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Planet Earth, Our Story

The role of Star Visitors to Earth and human evolution is the next step in mankind's development as a species, Full Disclosure is necessary

Our Story began in another Universe, with the Fall of Man and the partial destruction of our planet of origins Tara, 550 Million years ago.

Our Story began in another Universe, with the Fall of Man and the partial destruction of our planet of origins Tara, 550 Million years ago.

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The Reason For Our Story

I writing this article, Planet Earth, Our Story, quite frankly because I have been asked to but also because it is important for people to realize that our ancient history is a Big Lie designed to prevent us, as a species from recognizing our true potential. Only by understanding our past will we have any hope of reconciling the present and embracing the future.

His-Story is merely one version of events, usually told and written by those with an agenda to keep the public ignorant. Why is this done, you may ask, because Knowledge Is Power, make no mistake and because those that don't have the truth will never look for it and merely accept whatever version of reality our historians provide for us.

I have always been fascinated with ancient civilizations, from early childhood but as I grew older and wiser I realized through constant research and the reading of books on the subject, that humanity is far older (millions of years older) and more sophisticated than our mainstream education gives us credit for. Thousands of discoveries that do not fit into what we are taught in school, have been systematically censored from our curriculum and thousands more neatly sidestepped the issue without explanation.

The majority of us have learned to not asks any questions that might disrupt the classroom, our parents or the status quo of society, I am not one of those people. For years I have read the books that have been banned, the books that tell of an alternative his-story of our planet that the average human has never heard of nor would accept. I have searched for answers and more importantly learned to ask the deeper questions, that have lead to startling conclusions.

If you are interested in the truth as I am and can open your mind to new possibilities, ideas and concepts then this article Planet Earth, Our Story is for you. If you are comfortable with your paradigm of how the world works, humanities role in it and the story of our past that fits into societies conventional thinking and education, then stop reading now.

What we call the 'world' and the 'universe' is only one frequency range in an infinite number sharing the same space. The interdimensional entities I write about are able to move between these frequencies or dimensions and manipulate our lives.

— David Icke

Ashayana Deane

Tara's Story Leads To Our Story

To understand where humans really came from we need to recognize that our consciousness didn't begin in this Universe but in the Second Harmonic Universe or HU-2. Earth is located in Harmonic Universe One and our own solar system was created out of events that took place in the entirely separate Second Harmonic Universe.

Approximately 560 million years ago a group of Metaterrestrial races combined their genetic material and energy to create a master race of Guardian Beings to serve as the protectors of a planet known as Tara, this was known as the Turaneusiam Experiment or T-1. The hands on overseers of this project was primarily the Sirian Council from HU-2.

These Metaterrestrial races were from the Fourth and Fifth Harmonic Universes but used a seed race from the Third Harmonic Universe, known as the Lyrans. These Lyrans, then created a race of beings known as the Elohim, to work as supervisors of this project and use their contributions of genetic material for this project.

Thus was created a race known as the Turanseusiam that evolved on the planet Tara for 8 million years without any significant incidents, roughly 560 to 552 million years ago. This race divided into 12 sub-racial divisions, each race carried a variation of the twelve primary Metaterrestrial races that contributed to the T-1 experiment. It is interesting to note the names of the twelve sub-races.

  1. Bra-ha-man
  2. Dhr-ah-men
  3. Atoni
  4. Tri-t-ten
  5. Azurtan
  6. Celtos
  7. Addami
  8. Yut-arans
  9. Luri
  10. Cerrasz
  11. Nezak-tai
  12. Melchizedakz

These twelve sub-races existed in harmony for around 8 million years when they began to digress in evolution through inter-breeding with various star races. However two of these sub-races became the primary races on the planet, around 552 million years ago. The more aggressive of these two were known as the Alanians, while the more submissive were known as the Lumians. These two primary races evolved together on a large land mass of Tara, known as the E-den, creating two cultures known as the Alania an Lumia, respectively.

Both these races evolved in harmony for about one million years before the Alanian, the more aggressive of the two began experimenting with the crystal core on their planet in an effort to harness its energy and sought to dominate the less aggressive nature of the Lumians. This lead to a faction of the Lumians to break off from the main body and establish its own colony, they created a ruling class within this society, known os the Council of Mu, which was opposed to the energy manipulations of the Alanians.

This new society found a relatively uninhabited small land mass on the other side of Tara's oceans and moved large numbers of its race to it, calling it Mu. This race of Lumians, that carried the sub-race Cerrasz genes worked with the Elohim of HU-3 (inter-bred) to once again purify their race genetically and spiritually, creating a new sub race known as the Ceres. The Ceres and Lumians, lived peacefully and even co-created a new sub-group called the Priesthood of Mu, which embraced the teachings of the Law Of One, with a decidedly Matriarchal slant.

As the Alanians evolution continued to digress, they became obsessed with power and tried to subvert the other races of the planet too their will, through intimidation and their new crystal technology. Seeing the potential destructive power of this energy source the Council of Mu petitioned the Sirian Council and HU-3 Elohim to intercede on their behalf. The ruling elite of Alanian were called the Templar Solar Initiates and were sympathetic to a group of rebellious Annunaki that the Sirian Council was in conflict with, this lead to what is now called the Sirian Rebellion, that eventually found its way to the planet of Tara.

Members of the Alainan culture feared the direct result of the misuse of the crystal grid technology and defected to Mu. This lead to this group of Alanians to purify their genetics, which created a new race known as Ur-Tarrantes. This new race created the Priesthood of Ur (still exist today), which although practiced the teachings of the Law of One, is deeply rooted in science and technology, leading them to become experts of portal mechanics (Star Gates).

When it became apparent that the Templar Solar Initiates would not curb their misuse of the crystal grid technology and a cataclysmic implosion of the planet Tara was imminent, the Priest of Ur and their portal technology was used to evacuate large segments of the population of Mu to nearby sympathetic star systems and planets.

Star Gates Are Natural

Every Sun in all the Harmonic Universes contain natural Star Gates however planets also have these natural dimensional portals, this knowledge was known to our ancient ancestors but censored from public knowledge today.

Every Sun in all the Harmonic Universes contain natural Star Gates however planets also have these natural dimensional portals, this knowledge was known to our ancient ancestors but censored from public knowledge today.

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The Explosion of Tara or Fall of Man

Around 550 million years ago, the misuse of the crystal energy grid set up by the Templar Solar Initiates of Tara, caused a series of cascading explosions that ripped parts of the planet of Tara apart from its main body and flung them into space. This explosion caused the planet to stop spinning on its axis for two days and create an almost complete Polar Shift which made the surface of the planet uninhabitable for 10,000 years.

The fragments of the planet that were hurtled into space from this explosion lost their cohesion with the planet Tara's morphogenetic grid, fell in vibrational frequency and were eventually pulled into a Sun within the Star system of Tara. All suns contain black and white holes at their centers that act as natural energy portals or Star Gates for inter-dimensional travel. These planetary fragments were instantly vaporized and the morphogenetic grid of these fragments travelled through the sun's Star Gate to re-emerge in Harmonic Universe One.

Upon entering the HU-1 in the form of a gaseous substance, this morphogenetic energy broke into 12 pieces which set up as a mini-solar system around our Sun (Sol). One of the pieces fused with our Sun and the other eleven began to build up matter density and reform through the morphogenetic field they retained from Tara, in essence they began to reform as individual planets. However because these planets were created from the essence of an already existing morphogenetic field in HU-2, they didn't form naturally or birth in HU-1, they literally fell into existence from HU-2. This means they had to reorganize or lower their vibrational field frequency to a slower vibrational dimensional scale.

It is interesting to note what these new planets were called, in the order they formed outward from our Sun.

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars
  5. Malduk (later imploded to become the asteroid belt)
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn
  8. Uranus
  9. Neptune
  10. Pluto
  11. Nibiru (long elliptical orbit, not recognized by science . . . yet).

These fragments from Tara eventually became part of the Harmonic Universe One after millions of years of evolution, that began 550 million years ago. What is interesting to note is that in Galactic His Story or Planet Earth, Our Story, this event is known as the Fall Of Man.

But to confuse the current population of humanity and keep them ignorant of their own origins, it has been interwoven with other more recent events and stories to symbolically represent just some of the truth. This is important to recognize because the morphogenetic grid that was ripped from Tara contains the consciousness of souls that originated in the Second Harmonic Universe and they retain the genetic memories of this Event and Fall of Man.

What is important to recognize from this Event is that because part of the morphogenetic grid of Tara was now a permanent part of Harmonic Universe one, Tara could no longer naturally evolve with the rest of Harmonic Universe Two and in essence became trapped in time.

Because the evolution of Universes require that all morphogenetic members evolve together (Ascend), this simply was an unacceptable consequence for members of HU-2. But because the explosion of Tara was a potentially predictable outcome of the Templar Solar Initiates misuse of power they didn't fully understand, higher dimensional beings, known as the Ra Confederacy, were asked to help form a rescue plan for the souls trapped in HU-1.

So even before the explosion that ripped apart Tara had even happened, events were set into motion by the Ra Confederacy and other higher dimensional beings to ensure that all the souls that would end up in HU-1 could be potentially rescued and reunited with Tara in the future . . . but that is another part of Planet Earth, Our Story.

Terra Papers


This is just the beginning of Planet Earth, Our Story but it is important to recognize how and why we got here to fully appreciate the events of our distant past, present and potential future. There is more at stake with the evolution of mankind than just our souls, the entire fate of two Universes hangs in the balance of decisions mankind makes to determine its future evolution and continuing Ascension.

A lot of information and disinformation has been published on the internet concerning the origins of humanity and I would venture to guess that 95 percent of it is a distortion of the truth. So one might think, "Why should this be any different?", and rightfully so. I am not trying to persuade anyone, present irrefutably evidence nor do I claim to be a channeler or be inspired by divine providence. I am merely writing my version of Planet Earth, Our Story based on my own research and that which resonates within my soul as the truth.

What you do with this information is your business, I am here on this planet to plant a seed of knowledge afforded to me by my insatiable appetite for the truth. This need to discover the origins of humanity and find the deeper meaning to why we are all here at this time/space, I consider to be my gift. I also feel the need to share with my fellow humans anything I can give them to help them and us on our journey to Ascension and beyond.

I am trying to construct a timeline of events, in chronological order that represents my understanding of how humanity ended up on planet Earth and how we as a species fit into the cosmic order of the multi-Universe. Based on the many books I have read and own, internet articles and books using both channeled and traditional material and even movies and videos. I hope to reconstruct a timeline that throws out conventional wisdom and education and explores the deeper nuisances of the riddle that is the human puzzle.

This article Planet Earth, Our Story, is just the first in a series of articles I will write in response to those on this planet that wish to investigate the vast amount of unexplored knowledge with held from mankind for eons. Make no mistake, if you find this information valid, credible and compelling, the future articles I will write might well unlock past memories, that have remained obscured on the fringes of your subconscious mind struggling to be understood and brought into the light.

Our Story

Did You Know?

© 2016 somethgblue


Candace Craw-Goldman on July 05, 2016:

I have been asked too - been asked TO

Why is this done, you may ask because Knowledge Is Power, - Why is this done you may ask? Because Knowledge is Power.

our main stream education - our mainstream education

I'll stop there. ;)

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on June 27, 2016:

There is a lot of evidence that Jesus visited every continent, after all if you could walk on water what need would you have for a boat or ship to travel across the Oceans.

Many Native American cultures were already well aware of the concept of One God, long before the white man got here however since the Moor Empire as well as the Phoenicians had colonized North America before Jesus' life even began, they could have learned it from them.

This article is just setting the precedence for Our Story to come but is important because it shows where the ancient Lemurians and Atlanteans came from.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on June 27, 2016:

That's OK. Tiamat is the name I was trying to think of. It is the one mentioned in the poem. thanks.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on June 27, 2016:

The Planet is called Marduk or Tiamat but life on all planets develop in cycles, so the past often repeats itself with minor changes.

The original events happened on another planet in another dimension but repeated itself over and over again on our planet.

Remember this is a series of articles and the next article will show this repetition and the beginning of "his story" on our planet based on genetic memories.

I'm on my lunch break or I would elaborate, just see this a the set up for what is to come, keep it in mind but more will be revealed.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on June 27, 2016:

OK, this is a good presentation because you are a very good writer and organizer of information. I'm not going to rush to judgement on any side of the coin, but I will say that, if true, human memories could explain the old poem that Zechariah Sitchen published in the front of one of his Earth Chronicles series about the collision of (I forget the planet's name) with the big blue water planet. There is no doubt in my mind that we, or at least some of us are, interdimensional beings in the 3rd Dimension. Being interdimensional, could not some of the happenings have taken place on earth? Or are you saying that all of our pre-history took place in another dimension?

We do have ruins of civilizations that we know nothing about. Even archaeologists believe that there were at least five, some say seven, civilizations that existed before ours. I am open to the possibility that some of these civilizations may have existed before fragments of Tara tumbled through the sun's black hole and re-emerged as part of a new solar system that formed.

Despite being part Native American, I hold the view that they can be quite creative with their stories and legends. I think some of them are teaching tools like Jesus used parables in the Bible and Aesop wrote fables. However, some Native American legends, such as the Red Giants, have been proven by archaeology to be true. There is still much secrecy and speculation surrounding the events of 1947, so I will hold the tale of the Alien Star Elder, Bek'Ti, in abeyance until I see more credibility. Thank you, SB, and please continue your writings on this subject.

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