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Preschool Lesson Plan: Mother's Day


Circle Time

After reading Todd Parr's The Mommy Book, introduce the Dramatic Play area. Explore the many roles of mommy (large plastic storage bins work well for role playing materials). A storage bin filled with office supplies, another filled with medical supplies (for those mommies in the medical field). Open up the circle area for those mommies that are teachers. Fill a container with items for moms that work in the home, or from home.

Present the floral arrangement and card making centers to design the Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day Floral Arrangement

  • Disposable florist foam containers
  • Floral foam (cut to size)
  • Assorted carnations

Teacher cuts the floral foam with a sharp knife to fit containers. Children place foam gently in the water, two to three minutes until foam sinks and turns dark green. Carnations are cut, leaving a two inch stem. The florists are ready to design!

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Mixed Media Mother's Day Card

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolors
  • Markers, crayons and colored pencils

Each child creates a watercolor painting. After the paintings dry, children fold and then choose materials to decorate the inside of their cards.

Gathering Time

Share I Love you Like Crazy Cakes, a story about international adoption, written by Rose A. Lewis and illustrated by Jane Dyer. On the last page is the Chinese character for love.

I wrote this story straight from my heart with the help of photographs I took while adopting my daughter, and I gave the pictures to Jane, who has filled every page with very special love I have for my daughter and all the children that come into this world ready to be loved.

— Rose A. Lewis

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