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The One Primordial Mother Nature

Ancient tribes, prior to organized religion held Mother Nature in the highest of esteem where spiritual organization revolved around the original inheritance from the energy and vitality found in the natural environment. It is proven anthropologically prehistoric man existed and subsisted within nature, as gatherers.

It was and still is believed that life and spirit is circular, hence, the Circle of Life and the migration of mammals, the elements and soul are key symbols of ancient tribes. This symbiotic relationship continued to require proper respect and reciprocation between beings and the planet prior to organized modern eastern and western religions. This is the first and most important relationship where the longevity and future of both beings and the Creator are totally dependent upon mutuality and coexistence.

Life was directed toward eventual separation and migration so each ethnic tribe could diversify their genetic lines or heredity, therefore, avoiding the issues of inbreeding and degeneration through the symbiotic exchange of members between tribes which created additional unique evolutionary ethnicities within the species along with the effects of environmental influences. These exchanges continued to remain as auspicious tradition taking place through migratory attendances at seasonal festivals and celebrations that coincided with solstices and equinoxes and seasons.

Life offered health, simplicity and divine elegance interdependent on the acute and developed attunement of the higher senses of mammals and animals with the communications of the natural world. Migration took place with the seasons and the movements of animals between the latitudes and longitudes often coinciding with lunar gravity, weather patterns, magnetic lines within the earth which guided 'mammals' through extraordinary senses. This is similar to the migration of freshwater and ocean animals who are exquisitely responsive and live in symbiosis with currents and flows in water.

Collective migration also provided each group the opportunity for self-development, independence, leadership and autonomy as well as an experience in collective survival in unique lands. Prior arrangements of land masses occurred cyclically in different continental fusions depending on scientific and celestial influences such as changes in lunar gravity, polarity, solar activity, celestial events, air, pressure, weather patterns, ocean currents and temperatures as well as volcanic and tectonic activity and such variables affecting migration and causing evolutionary adaptive changes.

Mother Nature's symbiosis was and still is interelational and this form of nurture could be said to be a superconscious sensitive intelligent design and guide where the evidence resides in the unique evolutions over billions of years parallel to continental arrangements. Indeed, there were gradual and subtle as well as sudden 'leaps' in evolution.

But none were dependent on trauma and suffering that later arose out of prejudice, harshness, wars and religious genocides within the origins of discriminatory and prejudicial eugenic Darwinism which began with philosophies associated with false idols in the Mesopotamian, Greece and Roman Empires and was revitalized within the British Empire with the Victorian reinvention of the Renaissance era.

GUILTY: Zeus, Athena, Helena, Shiva, the Devil, The Demon Goddess Britannia of War


The Judgement

The Di Consentes was the compliment of 12 Roman Gods that were inspired by the earlier 12 Greek Olympian Gods, idols of imaginary ego inventions based on the 12 Personalities of the Chinese Calendar of exactly similar to the 12 Zodiac personalities assigned to each of the 12 months of the false and incorrect Gregorian Vatican Calendar of Rome.


In a previous civilization and incarnation that self-destructed, Atlantis, they were six pairs of twins, six females and six males equaling 12 in total. Prior to this they had been 6 hermaphrodites, individuals possessing both sex genitals. Producrions of crossbred animal husbandry called 'cloning' features. It was this group who catapulted themselves into leadership in each incarnation or life, and as ancient legend goes they sabotaged Nature to sustain their power over the people often deeming themselves forms of 'Royalty' at her expense.

This was the true beginnings of evil and devil worship and blood sacrifices which lead to cults, animal and child sacrifices, feuds, wars, rebellions and genocides.

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One of the especially jealous, murderous and greed driven so called superficial Roman 'gods' was named 'Brittannia'who was actually a revitalization of the Roman worship of Helena of Troy and Athena of Athen's Greece. She became the deity of the British Isles after Rome conquered the Celtic peoples. The name is Latin, and derives from the Greek Prettanike or Brettaniai, which originally designated a collection of islands with individual names, including Albion. Now known as the secret island of St.James and St.Helena (Britainnia/Athens) which only a select few truly know is the fallen island and civilization of the former mythical Atlantis of Mesopotamina, Rome, Greece- the Middle East. Can be viewed on Google Earth and Youtube Tours.

In AD 43, the Roman Empire began conquest of the Celtic peoples of France, Ireland and Scotland and what is now known as Britain which were some were Welsh people. By the 1st century BC, Britannia came to be used for Great Britain specifically. In the 2nd century, Roman Britannia persisted to be personified as a goddess, armed with a trident and shield who wore a Corinthian helmet, as propaganda promoted by Rome.

Note, Britannia was the incarnation of the previous vengeful, adulterous and murderous male personality, Zeus who also held the pitchfork trident. Hence, these are the origins of the devil incarnates where modern imagery holds a shape shifting Lucifer as the fallen angel who wields a pitch fork just like Shiva of India.

After the Roman influx into the Celtic areas inspired by the warring Brittannia and then the Roman withdrawal from Britain after Roman bloodlines had been created and merged with the Celts, the term "Britannia" remained in use in Britain and abroad.

Latin was common among the native Brythonic writers and the term continued in the Welsh tradition that developed from it. Writing with variations on the term Britannia (or Prydein langauge) appeared in many Welsh works. Following the migration of the Brythonic Celts, Britannia referred to the Amorican Peninsula and then the area now known as the United Kingdom. After the feudalian Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain which was in partnership with Roman lines, they merged through marriage and their mutual genealogies into what is now known as British Royalty.

It was during the reign of Elizabeth I, the new Roman Britannia born, that "Britannia" came to be viewed as a personification of Britain. In his 1576 General and rare memorials pertayning to the Perfect Arte of Navigation, John Dee used a figure of Britannia kneeling by the shore beseeching Elizabeth I, to protect her empire by strengthening her navy.

With the death of Elizabeth in 1603 came the succession of her Scottish cousin, James VI, King of Scots, to the English throne (St.James Gate). He became James I of England, and so brought under his personal rule the Kingdoms of England/Wales, Ireland and Scotland. On 20 October 1604, James VI proclaimed himself as "King of Great Brittaine, France and Ireland", a title that continued to be used by many of his successors. Even to this day, the current Queen Elizabeth has revitalized Britannia in her honour and the Britannia symbolism is featured on currency and upon sea vessels in the British Navy.

When James came to the English throne, some elaborate pageants were staged exacrly fashioned after those of the Roman and Greek Hellenistic periods. One pageant performed on the streets of London in 1605 was described in Triumphs of Reunited Britannia and such many garish, rude and outlandish so called pride pageants, even calling themselves happily gay.

Thus was the centuries of struggle fighting for liberty and freedom with Ireland, Scotland and France and the original Celtic people in efforts to gain final liberation from the warring and dominating recycling patterns of Roman Britaine bloodline of so called warring Royals.

Now you may see the connection between Atlantis, Mesopotamia, Rome, Greece the Vatican and the Royal bloodlines of Europe.

The perverse domination tactics and it's ongoing genocides, wars, slavery and assassinations standing as proof and evidence whose bloodlines MUST be held accountable by all nations as criminality that will no longer be tolerated by the peoples of the planet.

MI6 Europe's MK Ultra Cold War Weaponized Technology

    Our 1980 report on a secret CIA research project, carried out in Montreal by Dr. Ewen Cameron, in which mental patients felt they were used as CIA Guinea Pigs. The CIA was interested in Dr. Cameron's work on psychic driving because it could give them

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Shannon Henry from Texas on May 06, 2016:

Interesting connections you make to modern history. I also particularly enjoy the pictures you chose.

Sahana from India on April 27, 2016:

Good article. Really engaging.

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