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Personality Plus-Get to Know Who You Really Are and Why

Personality Plus cover

Personality Plus cover

Florence Littauer's Personality Plus Book Review

This book teaches us about four temperaments which include:

  • choleric,
  • melancholic,
  • phlegmatic and
  • sanguine.

We also get to take a simple personality test and see for sure which our personality types are dominant. We can do it on our own and be very honest to ourselves in the process or ask our friends or family members to describe us most honestly they can, which is also a very useful method. I would suggest doing the personality test twice, first time just by yourself and second time with the help of others. Later on, we get to compare results of both of these methods and get most precise result. This personality test really does make this book widely unique and well received by the crowd.

Each person may have one or two temperaments dominant, or have two similar personalities or even two exact opposite ones. More rarely but not impossible is for person to have all four of them at the same time but their levels are much different and vary when compared one to another. Most importantly, Florence teaches us how each type makes the person think and act in a particular way. It's really important to understand our type so we can accept who we are and why we behave the way we are.

Just before I walked out of my house to get to school for the first time ever, my uncle told me that no matter who I meet that day, which could affect me positively or negatively, I need to keep in mind that each person in this world is way different then any other person I already or will ever meet. This hade a major impact on me and I started to get interested in a world like I couldn't even imagine, (not at first, but later on as I got older and was about to finish elementary school). I am very certain I will always remember that because that made me curious and couple years back I really started to wish to know what really makes me special and unique compared to others.

Not that I want to spoil the fun for you but I realized that my two highest temperaments joint together make me a very calm and relaxed person (not a shy one but not very talkative either),as well as a quiet deep thinking and feeling person. In some way I already knew that but I often felt strange when people told me something similar to the attributes I mentioned before. When I wrote those benefits and traits onto the piece of paper, It became much more clearer to me and helped me grow my personality as well as my business success in such a manner.

Choleric-A Leader Is Born

First temperament we are going to describe here is choleric. People with choleric as a dominant personality are usually extroverted but in a more leadership-oriented sense. They highly lean on logic and usage of facts as a communication method. They are leaders of the group and they absolutely love it. They are also best described as being:

  • quick-thinkers,
  • influent,
  • effective,
  • independent,
  • easily offended,
  • prideful,
  • highly-intentional,
  • highly-engaged,
  • commanding and ordering,
  • convincing,
  • non-acceptive to criticism,
  • dominant extroverts and
  • very ambitious.

These attributes might seem a little bit harsh and represent choleric-dominant temperament persons as fierce and dangerous bullies but in most cases it's not even close to that because, as you remember, each person has all of the four temperaments present at the same time, but their strength and levels vary. Choleric just wants to be in control and lead the group on as their personality gives them all the boost they need to become a leader. The problem occurs when they are unable to get to control the group, then they would do anything they could possibly think of to become one, choosing the methods that could harm people with other personalities.

Melancholic-A Sensitive Perfectionist

Melancholic person loves to show love for other people by simply taking actions, without using much words or emotions and they feel amazing by doing thoughtful things for the people they care about. They usually love to be included into the exact process of making some kind of art which makes them very creative. They enjoy making lists, charts and follow the statistic-analytic procedures, which is one of the reasons they tend to search for such job opportunities which gives them more mental energy then they are able to consume in the process. Melancholic persons are mostly known for being :

  • guarded,
  • reserved,
  • dependable,
  • reliable,
  • analytical,
  • task-oriented,
  • loyal,
  • self-motivated,
  • quiet,
  • detail-oriented,
  • goal-oriented,
  • comfortable with routines,
  • deep-thinkers,
  • creative,
  • critical-thinkers,
  • obsessed about organization,
  • love to feel appreciated,
  • depressed easily and
  • not very sociable.
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This doesn't need to necessarily shows melancholic persons as they are clinical depressed but rather shows us that when it comes to these four personalities, they statistically tend to have more chance to be depressed at some age in their life than any other temperament. They also enjoy being independent and love to make almost everything they need to function normally, alone. The most important characteristic they are connected with is that they are very loving and loyal, even much they don't show affection and love with words or emotions, they usually make it more countable and show it by their actions. Next time you need a reliable, goal-oriented business partner, you can easily search for melancholic person and you will be fine, they will do their task efficiently and will not steal your leader role no matter how easily that process can be.

Phlegmatic-A Calm Pacifist

Phlegmatic person loves patterns, same life rhythms and unchanged everyday habits. They indeed enjoy a predictable lifestyle. A strong phlegmatic finds a restaurant that he or she likes so much and loves to go there almost every time, loves to sit at the exact same table and usually orders the same dish. They are not usually very social but it is usually very pleasant to accompanied by them as they are warm and pleasant. For instance, phlegmatic really hates to attend at social gatherings, and even if they are invited, it should not be very suddenly because they need some time to prepare their attendance but if we give them more time then they need to plan, they would probably find an excuse not to attend.

Phlegmatic person is best described as being:

  • calm,
  • cautious,
  • relaxed,
  • reserved,
  • easy-going,
  • stable,
  • almost never angry,
  • easy forgiving,
  • quiet,
  • imaginative,
  • agreeable,
  • considerate,
  • trusting,
  • empathetic,
  • peace-seekers,
  • negotiable and
  • charitable.

Because of their relaxing and easy-going temperament, they are often considered as lazy or unwilling to "live a little" which puts them on a mark when it comes to other temperaments which don't fully understand it. They are often put up into a second plan when it comes to socializing and people almost ignore them in conversations but phlegmatic person really enjoys not being in a center of attention. They usually just listen to other's conversations and make some short comments about it just for people to know they are actually there.

Sanguine-A Fun-Loving Enthusiast

Sanguine temperament represents the most energetic and fun-loving temperament of all. They tend to be as much social as they can be, they are usually the first one to greet you, shake your hand or hug you as a way to express their love of socializing. They are usually very optimistic and they tend to live their life in the brightest and fun-filled experience.

Sanguine persons are best described as being:

  • very social,
  • optimistic,
  • impulsive,
  • present,
  • tend to exaggerate ,
  • fun and pleasure-seekers,
  • talkative,
  • attention-seekers,
  • expressive,
  • very funny,
  • high self-esteem,
  • intense-emotional,
  • easy to make friends with,
  • hard to maintain friendships and
  • entertaining.

As sanguine loves to be in center of attention and to entertain people, they usually exaggerate stories and events to the point they become interesting for others to hear, they are also sometimes making lies just in order to maintain the focus of the group onto them, they absolutely love that. Sanguine person often makes new friendships very easy and fast but they are having difficulties to maintain those friendships and make them stronger later on, they mostly lose their easy made friends... well, easy.

Our Rating

As mentioned above, this book is such a gem when it comes to describing personality types and getting to know which ones are dominant for you. It really helps in getting to know others as well and become a more understanding, less selfish person when it comes to relationship with other people. It is a very good and precise book with much great and helpful content but we came into realization that it could be a little shorter since it also has some unnecessary lines or even pages that often feel like they were wrote just to pump up the number of pages wrote.

Our rating: 8.5/10

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