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Polar Shifts of the Past lead to Ancient Floods

Lake Tiahuanaco

The highest lake in the World, Lake Tiahuanaco, in Peru was once at sea level, yet now resides at 12,000 feet.

The highest lake in the World, Lake Tiahuanaco, in Peru was once at sea level, yet now resides at 12,000 feet.

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Preservation of Ancient Knowledge

Over and over again archeologists have found evidence of ancient flooding of Biblical proportions all over the World varying from 8,000 years ago (last ice age) to 65 million years ago (dinosaur extinction). In this article Polar Shifts of the Past lead to Ancient Floods I will take a look at the wide variety of myth, legend and archeological evidence that clearly proves that Nibiru or Planet X has been causing Polar Shifts for untold ages.

Nibiru the name given to Planet X by the ancient Sumerians at least 6,000 years ago, has been making its 3,657 year orbit of our Sun for countless millennium. Sometimes it creates havoc on this planet and sometimes it is barely recognized in its passing. This is due to the positions of the planets in our solar system when it arrives.

Ancient man knew a lot more about our World and its solar system than they have been given credit for. The Sumerians have their own recorded history (30,000 clay tablets) which includes a great flood. The Sumerians considered by orthodox history as the cradle of civilization, were the first in many things by our standards.

1. Agriculture

2. Written Language

3. Schools

4. Libraries

5. Accounting

6. Animal Husbandry

7. Money System

8. Astronomy and Mathematics

9. Law and Judges

10. Doctors

But were they the first or just the first we have discovered?

Every year archeologist have been discovering even more ancient people, tools, cities and must reevaluate what we really know about the ancients. The Sumerians knew of Planet X and even had a name for it Nibiru, they knew that it's return would bring cataclysms and floods.

It has been recognized just recently by orthodox historians that many cultures all over the World have many of the same legends, myths and stories of a common origin. That the geography of many of these legends and myths are not the Earth but the Solar System and Universe. These myths and legends were actually used as a way of perpetuating a vast amount of astronomical knowledge and handing it down from generation to generation.

The reasons for creating a language of the stars to preserve ancient knowledge is explained in Hamlet's Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend.

The implications are that an advanced civilizations felt a need to preserve their vast complicated knowledge of the Universe for their descendants. This was a way to educate their descendants, as well as warn them of an event that could potentially wipe them out. Even the Mayas have written records that describe the destruction of Atlantis and the birth of Venus.

Ancient myth would have us believe that Venus was born from the forehead of Zeus (Jupiter) and because of this birth created many geographical upheavals on Earth around 1,500 B. C.

In Velikovsky's groundbreaking book World's in Collision (1950) he suggest that the approach of celestial bodies have caused the Earth's Poles to Shift nine times in the last 3.6 million years and its rotation to reverse. The mere presence of other planetary bodies has a profound impact on our Oceans, tides, tectonic plates and volcanic activity, this is not disputed.

What is in dispute is whether or not there are other unknown celestial bodies in our solar system and if so how could they possible be kept from the public.

Censorship of information has gone on for a very long time and this is nothing new however narrow minded perceptions of the past also help to cloud the issue. Many people are simple unwilling to believe anything unless it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

For example until the cities of Herakleion and East Canopus were recently discovered at the bottom of the Abu Qir Bay of the coast of Egypt they were only known through legend and myth. Even though they had been written about in the Iliad and shown to be on ancient maps they were not considered real by orthodox history until their recent discovery by a team of French marine archeologists headed by Frank Goddio.

The book Forbidden Archeology The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson illustrate the narrow minded perception of orthodox historians and their willingness to quite literally bury any evidence that doesn't fit with mainstream science or their antiquated view of the World.

Although I think that it isn't done so much through ignorance as it is money!

It doesn't require a lot of imaginative thinking to deduce that many of the ancient myths and legends of floods were caused by the Planet X Nibiru returning to our solar system. However preserving that knowledge for your descendants could be problematic considering the 3,657 year time span. Taking into account that many of the ancient libraries were burned and ransacked shows how difficult preserving knowledge is.

Map of Flood Cultures

All three ancient flood cultures are around large bodies of water and yet 100's if not thousands of miles separate them.

All three ancient flood cultures are around large bodies of water and yet 100's if not thousands of miles separate them.

Machu Piccha

Machu Picchu with Nibiru over head.

Machu Picchu with Nibiru over head.

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Ancient Flood Stories

It is not surprising to learn that the first farmers in recorded history started in high mountain valleys as many of the survivors of ancient flooding would have sought refuge in the highest places on Earth.

Many ancient cultures share the same flood stories, myths and legends and they all seem to share many of the same heroes and themes. The most common theme described by the Egyptians, Babylonian and Hindus is that of a pre-flood era king the last in a line of ten great kings that creates an ark and brings along seven 'friends' or wise men and women. They survive the flood and send out birds to confirm dry land. Having brought along seed and perhaps even DNA samples they are able to repopulate the earth and start a new civilization.

This story has survived in hundreds of cultures worldwide and although may not prove more than hearsay the possibilities of all these cultures from China to Peru, from Norway to Australia all having very similar stories yet being thousands of miles apart is remote.

The ten Ancient Kings or Shining Ones as they were known in Egyptian culture ruled incredible long reigns before the Deluge. The little that is known of the pre-flood civilizations are that they lived in relative paradise and peace for a very long time.

The survivors of the last flood are considered our ancestors and yet what about the civilization that came before the deluge, why is so little known about them?

I submit to you the reader that it is because that is how The Powers That Be want it to be. To hide their trail so that they may live on this planet (their home also) without interference from our current civilization. That floods have happened in our past is without a doubt however the causes and reasons for them remain shrouded in mystery.

I suspect that the suppression of Past Polar Shifts has been going on for thousands of years.

To me the last Polar Shift to occur on this planet is just as much a mystery to the population as the current one and yet we as a sophisticated intelligent race should be more aware of our situation. It seems clear to me that a Polar Shift of the Past has lead to Ancient Floods and is causing the current floods as well.

Machu Picchu

Similar architecture and stone masonry to the Giza Necropulis.

Similar architecture and stone masonry to the Giza Necropulis.


Was Peru the cradle of civilization in the west?

Was Peru the cradle of civilization in the west?

How Do Legends Begin?

If our civilization ended today and man was forced to start all over again could our descendants, say four generations removed from today even grasp the concept of a computer.

Imagine being forced to start a fire without a lighter, scavenge your food from the surrounding country side, find or create shelter in the woods on your own. Within four generations of merely existing, computers would be close to impossible to explain to someone that has no need for one.

The legend of the computer would become an ancient device of fairy tales.


Of course when we think of great floods and myths or legends about them we think of the Lost City of Atlantis but no matter what most of mainstream history will make of this profound mystery of the ancient world, I suspect that a great civilization capable of building the Necropolis in Giza or the famous Machu Picchu temples in Peru would also be perfectly capable of covering their tracks.

What if that is exactly what happened? They used a flood to cover their tracks and hence if you don't believe it exists you won't go looking for it. A great way to perhaps move your civilization inside the planet (Hollow Earth) so as to avoid having to deal with other 'barbaric' civilizations and also have them constantly looking for you.

Think about it, a race capable of building such lasting architecture could easily refine a cave system or cavern deep in the earth the size of Texas and no one would know it.

It's the classic fake your own death so that you may start over and live in another location maneuver.

Consider for a moment that your civilization lives on a world with other humanoids of the same race yet far behind yours on the evolutionary ladder. Your civilization has reached spiritual and technological heights that create the impression to the other less developed races on your planet that you are Gods and begins to directly affect their evolutionary process.

But how to co-exist on the same planet without running into each other, of course a huge island continent say like the current land mass of Antarctica would be ideal for living on the surface being surrounded by Oceans.

Perhaps some would choose to leave their home and explore space however many would choose to stay . . . but how to do so without affecting the less developed races on this planet.

By moving inside and wiping all traces of your previous existence off the face of the Earth, of course some monuments would remain. However knowing full well man's own obsession with greed and power any knowledge of your existence could easily be manipulated over time.

Perhaps having learned the secret to immortality they choose not to share or thought is was to dangerous for our race or perhaps they choose just not to interfere with our natural evolution but I suspect that a race capable of their accomplishments could easily arrange for their own disappearance.

Which leads one to wonder if the stories of Hollow Earth have more truth than fiction in them, what better way to observe and protect Mother Earth than from inside. Think if mankind had the ability to be self contained and in the pursuit of peace, left unmolested for thousands of years the great achievements they could accomplish.

Have Polar Shifts of the past created flooding . . . oh without a doubt, hopefully I was able to shed some light on a mysteries subject. Polar Shifts of the Past lead to Ancient Floods and if we don't learn from the past we maybe doomed to repeat it.


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 11, 2012:

Thanks Rob, yeah I have been a little burned out on the Pole Shift articles (just have one more in mind) and was in the hospital with pneumonia, it sucked!

Will check the link out thanks!

RobSchneider on May 10, 2012:

Great to get a notice of a new hub from you. I was getting a little worried about you. Not without reason, I guess, since you say you've been in the hospital. Hope it's nothing serious.

You say you want to branch out a little. I rarely run across blogs I would recommend, but this one's a definite exception:

The title of the blog is actually "The Shift Has Hit the Fan" and the guy has some great stuff to share. He recently interviewed a Hopi elder and got his take on the changes taking place. The most recent entry, The Mystic of Muskoska, is mind blowing. Like you, the owner of the site doesn't seem to have any agenda other than to uncover the truth. I think you'll like what he has to say and get ideas for hubs from him.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 10, 2012:


jenubouka on May 10, 2012:

What!! I hope you are feeling better. Look forward to the new topics for sure.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 10, 2012:

I was in the hospital at the time and wasn't feeling all that great or I would have had pictures . . . getting tired of the Polar Shift theme, need to start branching out.

So I have one more odd phenomenon to discuss on the topic of Polar Shift and then I will be moving on to other topics!

Thanx for stopping by!

jenubouka on May 10, 2012:

What a great read somethgblue! I believe that we may never really know; as censorship of this nature is wide-spread. But why? Why the secrecy?

I though of you the other day when the weather guy said to look to the sky for the "super moon" I thought to my self, whoa nelly wonder what (you) would think or have to say.

Take care.

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