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President Zelenskyy's 3 Big Mistakes That Have Doomed Ukraine

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Russia attacked Ukraine three weeks back. Initially, Russia had launched a limited military operation with some definite aims but after a week, when the Americans continued to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine and the resistance stiffened the Russian president widened the scope of the battle and the consequences are very grave. Ukraine has almost been destroyed; their nuclear plants captured and one will never know a meltdown like the one in Chernyoible could be engineered. In that case, Ukraine would be devastated for 50 years which is the half-life of the Atomic nuclei.

It does not matter whether the Russians conquer Ukraine or not. The fact is that Ukraine will be devastated because of the antics of the Ukrainian president who played into the hands of the Anglo-Saxon powers. I hope he has now realized that the destruction of Ukraine is on his hands.


Blunders of Zelenskyy

The Ukrainian president, as I have already pointed out is being led up to Garden Path with false promises and assurances. At the beginning of the conflict, Zelenskyy had everything stacked against him. He knew his army was no match for the Russians and he also did not have defense-in-depth and the entire country was under the Russian air umbrella. Initially, Zelenskyy had the political mandate and he was convinced especially after his meeting with Presiden Joe Biden that the West would come on his side in the conflict with Russia. He was bolstered by this idea as the West flooded Ukraine with offensive weapons and he did not see through the game of the United States, that it wanted a conflict in Ukraine.

Zelenskyy had a good reason to trust Biden because the American president refused to give any guarantee to Russia that NATO would not be expanded eastwards and Ukraine would not be made a member of Neto. It was clear that Biden wanted a fight but it was not clear to Zelensky up to what level he wanted American commitment. Just listen to him. In the first week of April 21, when the Russian buildup commenced, he announced that he was assured by Joe Biden that Ukraine would never be left alone to face Russia. A few months later in September, he made a grand announcement in which he said that he was convinced that Joe Biden personally supports him on the issue and was keen to open the doors of NATO to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president believed that the military aid that was coming was just the beginning and more would come because he believed in the assurance of Joe Biden that Ukraine will not be left alone to face Russian aggression. With this belief in mind, he became more aggressive in his dealings with Russia. He failed to realize that the military aid was the maximum limit to which the West was prepared to go and nothing more was going to come.

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He failed to realize the West was not going to get into an actual war with Russia and hence there will be no NATO troops on the ground and no, no-fly zone. This was the first mistake of the Zelenskyii. He failed to realize that the West could only be the cheerleader and help him from the stands without actually taking part in any activity against Russia.

His second mistake was to think that Ukraine was very important to America and the West. He made a statement that Ukraine was the shield of the West against Russia. He went on to state that Ukraine had been facing Russia for the last eight years and was the frontier of Europe and the EU and was facing one of the mightiest armies in the world. He said that no security system in Europe will work without Ukraine and Ukraine was the pivot of European security and as such the sovereignty of Ukraine must be guaranteed.

He failed to gauge the west has decided that Ukraine was expendable. He wasn't given the membership of NATO, nor made a member of the EU and he was left high and dry. There was no active opposition of any NATO power against Russia.

His third mistake was a failure to discern the intention of the Russian president Vladimir Putin. He failed to gauge the effect of the invasion and the fact that Ukraine is now a battleground. He could not have imagined that Ukraine would be destroyed and devasted.

Last word

The situation is very bad now. Ukraine is a battleground and facing imminent destruction and almost 2,000,000 people have become refugees. The nuclear plants are under the control of Russia and God forbid anything happens.

His actions have also led to the division of Ukraine and the granary of Europe is destroyed. It will not be wrong to say that the Ukrainian president has sowed the seeds of the destruction of Ukraine and for that, I suppose he deserves no forgiveness. One wonders if he can be compared with the Roman emperor Nero who presided over the burning of Rome as something similar is happening in Ukraine, irrespective of whatever happens to Russia.

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