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Parental Participation in Children Learning

The author is sharing her personal life experiences and observations through this article.


Parental Participation in Children Learning

Children are the most precious gift from Almighty to human being. They make our life full of happiness; giving a strong motivation to move forward life. When a child born, it brings immense pleasure and joy for a family, even though raising a kid is never a matter of joke. A mother forgets all of her hardships and struggles after it, when she just see the smile on her kid’s face. This is how life is going on from generation to generation. Learning; which is an endless process of our life just starts from the lap of a mother after the baby born. The baby hears the sound, observe the environment around him. Slowly, it’s learning process starts. All babies starts to learn from his parents and home. Thus, parental involvement is the main and major parameter in child’s learning process. Even though it is happening from decades to decades, still several prime specifications are given bellow:

1. Parents need to be very careful from a kid’s early childhood, as children always learn what they see around them. For example, we can see that the children of working parents are usually become very active by observing their parents lifestyle.

2. Parents are the role model before their kids. They need to talk very softly with a gentle voice before their kids; thus their children will learn about to maintain peacefulness in a family.
3. Parents can give quality time to their children by rhyming poems, singing songs and reading books before them. It will give a feel of entertainment to them. They will learn that life is full of joy and cheerfulness.
4. Parents can spend time with their kids by help them in art and drawing. It will enhance their creativity and interest to learn.
5. Story telling time can be a great source of learning for kids. When they hear different events from their parents, it always remain alive in their brain. For example, I have still so many events and stories in my brain those I have heard from my parents in my childhood. May be, one day I will share these to my daughter. It proves how much effective the story telling sessions for kids to learn and hold things in their memories for long time. Even sometimes, kids get so many inspiration from the true events that their parents share with them which has a life long effect on them, determining a new perception of their life.
6. Maintaining discipline, punctuality and a regular lifestyle; all of these, kids learn from family. When parents maintain those strictly, their kids automatically acquire these qualities over the time.
7. Playing with children also boost their mind. When parents play with their children, no matter it is indoor or outdoor game, babies become so delighted to get this company. In this way, they get the faith that their parents can be also their friends.
8. Food habit is a very basic habit which must be get developed from early childhood. As we know that a balanced diet is always a fundamental need for a baby’s health. Thus, it depends on their parents how they are making the practice to having healthy and balanced food in their day to day life.
9. Parents need to always listen and hear to their children. Even sometimes, it may seem annoying, as kids don’t always come up with relevant and important issues. Still, they must give them importance. In this way kids will feel that they are very important in their family and in future, they will give priority to others both inside and outside of the family. They will learn to keep patience and listen to others; which is a great quality of human.
10. Parents must travel with their kids according to their affordability. As we know travelling fosters a medium to build human connections with one another by learning about culture, food, new sites, music, and the way people live their day to day lives in different parts of the world. Along with recreation and entertainment, travelling helps kids to explore more about life, gives them motivation in different aspects of survival. Travelling improves our health and mind. Through travelling, children will learn to take care of their mental health which is also very important to be successful in our life.
11. Having a positive mindset is also a prime concern for parents. Positive thinking renders a positive effect on health as well. It lowers stress and improves your overall well-being. Even when anybody falls sick, his body recuperates faster. With a positive thinking people can achieve emotional balance, which actually helps the brain to execute functions properly. Thus, when parents hold very positive thinking, it will be rendered to their child and they will be benefitted for the long path of their life.
12. Sharing is a vital concept in our life that build the capability to survive in a community. From very childhood, parents need to teach their children by sharing everything within their siblings. This is the prime stage where kids get the chance to learn sharing through their parents and only parents can build this feelings inside them from their early childhood which has a long lasting effect through out their whole life. One day a child will be grown up, he would study in school, college and university. After that, he will join in his professional life, he will live in a society. He has to gain interpersonal skills to survive among people. Only parents can take the initial step to develop their capacity to survive with outside people in different stages of life.

13. Encouraging and motivating attitude is also foremost criteria of our mindset to be successful in our life. These are the insights, only parents can build in their children’s mind. They may get break down in some stages of life, but parents need to stimulate them with the belief “failure is the key to success”.
14. Control of our emotion; very important thing in our life. It is not possible that every time we will get whatever we have wanted even after we deserve. Sometimes, destiny doesn’t work according to our way. But we have to move on rather than thinking too much on what we have lost. Only parents can create this kind of mentality within their kids, so that they will be strong enough to handle themselves in the battle of life.
15. Generosity, humbleness, kindness; all these noble qualities come from family and parents. Once children use to see these virtues among their parents, they starts holding these inside them over the time and undoubtedly, these help a child to become a better human who will be an asset and a proud citizen both for his family and country as well.
Even though, learning is an endless process and there are uncountable areas to learn in our life. Still, above depicted areas can help any person or parents to guide their child in a better way so that one day his or her child will make its parents proud and also the country as well. As the journey of our life is never gonna easy without proper education and learning that begins from family. This is the reason why parental participation in child learning is so important and it must be done accordingly.

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