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PNEC NUST - Pakistan Navy Engineering College

The Author is a proud Nustian where he studies Electrical Engg. at Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi.

Pakistan Navy Engineering College (Pnec) located on main Karsaz Road, is the only Nust institute located outside Punjab. It has been their since 1980s and yet most Karachites haven't even herd of it. So I guess you have recently passed the Entry test and are eager to know exactly what this place has to offer.

PNEC at first sight

PNEC at first sight

Teaching Faculty at PNEC

If you did really expect that world class doctors will be showering their intellect upon you then I can't help, for that go abroad. On the contrary if you expect that someone better will be their to teach you then I am sure you will be more then satisfied with the teaching faculty here at PNEC except a few bad eggs.

There are a total of 13 PhD faculty members in Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Given the student population at PNEC the PhD to student ratio turns out to be better then many Engineering Universities in Karachi.

You can download PNEC prospectus here to have a detailed look at faculty profiles.

Inside PNEC

Inside PNEC

Student Life at PNEC

PNEC is a quite and peaceful place, not much activity goes on other then parhai. (however things are improving now and some social activity has made its way into pnec.)

If you are a day scholar PNEC will make you feel like 'back to school'. The uniforms, class atmosphere, assignments, and above all hourly tests make PNEC no different from a school except that it is much tougher.

Studies are tough like any other engineering university but Nust makes it more demanding by allocating 50% of the final marks for quizzes, assignments and hourly tests. During a four month semester, 2 weeks are reserved exclusively for hourly tests. Do note that the examination department is very vigilant in sending warnings to the students who fall back.

Conclusion: You will get plenty of time to relax between the two hourly weeks.

Nust is a national University so you will encounter people from every corner of Pakistan, people from every nationality. Don't worry as there is still a great deal of cultural harmony at PNEC.


Relative Grading System of NUST

Relative grading system forms an integral part of every students life. Explaining it precisely your GPA and grade in each subject will depend on average marks obtained by the class, if unfortunately your class is full of thetas to phr to lag gae otherwise you can drag it smoothly. You will only score good gpa if you stand out from rest of the class. If you have some wits use them here!

If you are a Hostelite

Initially you will face much trouble, homesickness and stress. All you can do is to keep positive altitude and wait patiently for the things to settle down.

Pnec hostel is no place for luxury, all you get is a bed, a cupboard and some space to move. That's it. Presently their is very less space in hostel so you should apply as soon as possible for hostel if you want to avail this facility otherwise you will end up in a private hostel outside Pnec. Funds for the construction of a new hostel have been approved by Nust but no one known when its gonna be completed.

A view of PNEC from my Class

A view of PNEC from my Class

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Lab facilities

I would say most of the laboratories in Pnec are 'almost enough' but not up to the mark. Usually they increase the number of students each year but lab facilities are of course not extended at that pace so a small deficiency of equipment always persists.

This year all electrical labs have received a major up-gradation and have been stocked with first class digital oscilloscopes and function generators on at-least 7 workstations in each lab.

You will perform all the practicals in groups of three ... so still way better then many Universities!

A moment in EE Labs at Pnec.

A moment in EE Labs at Pnec.

Smart Boards

Quite Recently projectors of some classrooms in pnec have been upgraded to new smart boards (similar to big LCD screens)

Sports and Other Facilities at PNEC.

Audio - Visual Systems

Each Classroom is equipped with audio-visual teaching aids including projectors and screens. All of them are in good working condition.

Swimming Pool

Students can avail the membership of an Olympic size swimming pool in Karsaz at a modest price of 1000/- per month. Though its timings will mostly suit hostelities.

PNEC Tennis Courts

PNEC Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

There are a total of two tennis courts at PNEC with lights for playing in night, one of them has been recently renovated and is in very good condition.

Squash Courts

Two squash courts with wooden flooring and flood lights, both of them in good condition. In-living students use them regularly.


Small gym housing 8-10 machines in good working condition as well as a table tennis table.

Football and Cricket Fields

Separate grassy fields for football and cricket.

Other Facilities

  • Hairdresser.
  • Dispensary with a permanently posted doctor.
  • Masjid.
  • Makeshift Badminton Court.
  • Basketball Court.
  • Auditorium.
  • Point Service. (costs 1500/- per month)

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You will get the forms with the admission offer.

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how I can apply for hostel

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