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Principles for Living 2

Thoughts and the Mind

Thoughts are generated from the mind. Whatever goes on in the mind is what is produced through our thoughts and comes out as words. So what is thought of, is first perceived in the mind either through sight or through feeling? This is why it is important that we are careful with what we feed our mind with. Feeding the mind could be through sight; the eyes being the window of the body is the main doorway of such thoughts. Is it a wonder and as it is popularly said and believed that out of sight is out mind? This is ever so true, at least to a large extent. Thoughts and mind work together.


The analysis of the word 'Think'

Whatever thoughts we harbour, let us ensure that it is the truth, it is an honest thought, should be inspiring and of course, it is needed and of the kind type.

Thoughts are meant to help you grow, change things and situations and turning things around for good. If it is none of these and instead it is ruining you and getting you nowhere get rid of them or seek counsel. Do not give room to any bad thought for whatever reason.

Let us constantly examine and re-examine ourselves by making sure we are constantly having good thoughts all the time. Good thoughts give a happy mood and make your day bright all through. We can change the world starting from ourselves.

Our thoughts vs our words.

Thoughts are powerful and so are our words. We are what we think we are if we dwell much on it. We are what we say we are if we confess it hard enough and repeatedly too. What are you thinking of today? What are your thoughts like? Who are you thinking about today? Thinking good or bad about someone? If they are bad thoughts, please stop and change it. Think of the good things the person has done and know that there is always some good in everyone. Think of the good a person can do and before long, you see this materialize.

The same goes for the thoughts towards your own very self. Do you have every reason to have bad thoughts about yourself? Do all you can to engineer good thoughts of yourself. Think no bad of yourself, encourage yourself in all things, know that there is always some good in all things especially some bad situations can leave us some good valuable lessons of life. Experience is a good teacher most especially when it is evaluated, view and review it to see the good in such experience. Reflect and write down lessons learnt. Work on such experiences and encourage yourself with what the bible says in Philippians 4:8

Remember, God made each and every one of us unique. There is no copy of any one of us anywhere else in the world, not even our identical twin. if we have one. You are you and no one else can be you or do what you are uniquely created to do and as you may want to know; the world wants to see what you can produce or create with your name on it. Think about this.

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On a final note, our creative power is locked up in the words we speak and in our minds - our thinking or our thoughts. Everything that God brought forth was first in His mind. And so also, our words are simply the expression of our thoughts or what goes on in our minds. Just as God's word is the verbal expression of His thought, it is absolutely true that the entire universe is simply a mass of thought of God that has disclosed itself in material existence. God Himself upholds all things by the word of His power.

Our minds contain unbelievable truths of what God has put into you to accomplish in this life. Therefore use it to think of what is true, what is honest, what is inspiring, what is necessary and what is kind. Do your best thinking and God will exceed it for you. THINK well.

Control your thoughts

You can control your thoughts because your thoughts are subject to you only if you learn to control them. Affirm and re-affirm what you want and with the power of the One God that created you, you can live above every thought that is destructive and is not true, not honest, not inspiring, not necessary and not kind. Put this into practice and you will definitely see a change in your thinking pattern that is healthy for you and to others around you and whoever you come across in your day to activities.

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