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Planning for School Reopening and Recovery After COVID-19

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Effect of COVID on Education

Our education systems are at a major hit again. Schools and other education institutions are closed, students are suffering again with their studies and are in a never-ending state of confusion.

Parents are in a major dilemma if they switch schools for their children or completely pull out their admissions or escape this year also which won’t be counted at all in their children’s educational journey.

Now, it’s the time to plan everything, the planning obviously must start from those who are controlling this system, enough exploitation has been already done by the stakeholders to the common man we suppose, Right?

What became the opinion of children in these two years

It’s the 2nd year in the same situation and we’re still the same in our personal attitudes to provide education for our children. We’re not evolving with the speeds in bringing quality education and learning on digital platforms.

Children are getting lenient towards their studies every day, they simply don’t want to study and get educated, they think that they’ll shield themselves with this pandemic excuse.

Well, is this excuse going to helping those millions of children and their parents to just escape the reality that one day things will get back to a new normal? .

We need to except that whatever the upcoming future may bring we’ll not be having anyone to blame for our child’s immature education…Isn’t it?

what should be our opinion towards education?

We must realise that we’re and we’ll be responsible as a student and as a parent that whatever comes next uncertainty or stability for us, we must stand prepared and strong to face any situation that tries to bend us.

It doesn’t matter how backward our country’s education systems are and how wide this mentality of “keeping studies on hold for a year or two won’t hurt our child’s future” spreads out… we need to understand that education still needed to grow and survive amongst this society.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are, you’ll be judged and employed on the degree that you hold. We need to understand that our children are responsible for our nation’s growth, doesn’t matter how we deny that.

So, after this hard talk…. what is and what should be the way ahead? That’s the main question that we should answer or seek answer for….

Initiatives that a school need to take before planning to reopen:

Every school should take this very seriously and must keep things on regular check. Even a single lenient approach towards any guideline can lead to a serious disaster that your school and management may not handle.

We hope you can understand that even a single case of COVID-19 can ruin your school’s image and can lead to temporary ban on your institution.

We strictly encourage every school in our nation to follow each guideline with utmost sincerity and train their staff members and teachers accordingly.

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To see a wider picture for the severity of the situation and the sincerity required, we can take an example of Rajasthan as this is the only state that has the biggest education hubs in all India – Kota and Sikar.

The education hubs in India houses thousands of students who arrive there with an ambition to crack their dream competitive exam.

Not only for high school passed students and dropouts preparing for different competitive exams, the education hubs in Rajasthan also houses one the biggest ratio of high school students.

With Kota and Sikar, this fact remains that a large chunk of students who are studying in these cities are living in hostels and that too without parental care, so this puts the responsibility on the institution’s shoulders to guide them for their safety and at least put forward serious guidelines to ensure their safety on their premises as the maximum vulnerability for COVID infection lies over there only.

Apart from Kota being the biggest education hub, Sikar is the 2nd biggest in India. Considering the high school level academics, schools in Sikar Rajasthan has grabbed a serious attention of students and parents with it’s top results, ranks and student achievements that are proven to be one of the best on Indian academic grounds.

Since the above-mentioned two cities are responsible for nurturing so many lives, the demanded sincerity and responsibility also increases for both of the cities.

However, we believe that be it any state or city, every academic institution is responsible for students and it is their responsibility to keep them safe and provide the same best quality learning environment without a compromise.

Schools and academic institutions need to strictly adapt their reopening plan that is actually effective and is based on a better understanding of COVID-19 risks.

Getting answers for the above-mentioned questions in advance will definitely be preparing your school to reopen with complete student care and hygiene practices systems as the flags turn green.

We strongly suggest to implement some practices that are required as basics like closing playgrounds or training the responsible staff to keep an eye on children that whether they are following social distancing or not, limiting random on-campus visits, compulsory COVID reports for every child, daily temperature checks, hand sanitization, complete school and surface deep cleaning at least 3 times a day, wearing certified masks only etc.. to minimize the spread of COVID-19 virus.

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