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Piet Mondrian art Composition (1938) in red, blue and yellow - Analysis of Composition (abstract art movement)

Analysis of Composition (abstract art movement)

The painting “composition” (1938) of Piet Mondrian is a very abstract work. It consists solely of rectangles and lines or bars, which have all different length and breadth. In addition, the rectangles are filled with differently.
The upper left rectangle is red; in the lower right part there is a slim on the ground lying rectangle which is yellow. In the same part, there is a blue rectangle “standing”. Apart from the big rectangle in the lower right part, which is white, are all other rectangles grey. Moreover, the rectangles are dynamic, means: they are assorted after the inner perception of the painter.
There are two main lines which more or less go through the middle and cross each other in a right angle.


Interpretation of "Composition"

At the beginning, this picture appears to be somehow senseless, but if one researches more about the personality of the painter, the interpretation becomes clearer.
With these three colours which are the fundamental colours, all possible colours can be created. How the colours are put into space follow no logical order, because they are purely put into place by the pure sentiment of the painter, Piet Mondrian.
The picture is extremely reduced. There are insofar no human indentations in it. By reducing this picture so much that it does not anymore distract the observer by things which were created by random and only the framework is painted, there is a lot of free space for the divine in this apparently simple painting.

The Right Angle

“The Right Angle”:
The right angle appears in all later works of Piet Mondrian.
The right angle appeared to be the universal symbol for Piet Mondrian. The vertical which stands on the horizontal creates tenseness and urges for balance, simultaneously. Piet Mondrian recognized this polarity in all things.
Thus the uttermost simplified, with the senses perceptible world takes place and simultaneously urges for a creation between the individual and the universal.
The right angle is also the only constant to the reality.

Colors (red, blue, yellow, black and white)

The fundamental colours can be seen as the abstraction and reduction of the us surrounding world. White stands for the sheen of the soul and black for the death.

Further interpretations and analysis of paintings

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