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Top 10 Most Popular Mythical Creatures of All Time (2022)


Mythical animals or cryptids are creatures that are often believed to be in existence but there is no scientific proof. According to cryptology (the study of mythical creatures), there are 1000 of mythical creatures proposed by various civilaztions and by different generations. Most of these mythical creatures were confined to one region or place but some crossed the boundaries and become famous world wide. Historicaly Greek mythological creatures and Egyptian folklores were most popular mythical creatures. Some of them are scary, some of them are very powerful, some of them are cute while some of them are very friendly and considered as good omen. But one common fact is that Even after 1000 of years of these mythologies, they are still famous and even admired.Its always interesting to see what our ancestors saw or imagined and they passed on for younger generations. Have a look on the 10 most common and most popular mythical creatures of all time: 10. Kraken, Loch Ness Monster The history of Kraken originates from the Norse Mythology. Kraken are sea monsters who have more than dozen of Tentacles and lives in deep sea. They are infamous for attacking ships and killing human beings. Kraken are said to be Giant squid like creatures who are very huge (40 to 50 foot). They are very powerful mythical creatures who are even able to drown and destroy large ships. Though history of Kraken is old but in the modern history too there are reported attacks on ship by a giant sea monster. Kraken is said to be inhabitant of the ocean region between Greenland and Norway. A similar mythical creature called Loch nessmonster is said to be inhabitant of Loch in the Scottland. There have been expeditions to find these sea monsters but none of them was successful. 9. Ogres Ogres are human like monsters who are considered as a symbol of pure devil. Ogres are described by many civilizations, ancient and modern. In hindi they are termed as Rakshas. While there are many appearances described of an Ogre, one commonly accepted apearance states that - Ogres are tall, dark colored, with extraordinarily large face. They have hairs on body parts like in ears, on face and sharp eye brows. They have pointed teeths and long finger nails. Ogres are said to be man eaters. 8. Phoenix Kids might remember them from Harry Potter movies. Phoenix is a mythical bird introduced in greek mythology. Phoenix have a very unique power to reborn after death. A full grown phoenix will burn self to ashes and from those ashes a new baby phoenix will come to life. Phoenix are considered as a good omen and often associated with a change that might look destructive but is best for every life form. Phoenix was even adopted as a symbol of early christianity. 7. Giants (Cyclops) Giants are subject of many civiliations.While there are many mythical tales that describes evil giants, However the most popular among them is cyclops. Cyclops have one eyesover their head and they're approx 12 feet tall. They're very powerful. Giants have been used in tales and stories as villains but it is not so. In greek mythology there are several Giant characters who are considered heroes. 6. Mermaids Mermaids are undoubtedly the most beautiful mythical creature. Mermaids or seagirls have half upper body of a women (or girl) and lower body of a fish. Mermaids are sometimes treated equivalent to sirens of roman mytholofy. However, there is a difference - Siren (a beautiful curvy girl believed to exist in the middle of sea and singsin sweet voice) lures sailors to their death, while a mermaid doesn't necessarily harm human. Most civilization consider mermaid as a good omen. However they are also considered as a symbol of flood, earthquake, tsunami and other disasters. 5. Werewolves Werewolves are shapeshifting mythical creatures. They shift their shapes from Human to wolf and vice versa under certain conditions. Werewolf is very powerful mythical creature. They shift their shapes on Full moon. Werewolves originates from the ancient greek mythology and become world wide popular. They are described be different civilizations during the same time period. However, Werewolves become truly famous in early 20th century, due to their adaption in the fictional literature. A famous greek story tells that greek god Zeus turned Lycaan (a man) into wolf as he killed his own son. There is also a myth associated that werewolves are vulnerable to silver bullet or silver weapons. Coomonly Werewolves are believed to be more powerful than human being and wolves. 4. Dragon The history of Dragon originates from China. However Dragon are also described in European mythologies. The origin of Dragon is said to be somewhere around 8th century BC. The early dragons were described as Serpent like creatures with wings like bat. Later on, the depiction of Dragon was associated to a lizard look alike with legs and tail. However the commonly accepted attribute of Dragon is that it emit fire from its mouth. The fire breathing dragons are considered to be good omen by some civilizations. However, most civilizations considered them as a fighting force of nature against human being. 3. Composite Race (Part Man, Part Animal) (Centaur, Harpies, Minotaur, Sphinx) You might feel cheated on this one. Well i had no other option. There are dozen of Composite race mythical creatures who become very popular and are still liked. So it was not easy for me to just write any one creature. The 4 most popular composite race mythical creatures are - Centaur, Harpies, Minotaur and Sphinx. Centaur are part human and part horse. Torso of horse is attached on the upper body of Human. Harpies are female fatales who have head of a woman attached on the body of bird. Minotaur have head of bull on the body of human. Sphinx originated from Egyptian mythology and have head of human while body of lion. 2. Unicorns Unicorns are undoubtedly the most popular mythical animals of all time that have strong proof of existence. Many believe they once existed on earth and are now extinct like dinosaurs. Unicorns are described in greek natural history and even in European folklores. A Unicorn is a white horse who have large pointed horn on its head. Unicorn is considered to be sacred and symbol of peace and purity. Many civilizations even described Unicorn with a goatee and cloven hooves. It is said that only a virgin lady could capture a Unicorn. Unicorn are often shown in movies and fairy tales. 1. Vampires Vampires are the most popular mythical creatures. Though these mythical creatures are said to be in existence from pre historic times and even accepted by different civilizations and generations. The term Vampire was coined in the 19th century.Vamnpire are immortal shape shifting creatures who drinks human or animal blood. Vampire shifts their shape from Bat to Human and Vice versa. Vampire are described to be dark, purple in color with blood seeping out of their mouth. Vampire became hugely popular due to their depiction in mainstream. Bram stroker's 1897 novel 'Dracula' made Vampires the most admired and horryifying mythical creatures. Modern cinema has adapted vampires many times. It is a belief that due to a curse a human being can turn into Vampire if he/she got bit by it. BONUS: Bigfoot or Sasquatch, Yeti Bigfoot isn't as old as the other members of this list. However this 10 feet tall ape like creature became quiet popular in the 21st century. The reason for his popularity was the picture (shown above) captured by Roger Patterson and Robert grimmlin in 1967. Bigfoot became the first mythical creature to be shot on camera. Citings of Bigfoot began circulating in the early 20th century when several people from different regions claimed to have met or seen the giant. A Prospector named Albert ostman even claimed of being kidnapped by a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. The sightings of Bigfoot suggest that this giant creature is inhabitant of Western America. Yeti or Abominable Snowman is another mythical creature who is said to be relative of Bigfoot. Yeti, like Bigfoot, is said to be as tall as 10 feet. However, Yeti has white fur and prefers to live in snowy region and mountains. Many people claim that Yeti lives in Himalayas of India.

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