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Are Pixies Good or Evil?

What are Pixies?

Pixies are whimsical creatures that were born into existence having no purpose at all. Most of their days are spent studying magic and they are thought of as living a quiet and peaceful life.

So, Who Are Pixies?

These special creatures once enjoyed a fairly content life in their forests until tragic times came with the evolution of the llaidains, who were evil pixies that had lost their wings from committing crimes either against another pixie or the kingdom.

It was because of these new enemies that the magical and sweet pixies had to become vigilant to protect themselves.  The innocent pixies had to start spending their days protecting forests rather than just living carefree enjoying them.  Also, due to human growth and destroyed land development, the majority of pixies were destroyed.

Pixie Characteristics

Pixies are characterized by their iridescent, beautiful wings that leave a floating trail of color behind them as they hover.  Pixies are intoxicating and beautiful so they have never had the need to fuss too much and they had the ability to turn themselves invisible whenever they wanted.

Prior to the Victorian era, pixies were usually portrayed as being naked until Disney's representation of the famous Tinkerbell worn a green outfit and a hat over her pointed ears.

Pixies punished neglect but would reward considerate humans.  Many believed that they of human origin which is why they loved horses.  In fact, they would ride them whenever they had the chance to explore new areas and travel to different forests.

Blue Pict Tribe Inspired Pixie


Pixie Origin

According to mythology, pixies originated to predate Christianity in Britain.  They were once said to be the souls belonging to dead children who were unbaptized.  Later, in 1869, they became a remnant of Pict tribes who painted themselves blue.

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Pixies started to gain an abundance of popularity due to Cornwall and Devon.  These books were filled with peasantry beliefs and incidents of pixie manifestations.  There are actually a group of rocks near Exmoor National Park that are believed to have once been a home to pixies.




From Disney's Peter Pan movie, Tinkerbell, the  most famous pixie was created.  She is often referred to as a fairy however, her characteristics are true to be being a pixie.  She minded pots and kettles like a real tinker who makes things from metal.

Sometimes, Tinkerbell was sweet to Peter Pan but other times she was ill-tempered and vindictive, representing both fairy and pixie traits.  She also had extreme personalities that may have been due to her small size head that only allowed her to house one emotion at a time.

Tinkerbell has been a branding icon for over half of a century, representing the wonderful magical world of Disney.

Who Are Pixies?

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