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Preschool Space Exploration Lesson Plan

CeCe has served as Vice President and President of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (Affiliate)


Circle Time

Share If You Decide To Go To The Moon. (Introduce the learning centers.) In the art center we will be using tracing figures to draw astronauts. (Another great resource is On The Moon by Anna Milbourne, created by Laura Fearn and illustrated by Benji Davies. Share the NASA photos.) In the block corner we will be building launch pads for our rocket ships. In our dramatic play area we will build rocket ships to take us to the moon. In our science center we will work with play dough to form craters on the moon's surface.(Next, sing Ms. CeCe's "Oh, Astronauts We Will Be!")


If You Decide To Go To The Moon

Learning Centers

Introduce the Art, Science, Dramatic Play and Block Centers to the children.

Art - Astronaunts

Using poster board tracing figures, child traces and colors astronaut's suit. Another option? Children may choose if they would like to use another material (cellophane or fabric) to craft suit.

Science - Moon Craters

Using play dough, children make craters in the moon's surface. Craft sticks, spoons, marbles, small rolling pins may be used. Small plastic astronauts are a fun addition!

Dramatic Play - Rocket Ships

Provide three or four large boxes for the children to use as rocket ships. Add sheets of aluminum foil, colored cellophane and pieces of double stick tape to the center. Stand back and let the fun begin!

Block Corner - Launch Pad

Children build their own launch pads. Paper towel rolls may be used for the rocket ships. A book to include in the block corner? On the Launch Pad: A Counting Book About Rockets written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Derrick Alderman and Denise Shea.

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CeCe's Power Rocket Smoothie (serves four children)

  • 1 cup chocolate almond milk
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 banana, sliced and frozen
  • 1 tablespoon sunbutter


  1. Blend. Make several times, so that each child will be part of the process.

Music and Movement - CeCe's Blast Off!

CeCe's Blast Off (sung to Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Blast off! Jump with me! (jump)

What a beautiful world we see!

Landing, booster free. Splashing in the great big sea. (splash down)


Astronaut Handbook

Gathering Time

Read The Astronaut Handbook by Meghan McCarthy. Share astronaut drawings from the art center, and experiences from the learning centers.


Decaturflyfisher on October 14, 2017:

Cece suggested sunbutter for those who cannot have peanuts - can't wait to try this!

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