the Hilton Memorial but this time I saw Pastor David Wilkerson and he was praying over Pastor Ray Greenly. He was praying, "Lord I commission Pastor Greenly over this region. Lord give him a great anointing for your harvest field." Then an announcement came over the speakers, "May I have your attention please. WASHINGTON D.C. has just been attacked." Then I woke up.

Rachella's Dream

”Ok, here goes......In the dream I was looking at a new house, and I specifically remember the basement still having water in it, after a flood. There were snakes getting in, and I asked how many had they killed. The man said 400, and a man was found dead in the river who was snake bitten.

“Dreams are so weird, but this number 400 has me wondering. Every time I've had a dream, with a number in my head, after waking up, that number always came to pass. I don't know what it would mean though.

“What is in my mind is 400 hours. That keeps coming in my mind. And the day I had the dream was Wednesday Sept. 23, 2009. 400 hours = days ....I think something is going to occur on that day. But I don't know. It's just in my mind real strong.”

[Note from the author: Many powerful dreams come to watchmen around the time of Yom Kippur each year.]

“I rarely ever have dreams. I have in the past, but it's been years since I've had a dream from God, and I have before. I don't know, if this is God telling me in 400 hours something major is going to happen in my life or in the world.”

Isaiah 59:19 So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

Streets and buildings are situated in Washington D.C. to portray Satanic and secret society symbols.

Streets and buildings are situated in Washington D.C. to portray Satanic and secret society symbols.

RebelAgainsttheRebel's Dream

I received this as an email to my YouTube account knowjesusknowpeace:

Very important: A Dream that I Had
I had a dream, I see a large bomb explosion going off, to the north of where I live in the d.c. area! It was in the direction of District of Columbia! I then see American fighter pilots come flying out over the sky!

I see that it was some jets rapidly flying in from the east, over the sea that flew in to bomb us, only one bomb makes it to detonation!

Then I can see a line forming from the area where the bomb goes off in the d.c. area, across the earth to southern china, I could clearly hear the words, southern china! I was not clear as to what southern china had to do with it! but I am pretty sure it was related to the bombing or caused it to happen!

I then asked was it nuclear! I heard a voice say no!

Then I ask hear a question, what caused it or why did it happen! There was something relating to Iraq! Something about Iraq, vengeance for America bullying Iraq!

Rebel also added these comments later:

I saw snow on the roof. I remember seeing snow on the roof, melting down. I got the feeling that the explosion in D.C. was during a holiday! Something like a New Year's holiday or something along those lines!

I then go to tell my cousin this dream, and he then tells me that he had a dream a week ago that china was about to bomb us and everyone was hiding and scared! then he saw fighter jets, flying over the sky, exactly as I had seen in my dream!
I was very shaken by that!
Please tell me what you think of this dream ! and what is your interpretation?

***My Response:
You have sent the answer to my prayer last night, and from several times in recent months: Lord, please don't send nukes. Let it be some other bomb.

I think it will be one of the new Russian bombs. They have power equal to those that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Those bombs melt the ground. The pictures from their detonation match the scenes of ground I have seen in at least two dreams.

These bombs do not have an official name, but are called "The Dad of All Bombs". This name mocks the American version, also a hyperbolic device, called "The Mother of All Bombs", the MOAB.

Lori's Dream

As confirmation for you I'd like to share an old dream I had with you.

In 1992, one week before the riots in L.A. after the Rodney King verdict, I had an extremely vivid dream where I saw the riots. I saw black people attacking white people viciously. I was hiding under a park bench where the attackers couldn't see me. I saw Reginald Denny get hit in the head with the brick--the same scene which was later displayed on T.V. over and over again. I told my husband all about it. I really felt like I was there.

One week later, the riots exploded in L.A. and looked exactly like my dream.

One week after that, I had another extremely vivid dream. This time the U.S. was being attacked. I saw incoming missiles in the sky. I could see writing on the missiles and when I looked closer, I could see it was CHINESE writing on the missiles. In my dream I was really surprised and perplexed by this. I looked again to be sure. Yes, Chinese! In 1992, Russia was still our big enemy and the quality of stuff made in China was still not considered very good. I don't know where in the U.S. the attack was hitting. I'm just outside NYC but it wasn't necessarily here. All I know is that it was our country.

But, since I'd just had the riot dream that happened exactly as I saw it, I took this seriously even though 17 years ago it made no sense whatsoever.

blessings, lori

My Comments:

One way the Holy Spirit communicates with us is to show us a two or three part dream. The first parts usually come to pass soon, thereby validating the dream series.

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From Steph3379

This dream was posted to a forum:

I live near the DC area too. I had a dream almost identical to yours a couple of weeks ago. They were black fighter jets coming to attack. A crowd of people out on a cement courtyard downtown area - they came out to see what was going on. I saw the jets arrive and suddenly US planes appeared, the enemy planes left but came back swiftly and took out the US planes - I heard a man to my right tell the crowd to gather together, they're being taken below for safety. Within minutes many people killed burned. I thought, they never questioned, they just followed (they were a group of non Believers). I watched this from a mountain view (no mountains in DC)

Vincent Xavier's Vision

Here is the message written down from Vincent Xavier's message on New Wine Radio:

Location to hear audio:
Radio Archives
New Wine Radio Archives
8-13-09 Detailed Message

Fast forward by moving the bubble on the progress bar to 77:48

He explains that he was in Katy, Texas in deep communion with the Lord. He got to a place where he felt the spirit was telling him he could ask whatever he wanted to know. He says he asked three questions:

"Will there be a great strike against the heart of the United States of America?"
A: Yes.
"In September?"
A: Close.
A: YES. November will be a release.
"Lord, what is the heart of the United States of America?"
A: Washington, DC. Not one stone will be left upon another. An atomic bomb will level it to the ground.

Xavier has stated repeatedly that he believes the attack will come on October 11th. This is just his assessment, or expectation. But, the month of October is part of his warning from the Lord.

When a Judgment Warning Comes, it will certainly come to pass UNLESS: There is repentance, as in the case of Ninevah, as told in the book of Jonah.

Romanian Prophet Dumitru Duduman

The Message For America

September, 1984

Late one night, I could not sleep, The children were sleeping on the luggage. My wife and daughter were crying, I went outside and walked around. I didn't want them to see me cry. I walked around the building, crying and saying, "God! Why did you punish me? Why did you bring me into this country? I can't understand anybody. If I try to ask anybody anything, all I hear is, "I don't know."

I stopped in front of the apartment and sat on a large rock. Suddenly a bright light came toward me. I jumped to my feet because it looked as if a car was coming directly at me, attempting to run me down! I thought the Romanian Secret Police had tracked me to America, and now they were trying to kill me. But it wasn't a car at all. As the light approached, it surrounded me. From the light I heard the same voice that I had heard so many times in prison.

He said "Dumitru, why are you so despaired?" I said, "Why did you punish me? Why did you bring me to this country? I have nowhere to lay my head down. I can't understand anybody." He said, "Dumitru, didn't I tell you I am here with you, also? I brought you to this country because this country will burn." I said, 'then why did you bring me here to burn? Why didn't you let me die in my own country? You should have let me die in jail in Romania! He said, "Dumitru, have patience so I can tell you. Get on this." I got on something next to him. I don't know what it was. I also know that I was not asleep. It was not a dream. It was not a vision. I was awake just as I am now.

He showed me all of California and said, "This is Sodom and Gomorrah! All of this, in one day it will burn! It's sin has reached the Holy One." Then he took me to Las Vegas. "This is Sodom and Gomorrah. In one day it will burn." Then he showed me the state of New York. "Do you know what this is?" he asked. I said, "No." He said "This is New York. This is Sodom and Gomorrah! In one day it will burn." Then he showed me all of Florida, "This is Florida." he said. "This is Sodom and Gomorrah! In one day it will burn."

Then he took me back home to the rock where we had begun. "IN ONE DAY IT WILL BURN! All of this I have shown you" - I said, "How will it burn?" He said, "Remember what I am telling you, because you will go on television, on the radio and in churches. You must yell with a loud voice. Do not be afraid, because I will be with you." I said, "How will I be able to go? Who knows me here in America? I don't know anybody here." He said, "Don't worry yourself. I will go before you. I will do a lot of healing in the American churches and I will open the doors for you. But do not say anything else besides what I tell you. This country will burn!"

I said, "What will you do with the church?" He said, "I want to save the church, but the churches have forsaken me." I said, "How did they forsake you?" He said, "The people praise themselves. The honor that the people are supposed to give Jesus Christ, they take upon themselves. In the churches there are divorces. There is adultery in the churches. There are homosexuals in the churches. There is abortion in the churches and all other sins that are possible.

Because of all the sin, I have left some of the churches. You must yell in a loud voice that they must put an end to their sinning. They must turn toward the Lord. The Lord never gets tired of forgiving. They must draw close to the Lord, and live a clean life. If they have sinned until now, they must put an end to it, and start a new life as the Bible tells them to live."

I said, "How will America burn?" America is the most powerful country in this world. Why did you bring us here to burn? Why didn't you at least let us die where ALL the Dudumans have died?"

He said, "Remember this, Dumitru. The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear warehouses are in America. When the Americans will think that it is peace and safety - from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then from the ocean, from Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico,,.." (He told me two other countries, but I didn't remember what they were.) "...they will bomb the nuclear warehouses. When they explode, America will burn!"

"What will you do with the Church of the Lord? How will you save the ones that will turn toward you?" I asked. He said, "Tell them this: how I saved the three young ones from the furnace of fire, and how I saved Daniel in the lions den, is the same way I will save them."

The angel of the Lord also told me, "I have blessed this country because of the Jewish people who are in this country. I have seven million Jews in this country, but they do not want to recognize the Lord. They didn't want to thank God for the blessing they received in this country. Israel doesn't want to recognize Jesus Christ. They put their faith in the Jewish people in America. But, when America burns, the Lord will raise China, Japan, and other nations to go against the Russians. They will beat the Russians and push them all the way to the gates of Paris.

Over there they will make a treaty, and appoint the Russians as their leaders. They will then unite against Israel. When Israel realizes she does not have the strength of America behind her, she will be frightened. That's when she will turn to the Messiah for deliverance. That's when the Messiah will come. Then, the church will meet Jesus in the air, and he will bring them back with Him to the Mount of Olives. At that time, the battle of Armageddon will be fought."

When I heard all of this I said, "if you are truly the angel of the Lord, and everything you have told me is true, then all you have said must be written in the Bible." He said, "Tell everyone to read from Jeremiah 51:8-15, Revelation chapter 18, and Zechariah chapter 14, where Christ fights against those who possess the earth. After His victory," the angel said, "there will be one flock and one Shepherd. There will be no need for light. The Lamb of God will be the Light. There will be no sickness, no tears, and no deaths. There will only be eternal joy and God will be the ruler. There will be only one language. Only one song. And no need for a translator! ... And, Dumitru," he continued, "a word of warning. If you keep anything from the American people that you are told, I will punish you severely." "How will I know that this is for real -that it will really happen?" I asked. "As a sign that I have spoken to you, tomorrow before you wake, I will send someone to bring you a bed, and at noon I will send you a car and a bucket of honey. After which I will send someone to pay your rent." (See chapter 10, "THROUGH THE FIRE WITHOUT BURNING.") Then the angel left.

Excepted from:

Dreams and Visions From God

Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000

I highly recommend reading all of Dumitru Duduman's prophecies, as well as those of his grandson, Michael Boldea, Jr. You can find these at Mike's website:

Harlock's Dream, September 2008

From Harlock, posted on

I had a dream last September (much before I heard about David Wilkerson) about a city with a name that has something to do with the letter D and lots of water surrounding it, though not an island. In my dream I was looking out a picture window in the home of a friend and saw a nuclear explosion in the heart of the city. I immediately left the house and got to the city be crossing numerous highways and lots of water. I was lifted up and saw a huge crater the size of a stadium and knew that it was not a terrorist attack, but had been organized from within. I knew that I had to get back to the house, so I ran back as fast as I could, knowing that men in some kind of uniform were chasing me. I got almost to the house and was accosted by the men and fought for a bit and then woke up.

The Lord's Answer to My Prayers about the DC Attack

I prayed for seven days with no answer. On the seventh night, I received this simple message, and woke immediately, with clarity.

"They will do this on a new holiday they have created so their people will be out of town."

There are no Muslim holidays in October.

Columbus Day is October 12th. Columbus Day weekend is October 10th, 11th & 12th. This national holiday was made official by Nixon in 1974. That is new for a national holiday. Here are two scriptures showing that God has sent destruction against those who reject Him on the the tenth day of the tenth month:

Jeremiah 52:4 "And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth [day] of the month, [that] Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon came, he and all his army, against Jerusalem, and pitched against it, and built forts against it round about."

Ezekiel 29:1 "Ezekiel 29:1 "In the tenth year, in the tenth [month], in the twelfth [day] of the month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying..."

In Ezekiel 29, God proclaims the destruction of Egypt, which has said it owns the "rivers" and holds power itself (a belief of Satanists, sorcerers, New Agers, and practitioners of chi). God proclaims that Egyptians will be scattered into all the nations of the world (also prophesied about the citizens of Mystery Babylon the Great). God says Egypt will never rise again to power, and will be the lowest of nations. (This is the case today. The great majority of Arabs consider Egyptians with contempt and put them at the bottom of the ranking of mideast nations.)

So, the tenth day to the twelfth day of the tenth month IS a bad time. In history, God has historically chosen to initiate ruin to those who reject Him.

Do you think America will suffer a nuclear attack?

DaddyOjavenjack's dream

Hello. I don't know if a dream I had in July would be about a DC attack or not, but I want to share what it was.

***I was on the beach at the Oregon coast, it was nighttime. Everything had a brilliant blue tent to it and I could see fairly well. I was lifted up into the air probably about 50 to 100 ft and began to shoot across the ocean at a very high speed. I was dangling around and caught a quick glimpse of the moon, it was kinda big and almost half full, then I saw the sun for just a quick second. Then I was looking down and saw I was flying over land and I was let down at the corner of a corn field. I was looking at one stalk of corn and one of the ears of corn began to shake for a couple seconds then the shucks VERY quickly came down and I saw a brilliant bright red colored sickle floating in front of a bright red hammer. Then I saw the words "October 14th, 2009" scroll across the sky. The words were gray. The hammer and sickle were red and everything else was blue***

I hope this might help in some way, some how. God bless

Muslim Informant (double agent?) Warns of "American Hiroshima"

It was Hill who converted to Islam as a young U.S. Army paratrooper stationed in Beirut in 1958. It was Hill who learned fluent Arabic. It was Hill who joined the Mujahedeen Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan and fought the Soviet invasion there in the 1980s. It was Hill who personally met Osama bin Laden. It was Hill who used information from Islamic extremists to warn Rescorla that terrorists would use the underground parking garage for a car bomb attack on the World Trade Center. It was Hill who asked the U.S. government to assist him in an assassination attempt on bin Laden in 1998 (the request was rejected). And it was Hill who warned the FBI just weeks before Sept. 11, 2001, that his Mideast contacts told him "something big" was about to happen in the United States, in New York, Washington, D.C., or Philadelphia — maybe all three.


The nukes, he said, will be detonated over New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

I asked Hill, "Why now?"

"Eight years from 1993 to 2001, eight years from that 9/11 to this 9/11," he said. "Symbolism. They're big on symbolism."

Source: an article in the Deseret News by Lee Benson, published September 5, 2009 at 9:32 pm.

American Hiroshima Targets

One way he [Bin Laden] be planning on doing this is through the detonation of several nuclear weapons at or close to the same time in the United States. An American Hiroshima.


Along with this, New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington D.C. are at risk. Further, the top two targets are apparently D.C. and New York, which is no surprise. Obviously, if this were to happen in all of these cities, the death toll from the bombs alone would be catastrophic.

The above is posted at

hagar2583's Dream: 7 American Cities Nuked, Including Houston

My nightmare of Nukes being detonated in Houston and 6 other cities

2 nights I had a dream that I was inside a building and all of a sudden there was an alert of Nuclear Attack and everyone in the building went for cover and I could hear explosions outside and Luckily I was in a building away from the center of the city. I was on the outskirts of Houston.. And apparently a nuke went off in Downtown Houston because when I came up out of the shelter what I saw was beyond scary and depressing.. I saw what looked like smoldering ruins.. I was looking towards Downtown and the skyscrapers were not really there anymore and it looked like really dead. The person I was with could not believe what she was seeing either..

1 min the city was there.. the next complete ruins.

And apparently nukes went off in other cities as well like 6 other cities and the nation was under a national state of emergency... And the season in the dream appeared to be fall time... And after this attack took place I heard someone say to the people in the building.. "They have detonated their nukes in 6 other cities and we are no longer a superpower".


My Comments:

She notes "fall time" as the approximate time of these scenes. Fall, of course is October. That is when leaves begin to change color and fall.

The Point of all Prophecy

Some of these visions have multiple parts, and the early parts have already happened. This is a formula God uses. All the prophets of old prophesied about their own times, and the consequences of sin and disobedience.

They also warned: TURN BACK TO GOD.


Brian on August 23, 2016:

I was praying to the Lord and asked him what is to become of Las Vegas.(Because I live here.) A short time later I had a vivid dream of walking to my kitchen window and looking out. I walked away from the window and felt suddenly like something real bad was about to happen. I turned back to the window looking into the sky and wanted to cry. I turned quickly to head for my family members and the apartment suddenly blew into me killing me instantly. I immeadiately began the same dream again two more times and then woke up.

Praise be to Jesus. I love him! Sometimes we don't think he answers our calls but I think we often dismiss him because we think it's a wrong number.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on November 05, 2014:

Thank you for sharing, Zoie.

Zoie Mitchell on September 12, 2014:

I've had a number of dreams in the last 4 years that have warned of martial law, war, air attacks, ground forces, drones, military type robot technology, famine, societal breakdown, mexican border problems, and our lack of preparedness and true faith.

Most recently I dreamed that the threat was almost upon us. I knew it was right down the road and we were out of time to prepare.

There is a real urgency in my dreams.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on August 16, 2012:


I want to share two interesting things with you.

First, many dreams I have with "my father" are really conversations with my Father in Heaven. 99% of the time, the father in the dream looks nothing like the man who signed my birth certificate.

Second, this article has increased in popularity in recent weeks. One possible explanation is that more people are dreaming about such an attack. This is something we can expect before an actual attack comes.

The power grid "blackout" is something I have speculated on for a few years. Many Christians who have dreams about the future occupation and Marshall Law in America see the eastern U.S. as just black. I have written before that this may be symbolic of a "black out". Most likely, it would represent an electrical black out. It could also symbolize a news and media blackout, such as North Korea holds.

Alma on August 16, 2012:

On July 26th, 2012, I had a very strange dream. I was in a large city on top of a tall building. For some odd reason, me and my father were talking about the topic of what would happen if terrorists were to attack the city. For some reason, he said that they would destroy the power grid first. As we were talking, the city went out, and we heard an explosion. We looked out and there was a minor explosion that wiped the power grid out. Me and my dad left, and next thing I remember in the dream was that I was back at my old house in Norfolk, VA. My mom screamed out "OH NO! London and D.C. got nuked!" then I woke up.

Vickie on March 27, 2012:

Approx. 2 yrs ago. I dreamed that I was marching in the street with some people from my church. We had joined hands like we were in some type of march. I hear a noise in the air and look up. What I see looks like old films of WWII. The sky is filled with lots of fighter planes. I quickly look around and see A building nearby with an open garage. I call out to everyone, "Lets get in that garage!" Then all of a sudden an old man with long white hair and a long white beard appears out of nowhere. He seems very sad and disapponted. He softly says "It's too late. We all get on our knees in the middle of the street. Some crying and wailing in fear. At that moment I realize it is all over and I quietly began to pray out loud and thank God for the life he has given me. Then there is a bright flash of light and I feel a small pressure like I evaporated and everything goes black. I wait and wonder if I will see God, and then I wake up and realize I'm still alive and wonder what the crap was that dream all about!

Pete on March 25, 2012:

What an epic fail!

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on February 19, 2012:


Others have sent me dreams about a stadium being nuked. I have seen such warnings seen by others. What we all need to do is turn back to God. When God's hand protects us, there is no fear.

Joel on February 18, 2012:

In 2006 I had a very vivid dream, in the dream a packed stadium had been nuked and everyone was on foot evacuating through an older neighborhood, I pulled myself up to the top of a wooden privacy fence to get a glimpse of the stadiums remains, then jumped back down and threw up from the emotional overload.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on August 06, 2011:


Your dream sounds similar to one received by A.A. Allen. He saw Russian bombers come over Finland, from the North. I have heard (& read) several prophecies about a Russian-Chinese alliance attacking the U.S. There exists a triad of those two plus Iran, the Shanghai Cooperation Council.

Joseph on August 06, 2011:

My first dream was awhile ago and I vaguely remember. All I remember is DC being nuked by some asian country.

I had another dream some months after which I remember more clearly. In the dream I was in Alexandria VA near the Woodrow Wilson bridge in some building. There was a lot of people there it seemed like something tragic happened in the United States. Maybe our economy failed, or something with our power. The building seemed like a shelter, like some people were coming there to get food, water, shelter etc. I was outside of the building and there was commotion. There were a lot of airplanes in the sky. I remembered my previous dream and realized how close to DC I was so I started running across the woodrow wilson bridge towards maryland. I looked in the sky again and there were dogfights. Planes were in flames crashing to the ground. I also noticed in the potomac river there were enemy submarines and enemy soldiers near the river. They were asian, and I was guessing Chinese. Not sure if this is from God warning me or if it is just my mind dreaming up things. I do feel it could possibly happen but who knows.

Timothy on June 11, 2011:

The Lord showed me in 2 different dreams each a year apart that soon He will release His wrath on our country by means of nuclear attacks.

Diannah on October 23, 2010:

July 9, 2002, Tuesday morning, I was awaken by a distrubing dream. I was in the car with three other people and we was driving on the west coast. I remember saying,"What a beautiful day it is." Without warning, the sky became very dark. I said, "We are about to run into a very bad storm." Three tornadoes appeared southwest of the coast. Immediately, we turn the car around to go north-west of the coast. As we drove on this road, 5 slender tornadoes appeared on the road and 3 appeared on the water of the coast. 5 slender tornadoes stood still in a row as they spin blocking the road. The driver of the car said, "Let us pull behind these trees for protection." There were 4 trees but branching out of one root. They were small and had immature trunks. I thought the driver was crazy to think that these trees were going to save us from the tornadoes. As we drove behind these trees, I saw a huge tornado that appeared in the city(near or in Burbank, CA) that stretched for miles. When I look at the base of the tornado, it look like an explosion more like a mushroom cloud. Suddenly, the ground shakes and 5 military tanks passed in front of us in a hurry. We were very frighten by them. They were enemy tanks. They were moving very quietly but in a hurry. They were hugh tanks that came out of the west coast waters. I never seem nothing like these tanks before.They did not have guns position on the outside of the tank's armor. I did not see wheels or tracks and they were very quiet. The first two tanks had a heavy looking armor. The other 3 tanks were painted with pictures which looked more like circus or world fair pictures. I felt that they had disguised themselves as circus performance or somekind of performance because the tanks looked more like heavy duty machinery.(Have they been here in the states under this disguise the whole time?). I saw a man sitting on one of the tanks. He had a sneering grin on his face. He shouted in laughter with an accent,"Good luck, you'll all going need it," as he was tossing a small wooden puppet's head at me. It came through the car window and landed on the teenager's lap who was sitting next to me. We both looked at it. It had a stale odor. I looked up and watch the last tank rode in front us but this one had guns on the outside of the tank. They submerged into east coast waters. I noticed that the land mass from the east was shorter after they went in the water. I turned my attention back to the puppet's head to observe the features. I felt that this puppet's head was from Russian. The odor became very strong,now. I said,"What is it?" I heard a voice say to me, "It's a bomb head." I was overcome with fear when I realize I was holding an explosive,end of dream.


Beautiful day to a dark day = no warning (all in one day we will fall)

Tornadors = explosions,Russia military,other enemies that is helping Russia

Four trees with one root = United State 4 branches of military(It will not be enough to protect us from the attacks)

East coast land mass was shorter = east coast was destroy

Bomb Head = Nuclear War Head

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on July 12, 2010:

John D. You think all these prophecies fail? Or, do you think that perhaps Xavier's specific mention of 2010 is a fail?

Perhaps you have missed recent attempt by Muslims from Northwest Pakistan to attack Washington DC?

John D. on July 12, 2010:

Epic fail.

David Loy on May 16, 2010:

I am a Christian and about a 1 and a half years ago God showed me a dream. I was talking to some girl about God and possibly prophesying to her and it was outside in the evening. Suddenly while i was talking God spoke in a load voice from heaven and continued what i was saying(i dont know what i was saying). He said "and the skies will burn with fire and rain down upon the Earth". Then i looked up and saw that the skies did burn with fire and then the dream ended. I imagine that i died. I believe now that this must be nukes. God has decided that soon the U.S. will meet its demise. Search 611 day prophecy on youtube. I think weatherbill is right about this prophecy of a megaearthquake occuring and im sure it wont be long after for a nation to take advantage of our situation and to strike us with a nuclear assault. Probably Russia.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on April 19, 2010:

chras: the meaning of your dream is this: the "flood" represents the judgment of God. Many people have been seeing this recently. Some see three tsunami waves. I believe three nukes in your dream represents the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Your effort to climb to a high place, where you would be safe represents seeking to find a place close to God. God promises in Psalm 91 to protect those "in the Sacred Place of the Most High". This means a close, personal relationship. You must prepare this via regular communion with God.

alice on April 19, 2010:

My son when he was about 10, he is 35 now had a vision of NYC being blown up. Nuked. He and I walked around on a Vermont street and cried. We are Christians and had no affiliation with any church but were both saved by the blood of the lamb. Jesus is Lord! alice

chras on March 24, 2010:

last night i had a dream. in my dream, my friends told me that NYC was being hit with 3 nukes, and i saw a big city (i dont know if it is NYC) that being swallow by a flood of water, more tall building collapse, we run and were searching for tall building and claim in roof top and we were save...

anyone can tell me what is the meaning of this dreams???

annie on October 26, 2009:

I had a dream/vision where God showed me a lovely picture of a lake/foothill/sky that I thought showed a clear day

until millions of little black balls appeared in the atmosphere briefly and then instantly'dispersed' and I saw the same scenery except it was sooooooooo clear. It was

indecribably beautiful. amazing clarity

I thought it was like what the garden of eden looked like before sin was on the earth .

and then the ears never heard such peace. idi not know i had ringing and lies and noise until it was gone,.I then thought........'only Jesus could perfect this ........hes coming back

and the earth will be instantly renewed by his very presence

Sharp contrast to the mothe rearth idolatry stuff we hear all the time.

It was from God.

Nita on October 21, 2009:

You guys need to stop thinking every dream you have is from God. Do you not also have dreams were you sin and you enjoy it, or do you only have righteous dreams? Every dream is not from God. Also, unless you are leading a very holy life, I doubt that God would try to speak to you in a dream, that's how it happened in the bible!

Werner on October 20, 2009:

God gave me EZEK. 24:1 It is about the 10th of the tenth month in the 09 year.

Adam on October 17, 2009:

All this war terror is all leading up to one event the rapsur of chistians. The economy is bad which was said in the bible and also the atomic bombs threats God said he was going to judge the earth by fire people of earth wake up and ask god to come into your hearts and become a Christian it's only going to get worst when the rapsur comes there will be killing upon killing there will be water but it will be blood.the only way from. That time to get to heaven is die for jesus Christ you will behead what's better getting rapsured or being be headed I say this to help all you. God said I am coming like a theif in the night so all of us be ready

iris413 on October 11, 2009:

I received a vision last week. I was shown NYC submerged in water half way and was given the dates Oct. 13 - 19.

I saw the number 14 surrounded in yellow and heard the "golden rule".

I prayed a lot today (Oct. 11) asking God to reveal what this means. It is hard to imagine another tragedy occurring again here in New York, but 8 years later is now. I was shown a golden line moving east and heard "the city". When I asked the Lord what to do with this, he outlined Maine in gold for me. We had been given guidance to go there this week, but held off for my definite confirmation. I received what I needed this morning, and the peace of our Lord filled me to overflowing.

There are many here that are getting similar messages.

I don't know that this is meant for everyone, but for me and my family, we need to take a trip out of New York.

I pray that whatever this is, will keep our family, friends and loved ones safe..and bring many to Christ.

As I trust what I receive, and live upstate in New York, I am leaving tomorrow morning early with my two

MysteryMan on October 05, 2009:

10/11/09 is the inverse of 9/11/01.

James A Watkins from Chicago on October 01, 2009:

I hope God will give us more time to redeem our nation.

Rebekah on September 29, 2009:

From Sep 23 it's about 400 hours to Oct 11. A Gay and Lesbian march on DC is planned for that day. Could something else be planned as well? Something the rest of us don't know about yet?

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on September 28, 2009:

I just want to apologize for the ads on this page. I am not responsible for the selection.

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