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Preschool Holiday Lesson Plan: Helping Hands

CeCe has served as Vice President and President of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (Affiliate)


Arrival Activity

A fun way to begin the Helping Hands Lesson? Play Ms. CeCe's Helping Hands Hunt! Before the children arrive, two small mittens (with child's name) are traced on each sheet of construction paper. Add a dotted line to separate the mittens. Hide in plain sight! When children arrive and find their mittens, they may decorate and cut on the dotted line. Older preschoolers may cut individual mittens.

Next, share the story, The Mitten Tree. A beautiful book about the joy of giving without expecting in return. What helpful gift could you give to mom and to dad this year? (You will need two envelopes for each child. One envelope for mom, and one for dad.) Ask each child in the circle for ideas and print the helpful gifts on the children's mittens. Tuck the mittens inside each envelope.

Dramatic Play - Performing Helping Hands

Children take turns choosing which of their "helping hands" they will perform. Props from the housekeeping area may be used. Friends guess!

Music and Movement - CeCe's Helping Hands Song

(sing to tune of London Bridge)

Children form a circle and join hands:

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Helping hands wherever you go, wherever you go, wherever you go, helping hands wherever you go, helping others.

(move in opposite direction)

Help your neighbors and your friends, wherever you go, wherever you go. Help your neighbors and your friends, helping others.

Art - Personalized Gift Wrap

Personalized gift wrap with fingerprints of children. Red and green stamp pads may be used for fingerprints on a backdrop of brown kraft paper.

Gathering Time

(Gather and wrap!) We have worked on a project today. You made helping hand gifts, and you wrapped the gifts yourself! In the story, The Kindness Quilt, Minna's teacher gives the class a kindness project. (Read the story, and then review the "Helping Hands" song.)

Ms.CeCe's Book Corner Pick - Touch The Earth

Jump aboard. Help fly the White Feather Flyer. "Our planet needs your help. Would you like to go on a helping adventure?"

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