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Parallel Universe - Theories and Evidences


Parallel Universe

The concept of parallel universe is an idea that arises from the multiverse theory, suggesting that our universe is one of many existing universes. A parallel universe is a hypothetical self-contain reality co-existing with one’s own. A specific group of parallel universe called a multiverse.

According to Stephen Hawkins there is another universe similar to us and have their own galaxies, black hole and well settled civilization. According to this, the way the Earth had created similarly there was creation of other universes.

Many socials also agreed to Stephen Hawkins that these had created on the same way the earth had created.


1) Multiverse

According to this theory, there are several universes. Scientist stated that there are infinite universes, stars, planets, galaxies and there can be planet similar to earth. If there are infinite universes, so after a limit there is a possibility of repetition of things. As a result, there can be people who look alike to you.

Parallel universe assumes space is infinite (it very well could be) and the physical laws of these other universes are the same as ours, but are so far away from us that we causally got disconnect, meaning that no messages can receive or sent because we can only receive messages from within our own Hubble volume.


2) Quantum Theory of Multiverse

It says that when the multiple possibilities are involved, every new possibility give arise to a new possibility. We can understand this concept with an example like: According to Big Bang Theory the Earth had created 4.5 billion years ago, and if Theia had crashed to Mars instead of Earth then Mars was stable.

As a result, earth was barren and at the same time the Mars was full of colorful people due to butterfly effect. There was no existence of earth.

3) Cosmic Inflation Theory

It says when big bang has happened 13.8 billion years ago then gravitational and strong nuclear force separated after that the weak electric force could not hold the universe tightly. As a result, our universe got expanded between 1036 and 10³² this is known as Inflationary Epoch.

According to some cosmologist, if some universes Inflationary Epoch had finished before 10³² then their Earth had formed before us. As a result, their earth had been shifted towards the sun habitable Goldilocks zone due to which their earth would be had been warned and where carbon based life would be to warn. So due to evolution instead of carbon their silicon based life had formed. This is because

  • Silicon can form chains like carbon.
  • Silicon is more stable at high temperature.
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Hence, there is a possibility that people living there consumes energy from sun.

4) Mirror Universe Theory

According to this theory, when Big bang happened, then our universe got expanded in one direction and a mirror universe had created in the opposite direction. It looks like similar to our universe, but matter and anti-matter came out as a difference between them.

It also says that time increase in forward direction. As a result, when this mirror universe expand it directly reached to its future. Ultimately having behind just one universe is our universe.


1) A Man from Taured

In 1954 a plane landed in Japan airport, where a man looking like a businessman came out of the airport. When his passport got checked, everybody get shocked. The passport was of Taured country of Europe, but the Taured country had never existed. On investigation, he located his country on the map of Europe. Further, checking his license, it was found that his country was Taured. Everybody was confused then they put him in the room. Next morning he suddenly disappears with all his official documents.


2) John Titor

A man named John Titor claims that he was from 2036. He told that he had travelled back in 1975 to bring IBM 5100 computer and while going back in 2036 he had stayed in 2000. On asking proofs he uploaded the photo of time machine which design looks like real.

On giving further proofs he told that we should stop space shuttle overheat problem, and at 2003 Colombia spacecraft crashed due to overheating. He also told many other predictions and, but some were correct and some not. But suddenly he disappears in 2001.

3) College Girls Disappears

Maria, Crystal, Jonny and Abbey together took a day trip to Nevada. It was nighttime when they returned on highway 56, But while returning they got confuse because all the roads looked same. They all agreed to move towards Gadianton Canyon.

On going further, the roads changed from black to white concrete. They reached at the end of the Highway where there was Dead End, so they decided to drove back.

While going back, they saw that the place had changed. Instead of desert, they saw fields of Wheat. They had lost. On moving ahead on road, they saw the glow of civilization. They saw a neon sign which was not in English.

Further they saw a group of men coming out of the restaurant. Crystal screamed that those are not humans, Then Jonny pull her car back and started moving. They saw that an egg shaped vehicle, which was not from earth, following them. Jonny drove the car very fast, and they secede to came out from there.


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