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Poisonous Spiders, Insects and Snakes in Britain / UK /England

Snakes and spiders found in England.

The UK, Britain, or England has a very low average sunshine in comparison to much of the world, but does have lots of rain. No wonder Britain has the least most poisonous spiders and venomous snakes and animals of many other countries. Or has it?

With the change in the Earths temperatures, Britain is actually getting warmer, and migrating insects of all descriptions are beginning to adapt to the cooler climates of the British Isles.

So, are there many new adapted venomous creatures lurking around the forests, skulking in trees waiting for you to pass, or just hiding under your toilet seat?

Is it true, or a Myth

Is it true, or a Myth

The Most Poisonous Spider in the World ( Allegedly )

The united Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, according to scientists or urban legends, are one of the few countries in the world to have the most venomous spider.

And if you are reading this and live in England, you are probably no more than six feet away from one of these spiders, These spiders are found everywhere, under the sinks, inside shoes, around the toilet and even in your food cupboard.

We know them as Daddy Long Legs. The scientific name is Pholcus Phalangiodes, and is supposedly to have the most venomous poison out of all spiders.

The fangs are 'uncate' which means they are stubby, but can be used to bite very small victims. There is no evidence to support the theory of the venom, but some scientists are deliberating whether these spiders have poison or not.

Allegedly, the poison remains dormant all through the spiders life cycle, which is usually less than a year, and even on death or squashing, the poison will remain harmless. So children who have been playing for years with these spiders, letting them crawl over their hands and even pulling the legs off of them, have actually been playing with a spider more venomous than the tarantula spider.

There are many different variations of this spider in the world which can be found in Australia, New Zealand and South America.

Tube Web Spider

Tube Web Spider

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider


Tube Web Spider, found in the South of England, gives little bites and swelling around the wound, but nothing to serious. The Mouse Spider, when this bites, you will feel it, and will be sore for a few days with slight swelling and a puss filled wound.

The Black Lace Weaver spider, not many reports of biting from this spider, but can be found in rural areas and will cause swelling around the wound and possible nausea.

The good old Money Spider, nips just a little, possibly minute swelling, nothing to worry about unless you are allergic to spider bites, and like the Black Lace Weaver Spider, is found all over England.

The Huntsman Spider, rare in England, initially came across like so many other arachnids in banana boxes. This spider gives a nasty little bite, and can cause a shock to the system and illness, seek medical attention if you think one of these has bitten you.

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The formidable Black Widow Spider, which is another imported spider, can cause severe sweating, muscle cramps and even death. The Black Widow, named for its colour of, well black, with a red spot on its abdomen is very distinguishable.

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The false black widow spider is also in England, but there are no spiders which are native to England which can kill a human, unless a person is allergic to spider bites. Most venomous spiders have been brought over from foreign countries on container ships, and many die quite quickly due to the lower temperatures.

Spider Bites

If you have been bitten by a spider, you will initially get swelling and redness around the wound. If after up to 20 minutes, you can see blotches or redness in different areas of about 10 - 15 cms from the original would, ride like the wind straight to hospital.

You may be allergic to spider bites and could collapse at any moment. If possible, take the spider with you, whatever condition it is in, the hospital may need it to give you the correct anti-dote. The other thing to remember is that if you are bitten and the spider got away, it probably has not, it is possibly still lurking around as it lives nearby as well

An Adder in Yorkshire

An Adder in Yorkshire


The Adder snake is Britain's only venomous snake. Coming in at only about 50 cm in length, with colours ranging from brown to black, and zigzag markings along its back. Well known to many schools kids, but not often seen outside woodlands or rural areas.

Adders are usually very shy creatures, and will not attack unless cornered, threatened or hungry. Their usual diet consists of small animals such as frogs and birds, and have been known to attack rabbits.

Adders hibernate in winter, and they are protected by the National Wildlife and Countryside act of 1981, making it illegal to harm or kill these snakes. Even if they bite you, you are not allowed to bite them back.

If you do get bit, seek medical attention, these bites generally do not kill, but it has been known due to a victims initial ill health.

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English Scorpion Invasion

English Scorpion Invasion


Scorpions have begun to invade South England. They can be found under rocks, in rubble, and even between bricks in a wall or on the wall of a house. Over 80,000 yellow scorpions are thought to be in the Southern part of England as of 2007, and they are venturing more North year by year.

They are thought to be of European descent, coming over in crates and boxes as the European trade increases. Mainly yellow or green in colour, these can give a nasty sting, coming from their tails, or a little nip from their front crab like claws.

Anti-histamines will keep the swelling down. Vacations have never been ruined by scorpions in England so far. The English scorpion is very small and virtually harmless.

Snapping turtle, look at the size of it's mouth

Snapping turtle, look at the size of it's mouth

Snapping Turtles

It's just a big tortoise really, but it can give you a big bite. Snapping Turtles can break through the glass in an average fish tank with one whip like effect from its neck muscles.

Most of these may have been unwanted pets, just dumped in parks or lakes. If you do see a big tortoise like creature looming up at you possibly from a park pond, don't be to frightened, you can easily outrun them, just don't try to pet them from the front, you could lose a finger.

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billericky (author) from Plymouth on August 03, 2014:

hey Andy, I also live in Devon now and I totally agree. We have a fox living in or street and the kids love it. The spread of most insects and arachnids do come from accidental importation from abroad. I have seen an adder, although it was only a baby.

Andy on August 03, 2014:

I live in the south of England I devon. I have never seen an adder, rarely see foxes, and you don't see black widows and huntsmen spiders walking about. That's because they come in imported banna boxes but get cught by the suppermarkets bedor escaping to the street. The only real threat in England is bulls and swans.

Omg on May 23, 2014:

scary stuff

Timmy on November 26, 2013:

This is the coolest site I've seen in a long time!!!!!!!!

Hey by the way can you send me other sites like this?????

Really?! on October 11, 2013:

Having grown up in the south of England around fields and woods near the Cotswolds, I have never ever seen a grass snake let alone an adder! Its very rare you see spiders on the move during the day or when its cold (most of the time)

Fred on March 23, 2013:

Wow I'm freaking out I don't like spiders or snakes

scamp on October 24, 2012:

holy crap

chloe on June 24, 2012:

Well that was a nice bit of news... I was at school and my friend was talking about snakes and spiders and I was like ' thank god england has none of those horrible posinious things!! Then she showed me this........ I have aracnaphobic!(If that's even how you spell it :D)

SweetBee on October 30, 2011:

Our daddy long legs don't look like yours! As a matter of fact Uk's daddy long legs look like America's Dust spiders. (The ones you find in the corner)

Sakina on October 14, 2011:

I am 9 years old and i have a huge daddy long leg spider in my room. I never used to be afraid of these, but when i read this i am now frightend. as well i thought england was proteced from all these poisonous creatures but apparently its not. i have very big house spiders, big and hairy, and daddy long legs. I used to love to play with daddy long legs but now i don't. the big house spiders, they bite. i live in east london and i have been bit at least 10 times with this big house spider. its the same one every time, but as yrs go past, the small hairy house spiders are growing, and now i happen to find them a lot. everyday to be honest. thank you very much for this information. this was very helpful

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