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The Point of Life 3: Pars Vitae in Leo and Virgin - age of glory and balance

Age 28-35: Pars Vitae in Leo

Age 28-35: Pars Vitae in Leo

28-35: the age of Leo

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From the age of 28 to the age of 35 Pars Vitae stays in the sign of Leo. The energy and the symbolism of the Sun define the major tasks of this period: reveal one's personality potential as much as possible and realize one's opportunities. This is true for the personal as well as for the social life. In the family it is related to bringing up the children, at work this is related to the professional growth and promotion. But the desire to be first often leads to conflicts with the surrounding people which can most of all affect the physical state and primarily the heart and the veins that are ruled by the sign of Leo and are especially vulnerable at this period. In any conflict situations at this age it is important to keep the sens of fairness that is deafened, for the Uranus is in exile and weak in the sign of Leo, and it is important to remember that life is not just a game that you want to win constantly, tomorrow is somebody else's turn, and this must be taken in a cool way. It is necessary to learn how to avoid the negative sides of Leo: vanity, self-assurance, caprices, egoism, superficiality, and unnecessary waste of money.

Health problems also accumulate from one sign to another. That is why, if during the Cancer period (age 21-28) you didn't look after your regime and diet, and took excessive weight, this will make you feel worse during the age of Leo. Problems with digestion system will lead to altering of blood that can thicken and as a result to the quicker fatigue of the blood system.

35-42: age of Virgo

35-42: age of Virgo

35-42: the age of Virgo

The leading role during the age of Virgo belongs to the self-perfection. The tasks of this age are: to attain a balanced life-style, high working potential, practicality, responsibility, understanding of the sens of duty and faithfulness. These are the qualities that the Mercury sign obtains in an earthly sign of Virgo. But it is important not to become cold-hearted, emotionless egoist limited and fixed on working, suspicious as far as health is concerned, fussy, worrying and greedy. These are the negative qualities of the earthly Mercury.

During the age of Virgo the qualities that we need are sens of order and mildness, especially at work. Remember that the best is the enemy of the good. Changes in lifestyle affect one's health negatively: the state of anxiety grows while the sleep gets worse. Noisy, crowdy companies should be attended with measure.

Virgo is responsible for the intestines, and at this age it is preferable to find one's personal revitalizing system, rational lifestyle and eating habits. Try to use less of medications that can affect negatively your liver, milt, gallbladder, and your lymph system – these are the organs ruled by the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius which are in opposition to the sign of Virgo.

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