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Pre-K Fingerplay Activity Plan: 5 Little Dogs

Five Little Dogs

Specific Age: 4-year-olds

Goal of the Activity: The goal of this activity is to get the attention and focus of children by showing them a fun fingerplay.


· Children will demonstrate their ability to count down by shouting out the numbers in decreasing order.

· Children will show their ability to focus by listening to and watching the fingerplay.

· Children will show their developing recall skills by saying the rhyme and numbers aloud with the teacher’s cues.

· Children will demonstrate their phonological awareness by telling the teacher which words rhymed in the fingerplay.

Rationale for the Activity: This activity introduces children to an oral language game that provides a foundation for phonological awareness. The activity demonstrates rhyming which will be an essential skill for preschoolers to learn (DAP, p.168).

Amount of Time Needed for Activity:Finger puppet creation: 15 minutes; Activity: 5 minutes


What you need:

Materials Needed:

·      “Five Little Dogs” rhyme (attached)

·      3-4 sheets of construction paper in varying colors

·      Glue

·      Clear tape

·      Scissors

·      Markers

Space Needed: This activity can be done anywhere.

Detailed Procedure

1. Finger puppet creation: Cut construction paper into five 2 x8 in strips. Bend each strip into cones that fit snuggly on each finger. Cut off any excess paper and tape the cone into place. Cut circles for the dog’s faces and glue them onto the cone dog bodies. Cut small ovals or triangles for dog ears in contrasting colors and tiny red strips for tongues. Use a dark marker to draw eyes and noses on the face. Glue all the tiny pieces onto the faces. Label the backs of the puppets with what finger they fit onto for convenience when you use them again.

2. Put the finger puppets on each of your fingers and hold them up so that the class can see them.

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3. Recite the “Five Little Dogs” rhyme while moving your fingers with the story.

4. As the number of dogs in the rhyme decreases, take off a finger puppet or bring one finger down to meet your palm.

5. Have the dogs bow at the end of the story.

6. Do the fingerplay again and encourage the children to say the rhyme with you and shout out the numbers.

We’re going to do it again, but this time you’re going to say it with me! Do you think you remember it? Let’s shout out the numbers together!

7. As you repeat the fingerplay, pause so that the children can tell you the number that comes next.

8. After you complete the fingerplay the second time, ask the children which words rhymed.

Can you name some words that rhymed in the poem? What word rhymed with sun? What about four?

9. When you’ve finished, congratulate them on a job well done.

You all did such a good job reciting the poem! You learned it so quickly because you listened so well the first time!

Adaptations and Extensions

1. To encourage children to practice their phonological skills, write a new rhyme as a class.

2. To incorporate art, have the class make their own finger puppets to take home.

3. Put the finger puppets in the dramatic play area along with a puppet show stage and curtain so that the children can put on their own show during center time.

Reference: This activity plan was created by K. McMichael, CHFD 5130 student, University of Georgia

Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs from Birth through Age 8 (3d ed)- By Carol Copple & Sue Bredekamp, eds.

Buy dog finger puppets here!

Buy dog finger puppets here!

Five Little Dogs Rhyme

Five little dogs

Sitting at the door

One ran out

And then there were four

Four little dogs

Barking up a tree

One chased the cat

And then there were three

Three little dogs

Chewing on a shoe

One fell asleep

And then there were two

Two little dogs

Having lots of fun

One went home

And then there was one

One little dog

Sitting in the sun

He went to find his bone

And then there were none

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